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0th or zeroth is an ordinal for the number zero sometimes used under zero-based numbering, and may refer to. [1]

14 relations: Array data structure, Congress of the Confederation, January 0, Kindergarten, N (video game), Order of approximation, OTH, Three Laws of Robotics, Zero-based numbering, Zero-dimensional space, Zeroth (software), Zeroth law of thermodynamics, Zeroth-order logic, 0.

Array data structure

In computer science, an array data structure, or simply an array, is a data structure consisting of a collection of elements (values or variables), each identified by at least one array index or key.

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Congress of the Confederation

The Congress of the Confederation, or the Confederation Congress, formally referred to as the United States in Congress Assembled, was the governing body of the United States of America that existed from March 1, 1781, to March 4, 1789.

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January 0

January 0 is an alternative name for December 31.

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Kindergarten (from German, literally meaning 'garden for the children') is a preschool educational approach based on playing, singing, practical activities such as drawing, and social interaction as part of the transition from home to school.

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N (video game)

N (stylized as n) is a freeware video game developed by Metanet Software.

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Order of approximation

In science, engineering, and other quantitative disciplines, orders of approximation refer to formal or informal terms for how precise an approximation is, and to indicate progressively more refined approximations: in increasing order of precision, a zeroth-order approximation, a first-order approximation, a second-order approximation, and so forth.

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OTH may refer to.

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Three Laws of Robotics

The Three Laws of Robotics (often shortened to The Three Laws or known as Asimov's Laws) are a set of rules devised by the science fiction author Isaac Asimov.

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Zero-based numbering

Zero-based numbering or index origin.

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Zero-dimensional space

In mathematics, a zero-dimensional topological space (or nildimensional) is a topological space that has dimension zero with respect to one of several inequivalent notions of assigning a dimension to a given topological space.

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Zeroth (software)

Zeroth is a platform for brain-inspired computing from Qualcomm.

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Zeroth law of thermodynamics

The zeroth law of thermodynamics states that if two thermodynamic systems are each in thermal equilibrium with a third, then they are in thermal equilibrium with each other.

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Zeroth-order logic

Zeroth-order logic is first-order logic without variables or quantifiers.

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0 (zero) is both a number and the numerical digit used to represent that number in numerals.

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0th (disambiguation), Zeroeth, Zeroth.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/0th

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