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4 (number)

4 (four) is a number, numeral, and glyph. [1]

544 relations: ABO blood group system, Abu Bakr, Abu Hanifa, Ace Bailey, Addition, Adenine, Adrian Dantley, Afro-Eurasia, Ahlswede–Daykin inequality, Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Air (classical element), Al-Shafi‘i, Algebraic equation, Algebraic solution, Ali, Aliquot sequence, Aliquot sum, Alpha particle, Alternating group, American football, Americas, Amorality, Amu Darya, Anāgāmi, Antarctica, Arabic, Arabs, Aravah (Sukkot), Arūpajhāna, Arena football, Arhat, Aristotle, Arizona, Artha, Arthur Schopenhauer, Ascender (typography), Asceticism, ASCII, Astrological sign, Astrology, Atmosphere of Earth, Atomic number, Audi, Audi Quattro, Australia (continent), Automorphic number, Autumn, Baltimore Orioles, Barry Ashbee, Baseball, ..., Baseball field, Basketball, Bengali language, Beryllium, Bit, BlackBerry, Bloc Party, Blood, Boat, Bobby Orr, Bodh Gaya, Book of Genesis, Book of Revelation, Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox, Boundary (cricket), Brahmacharya, Brahmana, Brahmavihara, Brahmin, Buddhism, Buddhist pilgrimage, Byte, Caliphate, Callisto (moon), Canadian Aboriginal syllabics, Cancer (constellation), Canine tooth, Car, Carbon, Cardinal direction, Cardinal virtues, Carnivora, Cello, Centered triangular number, Certiorari, Channel 4 (disambiguation), Charles Sanders Peirce, Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox, Chinese culture, Chinese language, Chinese numerals, Chordate, Chris Webber, Christianity, Circle, Classical music, CMYK color model, Color printing, Colorado, Commercial vehicle, Complete graph, Composite number, Computer keyboard, Constellation, Continent, Coxswain, Credit card, Cricket, Cross-polytope, Cuatro (instrument), Culture of Japan, Culture of Korea, Culture of Vietnam, Cyclic group, Cytosine, D, Dalet, Death, Descender, Detroit Pistons, Devanagari, Dharma, Dhu al-Hijjah, Dhu al-Qi'dah, Dhyāna in Buddhism, Diamond, Differentiable manifold, Differential structure, Dimension, Disease, Distributive lattice, Division (mathematics), Division algebra, Divisor, DNA, Dollar sign, Double bass, Drop goal, Dropkick, Duke Snider, Dukkha, Duodecimal, E. J. Lowe (philosopher), Earl Weaver, Earth, Earth (classical element), East, Eastern Air Lines Flight 66, Eid al-Adha, Electromagnetism, End-of-transmission character, Endopterygota, English language, Etrog, Euphrates, Euroleague, Exponentiation, F, Fallibilism, Famine, Fantastic Four, Ferdinand Georg Frobenius, FIBA Basketball World Cup, FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup, Fibonacci number, Field goal, FIFA Women's World Cup, FIFA World Cup, Final four, Fiqh, Fire, Fire (classical element), First baseman, Fly, Formula One, Four (Bloc Party album), Four (One Direction album), Four Cardinal Principles, Four color theorem, Four Corners Monument, Four Evangelists, Four Freedoms, Four Heavenly Kings, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Four Noble Truths, Four Right Exertions, Four sights, Four species, Four stages of enlightenment, Four temperaments, Four-character idiom, Four-Corner Method, Four-dimensional space, Four-letter word, Four-point play, Four-stroke engine, Four-wheel drive, Fourth 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Judaism, Judiciary, Jupiter, Kama, Kannada, Karl Popper, Karuṇā, Khmer numerals, Klein four-group, Knuth's up-arrow notation, Korean numerals, Kshatriya, Kushinagar, Lagrange's four-square theorem, Leah, Leet, Light cone, Liquid, List of coaches in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, List of highways numbered 4, List of players in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, Lorien Legacies, Los Angeles Dodgers, Lou Gehrig, Low-density polyethylene, Luke Appling, Luke the Evangelist, Lulav, Lumbini, Lunar month, Magnetic ink character recognition, Mahābhūta, Major Arcana, Major League Baseball, Major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada, Malayalam, Malik ibn Anas, Maliki, Mammal, Manager (baseball), Mandolin, Map, Mario Kart, Mark the Evangelist, Mars, Matter, Matthew the Apostle, Max Chilton, Meander (mathematics), Mel Ott, Melancholia, Mercury (planet), Messier 4, Messier object, Mettā, Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks, Mitzvah, Mobile phone, Moksha, Montreal Canadiens, Moral absolutism, Moral relativism, Moral universalism, Motor vehicle, Motzkin number, Mudita, Muharram, Multiplication, Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, Nation, National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, National Basketball Association, National Football League, National Hockey League, NATO phonetic alphabet, Natural number, NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Championship, Neptune, New General Catalogue, New Jersey Devils, New Mexico, New York Giants, New York Yankees, NGC 4, Nibble, Nintendo, Nirvana, Noble Eightfold Path, Nokia, North, Northern Ireland, Nuclear force, Nucleobase, Number, Numbers in Chinese culture, Numeral system, Numerology, Old age, Olympiad, Olympic Games, On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason, One Direction, Optical character recognition, Palm, Inc., Paradigm, Passover, Paul Molitor, Paul Weiss (philosopher), Persian language, Personal digital assistant, Philadelphia Flyers, Phlegm, Pinyin, Pisces (constellation), Pishon, Pittsburgh Pirates, Planar graph, Plane (geometry), Plasma (physics), Platonic solid, Playing card, Politics, Polytope, Post-punk, Power forward (basketball), Pratītyasamutpāda, Printing, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Profanity, Public administration, Puruṣārtha, Quadrilateral, Quaternary numeral system, Quaternion, Quattro (four-wheel-drive system), Quattro GmbH, Rachel, Rajab, Ralph Kiner, Rashidun, Rebecca, Rectangle, Red Kelly, Regular 4-polytope, Regular polygon, Regular polyhedron, Resin identification code, Rich Text Format, Richard McKeon, Right angle, RNA, Rock and roll, Rowing (sport), Rugby league, Rugby union, Rugby union bonus points system, Rugby union positions, Rugby World Cup, Running back, Sacramento Kings, Sakadagami, San Francisco Giants, Sanguine, Sannyasa, Sarah, Sarnath, Satipatthana, Saturday Night Live, Saturn, Scorpius, Scotland, Scott Stevens, Season, Second baseman, Seven-segment display, Shafi'i, Shift key, Shudra, Sidney Moncrief, Silicon, Simple group, Simplex, Six-man football, Smith number, Solar System, Solid, Sotāpanna, South, Space, Spacetime, Special relativity, Spring (season), Square, Square number, Square of opposition, Statistical mechanics, Stellar classification, Stoic categories, Stoicism, String quartet, Subgiant, Subtraction, Suit (cards), Sukkot, Summer, Sunni Islam, Super League, Supreme Court of the United States, Symphony, Syr Darya, Tamil language, Tarot, Television station, Telugu language, Terrestrial planet, Tetragrammaton, Tetrahedron, Tetramer, Tetraphobia, Tetrapod, Tetris, Text figures, Thai numerals, The Beatles, The Emperor (Tarot card), The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers, The Twelve Days of Christmas (song), Third baseman, Three-point field goal, Thymine, Tigris, Time, Time signature, Toronto Maple Leafs, Trichotomy (philosophy), Trope (philosophy), Trump, Truth value, Try, Tuffy Leemans, Typeface, U.S. state, Ukulele, Umar, Ungulate, United Kingdom, United States, Upekkha, Uracil, Uranus, Urdu, Utah, Utah Jazz, Uthman, Vaishya, Valence (chemistry), Vanaprastha, Vehicle, Venus, Vigesimal, Viola, Violin, Wales, War, Water, Water (classical element), Weak interaction, Wendell Ladner, West, Wheel, Wing, Winter, Wisdom tooth, Zia people, Zodiac, 4 (disambiguation). 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ABO blood group system

The ABO blood group system is the most important blood type system (or blood group system) in human blood transfusion.

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Abu Bakr

Abdullah ibn Abi Quhaafah (t), c. 573 CE – 23 August 634 CE, popularly known by his nickname Abu Bakr (أبو بكر),, from islam4theworld was a senior companion (Sahabi) and the father-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He ruled over the Rashidun Caliphate from 632 to 634 CE, when he became the first Muslim Caliph following Muhammad's death., from Encyclopædia Britannica As caliph, Abu Bakr succeeded to the political and administrative functions previously exercised by Muhammad. He was also commonly known as The Truthful (الصديق Al-Siddiq).Juan Eduardo Campo, "Encyclopedia of Islam", Infobase Publishing, 2009 As a young man, Abu Bakr became a merchant and he travelled extensively in Arabia and neighboring lands in the Middle East, through which he gained both wealth and experience. He eventually came to be recognized as the chief of his clan.The Middle East Journal by the Middle East Institute, Washington, D.C., published 1991 On his return from a business trip to Yemen, he was informed that in his absence Muhammad had openly declared his prophethood. Not long after, Abu Bakr accepted Islam and was the first person outside the family of Muhammad to openly become a Muslim. He was instrumental in the conversion of many people to the Islamic faithShahid Ashraf, "Encyclopaedia of Holy Prophet and Companions", Anmol Publications PVT. LTD., 2004, ISBN 81-261-1940-3 and early in 623, Abu Bakr's daughter Aisha was married to Muhammad, strengthening the ties between the two men. Abu Bakr served as a trusted advisor and was the father-in-law to Muhammad. During the lifetime of Muhammad, he was involved in several campaigns such as the Battle of Uhud, the Battle of the Trench, the Invasion of Banu Qurayza, Battle of Khaybar, the Conquest of Mecca, the Battle of Hunayn, the Siege of Ta'if and the Battle of Tabuk, where he was reported to have given all of his wealth for the preparation of this expedition.Tabqat ibn al-Saad book of Maghazi, page no:62 He also participated in the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah and was made one of the witnesses over the pact. Abu Bakr's Caliphate lasted for a little over two years (or 27 months), ending with his death after an illness. Though the period of his caliphate was not long, it included successful invasions of the two most powerful empires of the time, a remarkable achievement in its own right. He set in motion a historical trajectory that in a few decades would create one of the largest empires in history.

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Abu Hanifa

Nuʿmān ibn Thābit ibn Zūṭā ibn Marzubān (نعمان بن ثابت بن زوطا بن مرزبان), also known as Imam Abū Ḥanīfah (أبو حنيفة dated 699 – 767 AD / 80 – 150 AH), was the founder of the Sunni Hanafi school of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence).

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Ace Bailey

Irvine Wallace "Ace" Bailey (July 3, 1903 – April 7, 1992) was a Canadian professional ice hockey player.

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Addition (often signified by the plus symbol "+") is one of the four elementary, mathematical operations of arithmetic, with the others being subtraction, multiplication and division.

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Adenine (A, Ade) is a nucleobase (a purine derivative) with a variety of roles in biochemistry including cellular respiration, in the form of both the energy-rich adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and the cofactors nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) and flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD).

