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13 (number)

Index 13 (number)

13 (thirteen) is the natural number following 12 and preceding 14. [1]

204 relations: Adolescence, Age of consent, Ali, Alternative metal, Anthony of Padua, Antonio Banderas, Apollo 13, Apollo 13 (film), Archimedean solid, Argentina, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Battle of Myeongnyang, Battle of Noryang, Battlestar Galactica, Big Star, Black Sabbath, Blur (band), Burkina Faso, Caesar's Civil War, Centered square number, Chinese classics, Code of Hammurabi, Cold (band), Colgate University, Compound (linguistics), Council of Five Elders, Counting, Coven, Crossing the Rubicon, Danzig (band), David Belle, Death Grips, Disciple (Christianity), District 13, Division (mathematics), Doolittle (album), Dozen, E. J. Viso, Emirp, Experimental hip hop, Exponentiation, Fibonacci number, Flag of the United States, Formula One, Friday the 13th, Friday the 13th (franchise), Friday the 13th: The Series, Germanic languages, Government Plates, Great Seal of the United States, ..., Gurmukhi script, Guru Nanak, Hamilton, New York, Happy number, Horse racing, House (TV series), HVM Racing, Indianapolis 500, Iran, Iranian Revolution, Italian Peninsula, Italy, Japan, Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–98), Jason Voorhees, Jesus, Jewish principles of faith, Johnny Cash, Joseon, Joseon Navy, Judas Iscariot, Julius Caesar, Khalsa, Knights Templar, Korean calendar, Korean Peninsula, Last Supper, Legio XIII Gemina, Life Is Killing Me, List of highways numbered 13, List of numeral systems, Maimonides, Megadeth, Mexico, Mikhail Romm, Multiplication, Murderdolls, Myeongnyang Strait, Natural number, Niger, No Love Deep Web, Number 13 (film), Octave, Olivia Wilde, Ordered Bell number, Our Lady of Fátima, Philip IV of France, Phobia, Pixies, Prime number, Pythagorean triple, Rabbinic Judaism, Rajab, Roman Empire, Roman governor, Roman legion, Roman Republic, Roman Senate, Romance languages, Rome, Rugby league, Rugby union, Rugby union positions, Sakhi, September 11 attacks, Shia Islam, Six Feet Under (band), Sizdah Be-dar, Slavic languages, Social media, South Korea, Standard 52-card deck, Sultanpur Lodhi, Sunni Islam, Super League, Superstition, Takashi Miike, Taylor Swift, Teenage Fanclub, The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo, The 13th Warrior, The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers, The Thirteen, The Thirteenth Floor, Thirteen (2003 film), Thirteen (House), Thirteen (Megadeth album), Thirteen (Teenage Fanclub album), Thirteen (TV series), Thirteen Classics, Thirteen Colonies, Thirteen Ghosts, Thirteen Reasons Why, Thirteenth floor, Torah, Torus, Trecena, Triathlon, Twelve Days of Christmas, Type O Negative, Tzolk'in, United States heraldry, Vaisakhi, Warehouse 13, Wednesday 13, Wednesday Addams, Wicca, Wilson prime, Yavarum Nalam, Yi Sun-sin, YouTube, Zoroastrianism, 1000 (number), 104 (number), 117 (number), 12 (number), 13 (2010 film), 13 (Black Sabbath album), 13 (Blur album), 13 (musical), 13 (Six Feet Under album), 13 Assassins (2010 film), 13 Ghosts, 13 Tzameti, 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage, 130 (number), 13th (film), 14 (number), 143 (number), 156 (number), 1597, 169 (number), 182 (number), 195 (number), 2009 IndyCar Series, 2012 phenomenon, 208 (number), 221 (number), 234 (number), 247 (number), 26 (number), 260 (number), 273 (number), 280 (number), 290 (number), 300 (number), 39 (number), 49 BC, 52 (number), 600 (number), 65 (number), 6:66 Satan's Child, 78 (number), 91 (number). Expand index (154 more) »


AdolescenceMacmillan Dictionary for Students Macmillan, Pan Ltd.

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Age of consent

The age of consent is the age below which a minor is considered to be legally incompetent to consent to sexual acts.

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Ali (ʿAlī) (15 September 601 – 29 January 661) was the cousin and the son-in-law of Muhammad, the last prophet of Islam.

