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3-j symbol

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In quantum mechanics, the Wigner 3-j symbols, also called 3-jm symbols, are an alternative to Clebsch–Gordan coefficients for the purpose of adding angular momenta. [1]

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Clebsch–Gordan coefficients

In physics, the Clebsch–Gordan (CG) coefficients are numbers that arise in angular momentum coupling in quantum mechanics.

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Giulio Racah

Giulio (Yoel) Racah (ג'וליו (יואל) רקח; February 9, 1909 – August 28, 1965) was an Italian–Israeli physicist and mathematician.

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Lawrence Biedenharn

Lawrence Christian Biedenharn, Jr. (18 November 1922, Vicksburg, Mississippi – 12 February 1996, Austin, Texas) was an American theoretical nuclear physicist and mathematical physicist, a leading expert on applications of Lie group theory to physics.

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Metric tensor

In the mathematical field of differential geometry, a metric tensor is a type of function which takes as input a pair of tangent vectors and at a point of a surface (or higher dimensional differentiable manifold) and produces a real number scalar in a way that generalizes many of the familiar properties of the dot product of vectors in Euclidean space.

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Physical Review

Physical Review is an American peer-reviewed scientific journal established in 1893 by Edward Nichols.

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Quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics (QM; also known as quantum physics, quantum theory, the wave mechanical model, or matrix mechanics), including quantum field theory, is a fundamental theory in physics which describes nature at the smallest scales of energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles.

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Spherical harmonics

In mathematics and physical science, spherical harmonics are special functions defined on the surface of a sphere.

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Spin-weighted spherical harmonics

In special functions, a topic in mathematics, spin-weighted spherical harmonics are generalizations of the standard spherical harmonics and—like the usual spherical harmonics—are functions on the sphere.

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6-j symbol

Wigner's 6-j symbols were introduced by Eugene Paul Wigner in 1940 and published in 1965.

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9-j symbol

In physics, Wigner's 9-j symbols were introduced by Eugene Paul Wigner in 1937.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3-j_symbol

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