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Adrian Dantley

Adrian Delano Dantley (born February 28, 1955) is a retired American basketball player who played 15 seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Afro-Eurasia, Afroeurasia,Field, Henry.

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Ahlswede–Daykin inequality

A fundamental tool in statistical mechanics and probabilistic combinatorics (especially random graphs and the probabilistic method), the Ahlswede–Daykin inequality, also known as the four functions theorem (or inequality), is a correlation-type inequality for four functions on a finite distributive lattice.

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Ahmad ibn Hanbal

Aḥmad bin Muḥammad bin Ḥanbal Abū ʿAbd Allāh al-Shaybānī (780–855 CE / 164–241 AH) (احمد بن محمد بن حنبل ابو عبد الله الشيباني) was an important Muslim scholar and theologian.

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Air (classical element)

Air is often seen as a universal power or pure substance.

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Abū ʿAbdullāh Muhammad ibn Idrīs al-Shāfīʿī (ابو عبدالله محمد بن إدريس الشافعيّ) A Muslim jurist, who lived from (767 — 820 CE / 150 — 204 AH).

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Algebraic equation

In mathematics, an algebraic equation or polynomial equation is an equation of the form where P and Q are polynomials with coefficients in some field, often the field of the rational numbers.

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Algebraic solution

An algebraic solution or solution in radicals is a closed form expression, and more specifically a closed-form algebraic expression, that is the solution of an algebraic equation in terms of the coefficients, relying only on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, raising to integer powers, and the extraction of nth roots (square roots, cube roots, and other integer roots).

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Ali ibn Abi Talib (t,; 13th Rajab, 22 or 16 BH – 21st Ramaḍān, 40 AH; September 20, 601 or July 17, 607 or 600 – January 27, 661) was the cousin and son-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, ruling over the Islamic Caliphate from 656 to 661.

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Aliquot sequence

In mathematics, an aliquot sequence is a recursive sequence in which each term is the sum of the proper divisors of the previous term.

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Aliquot sum

In mathematics, the aliquot sum s(n) of a positive integer n is the sum of all proper divisors of n. Perfect, deficient, and abundant numbers are equal to, greater than, and less than their aliquot sums respectively.

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Alpha particle

Alpha particles consist of two protons and two neutrons bound together into a particle identical to a helium nucleus.

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Alternating group

In mathematics, an alternating group is the group of even permutations of a finite set.

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American football

American football (referred to as football in the United States and Canada, also known as gridiron elsewhere) is a sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end.

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The Americas, or America,"America." The Oxford Companion to the English Language (ISBN 0-19-214183-X).

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Amorality is an absence of, indifference towards, or disregard for morality.

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Amu Darya

The Amu Darya (آمودریا, Āmūdaryā; Amyderýa; Ceyhun; Uzbek: Amudaryo; Амударё; د آمو سيند, da Āmú Sínd; Ὦξος, Oxos; '"Oxus"'; वक्षु, Vakṣu), also called Amu River, is a major river in Central Asia.

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In Buddhism, an anāgāmi (Sanskrit and Pāli for "non-returning") is a partially enlightened person who has cut off the first five chains that bind the ordinary mind.

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Antarctica is Earth's southernmost continent, containing the geographic South Pole.

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Arabic (العَرَبِية, or عربي,عربى) is the Classical Arabic language of the 6th century and its modern descendants excluding Maltese.

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Arabs (عرب, ʿarab) are a major panethnic group whose native language is Arabic, comprising the majority of the Arab world.

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Aravah (Sukkot)

Aravah (ערבה, pl. aravot - ערבות) is a leafy branch of the willow tree.

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In Buddhism, the arūpajhānas or "formless meditations" are four successive levels of meditation on non-material objects.

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Arena football

Arena football is a variety of indoor gridiron football played by the Arena Football League (AFL).

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In Theravada Buddhism, an arhat (Sanskrit; Pali: arahant-; "one who is worthy") is a "perfected person" who has attained nirvana.

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Aristotle (Ἀριστοτέλης, Aristotélēs; 384322 BC) was a Greek philosopher and scientist born in the Macedonian city of Stagira, Chalkidice, on the northern periphery of Classical Greece.

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Arizona (Hoozdo Hahoodzo; O'odham: Alĭ ṣonak) is a state in the southwestern region of the United States.

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Artha (अर्थ) is one of the four aims of human life in Indian philosophy.

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Arthur Schopenhauer

Arthur Schopenhauer (22 February 1788 – 21 September 1860) was a German philosopher.

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Ascender (typography)

In typography, an ascender is the portion of a minuscule letter in a Latin-derived alphabet that extends above the mean line of a font.

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Asceticism (from the ἄσκησις áskēsis, "exercise" or "training") describes a lifestyle characterized by abstinence from worldly pleasures, often for the purpose of pursuing spiritual goals.

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ASCII, abbreviated from American Standard Code for Information Interchange, is a character-encoding scheme (the IANA prefers the name US-ASCII).

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Astrological sign

|Circles of 9 and 12 - The 108 Human Types |Circles of 9 and 12 - The 108 Human Types In Western astrology, astrological signs are the twelve 30° sectors of the ecliptic, starting at the vernal equinox (one of the intersections of the ecliptic with the celestial equator), also known as the First Point of Aries.

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Astrology consists of several pseudoscientific systems of divination based on the premise that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world.

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Atmosphere of Earth

The atmosphere of Earth is the layer of gases surrounding the planet Earth that is retained by Earth's gravity.

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Atomic number

In chemistry and physics, the atomic number of a chemical element (also known as its proton number) is the number of protons found in the nucleus of an atom of that element, and therefore identical to the charge number of the nucleus.

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Audi AG is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, produces, markets and distributes luxury automobiles.

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Audi Quattro

The Audi Quattro is a road and rally car, produced by the German automobile manufacturer Audi, part of the Volkswagen Group.

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Australia (continent)

Australia, sometimes known in technical contexts by the names Sahul, Australinea or Meganesia, to distinguish it from the Australian mainland, is a continent comprising mainland Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea, Seram, possibly Timor, and neighbouring islands.

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Automorphic number

In mathematics an automorphic number (sometimes referred to as a circular number) is a number whose square "ends" in the same digits as the number itself.

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Autumn, interchangeably known as fall in North America, is one of the four temperate seasons.

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Baltimore Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles are an American professional baseball team based in Baltimore, Maryland, that competes in Major League Baseball (MLB).

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Barry Ashbee

William Barry Ashbee (July 28, 1939 – May 12, 1977) was a Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman who played five seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) for the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers.

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Baseball is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of nine players each who take turns batting and fielding.

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Baseball field

A baseball field, also called a ball field or a baseball diamond, is the field upon which the game of baseball is played.

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Basketball is a sport played by two teams of five players on a rectangular court.

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Bengali language

Bengali or Bangla (বাংলা) is the language native to the region of Bengal, which comprises the present-day nation of Bangladesh and of the Indian states West Bengal, Tripura and southern Assam.

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Beryllium is a chemical element with symbol Be and atomic number 4.

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A bit is the basic unit of information in computing and digital communications.

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BlackBerry is a line of wireless handheld devices (commonly called smartphones) and services designed and marketed by BlackBerry Limited, formerly known as Research In Motion Limited (RIM).

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Bloc Party

Bloc Party are a British indie rock band, currently composed of Kele Okereke (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Russell Lissack (lead guitar), Justin Harris (bass guitar) and Louise Bartle (drums).

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Blood is a bodily fluid in humans and other animals that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells.

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A boat is a watercraft of any size designed to float or plane, to work or travel on water.

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Bobby Orr

Robert Gordon "Bobby" Orr, OC (born March 20, 1948) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player, widely acknowledged as one of the greatest hockey players of all time, using his ice skating speed, scoring, and play-making abilities to revolutionize the position of defenceman.

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Bodh Gaya

Bodh Gaya is a religious site and place of pilgrimage associated with the Mahabodhi Temple Complex in Gaya district in the Indian state of Bihar.

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Book of Genesis

The Book of Genesis (from the Latin Vulgate, in turn borrowed or transliterated from Greek γένεσις, meaning "origin"; בְּרֵאשִׁית, Bərēšīṯ, "In beginning") is the first book of the Hebrew Bible (the Tanakh) and the Christian Old Testament.

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Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation, often known simply as Revelation or The Apocalypse of John, is a book of the New Testament that occupies a central place in Christian eschatology.

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Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins are an American professional ice hockey team based in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox are an American professional baseball team based in Boston, Massachusetts, that competes in Major League Baseball (MLB).

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Boundary (cricket)

In cricket a boundary is the edge or boundary of the playing field, or a scoring shot where the ball is hit to or beyond that point.

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Brahmacharya (Devanagari: ब्रह्मचर्य) literally means "going after Brahman (Supreme Reality, Self, God)".

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The Brahmanas (Sanskrit: ब्राह्मणम्, Brāhmaṇa) are a collection of ancient Indian texts with commentaries on the four Vedas.

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The brahmavihāras (sublime attitudes, lit. "abodes of brahma") are a series of four Buddhist virtues and the meditation practices made to cultivate them.

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Brahmin is a varna in Vedic Hinduism and also a caste of people who are members of it.

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Buddhism is a nontheistic religion or philosophy (Sanskrit: dharma; Pali: धम्म dhamma) that encompasses a variety of traditions, beliefs and spiritual practices largely based on teachings attributed to Gautama Buddha, commonly known as the Buddha ("the awakened one").

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Buddhist pilgrimage

The most important places of pilgrimage in Buddhism are located in the Gangetic plains of Northern India and Southern Nepal, in the area between New Delhi and Rajgir.

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The byte is a unit of digital information that most commonly consists of eight bits.

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A caliphate (خِلافة khilāfa) is a form of Islamic government led by a caliph (خَليفة)—a person considered a political and religious successor to the prophet Muhammad and a leader of the entire Muslim community.

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Callisto (moon)

Callisto (Jupiter IV) is a moon of the planet Jupiter.

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Canadian Aboriginal syllabics

Canadian Aboriginal syllabic writing, or simply syllabics, is a family of abugidas (consonant-based alphabets) used to write a number of Aboriginal Canadian languages of the Algonquian, Inuit, and (formerly) Athabaskan language families.

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Cancer (constellation)

Cancer is one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac.

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Canine tooth

In mammalian oral anatomy, the canine teeth, also called cuspids, dog teeth, fangs, or (in the case of those of the upper jaw) eye teeth, are relatively long, pointed teeth.

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A car is a wheeled, self-powered motor vehicle used for transportation.

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Carbon (from carbo "coal") is a chemical element with symbol C and atomic number 6.

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Cardinal direction

The four cardinal directions or cardinal points are the directions of north, east, south, and west, commonly denoted by their initials: N, E, S, W. East and west are at right angles to north and south, with east being in the clockwise direction of rotation from north and west being directly opposite east.

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Cardinal virtues

The cardinal virtues are a set of four virtues recognized in the writings of Classical Antiquity and, along with the theological virtues, also in Christian tradition.

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Carnivora (or; from Latin carō (stem carn-) "flesh", + vorāre "to devour") is a diverse order that includes over 280 species of placental mammals.