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Alternative metal

Alternative metal (also known as alt-metal) is a rock music fusion genre that infuses heavy metal with influences from alternative rock and other genres not normally associated with metal.

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Anthony of Padua

Saint Anthony of Padua (St.), born Fernando Martins de Bulhões (15 August 1195 – 13 June 1231), also known as Anthony of Lisbon, was a Portuguese Catholic priest and friar of the Franciscan Order.

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Antonio Banderas

José Antonio Domínguez Bandera (born 10 August 1960), known professionally as Antonio Banderas, is a Spanish actor, singer, and producer.

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Apollo 13

Apollo 13 was the seventh manned mission in the Apollo space program and the third intended to land on the Moon.

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Apollo 13 (film)

Apollo 13 is a 1995 American space docudrama film directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, Gary Sinise, and Ed Harris.

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Archimedean solid

In geometry, an Archimedean solid is one of the 13 solids first enumerated by Archimedes.

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Argentina, officially the Argentine Republic (República Argentina), is a federal republic located mostly in the southern half of South America.

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Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah (בַּר מִצְוָה) is a Jewish coming of age ritual for boys.

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Battle of Myeongnyang

In the Battle of Myeongnyang, on October 26, 1597, the Korean Joseon kingdom's navy, led by Admiral Yi Sun-sin, fought the Japanese navy in the Myeongnyang Strait, near Jindo Island, off the southwest corner of the Korean peninsula.

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Battle of Noryang

The Battle of Noryang, the last major battle of the Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–1598), was fought between the Japanese navy and the combined fleets of the Joseon Kingdom and the Ming dynasty.

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Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica is an American science fiction media franchise created by Glen A. Larson.

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Big Star

Big Star was an American rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1971 by Alex Chilton, Chris Bell, Jody Stephens, and Andy Hummel.

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Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath were an English rock band, formed in Birmingham in 1968, by guitarist and main songwriter Tony Iommi, bassist and main lyricist Geezer Butler, drummer Bill Ward and singer Ozzy Osbourne.

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Blur (band)

Blur are an English rock band, formed in London in 1988.

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Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in West Africa.

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Caesar's Civil War

The Great Roman Civil War (49–45 BC), also known as Caesar's Civil War, was one of the last politico-military conflicts in the Roman Republic before the establishment of the Roman Empire.

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Centered square number

In elementary number theory, a centered square number is a centered figurate number that gives the number of dots in a square with a dot in the center and all other dots surrounding the center dot in successive square layers.

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Chinese classics

Chinese classic texts or canonical texts refers to the Chinese texts which originated before the imperial unification by the Qin dynasty in 221 BC, particularly the "Four Books and Five Classics" of the Neo-Confucian tradition, themselves a customary abridgment of the "Thirteen Classics".

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Code of Hammurabi

The Code of Hammurabi is a well-preserved Babylonian code of law of ancient Mesopotamia, dated back to about 1754 BC (Middle Chronology).

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Cold (band)

Cold is an American rock band, formed in 1986 in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Colgate University

Colgate University is a private liberal arts college located on in Hamilton Village, Hamilton Township, Madison County, New York, United States.

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Compound (linguistics)

In linguistics, a compound is a lexeme (less precisely, a word) that consists of more than one stem.

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Council of Five Elders

The council of five elders, also known as the, was formed in 1595 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi to rule Japan in the place of his son, Hideyori, until such time as he came of age.

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Counting is the action of finding the number of elements of a finite set of objects.

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A coven usually refers to a gathering of witches.

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Crossing the Rubicon

Julius Caesar's crossing the Rubicon river was an event in 49 BC that precipitated the Roman Civil War, which ultimately led to Caesar's becoming dictator for life and the rise of the imperial era of Rome.

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Danzig (band)

Danzig is an American heavy metal band, formed in 1987 in Lodi, New Jersey.

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David Belle

David Belle (born 29 April 1973) is a French actor, film choreographer and stunt coordinator.

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Death Grips

Death Grips is an American experimental hip hop band from Sacramento, California, formed in 2011.

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Disciple (Christianity)

In Christianity, the term disciple primarily refers to dedicated followers of Jesus.

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District 13

District 13 (French title Banlieue 13 or B13), is a 2004 French action film directed by Pierre Morel and written and produced by Luc Besson.

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Division (mathematics)

Division is one of the four basic operations of arithmetic, the others being addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

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Doolittle (album)

Doolittle is the second studio album by American alternative rock band Pixies, released in April 1989 on 4AD.

