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Calamondin (× Citrofortunella microcarpa or × Citrofortunella mitis) is an important citrofortunella, meaning that it is an intergenetic hybrid between a member of the genus citrus (in this case probably the mandarin orange) and the kumquat belonging to Fortunella. [1]

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Acne vulgaris

Acne vulgaris (or simply acne) is a long-term skin condition characterized by areas of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, greasy skin, and possibly scarring.

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Ammonium sulfate

Ammonium sulfate (IUPAC-recommended spelling; also ammonium sulphate in British English), (NH4)2SO4, is an inorganic salt with a number of commercial uses.

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Asian cuisine

Asian cuisine refers to any of several major regional cuisines, including East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern.

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Botanical name

A botanical name is a formal scientific name conforming to the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (ICN) and, if it concerns a plant cultigen, the additional cultivar and/or Group epithets must conform to the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants (ICNCP).

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Central America

Central America (América Central, Centroamérica or América del Centro) is the southernmost, isthmian portion of the North American continent, which connects with South America on the southeast.

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China, officially the People's Republic of China (PRC), is a sovereign state in East Asia.

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Citrus is a common term and genus (Citrus) of flowering plants in the rue family, Rutaceae.

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Citrus depressa

Citrus depressa (Citrus × depressa, formerly C. pectinifera, Okinawan シークヮーサー or シークァーサー shiikwaasaa, Japanese ヒラミレモン hirami remon), in English sometimes called shequasar, Taiwan tangerine, flat lemon, hirami lemon, or thin-skinned flat lemon, is a small, green citrus fruit rich in flavonoids and native to Taiwan and Okinawa, Japan.

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Citrus hybrid

A citrus hybrid is typically a somatic hybrid within the genus citrus, thus, combining two different citrus varieties or species into one, in order to get intermediate traits or the most desirable traits of both parents.

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When used to refer to any generic alcoholic mixed drink, cocktail may mean any beverage that contains three or more ingredients if at least one of them contains alcohol.

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Cold-hardy citrus

Cold hardy citrus is a general term describing citrus with increased frost tolerance which may be cultivated far beyond traditional citrus growing regions.

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Congee (British English:; or conjee) is a type of rice porridge or gruel popular in many Asian countries.

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Constipation (also known as costiveness or dyschezia) refers to bowel movements that are infrequent or hard to pass.

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Container garden

Container gardening or pot gardening is the practice of growing plants, including edible plants, exclusively in containers instead of planting them in the ground.

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Essential oil

An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants.

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The eudicots, Eudicotidae or eudicotyledons are a monophyletic clade of flowering plants that had been called tricolpates or non-magnoliid dicots by previous authors.

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Flowering plant

The flowering plants (angiosperms), also known as Angiospermae or Magnoliophyta, are the most diverse group of land plants.

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A flowerpot, flower pot, or plant pot is a container in which flowers and other plants are cultivated and displayed.

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Fowl are birds belonging to one of two biological orders, namely the gamefowl or landfowl (Galliformes) and the waterfowl (Anseriformes).

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Green tea

Green tea is made from the leaves from Camellia sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing.

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A greenhouse (also called a glasshouse, or, if with additional heating, a hothouse) is a structure with walls and roof made chiefly of transparent material, such as glass, in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown.

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Hawaii (locally,; Hawaii) is the 50th and most recent U.S. state to join the United States, having joined on August 21, 1959.

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A houseplant is a plant that is grown indoors in places such as residences and offices.

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Hybrid (biology)

In biology a hybrid, also known as cross breed, is the result of mixing, through sexual reproduction, two animals or plants of different breeds, varieties, species or genera.

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Hybrid name

In botanical nomenclature, a hybrid may be given a hybrid name, which is a special kind of botanical name.

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India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia.

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Indonesia (or; Indonesian), officially the Republic of Indonesia (Republik Indonesia), is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia.

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Kumquats (or cumquats in Australian English) are a group of small fruit-bearing trees in the flowering plant family Rutaceae, either forming the genus Fortunella, or placed within Citrus sensu lato.