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The cello (plural cellos or celli) or violoncello is a bowed string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect fifths.

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Centered triangular number

A centered (or centred) triangular number is a centered figurate number that represents a triangle with a dot in the center and all other dots surrounding the center in successive triangular layers.

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Certiorari, often abbreviated as cert. in the United States, is a writ seeking judicial review.

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Channel 4 (disambiguation)

Channel 4 is a British television network.

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Charles Sanders Peirce

Charles Sanders Peirce (like "purse", September 10, 1839 – April 19, 1914) was an American philosopher, logician, mathematician, and scientist who is sometimes known as "the father of pragmatism".

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Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are an American professional basketball team based in Chicago, Illinois, playing in the Central Division of the Eastern Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox are an American professional baseball team based in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois.

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Chinese culture

Chinese culture is one of the world's oldest cultures.

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Chinese language

Chinese (汉语 / 漢語; Hànyǔ or 中文; Zhōngwén) is a group of related but in many cases mutually unintelligible language varieties, forming a branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family.

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Chinese numerals

Chinese numerals are words and characters used to denote numbers in Chinese.

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Chordates are animals possessing a notochord, a hollow dorsal nerve cord, pharyngeal slits, an endostyle, and a post-anal tail for at least some period of their life cycles.

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Chris Webber

Mayce Edward Christopher "Chris" Webber III (born March 1, 1973) is a retired American professional basketball player.

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ChristianityFrom the Ancient Greek word Χριστός, Christos, a translation of the Hebrew מָשִׁיחַ, Māšîăḥ, meaning "the anointed one", together with the Latin suffixes -ian and -itas.

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A circle is a simple shape in Euclidean geometry.

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Classical music

Classical music is art music produced or rooted in the traditions of Western music, including both liturgical (religious) and secular music.

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CMYK color model

The CMYK color model (process color, four color) is a subtractive color model, used in color printing, and is also used to describe the printing process itself.

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Color printing

Color printing or colour printing is the reproduction of an image or text in color (as opposed to simpler black and white or monochrome printing).

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Colorado is a U.S. state encompassing most of the Southern Rocky Mountains as well as the northeastern portion of the Colorado Plateau and the western edge of the Great Plains.

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Commercial vehicle

A commercial vehicle is any type of motor vehicle used for transporting goods or paid passengers.

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Complete graph

No description.

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Composite number

A composite number is a positive integer that has at least one positive divisor other than one or the number itself.

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Computer keyboard

In computing, a computer keyboard is a typewriter-style device, which uses an arrangement of buttons or keys, to act as mechanical levers or electronic switches.

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In modern astronomy, a constellation is a specific area of the celestial sphere as defined by the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

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A continent is one of several very large landmasses on Earth.

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The coxswain is the person in charge of a boat, particularly its navigation and steering.

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Credit card

A credit card is a payment card issued to users (cardholders) as a method of payment.

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Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of 11 players each on a field at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard-long pitch.

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In geometry, a cross-polytope, orthoplex, hyperoctahedron, or cocube is a regular, convex polytope that exists in any number of dimensions.

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Cuatro (instrument)

The cuatro is any of several Latin American instruments of the guitar or lute families.

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Culture of Japan

The culture of Japan has evolved greatly over the millennia, from the country's prehistoric Jōmon period, to its contemporary hybrid culture, which combines influences from Asia, Europe, and North America.

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Culture of Korea

The traditional culture of Korea refers to the shared cultural heritage of the Korean Peninsula.

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Culture of Vietnam

The culture of Vietnam is one of the oldest in Southeast Asia, with the ancient Bronze age Dong Son culture being widely considered one of its most important progenitors.

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Cyclic group

In algebra, a cyclic group is a group that is generated by a single element.

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Cytosine (C) is one of the four main bases found in DNA and RNA, along with adenine, guanine, and thymine (uracil in RNA).

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D (named dee) is the 4th letter of the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

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Dalet (also spelled Daleth or Daled) is the fourth letter of the Semitic abjads, including Phoenician Dālet, Hebrew 'Dālet ד, Aramaic Dālath, Syriac Dālaṯ ܕ, and Arabic د (in abjadi order; 8th in modern order).

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Death is the termination of all biological functions that sustain a living organism.

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In typography, a descender is the portion of a letter that extends below the baseline of a font.

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Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons are an American professional basketball team based in Auburn Hills, Michigan, a suburb of Metro Detroit.

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Devanagari (देवनागरी devanāgarī a compound of "deva" and "nāgarī"), also called Nagari (Nāgarī, नागरी),Kathleen Kuiper (2010), The Culture of India, New York: The Rosen Publishing Group, ISBN 978-1615301492, page 83 is an abugida (alphasyllabary) alphabet of India and Nepal.

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Dharma (धर्म dharma,; धम्म dhamma) is a key concept with multiple meanings in the Indian religions Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism.

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Dhu al-Hijjah

Dhu al-Hijjah (ذو الحجة; properly transliterated /) is the twelfth and final month in the Islamic calendar.

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Dhu al-Qi'dah

Dhu al-Qa'dah, Dhu'l-Qadah, Thu-l-Qicda, or Dhu al-Qi'dah (ذو القعدة, also transliterated) is the eleventh month in the Islamic calendar.

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Dhyāna in Buddhism

Dhyāna (Sanskrit) or Jhāna (Pali) means meditation in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

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In mineralogy, diamond (or; from the ancient Greek ἀδάμας – adámas "unbreakable") is a metastable allotrope of carbon, where the carbon atoms are arranged in a variation of the face-centered cubic crystal structure called a diamond lattice.

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Differentiable manifold

In mathematics, a differentiable manifold is a type of manifold that is locally similar enough to a linear space to allow one to do calculus.

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Differential structure

In mathematics, an n-dimensional differential structure (or differentiable structure) on a set M makes M into an n-dimensional differential manifold, which is a topological manifold with some additional structure that allows for differential calculus on the manifold.

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In physics and mathematics, the dimension of a mathematical space (or object) is informally defined as the minimum number of coordinates needed to specify any point within it.

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A disease is a particular abnormal condition, a disorder of a structure or function, that affects part or all of an organism.

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Distributive lattice

In mathematics, a distributive lattice is a lattice in which the operations of join and meet distribute over each other.

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Division (mathematics)

In mathematics, especially in elementary arithmetic, division (denoted ÷ or / or —) is an arithmetic operation.

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Division algebra

In the field of mathematics called abstract algebra, a division algebra is, roughly speaking, an algebra over a field in which division is possible.

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In mathematics a divisor of an integer n, also called a factor of n, is an integer that can be multiplied by some other integer to produce n.

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Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a molecule that carries most of the genetic instructions used in the development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms and many viruses.

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Dollar sign

The dollar sign or peso sign ($ or) is a symbol primarily used to indicate the various peso and dollar units of currency around the world.

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Double bass

The double bass is the largest and lowest-pitched bowed string instrument in the modern symphony orchestra.

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Drop goal

A drop goal, field goal, dropped goal, or pot is a method of scoring points in rugby union and rugby league and also, rarely, in American football and Canadian football.

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A dropkick is an attacking maneuver in professional wrestling.

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Duke Snider

Edwin Donald "Duke" Snider (September 19, 1926February 27, 2011), nicknamed "The Silver Fox" and "The Duke of Flatbush", was an American professional baseball player.

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Dukkha (Pāli; Sanskrit: duḥkha; Tibetan: སྡུག་བསྔལ་ sdug bsngal, pr. "duk-ngel") is a Buddhist term commonly translated as "suffering", "anxiety", "stress", or "unsatisfactoriness".

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The duodecimal system (also known as base 12 or dozenal) is a positional notation numeral system using twelve as its base.

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E. J. Lowe (philosopher)

Edward Jonathan Lowe (24 March 1950 – 5 January 2014), usually cited as E. J. Lowe but known personally as Jonathan Lowe, was Professor of Philosophy at Durham University, England.

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Earl Weaver

Earl Sidney Weaver (August 14, 1930 – January 19, 2013) was an American professional baseball player, Hall of Fame Major League manager, author, and television broadcaster.

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Earth (also the world, in Greek: Gaia, or in Latin: Terra), is the third planet from the Sun, the densest planet in the Solar System, the largest of the Solar System's four terrestrial planets, and the only astronomical object known to accommodate life.

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Earth (classical element)

Earth is one of the classical elements, in some systems numbering four along with air, fire, and water.

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East is a noun, adjective, or adverb indicating direction or geography.

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Eastern Air Lines Flight 66

Eastern Air Lines Flight 66, a Boeing 727-225 registered as N8845E, departed from New Orleans Moisant Field, bound for John F. Kennedy International Airport on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 24, 1975.

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Eid al-Adha

Eid al-Adha (عيد الأضحى,, "Festival of the Sacrifice"), also called the Feast of Sacrifice or Bakr-Eid, is the second of two religious holidays celebrated by Muslims worldwide each year.

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Electromagnetism is a branch of physics which involves the study of the electromagnetic force, a type of physical interaction that occurs between electrically charged particles.

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End-of-transmission character

In telecommunication, an end-of-transmission character (EOT) is a transmission control character.

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The Endopterygota, also known as Holometabola, are insects of the subclass Pterygota which go through distinctive larval, pupal, and adult stages.

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English language

English is a West Germanic language that was first spoken in early medieval England and is now a global lingua franca.

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Etrog (plural: etrogim, אֶתְרוֹג) is the yellow citron or Citrus medica used by Jewish people during the week-long holiday of Sukkot, as one of the four species.

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The Euphrates (الفرات: al-Furāt, ̇ܦܪܬ: Pǝrāt, Եփրատ: Yeprat, פרת: Perat, Fırat, Firat) is the longest and one of the most historically important rivers of Western Asia.

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The Turkish Airlines Euroleague, commonly known as the Euroleague, is the highest level tier and most important professional club basketball competition in Europe, with teams from up to 18 different countries, members of FIBA Europe.

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Exponentiation is a mathematical operation, written as bn, involving two numbers, the base b and the exponent n. When n is a positive integer, exponentiation corresponds to repeated multiplication of the base: that is, bn is the product of multiplying n bases: In that case, bn is called the n-th power of b, or b raised to the power n. The exponent is usually shown as a superscript to the right of the base.

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F (named ef) is the 6th letter in the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

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Fallibilism (from Medieval Latin: fallibilis, "liable to err") is the philosophical principle that human beings could be wrong about their beliefs, expectations, or their understanding of the world, and yet still be justified in holding their incorrect beliefs.

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A famine is a widespread scarcity of food, caused by several factors including crop failure, population unbalance, or government policies.