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A dozen (commonly abbreviated doz or dz) is a grouping of twelve.

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E. J. Viso

Ernesto José "E.

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An emirp (prime spelled backwards) is a prime number that results in a different prime when its decimal digits are reversed.

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Experimental hip hop

Experimental hip hop is a genre of hip hop that employs structural elements typically considered unconventional in traditional hip hop music.

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Exponentiation is a mathematical operation, written as, involving two numbers, the base and the exponent.

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Fibonacci number

In mathematics, the Fibonacci numbers are the numbers in the following integer sequence, called the Fibonacci sequence, and characterized by the fact that every number after the first two is the sum of the two preceding ones: Often, especially in modern usage, the sequence is extended by one more initial term: By definition, the first two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence are either 1 and 1, or 0 and 1, depending on the chosen starting point of the sequence, and each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two.

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Flag of the United States

The flag of the United States of America, often referred to as the American flag, is the national flag of the United States.

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Formula One

Formula One (also Formula 1 or F1) is the highest class of single-seater auto racing sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and owned by the Formula One Group.

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Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition.

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Friday the 13th (franchise)

Friday the 13th is an American horror franchise that comprises twelve slasher films, a television show, novels, comic books, video games, and tie‑in merchandise.

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Friday the 13th: The Series

Friday the 13th: The Series is an American-Canadian horror television series that ran for three seasons, from October 3, 1987 to May 26, 1990 in first-run syndication.

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Germanic languages

The Germanic languages are a branch of the Indo-European language family spoken natively by a population of about 515 million people mainly in Europe, North America, Oceania, and Southern Africa.

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Government Plates

Government Plates is the third studio album by experimental hip hop group Death Grips.

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Great Seal of the United States

The Great Seal of the United States is used to authenticate certain documents issued by the U.S. federal government.

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Gurmukhi script

Gurmukhi (Gurmukhi (the literal meaning being "from the Guru's mouth"): ਗੁਰਮੁਖੀ) is a Sikh script modified, standardized and used by the second Sikh Guru, Guru Angad (1563–1606).

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Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak (IAST: Gurū Nānak) (15 April 1469 – 22 September 1539) was the founder of Sikhism and the first of the ten Sikh Gurus.

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Hamilton, New York

Hamilton is a town in Madison County, New York, United States. The population was 6,690 at the 2010 census. The town is named after American patriot Alexander Hamilton. The Town of Hamilton contains a village also named Hamilton, the site of Colgate University. The village is on the county's border.

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Happy number

A happy number is defined by the following process: Starting with any positive integer, replace the number by the sum of the squares of its digits in base-ten, and repeat the process until the number either equals 1 (where it will stay), or it loops endlessly in a cycle that does not include 1.

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Horse racing

Horse racing is an equestrian performance sport, typically involving two or more horses ridden by jockeys (or sometimes driven without riders) over a set distance for competition.

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House (TV series)

House (also called House, M.D.) is an American television medical drama that originally ran on the Fox network for eight seasons, from November 16, 2004 to May 21, 2012.

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HVM Racing

HVM Racing was an auto racing team owned by Keith Wiggins that competed in the IndyCar Series.

