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0music is the second album produced with Melomics technology. [1]

16 relations: Audio file format, Computer cluster, Electronic music, Iamus (album), Iamus (computer), License, Málaga, Melomics, Melomics109, MIDI, Minimal music, Orchestra, Popular music, Symposium, University of Málaga, World music.

Audio file format

An audio file format is a file format for storing digital audio data on a computer system.

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Computer cluster

A computer cluster is a set of loosely or tightly connected computers that work together so that, in many respects, they can be viewed as a single system.

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Electronic music

Electronic music is music that employs electronic musical instruments, digital instruments and circuitry-based music technology.

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Iamus (album)

Iamus is the first studio album composed using Iamus, a computer cluster designed by the University of Malaga which creates contemporary classical music.

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Iamus (computer)

Iamus is a computer cluster (a half-cabinet encased in a custom shell) located at Universidad de Málaga.

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A license (American English) or licence (British English) is an official permission or permit to do, use, or own something (as well as the document of that permission or permit).

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Málaga is a municipality, capital of the Province of Málaga, in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, Spain.

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Melomics (derived from "genomics of melodies") is a computational system for the automatic composition of music (with no human intervention), based on bioinspired algorithms.

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Melomics109 is a computer cluster (three cabinets with customized front panels) located at Universidad de Málaga.

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MIDI (short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a technical standard that describes a communications protocol, digital interface, and electrical connectors that connect a wide variety of electronic musical instruments, computers, and related music and audio devices.

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Minimal music

Minimal music is a form of art music that employs limited or minimal musical materials.

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An orchestra is a large instrumental ensemble typical of classical music, which mixes instruments from different families, including bowed string instruments such as violin, viola, cello and double bass, as well as brass, woodwinds, and percussion instruments, each grouped in sections.

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Popular music

Popular music is music with wide appeal that is typically distributed to large audiences through the music industry.

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In ancient Greece, the symposium (συμπόσιον symposion or symposio, from συμπίνειν sympinein, "to drink together") was a part of a banquet that took place after the meal, when drinking for pleasure was accompanied by music, dancing, recitals, or conversation.

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University of Málaga

The University of Málaga (UMA, Universidad de Málaga) is a public university ranked 41 among 48 Spanish public universities.

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World music

World music (also called global music or international music) is a musical category encompassing many different styles of music from around the globe, which includes many genres including some forms of Western music represented by folk music, as well as selected forms of ethnic music, indigenous music, neotraditional music, and music where more than one cultural tradition, such as ethnic music and Western popular music, intermingle.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/0music

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