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Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four is a fictional superhero team appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The group debuted in The Fantastic Four #1 (cover dated Nov. 1961), which helped to usher in a new level of realism in the medium. The Fantastic Four was the first superhero team created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist/co-plotter Jack Kirby, who developed a collaborative approach to creating comics with this title that they would use from then on. The four individuals traditionally associated with the Fantastic Four, who gained superpowers after exposure to cosmic rays during a scientific mission to outer space, are Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards), a scientific genius and the leader of the group, who can stretch his body into incredible lengths and shapes; the Invisible Woman (Susan "Sue" Storm), who eventually married Reed, who can render herself invisible and later project powerful force fields; the Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Sue's younger brother, who can generate flames, surround himself with them and fly; and the monstrous Thing (Ben Grimm), their grumpy but benevolent friend, a former college football star and Reed's college roommate as well as a good pilot, who possesses superhuman strength and endurance due to the nature of his stone-like flesh. As the first superhero team title produced by Marvel Comics, it formed a cornerstone of the company's 1960s rise from a small division of a publishing company to a pop culture conglomerate. The title would go on to showcase the talents of comics creators such as Roy Thomas, John Buscema, George Pérez, John Byrne, Steve Englehart, Walt Simonson, and Tom DeFalco, and is one of several Marvel titles originating in the Silver Age of Comic Books that was continuously published through 2015. Ever since their original 1961 introduction, the Fantastic Four have been portrayed as a somewhat dysfunctional, yet loving, family. Breaking convention with other comic book archetypes of the time, they would squabble and hold grudges both deep and petty, and eschewed anonymity or secret identities in favor of celebrity status. The team is also well known for its recurring encounters with characters such as the villainous monarch Doctor Doom, the planet-devouring Galactus, the sea-dwelling prince Namor, the spacefaring Silver Surfer, and the shape-changing alien Skrulls. The Fantastic Four have been adapted into other media, including four animated series and four live-action films.

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Ferdinand Georg Frobenius

Ferdinand Georg Frobenius (26 October 1849 – 3 August 1917) was a German mathematician, best known for his contributions to the theory of elliptic functions, differential equations and to group theory.

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FIBA Basketball World Cup

The FIBA Basketball World Cup, also known as the FIBA World Cup of Basketball or simply the FIBA World Cup, between 1950 and 2010 known as the FIBA World Championship, is an international basketball competition contested by the men's national teams of the members of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), the sport's global governing body.

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FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup

The FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup, formerly known as the FIBA World Championship for Women (also called the Basketball World Championship for Women), is a world basketball tournament for women's national teams held quadrennially.

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Fibonacci number

In mathematics, the Fibonacci numbers or Fibonacci sequence are the numbers in the following integer sequence: or (often, in modern usage): By definition, the first two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence are either 1 and 1, or 0 and 1, depending on the chosen starting point of the sequence, and each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two.

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Field goal

A field goal is a means of scoring in American football and Canadian football.

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FIFA Women's World Cup

The FIFA Women's World Cup is an international football competition contested by the senior women's national teams of the members of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the sport's global governing body.

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FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup, often simply called the World Cup, is an international association football competition contested by the senior men's national teams of the members of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the sport's global governing body.

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Final four

In American sports, the final four is the last four teams remaining in a playoff tournament.

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Fiqh (فقه) is Islamic jurisprudence.

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Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products.

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Fire (classical element)

Fire has been an important part of all cultures and religions from pre-history to modern day and was vital to the development of civilization.

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First baseman

First base, or 1B, is the first of four stations on a baseball diamond which must be touched in succession by a baserunner in order to score a run for that player's team.

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True flies are insects of the order Diptera (from the Greek di.

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Formula One

Formula One (also Formula 1 or F1) is the highest class of single-seat auto racing that is sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).

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Four (Bloc Party album)

Four is the fourth studio album by British indie rock band Bloc Party.

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Four (One Direction album)

Four (usually stylised as FOUR) is the fourth studio album by English-Irish boy band One Direction, released on 17 November 2014 by Columbia Records and Syco Music.

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Four Cardinal Principles

The Four Cardinal Principles were stated by Deng Xiaoping in 1979 and are the four issues for which debate was not allowed within the People's Republic of China.

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Four color theorem

In mathematics, the four color theorem, or the four color map theorem, states that, given any separation of a plane into contiguous regions, producing a figure called a map, no more than four colors are required to color the regions of the map so that no two adjacent regions have the same color.

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Four Corners Monument

The Four Corners Monument marks the quadripoint in the Southwestern United States where the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet.

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Four Evangelists

In Christian tradition, the Four Evangelists are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, the authors attributed with the creation of the four Gospel accounts in the New Testament that bear the following titles: Gospel according to Matthew; Gospel according to Mark; Gospel according to Luke and Gospel according to John.

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Four Freedoms

The Four Freedoms were goals articulated by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt on January 6, 1941.

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Four Heavenly Kings

In the Buddhist faith, the Four Heavenly Kings are four gods, each of whom watches over one cardinal direction of the world.

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Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are described in the last book of the New Testament of the Bible, called the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ to John the Apostle.

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Four Noble Truths

The Four Noble Truths (Sanskrit: catvāri āryasatyāni; Pali: cattāri ariyasaccāni) are "the truths of the Noble Ones," which express the basic orientation of Buddhism: this worldly existence is fundamentally unsatisfactory, but there is a path to liberation from repeated worldly existence.

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Four Right Exertions

The Four Right Exertions (also known as, Four Proper Exertions, Four Right Efforts, Four Great Efforts, Four Right Endeavors or Four Right Strivings) (Pali:; Skt.: or) are an integral part of the Buddhist path to Enlightenment.

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Four sights

The four sights are four encounters described in the legendary account of Gautama Buddha's life which led to his realization of the impermanence and ultimate dissatisfactoriness of conditioned existence.

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Four species

The four species (ארבעת המינים, also called arba'a minim) are four plants mentioned in the Torah (Leviticus 23:40) as being relevant to Sukkot.

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Four stages of enlightenment

The four stages of enlightenment in Buddhism are the four progressive stages culminating in full enlightenment as an Arahat.

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Four temperaments

Four temperaments is a proto-psychological theory that suggests that there are four fundamental personality types, sanguine (optimistic leader-like), choleric (bad-tempered or irritable), melancholic (analytical and quiet), and phlegmatic (relaxed and peaceful).

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Four-character idiom

Four-character idiom may refer to.

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Four-Corner Method

The Four-Corner Method is a character-input method used for encoding Chinese characters into either a computer or a manual typewriter, using four or five numerical digits per character.

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Four-dimensional space

In mathematics, four-dimensional space ("4D") is a geometric space with four dimensions.

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Four-letter word

The phrase four-letter word refers to a set of English-language words written with four letters which are considered profane, including common popular or slang terms for excretory functions, sexual activity and genitalia, and (depending on the listener/reader) sometimes also certain terms relating to Hell and/or damnation when used outside their original religious context(s), and/or slurs.

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Four-point play

In basketball, a four-point play is the rare occasion when an offensive player shoots and makes a three-point field goal while simultaneously being hit by a defensive player, resulting in a shooting foul and one free throw being awarded, or a two-point field goal and is intentionally or flagrantly fouled on the shot and is awarded two free throws.

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Four-stroke engine

A four-stroke engine (also known as four-cycle) is an internal combustion (IC) engine in which the piston completes four separate strokes while turning a crankshaft.

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Four-wheel drive

Four-wheel drive, 4×4 ("four by four"), 4WD, and AWD is a form of drivetrain most commonly capable of providing power to all wheel ends of a two-axled vehicle simultaneously.

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Fourth Estate

The Fourth Estate (or fourth power) is a societal or political force or institution whose influence is not consistently or officially recognized.

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Franz Brentano

Franz Clemens Honoratus Hermann Brentano (January 16, 1838 – March 17, 1917) was an influential German philosopher and psychologist whose work strongly influenced not only students Sigmund Freud (whose doctoral dissertation he helped supervise), Kazimierz Twardowski, Alexius Meinong, and Thomas Masaryk (as well as Masaryk's student, Edmund Husserl), but countless others whose work would follow and make use of his original ideas and concepts.

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Free throw

In basketball, free throws or foul shots are unopposed attempts to score points from a restricted area on the court (the free throw line; informally known as the foul line or the charity stripe), and are generally awarded after a foul on the shooter by the opposing team.

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Fullback (gridiron football)

A fullback (FB) is a position in the offensive backfield in American and Canadian football, and is one of the two running back positions along with the halfback.

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Fundamental interaction

Fundamental interactions, also known as fundamental forces, are the interactions in physical systems that don't appear to be reducible to more basic interactions.

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Furniture is the mass noun for the movable objects intended to support various human activities such as seating (e.g., chairs, stools and sofas) and sleeping (e.g., beds).

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G (named gee) is the 7th letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

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A galaxy is a gravitationally bound system of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas and dust, and dark matter.

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Galilean moons

The Galilean moons are the four largest moons of Jupiter—Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.

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Gang of Four (band)

Gang of Four are an English post-punk group, formed in 1977 in Leeds.

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Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden (Hebrew גַּן עֵדֶן, Gan ʿEḏen) is the biblical "garden of God", described most notably in the Book of Genesis chapters 2 and 3, and also in the Book of Ezekiel.

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Gas is one of the four fundamental states of matter (the others being solid, liquid, and plasma).

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Ge'ez script

Geʻez (ግዕዝ), (also known as Ethiopic) is a script used as an abugida (syllable alphabet) for several languages of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

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General relativity

General relativity, also known as the general theory of relativity, is the geometric theory of gravitation published by Albert Einstein in 1915 and the current description of gravitation in modern physics.

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Gihon is the name of the second river mentioned in the second chapter of the biblical Book of Genesis.

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Globular cluster

A globular cluster is a spherical collection of stars that orbits a galactic core as a satellite.

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In typography, a glyph is an elemental symbol within an agreed set of symbols, intended to represent a readable character for the purposes of writing and thereby expressing thoughts, ideas and concepts.

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Goal from mark

A goal from mark is a former scoring move in rugby football.

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In monotheism and henotheism, God is conceived as the Supreme Being and principal object of faith.

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A gospel is an account describing the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

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Gospel of John

The Gospel According to John (also referred to as the Gospel of John, the Fourth Gospel, or simply John; Τὸ κατὰ Ἰωάννην εὐαγγέλιον, to kata Ioannen euangelion) is one of the four canonical gospels in the Christian Bible.

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Gospel of Luke

The Gospel According to Luke (Τὸ κατὰ Λουκᾶν εὐαγγέλιον, to kata Loukan euangelion), commonly shortened to the Gospel of Luke or simply Luke, is the third and longest of the four canonical Gospels.

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Gospel of Mark

The Gospel According to Mark (τὸ κατὰ Μᾶρκον εὐαγγέλιον, to kata Markon euangelion), the second book of the New Testament, is one of the four canonical gospels and the three synoptic gospels.

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Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel According to Matthew (κατὰ Ματθαῖον εὐαγγέλιον, kata Matthaion euangelion, τὸ εὐαγγέλιον κατὰ Ματθαῖον, to euangelion kata Matthaion) (Gospel of Matthew or simply Matthew) is one of the four canonical gospels, one of the three synoptic gospels, and the first book of the New Testament.

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Grand slam (baseball)

In baseball, a grand slam is a home run hit with all three bases occupied by baserunners ("bases loaded"), thereby scoring four runs—the most possible in one play.

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Gravity or gravitation is a natural phenomenon by which all things with mass are brought towards (or 'gravitate' towards) one another including stars, planets, galaxies and even light and sub-atomic particles.