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Indianapolis 500

The Indianapolis 500 is an automobile race held annually at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana, United States, an enclave suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Iran (ایران), also known as Persia, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran (جمهوری اسلامی ایران), is a sovereign state in Western Asia. With over 81 million inhabitants, Iran is the world's 18th-most-populous country. Comprising a land area of, it is the second-largest country in the Middle East and the 17th-largest in the world. Iran is bordered to the northwest by Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan, to the north by the Caspian Sea, to the northeast by Turkmenistan, to the east by Afghanistan and Pakistan, to the south by the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, and to the west by Turkey and Iraq. The country's central location in Eurasia and Western Asia, and its proximity to the Strait of Hormuz, give it geostrategic importance. Tehran is the country's capital and largest city, as well as its leading economic and cultural center. Iran is home to one of the world's oldest civilizations, beginning with the formation of the Elamite kingdoms in the fourth millennium BCE. It was first unified by the Iranian Medes in the seventh century BCE, reaching its greatest territorial size in the sixth century BCE, when Cyrus the Great founded the Achaemenid Empire, which stretched from Eastern Europe to the Indus Valley, becoming one of the largest empires in history. The Iranian realm fell to Alexander the Great in the fourth century BCE and was divided into several Hellenistic states. An Iranian rebellion culminated in the establishment of the Parthian Empire, which was succeeded in the third century CE by the Sasanian Empire, a leading world power for the next four centuries. Arab Muslims conquered the empire in the seventh century CE, displacing the indigenous faiths of Zoroastrianism and Manichaeism with Islam. Iran made major contributions to the Islamic Golden Age that followed, producing many influential figures in art and science. After two centuries, a period of various native Muslim dynasties began, which were later conquered by the Turks and the Mongols. The rise of the Safavids in the 15th century led to the reestablishment of a unified Iranian state and national identity, with the country's conversion to Shia Islam marking a turning point in Iranian and Muslim history. Under Nader Shah, Iran was one of the most powerful states in the 18th century, though by the 19th century, a series of conflicts with the Russian Empire led to significant territorial losses. Popular unrest led to the establishment of a constitutional monarchy and the country's first legislature. A 1953 coup instigated by the United Kingdom and the United States resulted in greater autocracy and growing anti-Western resentment. Subsequent unrest against foreign influence and political repression led to the 1979 Revolution and the establishment of an Islamic republic, a political system that includes elements of a parliamentary democracy vetted and supervised by a theocracy governed by an autocratic "Supreme Leader". During the 1980s, the country was engaged in a war with Iraq, which lasted for almost nine years and resulted in a high number of casualties and economic losses for both sides. According to international reports, Iran's human rights record is exceptionally poor. The regime in Iran is undemocratic, and has frequently persecuted and arrested critics of the government and its Supreme Leader. Women's rights in Iran are described as seriously inadequate, and children's rights have been severely violated, with more child offenders being executed in Iran than in any other country in the world. Since the 2000s, Iran's controversial nuclear program has raised concerns, which is part of the basis of the international sanctions against the country. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, an agreement reached between Iran and the P5+1, was created on 14 July 2015, aimed to loosen the nuclear sanctions in exchange for Iran's restriction in producing enriched uranium. Iran is a founding member of the UN, ECO, NAM, OIC, and OPEC. It is a major regional and middle power, and its large reserves of fossil fuels – which include the world's largest natural gas supply and the fourth-largest proven oil reserves – exert considerable influence in international energy security and the world economy. The country's rich cultural legacy is reflected in part by its 22 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the third-largest number in Asia and eleventh-largest in the world. Iran is a multicultural country comprising numerous ethnic and linguistic groups, the largest being Persians (61%), Azeris (16%), Kurds (10%), and Lurs (6%).

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Iranian Revolution

The Iranian Revolution (Enqelāb-e Iran; also known as the Islamic Revolution or the 1979 Revolution), Iran Chamber.

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Italian Peninsula

The Italian Peninsula or Apennine Peninsula (Penisola italiana, Penisola appenninica) extends from the Po Valley in the north to the central Mediterranean Sea in the south.

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Italy (Italia), officially the Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana), is a sovereign state in Europe.

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Japan (日本; Nippon or Nihon; formally 日本国 or Nihon-koku, lit. "State of Japan") is a sovereign island country in East Asia.

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Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–98)

The Japanese invasions of Korea comprised two separate yet linked operations: an initial invasion in 1592, a brief truce in 1596, and a second invasion in 1597.

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Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees is the main character from the ''Friday the 13th'' series.

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Jesus, also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ, was a first-century Jewish preacher and religious leader.

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Jewish principles of faith

There is no established formulation of principles of faith that are recognized by all branches of Judaism.

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Johnny Cash

John R. Cash (born J. R. Cash; February 26, 1932 – September 12, 2003) was an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, actor, and author.

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The Joseon dynasty (also transcribed as Chosŏn or Chosun, 조선; officially the Kingdom of Great Joseon, 대조선국) was a Korean dynastic kingdom that lasted for approximately five centuries.

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Joseon Navy

The Joseon Navy (조선수군; Hanja: 朝鮮水軍) was the navy of the Korean dynasty of Joseon.

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Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot (died AD) was a disciple and one of the original Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ.

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Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar (12 or 13 July 100 BC – 15 March 44 BC), known by his cognomen Julius Caesar, was a Roman politician and military general who played a critical role in the events that led to the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire.

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Khalsa (Punjabi: "the pure") refers to both a special group of initiated Sikh warriors, as well as a community that considers Sikhism as its faith.

