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M-26–Cedar Creek Culvert M-26–Silver River Culvert M-27
M-27 (MI) M-27 (Michigan highway) M-27 (Michigan)
M-27 highway M-27 highway (Michigan) M-274 Mechanical Mule
M-275 (Michigan highway) M-28 M-28 (MI)
M-28 (Michigan highway) M-28 (Michigan) M-28 Business (Ishpeming-Negaunee, MI)
M-28 Business (Ishpeming-Negaunee, Michigan) M-28 Business (Ishpeming–Negaunee) M-28 Business (Ishpeming–Negaunee, MI)
M-28 Business (Ishpeming–Negaunee, Michigan) M-28 Business (Marquette, Michigan) M-28 Business (Michigan highway)
M-28 Business (Newberry, Michigan) M-28 Skytruck M-28 – Sand River Bridge
M-28 – Tahquamenon River Bridge M-28A M-28A (MI)
M-28A (Michigan highway) M-28A (Michigan) M-28–Sand River Bridge
M-28–Tahquamenon River Bridge M-29 M-29 (MI)
M-29 (Michigan Highway) M-29 (Michigan highway) M-29 (Michigan)
M-29 highway M-29 highway (Michigan) M-290
M-290 RediGO M-294 M-294 (MI)
M-294 (Michigan Highway) M-294 (Michigan highway) M-294 (Michigan)
M-3 M-3 (MI) M-3 (Michigan highway)
M-3 (Michigan) M-3 A1 Personnel Carrier M-3 Competition
M-3 Light Tank M-3 Panhard M-3 Stuart
M-3 VTT M-30 M-30 (MI)
M-30 (Michigan highway) M-30 (Michigan) M-30 122 mm howitzer
M-303 M-309 M-309 CarbonAero
M-31 M-31 (MI) M-31 (Michigan highway)
M-31 (Michigan) M-311 M-311 (MI)
M-311 (Michigan highway) M-311 (Michigan) M-32
M-32 (MI) M-32 (Michigan highway) M-32 (Michigan)
M-32 Business (Hillman, MI) M-32 Business (Hillman, Michigan) M-32 Business (Michigan highway)
M-32 MGL M-32 Multiple Grenade Launcher M-320 grenade launcher
M-325 M-325(T) M-33
M-33 (MI) M-33 (Michigan highway) M-33 (Michigan)
M-331 M-331 (MI) M-331 (Michigan highway)
M-331 (Michigan) M-34 M-34 (MI)
M-34 (Michigan highway) M-34 (Michigan) M-34 highway (Michigan)
M-345 M-346 M-346 Master
M-35 M-35 (MI) M-35 (Michigan highway)
M-35 (Michigan) M-35 A2 Truck M-35 Cargo Truck
M-36 M-36 (MI) M-36 (Michigan highway)
M-36 (Michigan) M-37 M-37 (MI)
M-37 (Michigan highway) M-37 (Michigan) M-38
M-38 (MI) M-38 (Michigan highway) M-38 (Michigan)
M-38/43 M-388 M-388 Davy Crockett
M-39 M-39 (MI) M-39 (Michigan highway)
M-39 (Michigan) M-3DI M-3DI Standard
M-4 M-4 (1936–1939 Michigan highway) M-4 (1939 Michigan highway)
M-4 (1979–1986 Michigan highway) M-4 (MI) M-4 (Michigan highway)
M-4 (Michigan highway) (disambiguation) M-4 (Michigan) M-4 A3E HVSS
M-4 Bison M-4 Carbine M-4 Commando Mortar
M-4 Molot M-4 SLBM M-4 Sherman
M-4 carbine M-4 flame fuel thickening compound M-4 fuel thickening compound
M-4 rifle M-4 tank M-40
M-40 (MI) M-40 (Michigan highway) M-40 (Michigan)
M-40 (Spain) M-400 UAV M-404
M-40A1 Sniper Rifle M-40A3 M-41
M-41 (MI) M-41 (Michigan highway) M-41 (Michigan)
M-41 tank M-42 M-42 (MI)
M-42 (Michigan highway) M-42 (Michigan) M-42 45 mm anti-tank gun
M-43 M-43 (MI) M-43 (Michigan highway)
M-43 (Michigan) M-43 Business (Grand Ledge, Michigan) M-44
M-44 (MI) M-44 (Michigan highway) M-44 (Michigan)
M-44 Connector (Michigan highway) M-45 M-45 (MI)
M-45 (Michigan highway) M-45 (Michigan) M-45 (Spain)
M-45 MEUSOC M-46 M-46 (MI)
M-46 (Michigan highway) M-46 (Michigan) M-46 Catapult
M-465 M-468 M-47
M-47 (MI) M-47 (Michigan highway) M-47 (Michigan)
M-47 Patton M-48 M-48 (MI)
M-48 (Michigan highway) M-48 (Michigan) M-48 Patton tank
M-48 Patton tanks M-48 tanks M-49
M-49 (MI) M-49 (Michigan highway) M-49 (Michigan)
M-497 M-497 Black Beetle M-4A1
M-5 M-5 (MI) M-5 (Michigan highway)
M-5 (Michigan) M-5 (Star Trek) M-5 rocket
M-50 M-50 (MI) M-50 (Michigan highway)
M-50 (Michigan) M-50 (Spain) M-50 Bounder
M-50 Business (Grand Rapids, Michigan) M-500 M-501
M-51 M-51 (MI) M-51 (Michigan highway)
M-51 (Michigan) M-52 M-52 (MI)
M-52 (Michigan highway) M-52 (Michigan) M-53
M-53 (MI) M-53 (Michigan highway) M-53 (Michigan)
M-54 M-54 (MI) M-54 (Michigan highway)
M-54 (Michigan) M-54 (truck) M-54 Business (Flint, Michigan)
M-55 M-55 (MI) M-55 (Michigan highway)
M-55 (Michigan) M-55 Business (Houghton Lake Heights, Michigan) M-55 highway
M-55 highway (Michigan) M-55 highway (United States of America) M-55 rocket
M-551 M-551 Sheridan M-553
M-553 (MI) M-553 (Michigan highway) M-553 (Michigan)
M-554 M-554 (MI) M-554 (Michigan highway)
M-554 (Michigan) M-55X M-56
M-56 (1919-1957 Michigan highway) M-56 (1919–1957 Michigan highway) M-56 (1971–1984 Michigan highway)
M-56 (1971–1987 Michigan highway) M-56 (MI) M-56 (Michigan highway)
M-56 (Michigan) M-56 (ammunition) M-57
M-57 (MI) M-57 (Michigan highway) M-57 (Michigan)
M-58 M-58 (MI) M-58 (Michigan highway)
M-58 (Michigan) M-59 M-59 (MI)
M-59 (Michigan highway) M-59 (Michigan) M-6
M-6 (MI) M-6 (Michigan Higway) M-6 M-6 (Michigan highway)
M-6 (Michigan) M-6 Trail M-6 highway (Montenegro)
M-60 M-60 (MI) M-60 (Michigan highway)
M-60 (Michigan) M-60 Alternate (Concord, Michigan) M-60 Business (Michigan highway)
M-60 Business (Niles, MI) M-60 Business (Niles, Michigan) M-60 Light Machinegun
M-60 Machine Gun M-60 Machinegun M-60 Patton Tank
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