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Greek numerals

Greek numerals are a system of representing numbers using the letters of the Greek alphabet.

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Gridiron football

Gridiron football, or North American football, is a form of football primarily played in the United States and Canada.

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Grihastha (Sanskrit: gr̥hastha) literally means "being in and occupied with home, family" or "householder".

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Group (mathematics)

In mathematics, a group is an algebraic structure consisting of a set of elements together with an operation that combines any two elements to form a third element.

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Guanine (G, Gua) is one of the four main nucleobases found in the nucleic acids DNA and RNA, the others being adenine, cytosine, and thymine (uracil in RNA).

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H (named aitch or haitch in Ireland and parts of Australasia and the United Kingdom; plural aitches or haitches)"H" Oxford English Dictionary, 2nOd edition (1989); Merriam-Webster's Third New International Dictionary of the English Language, Unabridged (1993); "aitch", op.

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An H-back is an offensive position in American football.

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Hadass (Hebrew: הדס, pl. hadassim - הדסים) is a branch of the myrtle tree that forms part of the lulav used on the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

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In particle physics, a hadron (ἁδρός, hadrós, "stout, thick") is a composite particle made of quarks held together by the strong force (in a similar way as molecules are held together by the electromagnetic force).

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Halfback (American football)

A halfback is the holder of an offensive position in American football whose duties involve lining up in the backfield and carrying the ball on most running plays in formations such as the veer variant of the wishbone.

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The Hanafi (حنفي) school is one of the four religious Sunni Islamic schools of jurisprudence (fiqh).

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The Hanbali school (المذهب الحنبلي) is one of the four orthodox Sunni Islamic schools of jurisprudence (fiqh).

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Harshad number

In recreational mathematics, a Harshad number (or Niven number) in a given number base, is an integer that is divisible by the sum of its digits when written in that base.

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The heart is a muscular organ in humans and other animals, which pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system.

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Hebrew language

Hebrew is a West Semitic language of the Afroasiatic language family.

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Highly composite number

A highly composite number (HCN) is a positive integer with more divisors than any smaller positive integer.

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Historical capitals of China

The Chinese phrase Four Great Ancient Capitals of China traditionally refers to Beijing (the current capital of the People's Republic), Nanjing, Luoyang, and Chang'an (Xi'an).

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History of the New York Giants (NL)

The history of the New York Giants, before the franchise moved to San Francisco, lasted from 1883 to 1957.

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Hockey Hall of Fame

The Hockey Hall of Fame is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Holometabolism, also called complete metamorphism, is a form of insect development which includes four life stages – as an embryo or egg, a larva, a pupa and an imago or adult.

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The horse (Equus ferus caballus) is one of two extant subspecies of ''Equus ferus''.

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Modern humans (Homo sapiens, primarily ssp. Homo sapiens sapiens) are the only extant members of the hominin clade (or human clade), a branch of the great apes; they are characterized by erect posture and bipedal locomotion, manual dexterity and increased tool use, and a general trend toward larger, more complex brains and societies.

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Humorism, or humoralism, was a system of medicine detailing the makeup and workings of the human body, adopted by the Indian Ayurveda system of medicine, Ancient Greek and Roman physicians and philosophers, positing that an excess or deficiency of any of four distinct bodily fluids in a person—known as humors or humours—directly influences their temperament and health.

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In geometry, a hypercube is an n-dimensional analogue of a square (n.

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In mathematics, the hyperoperation sequence is an infinite sequence of arithmetic operations (called hyperoperations) that starts with the unary operation of successor (n.

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I (named i, plural ies) is the 9th letter and the third vowel in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

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Iddhipāda (Pali; Skt. ddhipāda) is a compound term composed of "power" or "potency" (iddhi; ddhi) and "base," "basis" or "constituent" (pāda).

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Immanuel Kant

Immanuel Kant (22 April 1724 – 12 February 1804) was a German philosopher, who is considered the central figure of modern philosophy.

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Infection is the invasion of an organism's body tissues by disease-causing agents, their multiplication, and the reaction of host tissues to these organisms and the toxins they produce.

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Insects (from Latin insectum, a calque of Greek ἔντομον, "cut into sections") are a class of invertebrates within the arthropod phylum that have a chitinous exoskeleton, a three-part body (head, thorax and abdomen), three pairs of jointed legs, compound eyes and one pair of antennae.

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Internal combustion engine

An internal combustion engine (ICE) is a heat engine where the combustion of a fuel occurs with an oxidizer (usually air) in a combustion chamber that is an integral part of the working fluid flow circuit.

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Internet protocol suite

The Internet protocol suite is the computer networking model and set of communications protocols used on the Internet and similar computer networks.

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Internet slang

Internet slang (Internet shorthand, Cyber-slang, netspeak, or chatspeak) refers to a variety of slang languages used by different people on the Internet.

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Jean Béliveau

Joseph Jean Arthur Béliveau, (August 31, 1931 – December 2, 2014) was a Canadian professional ice hockey player who played parts of 20 seasons with the National Hockey League's (NHL) Montreal Canadiens from 1950 to 1971.

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Jerry Sloan

Gerald Eugene "Jerry" Sloan (born March 28, 1942) is an American former National Basketball Association player and head coach, and a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame.

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The Jews (יְהוּדִים ISO 259-3, Israeli pronunciation), also known as the Jewish people, are an ethnoreligious and ethno-cultural group descended from the Israelites of the Ancient Near East and originating from the historical kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

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Joe Cronin

Joseph Edward Cronin (October 12, 1906 – September 7, 1984) was a Major League Baseball (MLB) shortstop, manager and general manager.

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Joe Dumars

Joe Dumars III (born May 24, 1963) is a retired American basketball player in the National Basketball Association.

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Johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms (7 May 1833 – 3 April 1897) was a German composer and pianist.

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John Boyd (military strategist)

Colonel John Richard Boyd (January 23, 1927 – March 9, 1997) was a United States Air Force fighter pilot and Pentagon consultant of the late 20th century, whose theories have been highly influential in the military, sports, business, and litigation.

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John the Evangelist

John the Evangelist (also John the Theologian or John the Divine; Εὐαγγελιστής Ἰωάννης) is traditionally regarded as the author of the Gospel of John, and other Johannine works in the New Testament — the three Epistles of John and the Book of Revelation.

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Journalism is gathering, processing, and dissemination of news, and information related to news, to an audience.

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Judaism (from Iudaismus, derived from Greek Ἰουδαϊσμός, originally from Hebrew, Yehudah, "Judah"; in Hebrew:, Yahadut, the distinctive characteristics of the Judean ethnos) encompasses the religion, philosophy, culture and way of life of the Jewish people.

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The judiciary (also known as the judicial system or court system) is the system of courts that interprets and applies the law in the name of the state.

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Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet in the Solar System.

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Kāma (Sanskrit, Pali; Devanagari: काम) means desire, wish, longing in Indian literature.

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Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ kannaḍa) or Canarese/Kanarese, is a Dravidian language spoken predominantly by Kannada people in the South Indian state of Karnataka, and by linguistic minorities in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Kerala, and Goa.

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Karl Popper

Sir Karl Raimund Popper (28 July 1902 – 17 September 1994) was an Austrian-British philosopher and professor.

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Karuā (in both Sanskrit and Pali) is generally translated as compassion.

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Khmer numerals

Khmer numerals are the numerals used in the Khmer language.

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Klein four-group

In mathematics, the Klein four-group (or just Klein group or Vierergruppe (four-group), often symbolized by the letter V or as K4) is the group, the direct product of two copies of the cyclic group of order 2.

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Knuth's up-arrow notation

In mathematics, Knuth's up-arrow notation is a method of notation for very large integers, introduced by Donald Knuth in 1976.

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Korean numerals

The Korean language has two regularly used sets of numerals, a native Korean system and Sino-Korean system.

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Kshatriya (from kshatra, "rule, authority") is one of the four varna (social orders) of the Hindu society.

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This article is about a town.

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Lagrange's four-square theorem

Lagrange's four-square theorem, also known as Bachet's conjecture, states that every natural number can be represented as the sum of four integer squares.

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Leah (ISO 259-3 Leˀa; ܠܝܐ La'ya; from 𒀖 𒀖), as described in the Hebrew Bible, is the first of the two concurrent wives of the Hebrew patriarch Jacob and mother of six sons whose descendants became some of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, along with one daughter, Dinah.

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Leet (or "1337"), also known as eleet or leetspeak, is an alternative alphabet for the English language that is used primarily on the Internet.

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Light cone

A light cone is the path that a flash of light, emanating from a single event (localized to a single point in space and a single moment in time) and traveling in all directions, would take through spacetime.

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A liquid is a nearly incompressible fluid that conforms to the shape of its container but retains a (nearly) constant volume independent of pressure.

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List of coaches in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame honors players who have shown exceptional skill at basketball, all-time great coaches, referees, and other major contributors to the sport.

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List of highways numbered 4

Route 4, or Highway 4, may refer to several highways in the following countries.

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List of players in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, located in Springfield, Massachusetts, honors players who have shown exceptional skill at basketball, all-time great coaches, referees, and other major contributors to the sport.

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Lorien Legacies

Lorien Legacies is a series of young adult science fiction books, written by James Frey, Jobie Hughes under the collective pseudonym Pittacus Lore.

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Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers are a professional baseball team in Los Angeles, California, who are members of the National League West division of Major League Baseball (MLB).

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Lou Gehrig

Henry Louis "Lou" or "Buster" Gehrig (June 19, 1903 – June 2, 1941) was an American baseball first baseman who played 17 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the New York Yankees, from 1923 through 1939.

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Low-density polyethylene

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is a thermoplastic made from the monomer ethylene.

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Luke Appling

Lucius Benjamin "Luke" Appling (April 2, 1907 – January 3, 1991), nicknamed "Old Aches and Pains" was an American shortstop in Major League Baseball who played his entire career for the Chicago White Sox (1930–50).

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Luke the Evangelist

Luke the Evangelist (Λουκᾶς, Loukás) is one of the Four Evangelists—the four authors of canonical Gospels of Jesus Christ.

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Lulav (or Yemenite pronunciation; לולב) is a closed frond of the date palm tree.

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Lumbinī (Nepali and Sanskrit: लुम्बिनी, "the lovely") is a Buddhist pilgrimage site in the Rupandehi District of Nepal.

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Lunar month

In lunar calendars, a lunar month is the time between two identical syzygies (new moons or full moons).

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Magnetic ink character recognition

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Code (MICR Code) is a character-recognition technology used mainly by the banking industry to ease the processing and clearance of cheques and other documents.

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Mahābhūta is Sanskrit and Pāli for "great element." In Buddhism, the "four great elements" (Pali: cattāro mahābhūtāni) are earth, water, fire and air.

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Major Arcana

The Major Arcana or trumps are a suit of twenty-two cards in the Tarot deck.

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Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball (MLB) is a professional baseball organization that is the oldest of the four major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada.

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Major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada

The major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada are the highest professional competitions of team sports in the United States and Canada.

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Malayalam, sometimes referred to as Kairali, is a language spoken in India, predominantly in the state of Kerala.