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Knights Templar

The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon (Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici), also known as the Order of Solomon's Temple, the Knights Templar or simply as Templars, were a Catholic military order recognised in 1139 by papal bull Omne Datum Optimum of the Holy See.

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Korean calendar

The traditional Korean calendar is a lunisolar calendar, like the traditional calendars of other East Asian countries.

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Korean Peninsula

The Korean Peninsula is a peninsula of Eurasia located in East Asia.

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Last Supper

The Last Supper is the final meal that, in the Gospel accounts, Jesus shared with his Apostles in Jerusalem before his crucifixion.

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Legio XIII Gemina

Legio tertia decima Geminia, in English the 13th Twin Legion, also known as Legio tertia decima Gemina, was a legion of the Imperial Roman army.

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Life Is Killing Me

Life is Killing Me is the sixth studio album by Type O Negative.

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List of highways numbered 13

The following roads may be referred to as Route 13 or Highway 13.

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List of numeral systems

This is a list of numeral systems, that is, writing systems for expressing numbers.

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Moses ben Maimon (Mōšeh bēn-Maymūn; موسى بن ميمون Mūsā bin Maymūn), commonly known as Maimonides (Μαϊμωνίδης Maïmōnídēs; Moses Maimonides), and also referred to by the acronym Rambam (for Rabbeinu Mōšeh bēn Maimun, "Our Rabbi Moses son of Maimon"), was a medieval Sephardic Jewish philosopher who became one of the most prolific and influential Torah scholars of the Middle Ages.

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Megadeth is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California.

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Mexico (México; Mēxihco), officially called the United Mexican States (Estados Unidos Mexicanos) is a federal republic in the southern portion of North America.

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Mikhail Romm

Mikhail Ilych Romm (Михаи́л Ильи́ч Ромм; – 1 November 1971) was a Soviet film director.

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Multiplication (often denoted by the cross symbol "×", by a point "⋅", by juxtaposition, or, on computers, by an asterisk "∗") is one of the four elementary mathematical operations of arithmetic; with the others being addition, subtraction and division.

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Murderdolls were an American horror punk and heavy metal band, founded during 2002 in Hollywood, California.

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Myeongnyang Strait

The Myeongnyang Strait (also known as Uldolmok Strait; meaning Screaming Strait), just off the southwest corner of South Korea, separates Jindo Island from the mainland.

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Natural number

In mathematics, the natural numbers are those used for counting (as in "there are six coins on the table") and ordering (as in "this is the third largest city in the country").

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Niger, also called the Niger officially the Republic of the Niger, is a landlocked country in Western Africa named after the Niger River.

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No Love Deep Web

No Love Deep Web (also stylized as NØ LØV∑ D∑∑P W∏B) is the second studio album by American experimental hip hop group Death Grips, originally released on their website on October 1, 2012.

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Number 13 (film)

In 1922, Alfred Hitchcock obtained his first shot at directing for Gainsborough Pictures with the film Number 13 (or Mrs. Peabody).

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In music, an octave (octavus: eighth) or perfect octave is the interval between one musical pitch and another with half or double its frequency.

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Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde (born Olivia Jane Cockburn; March 10, 1984) is an Irish-American actress, model, producer, director and activist.

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Ordered Bell number

In number theory and enumerative combinatorics, the ordered Bell numbers or Fubini numbers count the number of weak orderings on a set of n elements (orderings of the elements into a sequence allowing ties, such as might arise as the outcome of a horse race).

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Our Lady of Fátima

Our Lady of Fátima (Nossa Senhora de Fátima, formally known as Our Lady of the Holy Rosary of Fátima), is a Catholic title of the Blessed Virgin Mary based on the famed Marian apparitions reported in 1917 by three shepherd children at the Cova da Iria, in Fátima, Portugal.

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Philip IV of France

Philip IV (April–June 1268 – 29 November 1314), called the Fair (Philippe le Bel) or the Iron King (le Roi de fer), was King of France from 1285 until his death.

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A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation.

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The Pixies are an American alternative rock band formed in 1986 in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Prime number

A prime number (or a prime) is a natural number greater than 1 that cannot be formed by multiplying two smaller natural numbers.

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Pythagorean triple

A Pythagorean triple consists of three positive integers,, and, such that.

