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Yining City

Yining (Gulja / Qulja), also known as Ghulja (Kazakh: قۇلجا), and formerly Ili and Kulja, is a county-level city in northwestern Xinjiang, People's Republic of China, and the seat of the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture. [1]

44 relations: Almaliq, Xinjiang, Autonomous prefectures of China, Autonomous regions of China, Ürümqi, Chagatai Khanate, China Daily, China Meteorological Administration, China National Highway 218, China National Highway 312, County-level city, Dungan Revolt (1862–77), Dzungar Khanate, Dzungaria, Encyclopædia Britannica Eleventh Edition, General of Ili, Hui people, Huiyuan, Xinjiang, Huocheng County, Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, Ili Rebellion, Ili River, Jinghe–Yining–Khorgos Railway, Kashgar, Kazakh language, Kazakhstan, Köppen climate classification, Khorgas, List of postal codes in China, Liu Bin-Di, Manchu people, Qapqal Xibe Autonomous County, Railway electrification system, Russia, Semi-arid climate, Shuiding, Taranchi, Time in China, Treaty of Kulja, Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1881), Uyghurs, Xinjiang, Yaqub Beg, Yining Airport, Yining County.

Almaliq, Xinjiang

Almaliq (Previously transcribed into Chinese as 阿尔马立克, Ā'ěrmǎlì; 阿里马城, Ālǐmǎchéng; 阿里麻, Ālǐmá; and 阿力马力, Ālìmǎlì.), also spelled Armalec, Almalik, Almalig, and Almaligh, was a medieval city in the Ili basin in present-day Huocheng County in the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang.

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Autonomous prefectures of China

Autonomous prefectures are one type of autonomous areas of China, existing at the prefectural level, with either ethnic minorities forming over 50% of the population or being the historic home of significant minorities.

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Autonomous regions of China

An autonomous region (AR) is a first-level administrative subdivision of China.

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Ürümqi (literally "beautiful pasture", from the Dzungar Oirat language) is the capital of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China in Northwest China.

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Chagatai Khanate

The Chagatai Khanate (Mongolian: Tsagadain Khaant Uls/Цагаадайн Хаант Улс) was a khanate that comprised the lands ruled by Chagatai Khan, second son of Genghis Khan, and his descendents and successors.

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China Daily

China Daily is an English-language daily newspaper published in the People's Republic of China.

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China Meteorological Administration

The China Meteorological Administration (CMA), headquartered in Beijing, is the national weather service for the People's Republic of China.

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China National Highway 218

China National Highway 218 (G218) runs from Yining, Xinjiang to Ruoqiang, Xinjiang.

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China National Highway 312

China National Highway 312 (312国道), also referred to as Route 312 or The Mother Road, is a key east-west route beginning in Shanghai and ending at Khorgas, Xinjiang in the Ili River valley, on the border with Kazakhstan.

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County-level city

A county-level city, county city or county level municipal city is a county-level administrative division of mainland China.

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Dungan Revolt (1862–77)

The Dungan Revolt (1862–77) or Hui Minorities War was a mainly ethnic war fought in 19th-century China.

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Dzungar Khanate

The Dzungar Khanate, also written as the Zunghar Khanate, was an Oirat khanate on the Eurasian Steppe.

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Dzungaria (also spelled Zungharia) is a geographical region in northwest China corresponding to the northern half of Xinjiang, also known as Beijiang.

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Encyclopædia Britannica Eleventh Edition

The Encyclopædia Britannica Eleventh Edition (1910–1911) is a 29-volume reference work, an edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica.

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General of Ili

The General of Ili (Officially), also known in western sources as the Kuldya Military Governor, was a position created during the reign of the Qing Qianlong Emperor (r. 1735-1799) to "pacify" Dzungaria (now part of Xinjiang) and suppress uprisings by the Khoja "Rebels".

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Hui people

The Hui people (Xiao'erjing: خُوِذُو/حواري, Dungan: Хуэйзў/Huejzw) are a predominantly Muslim ethnic group in China.

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Huiyuan, Xinjiang

The town of Huiyuan is located within Huocheng County, in the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang, China.

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Huocheng County

Huocheng (Korgas) County (CH) is situated within the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and under the administration of the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture.

