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Index 1-Octacosanol

1-Octacosanol (also known as n-octacosanol, octacosyl alcohol, cluytyl alcohol, montanyl alcohol) is a straight-chain aliphatic 28-carbon primary fatty alcohol that is common in the epicuticular waxes of plants, including the leaves of many species of Eucalyptus, of most forage and cereal grasses, of Acacia, Trifolium, Pisum and many other legume genera among many others, sometimes as the major wax constituent. [1]

17 relations: Acacia, Aliphatic compound, Alkane, Cereal, Chloroform, Cholesterol, Clover, Epicuticular wax, Eucalyptus, Fatty alcohol, Forage, Legume, Parkinson's disease, Pisum, Poaceae, Policosanol, Primary alcohol.


Acacia, commonly known as the wattles or acacias, is a large genus of shrubs and trees in the subfamily Mimosoideae of the pea family Fabaceae.

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Aliphatic compound

In organic chemistry, hydrocarbons (compounds composed of carbon and hydrogen) are divided into two classes: aromatic compounds and aliphatic compounds (G. aleiphar, fat, oil) also known as non-aromatic compounds.

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In organic chemistry, an alkane, or paraffin (a historical name that also has other meanings), is an acyclic saturated hydrocarbon.

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A cereal is any edible components of the grain (botanically, a type of fruit called a caryopsis) of cultivated grass, composed of the endosperm, germ, and bran.

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Chloroform, or trichloromethane, is an organic compound with formula CHCl3.

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Cholesterol (from the Ancient Greek chole- (bile) and stereos (solid), followed by the chemical suffix -ol for an alcohol) is an organic molecule.

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Clover or trefoil are common names for plants of the genus Trifolium (Latin, tres "three" + folium "leaf"), consisting of about 300 species of plants in the leguminous pea family Fabaceae.

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Epicuticular wax

Epicuticular wax is a coating of wax covering the outer surface of the plant cuticle in land plants.

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Eucalyptus L'Héritier 1789 (plural eucalypti, eucalyptuses or eucalypts) is a diverse genus of flowering trees and shrubs (including a distinct group with a multiple-stem mallee growth habit) in the myrtle family, Myrtaceae.

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Fatty alcohol

Fatty alcohols (or long-chain alcohols) are usually high-molecular-weight, straight-chain primary alcohols, but can also range from as few as 4–6 carbons to as many as 22–26, derived from natural fats and oils.

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Forage is a plant material (mainly plant leaves and stems) eaten by grazing livestock.

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A legume is a plant or its fruit or seed in the family Fabaceae (or Leguminosae).

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Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's disease (PD) is a long-term degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that mainly affects the motor system.

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Pisum is a genus of the family Fabaceae, native to southwest Asia and northeast Africa.

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Poaceae or Gramineae is a large and nearly ubiquitous family of monocotyledonous flowering plants known as grasses, commonly referred to collectively as grass.

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Policosanol is a mixture of 8 higher aliphatic primary alcohols purified from a natural source of Sugar cane wax that contains octacosanol as the most abundant component, tetracosanol, hexacosanol, heptacosanol, nonacosanol, triacontanol, dotriacontanol and tetratriacontanol.

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Primary alcohol

A primary alcohol is an alcohol which has the hydroxyl group connected to a primary carbon atom.

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1-octacosanol, C28H58O, Cluytyl alcohol, Montanyl alcohol, N-octacosanol, Octacosan-1-ol, Octacosanol, Octacosyl alcohol, Octanosol.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1-Octacosanol

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