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1:1 pixel mapping

Index 1:1 pixel mapping

1:1 pixel mapping is a video display technique applicable to devices with native fixed pixels, such as LCD monitors and plasma displays. [1]

11 relations: Aspect ratio, Display resolution, HD ready, Letterboxing (filming), Native resolution, Overscan, Pixel, Pixel aspect ratio, Plasma display, Thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display, Windowbox (filmmaking).

Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio of a geometric shape is the ratio of its sizes in different dimensions.

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Display resolution

The display resolution or display modes of a digital television, computer monitor or display device is the number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed.

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HD ready

The HD ready is a certification program introduced in 2005 by EICTA (European Information, Communications and Consumer Electronics Technology Industry Associations), now DIGITALEUROPE.

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Letterboxing (filming)

Letterboxing is the practice of transferring film shot in a widescreen aspect ratio to standard-width video formats while preserving the film's original aspect ratio.

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Native resolution

The native resolution of a LCD, LCoS or other flat panel display refers to its single fixed resolution.

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Overscan is a behaviour in certain television sets, in which part of the input picture is shown outside of the visible bounds of the screen.

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In digital imaging, a pixel, pel, dots, or picture element is a physical point in a raster image, or the smallest addressable element in an all points addressable display device; so it is the smallest controllable element of a picture represented on the screen.

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Pixel aspect ratio

Pixel aspect ratio (often abbreviated PAR) is a mathematical ratio that describes how the width of a pixel in a digital image compares to the height of that pixel.

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Plasma display

A plasma display panel (PDP) is a type of flat panel display common to large TV displays or larger.

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Thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display

A Thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display (TFT LCD) is a variant of a liquid-crystal display (LCD) that uses thin-film-transistor (TFT) technology to improve image qualities such as addressability and contrast.

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Windowbox (filmmaking)

Windowboxing (also called either the "postage stamp effect", "gutterboxing", or "matchboxing") in the display of film or video occurs when the aspect ratio of the media is such that the letterbox effect and pillarbox effect occur simultaneously.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1:1_pixel_mapping

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