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is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Shotaro Ishinomori. [1]

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A.D. Vision

A.D. Vision (known simply as ADV and also referred to as ADV Films) was an American multimedia entertainment studio that served as the largest American and British anime distributor in the late 20th to early 21st centuries.

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Action fiction

Action fiction is the literary genre that includes spy novels, adventure stories, tales of terror and intrigue ("cloak and dagger"), and mysteries.

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Akeno Watanabe

is a Japanese actress and voice actress affiliated with Office Osawa.

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Alice Fulks

Alice Claire Fulks (born January 16, 1982) is a voice and stage actress who got her start in voiceover work after she was introduced to ADV Films' ADR director Steven Foster, who cast her as the Countess of Werdenberg in the 2003 anime series Gilgamesh.

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, stylized as ANIMAX, is a Japanese anime satellite television network, dedicated to broadcasting anime programming.

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Anime is a style of hand-drawn and computer animation originating in, and commonly associated with, Japan.

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Anime Network

Anime Network, a former subsidiary of A.D. Vision, Inc.

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Anime News Network

Anime News Network (ANN) is an anime industry news website that reports on the status of anime, manga, video games, Japanese popular music and other related cultures within North America, Australia, South East Asia and Japan.

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Asahi Production

is a Japanese animation studio.

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Aya Sugimoto

is a Japanese TV personality, actress, dancer, author, gravure idol and singer born in Kyoto.

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Cyborg 009

is a manga created by Shotaro Ishinomori.

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Eagle Transporter

The Eagle Transporter is a fictional spacecraft seen in the 1970s British television series Space: 1999.

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Fan service

, fanservice, or,Example: A frame (numbered "25") from the English opening sequence of New Cutie Honey, in which character Danbei Hayami fires a Rocket Punch as main character Honey Kisaragi lies topless and prone in the background, is shown and captioned "" is material in a work of fiction or in a fictional series which is intentionally added to please the audience.

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Film Business Asia

Film Business Asia was a film trade magazine based in Hong Kong.

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Fuji TV

is a Japanese television station based in Odaiba, Minato, Tokyo, Japan, also known as or CX, based on the station's call sign "JOCX-DTV".

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FUNimation Productions, LLC (commonly known as Funimation) is an American entertainment, anime, and foreign content distribution company that is majority owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, a division of the Japanese conglomerate Sony.

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is a Japanese publishing company headquartered in Higashigokenchō, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

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Gerry Anderson

Gerry Anderson (born Gerald Alexander Abrahams; 14 April 1929 – 26 December 2012) was an English television and film producer, director, writer and occasional voice artist.

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Ghost in the Shell

is a Japanese media franchise originally published as a seinen manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Masamune Shirow.

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Gray Haddock

Gray G. Haddock (born August 11, 1972) is an American actor and film producer.

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Hōchū Ōtsuka

is a Japanese voice actor from Okayama Prefecture, affiliated with the talent management firm Crazy Box.

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Ishimori Productions

or is a Japanese production company that develops works created by manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori.

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James Bond

The James Bond series focuses on a fictional British Secret Service agent created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, who featured him in twelve novels and two short-story collections.

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Kamen Rider

is a tokusatsu superhero television series and weekly science fiction manga created by manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori.

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is a Japanese television franchise, created by Shotaro Ishinomori, featuring the main character Kikaider.

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Koichi Sakamoto

is a Japanese-born stunt actor, and producer for films and television.

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A is a female ninja or practitioner of ninjutsu (ninpo).

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Live action

Live action is a form of cinematography or videography that uses actors and actresses instead of animation or animated pictures.

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are comics created in Japan or by creators in the Japanese language, conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century.

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Manga Action

is a Japanese seinen manga magazine published by Futabasha.

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Mao Ichimichi

is a Japanese actress who made her major acting debut as Luka Millfy Gokai Yellow in the Super Sentai series Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

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Marina Inoue

is a Japanese voice actress and singer.

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Mayuko Iwasa

is a Japanese entertainer/model.

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Minehiro Kinomoto

is a Japanese stage and television actor from Shiga Prefecture.

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Najica Blitz Tactics

is an anime television series by Studio Fantasia.

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Nao Nagasawa

is a Japanese actress, a voice actress, and a former singer and model.

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Naoto Takenaka

is a Japanese actor, comedian, singer, and director from Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture affiliated with From First Production.

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Satsuki Yukino

, better known by the stage name (previously), is a Japanese voice actress from Kyoto Prefecture.

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Seinen manga

are manga marketed toward young adult men.

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Serena Varghese

Serena Beth Varghese (Born October 10, 1981 in Houston, TX) is an American actress and voice actress of Indian descent.

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Shōnen manga

is manga aimed at a teenage male target-demographic readership.

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Shotaro Ishinomori

was a Japanese manga artist who became an influential figure in manga, anime, and tokusatsu, creating several immensely popular long-running series such as Cyborg 009, the Super Sentai series and the Kamen Rider Series.

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Space: 1999

Space: 1999 is a British-Italian science-fiction television programme that ran for two seasons and originally aired from 1975 to 1977.

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Spy fiction

Spy fiction, a genre of literature involving espionage as an important context or plot device, emerged in the early twentieth century, inspired by rivalries and intrigues between the major powers, and the establishment of modern intelligence agencies.

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Taku Iwasaki

(born 1968) is a Japanese composer and arranger.

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Thunderbirds (TV series)

Thunderbirds is a British science-fiction television series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, filmed by their production company AP Films (APF) and distributed by ITC Entertainment.

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Toei Company

() is a Japanese film, television production, and distribution corporation.

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Tokyo Broadcasting System

, TBS Holdings, Inc. or TBSHD, is a stockholding company in Tokyo, Japan.

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Toshiyuki Morikawa

is a Japanese voice actor and singer who is the head of Axlone, a voice acting company he founded in April 2011.

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UFO (TV series)

UFO is a 1970 British science fiction television series about an alien invasion of Earth.

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Yumiko Shaku

is a Japanese actress, model and former gravure idol.

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00 Agent

In Ian Fleming's James Bond novels and the derived films, the 00 Section of MI6 is considered the secret service's elite.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/009-1

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