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Bright Star Catalogue

The Bright Star Catalogue, also known as the Yale Catalogue of Bright Stars or Yale Bright Star Catalogue, is a star catalogue that lists all stars of stellar magnitude 6.5 or brighter, which is roughly every star visible to the naked eye from Earth. [1]

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Apparent magnitude

The apparent magnitude (m) of a celestial object is a measure of its brightness as seen by an observer on Earth, adjusted to the value it would have in the absence of the atmosphere.

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Dorrit Hoffleit

Ellen Dorrit Hoffleit (March 12, 1907 – April 9, 2007) was an American senior research astronomer at Yale University.

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Edward Charles Pickering

Edward Charles Pickering (July 19, 1846 – February 3, 1919) was an American astronomer and physicist as well as the older brother of William Henry Pickering.

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Globular cluster

A globular cluster is a spherical collection of stars that orbits a galactic core as a satellite.

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Harvard College Observatory

The Harvard College Observatory (HCO) is an institution managing a complex of buildings and multiple instruments used for astronomical research by the Harvard University Department of Astronomy.

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Ida Barney

Ida Barney (November 6, 1886 – March 7, 1982) was an American astronomer, best known for her 22 volumes of astrometric measurements on 150,000 stars.

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John Adelbert Parkhurst

John Adelbert Parkhurst (September 24, 1861–March 1, 1925) was an American astronomer.

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Messier 67

Messier 67 (also known as M67 or NGC 2682) is an open cluster in the constellation of Cancer.

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NGC 2281

NGC 2281 is an open cluster in the constellation Auriga.

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NGC 2808

NGC 2808 is a globular cluster in the constellation Carina.

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A nova (plural novae or novas) is a cataclysmic nuclear explosion on a white dwarf, which causes a sudden brightening of the star.

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Open cluster

An open cluster, also known as galactic cluster, is a group of up to a few thousand stars that were formed from the same giant molecular cloud and have roughly the same age.

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Photometry (astronomy)

Photometry is a technique of astronomy concerned with measuring the flux, or intensity of an astronomical object's electromagnetic radiation.

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Solon Irving Bailey

Solon Irving Bailey (December 29, 1854 in Lisbon, New Hampshire – June 5, 1931 in Norwell, Massachusetts) was an American astronomer who discovered the asteroid 504 Cora on June 30, 1902.

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Star catalogue

A star catalogue, or star catalog, is an astronomical catalogue that lists stars.

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A supernova is a stellar explosion that briefly outshines an entire galaxy, radiating as much energy as the Sun or any ordinary star is expected to emit over its entire life span, before fading from view over several weeks or months.

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Yale University

Yale University is a private Ivy League research university in New Haven, Connecticut.

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47 Tucanae

47 Tucanae (NGC 104) or just 47 Tuc is a globular cluster located in the constellation Tucana.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bright_Star_Catalogue

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