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Malik ibn Anas

Mālik ibn Anas ibn Mālik ibn Abī 'Āmir al-Asbahī (Arabic: مالك بن أنس‎; 711–795 CE / 93–179 AH) is known as "Imam Malik," the "Sheikh of Islam", the "Proof of the Community," and "Imam of the Abode of Emigration." He was one of the most highly respected scholars of fiqh in Sunni Islam.

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The (مالكي) madhhab is one of the four major schools of Fiqh or religious law within Sunni Islam.

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Mammals (class Mammalia from Latin mamma "breast") are any members of a clade of endothermic amniotes distinguished from reptiles and birds by the possession of hair, three middle ear bones, mammary glands, and a neocortex (a region of the brain).

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Manager (baseball)

In baseball, the field manager (commonly referred to as the manager) is an individual who is responsible for matters of team strategy on the field and team leadership.

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A mandolin (mandolino; literally "small mandola") is a musical instrument in the lute family and is usually plucked with a plectrum or "pick".

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A map is a symbolic depiction highlighting relationships between elements of some space, such as objects, regions, and themes.

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Mario Kart

is a series of go-kart-style racing video games developed and published by Nintendo as spin-offs from its trademark ''Super Mario'' series.

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Mark the Evangelist

Mark the Evangelist (Mārcus; Μᾶρκος; Μαρκοϲ; מרקוס) is the traditionally ascribed author of the Gospel of Mark.

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Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second smallest planet in the Solar System, after Mercury.

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Before the 20th century, the term matter included ordinary matter composed of atoms and excluded other energy phenomena such as light or sound.

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Matthew the Apostle

Matthew the Apostle (מַתִּתְיָהוּ Mattithyahu or Mattay, "Gift of YHVH"; Ματθαῖος Matthaios; also known as Saint Matthew and as Levi) was, according to the Bible, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus and, according to Christian tradition, one of the four Evangelists.

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Max Chilton

Maximilian Alexander "Max" Chilton (born 21 April 1991) is a British racing driver currently racing for Carlin Motorsport in the Indy Lights series.

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Meander (mathematics)

In mathematics, a meander or closed meander is a self-avoiding closed curve which intersects a line a number of times.

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Mel Ott

Melvin Thomas Ott (March 2, 1909 – November 21, 1958), nicknamed "Master Melvin", was an American former professional baseball player who played in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a right fielder for the New York Giants, from through.

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Black bile (µέλαινα χολή),Burton, Bk.

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Mercury (planet)

Mercury is the smallest and closest to the Sun of the eight planets in the Solar System, with an orbital period of about 88 Earth days.

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Messier 4

Messier 4 or M4 (also designated NGC 6121) is a globular cluster in the constellation of Scorpius.

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Messier object

The Messier objects are a set of over 100 astronomical objects first listed by French astronomer Charles Messier in 1771.

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Mettā (Pali) or maitrī (Sanskrit) is benevolence,Warder (2004), pp.

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Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers are an American professional baseball team based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks are an American basketball team based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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In its primary meaning, the Hebrew word (meaning "commandment", מִצְוָה,, Biblical:; plural מִצְווֹת, Biblical:; from צִוָּה "command") refers to precepts and commandments as commanded by God.

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Mobile phone

A mobile phone (also known as a cellular phone, cell phone, hand phone, or simply a phone) is a phone that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area.

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In Indian religions and Indian philosophy, moksha (मोक्ष), also called vimoksha, vimukti and mukti, means emancipation, liberation or release.

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Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal CanadiensEven in English, the French spelling, Canadiens, is always used.

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Moral absolutism

Moral absolutism is an ethical view that particular actions are intrinsically right or wrong.

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Moral relativism

Moral relativism may be any of several philosophical positions concerned with the differences in moral judgments across different people and cultures.

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Moral universalism

Moral universalism (also called moral objectivism or universal morality) is the meta-ethical position that some system of ethics, or a universal ethic, applies universally, that is, for "all similarly situated individuals", regardless of culture, race, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or any other distinguishing feature.

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Motor vehicle

A motor vehicle is a self-propelled road vehicle, commonly wheeled, that does not operate on rails, such as trains or trams.

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Motzkin number

In mathematics, a Motzkin number for a given number n is the number of different ways of drawing non-intersecting chords between n points on a circle (not necessarily touching every point by a chord).

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Muditā (Pāli and Sanskrit: मुदिता) means joy; especially sympathetic or vicarious joy.

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Muharram (Arabic: المحرّم) is the first month of the Islamic calendar.

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Multiplication (often denoted by the cross symbol "×", by a point "·" or by the absence of symbol) is one of the four elementary, mathematical operations of arithmetic; with the others being addition, subtraction and division.

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Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is an American history museum and hall of fame, located at 1000 Hall of Fame Avenue in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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Nation (from Latin: natio, "people, tribe, kin, genus, class, flock") is a social concept with no uncontroversial definition, but which is most commonly used to designate larger groups or collectives of people with common characteristics attributed to them - including language, traditions, customs (mores), habits (habitus), and ethnicity.

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National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is an American history museum and hall of fame, located at 25 Main Street in Cooperstown, New York, and operated by private interests.

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National Basketball Association

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the pre-eminent men's professional basketball league in North America, and is widely considered to be the premier men's professional basketball league in the world.

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National Football League

The National Football League (NFL) is a professional American football league consisting of 32 teams, divided equally between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC).

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National Hockey League

The National Hockey League (NHL; Ligue nationale de hockey—LNH) is a professional ice hockey league composed of 30 member clubs: 23 in the United States and 7 in Canada.

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NATO phonetic alphabet

The International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, commonly known as the NATO phonetic alphabet and also known as the ICAO phonetic or spelling alphabet and the ITU phonetic alphabet, is the most widely used spelling alphabet.

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Natural number

In mathematics, the natural numbers (sometimes called the whole numbers): "whole number An integer, though sometimes it is taken to mean only non-negative integers, or just the positive integers." give definitions of "whole number" under several headwords: INTEGER … Syn. whole number.

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NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Championship

The NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Championship refers to one of two championships in men's ice hockey contested by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) since 1971 to determine the top team in the NCAA Division I and Division III.

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Neptune is the eighth and farthest planet from the Sun in the Solar System.

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New General Catalogue

The New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars (abbreviated as NGC) is a well-known catalogue of deep-sky objects in astronomy compiled by John Louis Emil Dreyer in 1888, as a new version of John Herschel's Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars.

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New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils are a professional hockey team based in Newark, New Jersey, that competes in the National Hockey League (NHL).

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New Mexico

New Mexico (Nuevo México; Yootó Hahoodzo) is a state located in the southwestern and western regions of the United States, admitted to the union as the 47th state on January 6, 1912.

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New York Giants

The New York Giants are a professional American football team located in the New York metropolitan area.

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New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are an American professional baseball team based in the Bronx, New York City, New York, that competes in Major League Baseball (MLB).

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NGC 4 is a galaxy in the Pisces constellation.

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In computing, a nibble (often nybble or even nyble to match the vowels of byte) is a four-bit aggregation, or half an octet.

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is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics company headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.

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(निर्वाण nirvāna ; निब्बान nibbāna ; णिव्वाण ṇivvāṇa&#x202f) literally means "blown out", as in a candle.

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Noble Eightfold Path

The Noble Eightfold Path (ariyo aṭṭhaṅgiko maggo, āryāṣṭāṅgamārga) is one of the principal teachings of Śrāvakayāna.

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Nokia Corporation (Nokia Oyj) is a Finnish multinational communications and information technology company.

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North is a noun, adjective, or adverb indicating direction or geography.

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Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland (Tuaisceart Éireann.; or Ulster Scots: Norlin Airlann) is a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the northeast of the island of Ireland.

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Nuclear force

The nuclear force (or nucleon–nucleon interaction or residual strong force) is the force between protons and neutrons, subatomic particles that are collectively called nucleons.

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Nucleobases are nitrogen-containing biological compounds (nitrogenous bases) found linked to a sugar within nucleosides—the basic building blocks of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA).

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A number is a mathematical object used to count, measure and label.

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Numbers in Chinese culture

In Chinese tradition, certain numbers are believed by some to be auspicious (吉利) or inauspicious (不利) based on the Chinese word that the number name sounds similar to.

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Numeral system

A numeral system (or system of numeration) is a writing system for expressing numbers, that is, a mathematical notation for representing numbers of a given set, using digits or other symbols in a consistent manner.

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Numerology is any belief in divine, mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events.

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Old age

Old age consists of ages nearing or surpassing the life expectancy of human beings, and thus the end of the human life cycle.

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An Olympiad (Ὀλυμπιάς, olympiás) is a period of four years associated with the Olympic Games of the Ancient Greeks.

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Olympic Games

The modern Olympic Games (Jeux olympiques) are the leading international sporting event featuring summer and winter sports competitions in which thousands of athletes from around the world participate in a variety of competitions.

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On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason

On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason (Über die vierfache Wurzel des Satzes vom zureichenden Grunde) is an elaboration on the classical Principle of Sufficient Reason written by German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer as his doctoral dissertation in 1813.

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One Direction

One Direction (commonly abbreviated as 1D) are an English-Irish pop boy band based in London, composed of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and previously, Zayn Malik until his departure from the band on 25 March 2015.

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Optical character recognition

Optical character recognition (OCR) is the mechanical or electronic conversion of images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text.

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Palm, Inc.

Palm, Inc. was an American company that specialized in manufacturing PDAs and other electronics.

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In science and epistemology (the theory of knowledge), a paradigm is a distinct set of concepts or thought patterns, including theories, research methods, postulates, and standards for what constitutes legitimate contributions to a field.

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Passover or Pesach (from Hebrew Pesah, Pesakh), is an important, biblically derived Jewish festival.

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Paul Molitor

Paul Leo Molitor (born August 22, 1956), nicknamed "Molly" and "The Ignitor", is an American former Major League Baseball (MLB) player and current manager of the Minnesota Twins, who is in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Paul Weiss (philosopher)

Paul Weiss (May 19, 1901 – July 5, 2002) was an American philosopher.

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Persian language

Persian, also known by its endonym Farsi or Parsi (English:; Persian: فارسی), is the predominant modern descendant of Old Persian, a southwestern Iranian language within the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European languages.

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Personal digital assistant

A personal digital assistant (PDA), also known as a handheld PC, or personal data assistant, is a mobile device that functions as a personal information manager.

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Philadelphia Flyers

The Philadelphia Flyers are a professional ice hockey team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Phlegm (φλέγμα "inflammation, humour caused by heat") is a liquid secreted by the mucous membranes of mammals.

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Pinyin, or Hanyu Pinyin, is the official phonetic system for transcribing the Mandarin pronunciations of Chinese characters into the Latin alphabet in China, Taiwan, and Singapore. It is often used to teach Standard Chinese and a pinyin without diacritic markers is often used in foreign publications to spell Chinese names familiar to non-Chinese and may be used as an input method to enter Chinese characters into computers. The Hanyu Pinyin system was developed in the 1950s based on earlier forms of romanization. It was published by the Chinese government in 1958 and revised several times. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) adopted pinyin as an international standard in 1982. The system was adopted as the official standard in Taiwan in 2009, where it is used for romanization alone rather than for educational and computer input purposes. The word Hànyǔ means the spoken language of the Han people and pīnyīn literally means "spelled-out sounds".