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Lemonade is a lemon-flavored drink sweetened with sugar among other sweeteners.

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Lime (fruit)

A lime (from Arabic and French lim) is a citrus fruit, which is typically round, lime green, in diameter, and containing acidic juice vesicles.

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A liqueur is an alcoholic beverage made from a distilled spirit that has been flavored with fruit, cream, herbs, spices, flowers or nuts and bottled with added sugar or other sweetener (such as high-fructose corn syrup).

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Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy located in Southeast Asia.

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Mandarin orange

The mandarin (Citrus reticulata), also known as the mandarine, is a small citrus tree with fruit resembling other oranges.

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Marmalade is a fruit preserve made from the juice and peel of citrus fruits boiled with sugar and water.

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In biology, a mutation is a permanent change of the nucleotide sequence of the genome of an organism, virus, or extrachromosomal DNA or other genetic elements.

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North America

North America is a continent wholly within the Northern Hemisphere and almost wholly within the Western Hemisphere.

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North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi (Sulawesi Utara) is a province of Indonesia.

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Ornamental plant

Ornamental plants are plants that are grown for decorative purposes in gardens and landscape design projects, as houseplants, for cut flowers and specimen display.

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In Filipino cuisine, pancit or pansit are noodles.

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Pandanus is a genus of monocots with some 750 accepted species.

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A patio (from patio; "courtyard", "forecourt", "yard") is an outdoor space generally used for dining or recreation that adjoins a residence and is typically paved.

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Peel (fruit)

Peel, also known as rind or skin, is the outer protective layer of a fruit or vegetable which can be peeled off.

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Persian lime

Persian lime (Citrus × latifolia) or Shiraz Limoo also known as Tahiti lime or Bearss lime (named after John T. Bearss, who developed this seedless variety about 1895 in his nursery at Porterville, California), is a citrus fruit.

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The Philippines (Pilipinas), officially known as the Republic of the Philippines (Republika ng Pilipinas), is a sovereign island country in Southeast Asia situated in the western Pacific Ocean.

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Plants, also called green plants, are multicellular eukaryotes of the kingdom Plantae.

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The rosids are members of a large monophyletic clade of flowering plants, containing about 70,000 species, more than a quarter of all angiosperms.

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Rutaceae, commonly known as the rue in BoDD – Botanical Dermatology Database or citrus family, are a family of flowering plants, usually placed in the order Sapindales.

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Sapindales is a botanical name for an order of flowering plants.

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A shrub is a small to medium-sized woody plant.

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Soft drink

A soft drink is a drink that typically contains carbonated water, a sweetener and a natural or artificial flavoring.

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Tagalog language

Tagalog is an Austronesian language spoken as a first language by a quarter of the population of the Philippines and as a second language by the majority.

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Taste, gustatory perception, or gustation is the sensory impression of food or other substances on the tongue and is one of the five traditional senses.

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Terrace (building)

A terrace is an external, raised, open, flat area in either a landscape (such as a park or garden) near a building, or as a roof terrace on a flat roof.

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University of California, Riverside Citrus Variety Collection

The UCR Citrus Variety Collection (CVC) is one of the most important collections of citrus diversity in the world.

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Urea or carbamide is an organic compound with the chemical formula CO(NH2)2.

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Variegation is the appearance of differently coloured zones in the leaves, and sometimes the stems, of plants.

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The Visayans or Visayan people (Visayan: mga Bisaya) are a cluster of lowland Filipino ethnic group whose members share a great extent of cultural, historical and linguistic affinity stretching across islands within the Visayan Sea.

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid, or simply ascorbate (the anion of ascorbic acid), is an essential nutrient for humans and certain other animal species.

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Vodka (wódka, водка) is a distilled beverage composed primarily of water and ethanol, sometimes with traces of impurities and flavorings.

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West Indies

The West Indies is a region of the Caribbean Basin and North Atlantic Ocean that includes the many islands and island nations of the Antilles and the Lucayan Archipelago.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calamondin

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