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Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture

Ili or Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture in northernmost Xinjiang is the only Kazakh autonomous prefecture of the People's Republic of China.

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Ili Rebellion

The Ili Rebellion or was a Soviet-backed revolt by the Second East Turkestan Republic against the Kuomintang government of the Republic of China from 1944 to 1949.

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Ili River

Map of the Lake Balkhash drainage basin showing the Ili River and its tributaries The Ili River (Іле, İle; Или;;, literally "Bareness") is a river in northwestern China (Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture of the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region) and southeastern Kazakhstan (the Almaty Province).

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Jinghe–Yining–Khorgos Railway

The Jingyihuo Railway (精伊霍铁路), short for Jinghe–Yining–Khorgas Railway, is the first electrified railway in operation in Xinjiang, China.

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Kashgar (known in Chinese as Kashi) is an oasis city with an approximate population of 350,000.

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Kazakh language

Kazakh (natively Қазақ тілі, Қазақша, Qazaq tili, Qazaqşa,; pronounced) is a Turkic language belonging to the Kipchak (or Northwestern Turkic) branch, closely related to Nogai, and especially Karakalpak.

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Kazakhstan (Қазақстан.), officially the Republic of Kazakhstan, is a country in Central Asia, with a minor part west of the Ural River and thus in Europe.

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Köppen climate classification

Köppen climate classification is one of the most widely used climate classification systems.

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Korgas (Хоргос), also known as Khorgos, Chorgos and Gorgos, is a Chinese city near the border with Kazakhstan.

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List of postal codes in China

Postal codes (邮政编码 or 邮编/郵政編碼 or 郵編; Pinyin: yóuzhèng biānmǎ or yóubiān) in China are a numeric six-digit system for the whole country.

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Liu Bin-Di

Liu Bin-Di was a Hui Muslim KMT officer in Xinjiang, working for the Republic of China government and was sent by Ürümqi to subdue the Hui area.

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Manchu people

The Manchu are a Chinese ethnic minority and the people from whom Manchuria derives its name.

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Qapqal Xibe Autonomous County

Qapqal Xibe Autonomous County (Xibe: Cabcal Sibe beye dasangga siyan, also transliterated as Chapchal) in Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture in northern Xinjiang is the only Xibe autonomous county of the People's Republic of China.

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Railway electrification system

A railway electrification system supplies electric power to railway trains and trams without an on-board prime mover or local fuel supply.

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Russia (Ru-Россия.ogg), also officially known as the Russian Federation (a), is a country in northern Eurasia.

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Semi-arid climate

A semi-arid climate or steppe climate is the climate of a region that receives precipitation below potential evapotranspiration, but not extremely.

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Shuiding, formerly Suiding is a town in the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China and the county seat of Huocheng County.

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Taranchi is a term denoting the Muslim sedentary population living in oases around the Tarim Basin in today's Xinjiang, whose native language is Turkic Karluk, and whose ancestral heritages include Iranian and Tocharian populations of Tarim and the later Turkic peoples such as the Uyghurs, Karluks, Yaghmas, Chigils, Basmyls and lastly, the Mongolic tribes of the Chagatai Khanate.

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Time in China

Time in China follows a single standard time offset of UTC+08:00, which is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, despite that China spans five geographical time zones.

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Treaty of Kulja

The Treaty of Kulja (also spelled Kuldja) was an unequal treaty between Qing China and the Russian Empire, signed in 1851, opening Kulja and Chuguchak to Sino-Russian trade.

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Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1881)

The Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1881), also known as Treaty of Ili, was the treaty between the Russian Empire and the Chinese Empire, signed in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on 12 (24) February 1881.

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The Uyghurs (Old Turkic) are a Turkic ethnic group living in Eastern and Central Asia.

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Xinjiang (Shinjang), officially Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, is an autonomous region of China in the northwest of the country.

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Yaqub Beg

Muhammad Yaqub Bek (Tajiki: Яъқуб-бек) (182030 May 1877) was a Tajik adventurer who became head of the kingdom of Kashgaria.

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Yining Airport

Yining Airport is an airport serving Yining (also known as Ghulja), a city in the autonomous region of Xinjiang in the People's Republic of China.

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Yining County

The Yining (Gulja) County is a county within the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yining_City

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