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Rabbinic Judaism

Rabbinic Judaism or Rabbinism (יהדות רבנית Yahadut Rabanit) has been the mainstream form of Judaism since the 6th century CE, after the codification of the Babylonian Talmud.

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Rajab (رجب) is the seventh month of the Islamic calendar.

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Roman Empire

The Roman Empire (Imperium Rōmānum,; Koine and Medieval Greek: Βασιλεία τῶν Ῥωμαίων, tr.) was the post-Roman Republic period of the ancient Roman civilization, characterized by government headed by emperors and large territorial holdings around the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Roman governor

A Roman governor was an official either elected or appointed to be the chief administrator of Roman law throughout one or more of the many provinces constituting the Roman Empire.

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Roman legion

A Roman legion (from Latin legio "military levy, conscription", from legere "to choose") was a large unit of the Roman army.

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Roman Republic

The Roman Republic (Res publica Romana) was the era of classical Roman civilization beginning with the overthrow of the Roman Kingdom, traditionally dated to 509 BC, and ending in 27 BC with the establishment of the Roman Empire.

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Roman Senate

The Roman Senate (Senatus Romanus; Senato Romano) was a political institution in ancient Rome.

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Romance languages

The Romance languages (also called Romanic languages or Neo-Latin languages) are the modern languages that began evolving from Vulgar Latin between the sixth and ninth centuries and that form a branch of the Italic languages within the Indo-European language family.

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Rome (Roma; Roma) is the capital city of Italy and a special comune (named Comune di Roma Capitale).

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Rugby league

Rugby league football is a full-contact sport played by two teams of thirteen players on a rectangular field.

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Rugby union

Rugby union, commonly known in most of the world as rugby, is a contact team sport which originated in England in the first half of the 19th century.

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Rugby union positions

In the game of rugby union, there are 15 players on each team, comprising eight forwards (numbered 1–8) and seven backs (numbered 9–15).

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Sakhi literally means "Historical Account" or Story.

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September 11 attacks

The September 11, 2001 attacks (also referred to as 9/11) were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda against the United States on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

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Shia Islam

Shia (شيعة Shīʿah, from Shīʻatu ʻAlī, "followers of Ali") is a branch of Islam which holds that the Islamic prophet Muhammad designated Ali ibn Abi Talib as his successor (Imam), most notably at the event of Ghadir Khumm.

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Six Feet Under (band)

Six Feet Under is an American death metal band from Tampa, Florida, formed in 1993.

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Sizdah Be-dar

Sizdah Bedar (سیزده‌بدر –), (lit. Thirteen Outdoor) also known as Nature's Day (روز طبیعت|rtl.

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Slavic languages

The Slavic languages (also called Slavonic languages) are the Indo-European languages spoken by the Slavic peoples.

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Social media

Social media are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.

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South Korea

South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea (대한민국; Hanja: 大韓民國; Daehan Minguk,; lit. "The Great Country of the Han People"), is a country in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula and lying east to the Asian mainland.

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Standard 52-card deck

A deck of French playing cards is the most common deck of playing cards used today.

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Sultanpur Lodhi

Sultanpur Lodhi is a city and a Municipal Council in Kapurthala district in the Indian state of Punjab.

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Sunni Islam

Sunni Islam is the largest denomination of Islam.

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Super League

Super League (currently known as the Betfred Super League for sponsorship reasons) is the top-level professional rugby league club competition in the Northern hemisphere.

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Superstition is a pejorative term for any belief or practice that is considered irrational: for example, if it arises from ignorance, a misunderstanding of science or causality, a positive belief in fate or magic, or fear of that which is unknown.

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Takashi Miike

is a Japanese filmmaker.

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison Swift (born December 13, 1989) is an American singer-songwriter.

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Teenage Fanclub

Teenage Fanclub are a Scottish alternative rock band formed in Bellshill in 1989.

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The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo

The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo is the seventh incarnation of the Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning cartoon Scooby-Doo, and the final first-run version of the original 1969–1985 broadcast run of the series.

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The 13th Warrior

The 13th Warrior is a 1999 American historical fiction action film based on the novel Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton and is a loose retelling of the tale of Beowulf.

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The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers

The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers is a reference book for recreational mathematics and elementary number theory written by David Wells.

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The Thirteen

The Thirteen (Trinadtsat) is a 1937 Soviet adventure film directed by Mikhail Romm.