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Pisces (constellation)

Pisces is a constellation of the zodiac.

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The Pishon or Pison (Pîšōn) is one of four rivers (along with Hiddekel (Tigris), Phrath (Euphrates) and Gihon) mentioned in the Biblical Book of Genesis.

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Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates are an American professional baseball team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that competes in Major League Baseball (MLB).

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Planar graph

In graph theory, a planar graph is a graph that can be embedded in the plane, i.e., it can be drawn on the plane in such a way that its edges intersect only at their endpoints.

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Plane (geometry)

In mathematics, a plane is a flat, two-dimensional surface.

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Plasma (physics)

Plasma (from Greek πλάσμα, "anything formed") is one of the four fundamental states of matter, the others being solid, liquid, and gas.

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Platonic solid

In three-dimensional space, a Platonic solid is a regular, convex polyhedron.

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Playing card

A playing card is a piece of specially prepared heavy paper, thin cardboard, plastic-coated paper, cotton-paper blend, or thin plastic, marked with distinguishing motifs and used as one of a set for playing card games.

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Politics (from πολιτικός politikos, definition "of, for, or relating to citizens") is the practice and theory of influencing other people.

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In elementary geometry, a polytope is a geometric object with flat sides, and may exist in any general number of dimensions n as an n-dimensional polytope or n-polytope.

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Post-punk is a type of rock music that paralleled and emerged from the punk rock movement of the 1970s.

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Power forward (basketball)

Power forward (PF) is a position in the sport of basketball.

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Pratītyasamutpāda (प्रतीत्यसमुत्पाद; पटिच्चसमुप्पाद paṭiccasamuppāda), commonly translated as dependent origination or dependent arising, states that all dharmas ("things") arise in dependence upon other dharmas: "if this exists, that exists; if this ceases to exist, that also ceases to exist." It is a pragmatic teaching, which is applied to dukkha and the cessation of dukkha.

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Printing is a process for reproducing text and images using a master form or template.

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Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is the hall of fame for professional football in the United States with an emphasis on the National Football League (NFL).

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Profanity, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is "an offensive word" or "offensive language".

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Public administration

Public administration is the implementation of government policy and also an academic discipline that studies this implementation and prepares civil servants for working in the public service.

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(Sanskrit पुरुषार्थ) literally means an "object of human pursuit".

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In Euclidean plane geometry, a quadrilateral is a polygon with four edges (or sides) and four vertices or corners.

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Quaternary numeral system

Quaternary is the base- numeral system.

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In mathematics, the quaternions are a number system that extends the complex numbers.

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Quattro (four-wheel-drive system)

Quattro (meaning four in Italian) is the sub-brand used by the car brand Audi AG to indicate that all-wheel drive (AWD) technologies or systems are used on specific models of its Audi automobiles.

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Quattro GmbH

quattro GmbH is a wholly owned private subsidiary of the German automobile manufacturer AUDI AG, part of the Volkswagen Group.

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Rachel was the favorite of Biblical patriarch Jacob's two wives as well as the mother of Joseph and Benjamin, two of the twelve progenitors of the tribes of Israel.

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Rajab (رجب) is the seventh month of the Islamic calendar.

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Ralph Kiner

Ralph McPherran Kiner (October 27, 1922 – February 6, 2014) was an American Major League Baseball player.

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The Rashidun Caliphs (meaning "Rightly Guided", "Righteously Guided", "Righteous" Caliphs; الخلفاء الراشدون), often simply called, collectively, "the Rashidun", is a term used in Sunni Islam to refer to the first four caliphs (successors) following the death of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, namely: Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman ibn Affan and Ali of the Rashidun Caliphate, the first caliphate.

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Rebecca (also spelled Rebekah) (ISO 259-3 Ribqa,(AssyrianːܪܲܦܩܵܐːRapqa) from the Hebrew ribhqeh (lit., "connection"), from Semitic root r-b-q, "to tie, couple or join", "to secure", or "to snare") appears in the Hebrew Bible as the wife of Isaac and the mother of Jacob and Esau.

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In Euclidean plane geometry, a rectangle is any quadrilateral with four right angles.

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Red Kelly

Leonard Patrick "Red" Kelly, CM (born 9 July 1927) is a retired Canadian ice hockey player in the NHL.

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Regular 4-polytope

In mathematics, a regular 4-polytope is a regular four-dimensional polytope.

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Regular polygon

In Euclidean geometry, a regular polygon is a polygon that is equiangular (all angles are equal in measure) and equilateral (all sides have the same length).

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Regular polyhedron

A regular polyhedron is a polyhedron whose symmetry group acts transitively on its flags.

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Resin identification code

The SPI resin identification coding system is a set of symbols placed on plastics to identify the polymer type.

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Rich Text Format

The Rich Text Format (often abbreviated RTF) is a proprietary document file format with published specification developed by Microsoft Corporation from 1987 until 2008 for cross-platform document interchange with Microsoft products.

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Richard McKeon

Richard McKeon (April 26, 1900 – March 31, 1985) was an American philosopher.

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Right angle

In geometry and trigonometry, a right angle is an angle that bisects the angle formed by two halves of a straight line.

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Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is a polymeric molecule implicated in various biological roles in coding, decoding, regulation, and expression of genes.

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Rock and roll

Rock and roll (often written as rock & roll or rock 'n' roll) is a genre of popular music that originated and evolved in the United States during the late 1940s and early 1950s,Jim Dawson and Steve Propes, What Was the First Rock'n'Roll Record (1992), ISBN 0-571-12939-0.

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Rowing (sport)

Rowing, often referred to as crew in the United States, is a sport with origins back to Ancient Egyptian times.

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Rugby league

Rugby league football, usually called rugby league, or simply league, is a full contact sport played by two teams of thirteen players on a rectangular field.

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Rugby union

Rugby union, or simply rugby, is a contact team sport which originated in England in the first half of the 19th century.

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Rugby union bonus points system

The Rugby union bonus points system is a method of deciding table points from a rugby union match.

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Rugby union positions

In the game of rugby union, there are 15 players on each team, comprising eight forwards (numbered 1–8) and seven backs (numbered 9–15).

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Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is a men's rugby union tournament contested every four years between the top international teams.

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Running back

A running back (RB) is an American and Canadian football position, a member of the offensive backfield.

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Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings are a professional basketball team based in Sacramento, California.

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In Buddhism, the Sakadāgāmin (Pali; Sanskrit: Sakṛdāgāmin), "returning once" or "once-returner," is a partially enlightened person, who has cut off the first three chains with which the ordinary mind is bound, and significantly weakened the fourth and fifth.

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San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants are an American professional baseball franchise based in San Francisco, California.

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Sanguine or red chalk is chalk of a reddish-brown colour, so called because it resembles the colour of dried blood.

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Sannyasa is the life stage of renunciation within the Hindu philosophy of four age-based life stages known as ashramas, with the first three being Brahmacharya (bachelor student), Grihastha (householder) and Vanaprastha (forest dweller, retired).

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Sarah or Sara (ISO 259-not,r3 Śarra; Sara; Arabic: سارا or سارة Sāra) was the wife and half-sister of Abraham and the mother of Isaac as described in the Hebrew Bible and the Quran.

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Sarnath is a city located 13 kilometres north-east of Varanasi near the confluence of the Ganges and the Gomati rivers in Uttar Pradesh, India.

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is the Pāli word for the Buddhist concept of the foundations of mindfulness. The corresponding word in Sanskrit (Skt.) is and in Chinese it is ‘mindfulness-place’ (念處).

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Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live (abbreviated as SNL) is an American late-night live television sketch comedy and variety show created by Lorne Michaels and developed by Dick Ebersol.

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Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second-largest in the Solar System, after Jupiter.

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Scorpius is one of the constellations of the zodiac.

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Scotland (Scots:; Alba) is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and covers the northern third of the island of Great Britain.

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Scott Stevens

Ronald Scott Stevens (born April 1, 1964) is a retired professional ice hockey defenceman.

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A season is a division of the year, marked by changes in weather, ecology and hours of daylight.

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Second baseman

In baseball and softball, second baseman is a fielding position in the infield, between third and first base.

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Seven-segment display

A seven-segment display (SSD), or seven-segment indicator, is a form of electronic display device for displaying decimal numerals that is an alternative to the more complex dot matrix displays.

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The Shafi'i (شافعي) madhhab is one of the four schools of Islamic law in Sunni Islam.

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Shift key

The shift key is a modifier key on a keyboard, used to type capital letters and other alternate "upper" characters.

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Shudra is the fourth varna, whose mythological origins are described in the Purusha Sukta of the Rig veda, one of the sacred texts of Hinduism, and later explained in the Manusmṛti.

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Sidney Moncrief

Sidney A. Moncrief (born September 21, 1957) is a retired American professional basketball player.

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Silicon is a chemical element with symbol Si and atomic number 14.

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Simple group

In mathematics, a simple group is a nontrivial group whose only normal subgroups are the trivial group and the group itself.

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In geometry, a simplex (plural: simplexes or simplices) is a generalization of the notion of a triangle or tetrahedron to arbitrary dimensions.

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Six-man football

Six-man football is a variant of American football that is played with six players per team, instead of 11.

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Smith number

A Smith number is a composite number for which, in a given base (in base 10 by default), the sum of its digits is equal to the sum of the digits in its prime factorization.

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Solar System

The Solar SystemCapitalization of the name varies.

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Solid is one of the four fundamental states of matter (the others being liquid, gas, and plasma).

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In Buddhism, a sotāpanna (Pali), srotāpanna (Sanskrit), "stream-winner", or "stream-entrant" is a person who has seen the Dharma and consequently, has dropped the first three fetters (saŋyojana) that bind a being to rebirth, namely self-view (sakkāya-ditthi), clinging to rites and rituals (sīlabbata-parāmāsa), and skeptical doubt (vicikicchā).

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South is a noun, adjective, or adverb indicating direction or geography.

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Space is the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction.

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In physics, spacetime (also space–time, space time or space–time continuum) is any mathematical model that combines space and time into a single interwoven continuum.

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Special relativity

In physics, special relativity (SR, also known as the special theory of relativity or STR) is the generally accepted physical theory regarding the relationship between space and time.

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Spring (season)

Spring is one of the four conventional temperate seasons, following winter and preceding summer.

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In geometry, a square is a regular quadrilateral, which means that it has four equal sides and four equal angles (90-degree angles, or right angles).

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Square number

In mathematics, a square number or perfect square is an integer that is the square of an integer; in other words, it is the product of some integer with itself.

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Square of opposition

In the system of Aristotelian logic, the square of opposition is a diagram representing the different ways in which each of the four propositions of the system is logically related ('opposed') to each of the others.

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Statistical mechanics

Statistical mechanics is a branch of theoretical physics that studies, using probability theory, the average behaviour of a mechanical system where the state of the system is uncertain.

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Stellar classification

In astronomy, stellar classification is the classification of stars based on their spectral characteristics.