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The Thirteenth Floor

The Thirteenth Floor is a 1999 science-fiction crime thriller film directed by Josef Rusnak and loosely based upon Simulacron-3 (1964), a novel by Daniel F. Galouye.

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Thirteen (2003 film)

Thirteen is a 2003 American independent drama film directed by Catherine Hardwicke, written by Hardwicke and Nikki Reed, and starring Evan Rachel Wood, Holly Hunter, and Reed.

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Thirteen (House)

Remy "Thirteen" Hadley, M.D., is a fictional character on the Fox medical drama House, portrayed by Olivia Wilde.

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Thirteen (Megadeth album)

Th1rt3en is the thirteenth studio album by American thrash metal band Megadeth.

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Thirteen (Teenage Fanclub album)

Thirteen is the fourth album by Scottish alternative rock band Teenage Fanclub, released in 1993.

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Thirteen (TV series)

Thirteen is a British drama television series created and written by Marnie Dickens.

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Thirteen Classics

The Thirteen Classics is a term for the group of thirteen classics of Confucian tradition that became the basis for the Imperial Examinations during the Song dynasty and have shaped much of East Asian culture and thought.

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Thirteen Colonies

The Thirteen Colonies were a group of British colonies on the east coast of North America founded in the 17th and 18th centuries that declared independence in 1776 and formed the United States of America.

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Thirteen Ghosts

Thirteen Ghosts (also known as 13 Ghosts and stylized as THIR13EN Ghosts) is a 2001 Canadian-American supernatural horror film directed by Steve Beck.

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Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why is a young adult novel written in 2007 by Jay Asher.

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Thirteenth floor

The thirteenth floor is a designation of a level of a multi-level building that is often omitted in countries where the number is considered unlucky.

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Torah (תּוֹרָה, "Instruction", "Teaching" or "Law") has a range of meanings.

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In geometry, a torus (plural tori) is a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in three-dimensional space about an axis coplanar with the circle.

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A trecena is a 13-day period used in pre-Columbian Mesoamerican calendars.

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A triathlon is a multiple-stage competition involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines.

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Twelve Days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas, also known as Twelvetide, is a festive Christian season celebrating the Nativity of Jesus Christ.

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Type O Negative

Type O Negative was an American gothic metal band formed in Brooklyn, New York in 1989, by Peter Steele (lead vocals, bass), Kenny Hickey (guitar, backing vocals), Josh Silver (keyboards, backing vocals), and Sal Abruscato (drums, percussions), who was later replaced by Johnny Kelly.

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Tzolk'in (formerly and commonly tzolkin) is the name bestowed by Mayanists on the 260-day Mesoamerican calendar originated by the Maya civilization of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.

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United States heraldry

Heraldry in the United States was first established by European settlers who brought with them the heraldic customs of their respective countries of origin.

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Vaisakhi (IAST), also known as Baisakhi, Vaishakhi, or Vasakhi is a historical and religious festival in Sikhism and Hinduism.

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Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13 is an American science fiction television series that premiered on July 7, 2009, on the Syfy network.

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Wednesday 13

Joseph Michael Poole (born August 12, 1976) is an American singer and musician best known by his stage name Wednesday 13.

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Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams is a fictional character created by American cartoonist Charles Addams in his comic strip The Addams Family.

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Wicca, also termed Pagan Witchcraft, is a contemporary Pagan new religious movement.

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Wilson prime

A Wilson prime, named after English mathematician John Wilson, is a prime number p such that p2 divides (p − 1)! + 1, where "!" denotes the factorial function; compare this with Wilson's theorem, which states that every prime p divides (p − 1)! + 1.

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Yavarum Nalam

Yavarum Nalam (English: All are fine, titled 13B in Hindi) is a 2009 Tamil language psychological horror film written and directed by Vikram Kumar.

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Yi Sun-sin

Yi Sun-sin (April 28, 1545 – December 16, 1598) was a Korean naval commander famed for his victories against the Japanese navy during the Imjin war in the Joseon Dynasty, who became an exemplar of conduct to both the Koreans and Japanese.

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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California.

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Zoroastrianism, or more natively Mazdayasna, is one of the world's oldest extant religions, which is monotheistic in having a single creator god, has dualistic cosmology in its concept of good and evil, and has an eschatology which predicts the ultimate destruction of evil.

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1000 (number)

1000 or one thousand is the natural number following 999 and preceding 1001.

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104 (number)

104 (one hundred four) is the natural number following 103 and preceding 105.

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117 (number)

117 (one hundred seventeen) is the natural number following 116 and preceding 118.

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12 (number)

12 (twelve) is the natural number following 11 and preceding 13.

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13 (2010 film)

13 is a 2010 American remake of the 2005 Georgian-French film 13 Tzameti.

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13 (Black Sabbath album)

13 is the 19th and final studio album by English rock band Black Sabbath.

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13 (Blur album)

13 is the sixth studio album by English alternative rock band Blur, released on 15 March 1999.

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13 (musical)

13 is an original musical with music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown and book by Dan Elish and Robert Horn.

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13 (Six Feet Under album)

13 is the sixth studio album by death metal band Six Feet Under.

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13 Assassins (2010 film)

is a 2010 samurai film directed by Takashi Miike.

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13 Ghosts

13 Ghosts is a 1960 American horror film written by Robb White and directed by William Castle starring Jo Morrow, Rosemary DeCamp, Martin Milner, Donald Woods, and 12-year-old child actor Charles Herbert.

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13 Tzameti

13 Tzameti is a 2005 suspense thriller film written, produced, and directed by Georgian filmmaker Géla Babluani.

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13 Ways to Bleed on Stage

13 Ways to Bleed on Stage is the second studio album by American alternative metal band Cold, released in 2000.

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130 (number)

130 (one hundred thirty) is the natural number following 129 and preceding 131.

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13th (film)

13th is a 2016 American documentary by director Ava DuVernay.

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14 (number)

14 (fourteen) is a natural number following 13 and succeeded by 15.

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143 (number)

143 (one hundred forty-three) is the natural number following 142 and preceding 144.

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156 (number)

156 (one hundred fifty-six) is the natural number, following 155 and preceding 157.

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No description.

New!!: 13 (number) and 1597 · See more »

169 (number)

169 (one hundred sixty-nine) is the natural number following 168 and preceding 170.

New!!: 13 (number) and 169 (number) · See more »

182 (number)

182 (one hundred eighty-two) is the natural number following 181 and preceding 183.

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195 (number)

195 (one hundred ninety-five) is the natural number following 194 and preceding 196.

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2009 IndyCar Series

The 2009 IndyCar Series was the 14th season of the IndyCar Series.

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2012 phenomenon

The 2012 phenomenon was a range of eschatological beliefs that cataclysmic or otherwise transformative events would occur on or around 21 December 2012.

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208 (number)

208 (two hundred eight) is the natural number following 207 and preceding 209.

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221 (number)

221 (two hundred twenty-one) is the natural number following 220 and preceding 222.

New!!: 13 (number) and 221 (number) · See more »

234 (number)

234 (two hundred thirty-four) is the integer following 233 and preceding 235.

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247 (number)

247 (two hundred forty-seven) is the natural number following 246 and preceding 248.

New!!: 13 (number) and 247 (number) · See more »

26 (number)

26 (twenty-six) is the natural number following 25 and preceding 27.

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260 (number)

260 (two hundred sixty) is the natural number following 259 and preceding 261.

New!!: 13 (number) and 260 (number) · See more »

273 (number)

273 (two hundred seventy-three) is the natural number following 272 and preceding 274.

New!!: 13 (number) and 273 (number) · See more »

280 (number)

280 (two hundred eighty) is the natural number after 279 and before 281.

New!!: 13 (number) and 280 (number) · See more »

290 (number)

290 (two hundred ninety) is the natural number following 289 and preceding 291.

New!!: 13 (number) and 290 (number) · See more »

300 (number)

300 (three hundred) is the natural number following 299 and preceding 301.

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39 (number)

39 (thirty-nine) is the natural number following 38 and preceding 40.

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49 BC

Year 49 BC was a year of the pre-Julian Roman calendar.

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52 (number)

52 (fifty-two) is the natural number following 51 and preceding 53.

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600 (number)

600 (six hundred) is the natural number following 599 and preceding 601.

New!!: 13 (number) and 600 (number) · See more »

65 (number)

65 (sixty-five) is the natural number following 64 and preceding 66.

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6:66 Satan's Child

6:66 Satan's Child is the sixth studio album from the American heavy metal band Danzig.

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78 (number)

78 (seventy-eight) is the natural number following 77 and followed by 79.

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91 (number)

91 (ninety-one) is the natural number following 90 and preceding 92.

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