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Stoic categories

The term Stoic categories refers to Stoic ideas regarding categories of being: the most fundamental classes of being for all things.

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Stoicism is a school of Hellenistic philosophy founded in Athens by Zeno of Citium in the early 3rd century BC.

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String quartet

A string quartet is a musical ensemble of four string players – two violin players, a viola player and a cellist – or a piece written to be performed by such a group.

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A subgiant is a star that is slightly brighter than a normal main-sequence (dwarf) star of the same spectral class, but not as bright as true giant stars.

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Subtraction is a mathematical operation that represents the operation of removing objects from a collection.

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Suit (cards)

In playing cards, a suit is one of several categories into which the cards of a deck are divided.

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Sukkot or Succot (סוכות or סֻכּוֹת), in traditional Ashkenazi pronunciation Sukkos or Succos, literally Feast of Booths, is commonly translated to English as Feast of Tabernacles, sometimes also as Feast of the Ingathering.

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Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, falling between spring and autumn.

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Sunni Islam

Sunni Islam is a denomination of Islam which holds that the Islamic prophet Muhammad's proper successor as Caliph was his father-in-law Abu Bakr.

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Super League

Super League, officially the First Utility Super League for sponsorship reasons, is the top-level professional rugby league club competition in Europe.

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Supreme Court of the United States

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is the highest federal court of the United States.

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A symphony is an extended musical composition in Western classical music, most often written for orchestra.

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Syr Darya

The Syr Darya (Сырдария; p; سيردريا; Сирдарё; Seyhun, Siri Derya; سيحون: Seyhun; Sirdaryo) is a river in Central Asia.

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Tamil language

Tamil also spelt Thamizh is a Dravidian language spoken predominantly by Tamil people of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.

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The tarot (first known as trionfi and later as tarocchi, tarock, and others) is a pack of playing cards (most commonly numbering 78), used from the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play a group of card games such as Italian tarocchini and French tarot.

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Television station

A television station is a business, organisation or other enterprise, such as an amateur television (ATV) operator, that transmits (broadcasts) content over terrestrial television.

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Telugu language

Telugu (తెలుగు telugu) is a Dravidian language and is the only language other than Hindi, English and Bengali that is predominantly spoken in more than one Indian state, being the primary language in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, as well as in the town of Yanam where it is also an official language.

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Terrestrial planet

A terrestrial planet, telluric planet or rocky planet is a planet that is composed primarily of silicate rocks or metals.

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The tetragrammaton (from Greek τετραγράμματον, meaning "(consisting) of four letters") is the Hebrew theonym יהוה, commonly transliterated into Latin letters as YHWH.

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In geometry, a tetrahedron (plural: tetrahedra or tetrahedrons) is a polyhedron composed of four triangular faces, three of which meet at each corner or vertex.

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A tetramer (tetra-, "four" + -mer, "parts") is an oligomer formed from four monomers or protein subunits.

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Tetraphobia (from Greek τετράς - tetras, "four" and φόβος - phobos, "fear") is the practice of avoiding instances of the number.

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The superclass Tetrapoda (Ancient Greek τετραπόδηs tetrapodēs, "four-footed"), or the tetrapods, comprises the first four-limbed vertebrates and their descendants, including the living and extinct amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, and some extinct fish.

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Tetris (pronounced) is a Russian tile-matching puzzle video game, originally designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov.

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Text figures

Text figures (also known as non-lining, lowercase, old style, ranging, hanging, medieval, billing, or antique figures or numerals) are numerals typeset with varying heights in a fashion that resembles a typical line of running text, hence the name.

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Thai numerals

Thai numerals (เลขไทย, IPA) constitute a numeral system of Thai number names for the Khmer numerals traditionally used in Thailand, also used for the more common Arabic numerals, and which follow the Hindu-Arabic numeral system.

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The Beatles

The Beatles were an English rock band, formed in Liverpool in 1960.

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The Emperor (Tarot card)

The Emperor (IV) is the fourth trump or Major Arcana card in traditional Tarot decks.

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The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers

The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers is a reference book for recreational mathematics and elementary number theory written by David Wells.

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The Twelve Days of Christmas (song)

"The Twelve Days of Christmas" is an English Christmas carol that enumerates in the manner of a cumulative song a series of increasingly grand gifts given on each of the twelve days of Christmas.

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Third baseman

A third baseman, abbreviated 3B, is the player in baseball whose responsibility is to defend the area nearest to third base — the third of four bases a baserunner must touch in succession to score a run.

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Three-point field goal

A three-point field goal (also called a three-pointer) is a field goal in a basketball game made from beyond the three-point line, a designated arc surrounding the basket.

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Thymine (T, Thy) is one of the four nucleobases in the nucleic acid of DNA that are represented by the letters G–C–A–T.

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Batman River The Tigris is the eastern member of the two great rivers that define Mesopotamia, the other being the Euphrates.

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Time is a measure in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future, and also the measure of durations of events and the intervals between them.

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Time signature

The time signature (also known as meter signature, metre signature, or measure signature) is a notational convention used in Western musical notation to specify how many beats (pulses) are to be contained in each bar and which note value is to be given one beat.

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Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs (officially the Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club) are a professional ice hockey team based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Trichotomy (philosophy)

A trichotomy is a three-way classificatory division.

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Trope (philosophy)

The term "trope" is both a term which denotes figurative and metaphorical language and one which has been used in various technical senses.

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A trump is a playing card which is elevated above its normal rank in trick-taking games.

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Truth value

In logic and mathematics, a truth value, sometimes called a logical value, is a value indicating the relation of a proposition to truth.

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A try is a way of scoring points in rugby union and rugby league football.

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Tuffy Leemans

Alphonse Emil "Tuffy" Leemans (November 12, 1912 – January 19, 1979) was an American football player.

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In typography, a typeface (also known as font family) is a set of one or more fonts each composed of glyphs that share common design features.

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U.S. state

A state of the United States of America is one of the 50 constituent political entities that shares its sovereignty with the United States federal government.

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The ukulele (from ukulele; British English: ukelele) sometimes abbreviated to uke, is a member of the lute family of instruments; it generally employs four nylon or gut strings or four courses of strings.

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Umar, also spelled Omar (t, born c.583 CEdied 3 November 644 CE), was one of the most powerful and influential Muslim caliphs (successors) in history.

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Ungulates (pronounced) are any members of a diverse clade of primarily large mammals that includes odd-toed ungulates such as horses and Rhinos, and even-toed ungulates such as cattle, pigs, giraffes, camels, deer, and hippopotami.

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain, is a sovereign state in Europe.

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United States

The United States of America (USA), commonly referred to as the United States (U.S.) or America, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major territories and various possessions.

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Upekkhā (in devanagari: ऊपेक्खा; Sanskrit: उपेक्षा), is the Buddhist concept of equanimity.

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Uracil (U) is one of the four nucleobases in the nucleic acid of RNA that are represented by the letters A, G, C and U. The others are adenine (A), cytosine (C), and guanine (G).

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Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun.

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Urdu (اُردُو ALA-LC:;, or Modern Standard Urdu) is a standardised register of the Hindustani language.

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Utah (or; (Áshįįh bi Tó Hahoodzo; Arapaho: Wo'tééneihí) is a state in the western United States. It became the 45th state admitted to the Union on January 4, 1896. Utah is the 13th-largest, the 33rd-most populous, and the 10th-least-densely populated of the 50 United States. Utah has a population of about 2.9 million, approximately 80% of whom live along the Wasatch Front, centering on Salt Lake City. Utah is bordered by Colorado to the east, Wyoming to the northeast, Idaho to the north, Arizona to the south, and Nevada to the west. It also touches a corner of New Mexico in the southeast. Approximately 62% of Utahns are reported to be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or LDS (Mormons), which greatly influences Utah culture and daily life. The world headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) is located in Utah's state capital, Salt Lake City., the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, pp 99–100. Retrieved July 2, 2008. Utah is the most religiously homogeneous state in the United States, the only state with a Mormon majority, and the only state with a majority population belonging to a single church. The state is a center of transportation, education, information technology and research, government services, mining, and a major tourist destination for outdoor recreation. In 2013, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that Utah had the second fastest-growing population of any state. St. George was the fastest–growing metropolitan area in the United States from 2000 to 2005. Utah also has the 14th highest median average income out of U.S. states, and has the 2nd highest income when adjusted for cost of living. A 2012 Gallup national survey found Utah overall to be the "best state to live in" based on 13 forward-looking measurements including various economic, lifestyle, and health-related outlook metrics.

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Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz is an American professional basketball team based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Uthman ibn Affan (عثمان بن عفان, strict transliteration:; also known in English by the Turkish and Persian rendering Osman; 576 – 17 June 656) was a companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and the third of the Sunni Rashidun or "Rightly Guided Caliphs".

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Vaishya is one of the four varnas of the Hindu social order.

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Valence (chemistry)

In chemistry, the valence (or valency) of an element is a measure of its combining power with other atoms when it forms chemical compounds or molecules.

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Vanaprastha (वनप्रस्थ) literally means "retiring into a forest".

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A vehicle (from vehiculum) is a mobile machine that transports people or cargo.

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Venus is the second planet from the Sun, orbiting it every 224.7 Earth days.

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The vigesimal or base 20 numeral system is based on twenty (in the same way in which the ordinary decimal numeral system is based on ten).

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The viola is a bowed string instrument.

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The violin, also called a fiddle, is a string instrument, usually with four strings tuned in perfect fifths.

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Wales (Cymru) is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and the island of Great Britain, bordered by England to its east, the Irish Sea to its north and west, and the Bristol Channel to its south.

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War is a state of armed conflict between societies.

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Water (chemical formula: H2O) is a transparent fluid which forms the world's streams, lakes, oceans and rain, and is the major constituent of the fluids of organisms.

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Water (classical element)

Water is one of the elements in ancient Greek philosophy, in the Asian Indian system Panchamahabhuta, and in the Chinese cosmological and physiological system Wu Xing.

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Weak interaction

In particle physics, the weak interaction is the mechanism responsible for the weak force or weak nuclear force, one of the four known fundamental interactions of nature, alongside the strong interaction, electromagnetism, and gravitation.

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Wendell Ladner

Wendell Ladner (October 6, 1948 – June 24, 1975) was an American professional basketball player.

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West is a noun, adjective, or adverb indicating direction or geography.

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A wheel is a circular component that is intended to rotate on an axle bearing.

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A wing is a type of fin with a surface that produces aerodynamic force for flight or propulsion through the atmosphere, or through another gaseous or liquid fluid.

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Winter is the coldest season of the year in polar and temperate climates, between autumn and spring.

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Wisdom tooth

A wisdom tooth or third molar is one of the three molars per quadrant of the human dentition.

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Zia people

The Zia are an indigenous tribe centered at Zia Pueblo, an Indian reservation in New Mexico, U.S. The Zia are known for their pottery and use of the Sun symbol.

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In both astrology and historical astronomy, the zodiac (Greek: ζῳδιακός, zōidiakos) is a circle of twelve 30° divisions of celestial longitude that are centered upon the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun across the celestial sphere over the course of the year.

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4 (disambiguation)

4 is the year 4 AD.

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