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64 (number)

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64 (sixty-four) is the natural number following 63 and preceding 65. [1]

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Apparent magnitude

The apparent magnitude of a celestial object is a number that is a measure of its brightness as seen by an observer on Earth.

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ASCII, abbreviated from American Standard Code for Information Interchange, is a character encoding standard for electronic communication.

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Atomic number

The atomic number or proton number (symbol Z) of a chemical element is the number of protons found in the nucleus of an atom.

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Barred spiral galaxy

A barred spiral galaxy is a spiral galaxy with a central bar-shaped structure composed of stars.

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Base64 is a group of similar binary-to-text encoding schemes that represent binary data in an ASCII string format by translating it into a radix-64 representation.

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Bejeweled (series)

Bejeweled is the name of the series of tile-matching puzzle games created by PopCap Games, first developed for browsers in 2001.

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Black Eye Galaxy

The Black Eye Galaxy (also called Evil Eye Galaxy; designated Messier 64, M64, or NGC 4826) is a galaxy which was discovered by Edward Pigott in March 1779, and independently by Johann Elert Bode in April of the same year, as well as by Charles Messier in 1780.

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BlackenedWhite is the second mixtape by Odd Future sub-group MellowHype.

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Braille is a tactile writing system used by people who are visually impaired.

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Centered triangular number

A centered (or centred) triangular number is a centered figurate number that represents a triangle with a dot in the center and all other dots surrounding the center in successive triangular layers.

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Cetus is a constellation.

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Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard, a checkered gameboard with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid.

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Chevrolet Impala

The Chevrolet Impala is a full-size car built by Chevrolet for model years 1958–85, 1994–96 and since 2000 onwards.

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Chinese characters

Chinese characters are logograms primarily used in the writing of Chinese and Japanese.

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Coma Berenices

Coma Berenices is an ancient asterism in the northern sky which has been defined as one of the 88 modern constellations.

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Commodore 64

The Commodore 64, also known as the C64 or the CBM 64, is an 8-bit home computer introduced in January 1982 by Commodore International (first shown at the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas, January 7–10, 1982).

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A constellation is a group of stars that are considered to form imaginary outlines or meaningful patterns on the celestial sphere, typically representing animals, mythological people or gods, mythological creatures, or manufactured devices.

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Departments of France

In the administrative divisions of France, the department (département) is one of the three levels of government below the national level ("territorial collectivities"), between the administrative regions and the commune.

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Dictionnaire Infernal

The Dictionnaire Infernal (Infernal Dictionary) is a book on demonology, describing demons organised in hierarchies.

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In mathematics, a divisor of an integer n, also called a factor of n, is an integer m that may be multiplied by some integer to produce n. In this case, one also says that n is a multiple of m. An integer n is divisible by another integer m if m is a divisor of n; this implies dividing n by m leaves no remainder.

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Divisor function

In mathematics, and specifically in number theory, a divisor function is an arithmetic function related to the divisors of an integer.

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Dodecagonal number

A dodecagonal number is a figurate number that represents a dodecagon.

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Draughts (British English) or checkers (American English) is a group of strategy board games for two players which involve diagonal moves of uniform game pieces and mandatory captures by jumping over opponent pieces.

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Erdős–Woods number

In number theory, a positive integer is said to be an Erdős–Woods number if it has the following property: there exists a positive integer such that in the sequence of consecutive integers, each of the elements has a non-trivial common factor with one of the endpoints.

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Euler's totient function

In number theory, Euler's totient function counts the positive integers up to a given integer that are relatively prime to.

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Fermat number

In mathematics a Fermat number, named after Pierre de Fermat who first studied them, is a positive integer of the form where n is a nonnegative integer.

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Gadolinium is a chemical element with symbol Gd and atomic number 64.

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A galaxy is a gravitationally bound system of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas, dust, and dark matter.

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Gangsta rap

Gangsta rap or Gangster rap is a style of hip hop characterized by themes and lyrics that generally emphasize the "gangsta" lifestyle.

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Genetic code

The genetic code is the set of rules used by living cells to translate information encoded within genetic material (DNA or mRNA sequences) into proteins.

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Graham's number

Graham's number is an enormous number that arises as an upper bound on the answer of a problem in the mathematical field of Ramsey theory.

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History of Crayola crayons

Since the introduction of Crayola drawing crayons by Binney & Smith in 1903, more than two hundred distinctive colors have been produced in a wide variety of assortments.

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Home computer

Home computers were a class of microcomputers entering the market in 1977, and becoming common during the 1980s.

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I Ching

The I Ching,.

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Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra (कामसूत्र) is an ancient Indian Hindu text written by Vātsyāyana.

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Knuth's up-arrow notation

In mathematics, Knuth's up-arrow notation is a method of notation for very large integers, introduced by Donald Knuth in 1976.

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List of country calling codes

Country calling codes or country dial in codes are telephone dialing prefixes for the member countries or regions of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

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List of highways numbered 64

The following highways are numbered 64.

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A lowrider (sometimes low rider) is a class or style of customized vehicle.

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A magazine is a publication, usually a periodical publication, which is printed or electronically published (sometimes referred to as an online magazine).

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Mario Kart 64

is a kart racing video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 video game console.

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MellowHype is an American hip hop duo from Los Angeles, California, that consists of rapper-producer Hodgy (Gerard Long) and producer-rapper Left Brain (Vyron Turner).

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Mersenne prime

In mathematics, a Mersenne prime is a prime number that is one less than a power of two.

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Messier object

The Messier objects are a set of 110 astronomical objects, of which 103 were included in lists published by French astronomer Charles Messier in 1771 and 1781.

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Minecraft is a sandbox video game created by Swedish game designer Markus Persson, better known as Notch, who later went on to found Mojang, which has since been the developer and publisher of Minecraft.

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Natural number

In mathematics, the natural numbers are those used for counting (as in "there are six coins on the table") and ordering (as in "this is the third largest city in the country").

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New General Catalogue

The New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars (abbreviated as NGC) is a catalogue of deep-sky objects compiled by John Louis Emil Dreyer in 1888.

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NGC 64

NGC 64 is a barred spiral galaxy discovered by Lewis Swift in 1886, and is located in the Cetus constellation.

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Nintendo 64

The, stylized as NINTENDO64 and abbreviated to N64, is Nintendo's third home video game console for the international market.

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Power of two

In mathematics, a power of two is a number of the form where is an integer, i.e. the result of exponentiation with number two as the base and integer as the exponent.

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Programming language

A programming language is a formal language that specifies a set of instructions that can be used to produce various kinds of output.

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Pyrénées-Atlantiques (Gascon: Pirenèus-Atlantics; Pirinio Atlantiarrak or Pirinio Atlantikoak) is a department in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, in southwestern France.

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Self number

A self number, Colombian number or Devlali number is an integer that cannot be written as the sum of any other integer n and the individual digits of n. This property is specific to the base used to represent the integers.

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Stroke (CJKV character)

CJKV strokes are the calligraphic strokes needed to write the Chinese characters in regular script used in East Asia.

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Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is a 1996 platform video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64.

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Super Smash Bros.

is a series of crossover fighting video games published by Nintendo.

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Super Smash Bros. (video game)

Super Smash Bros. (retroactively known as Super Smash Bros. 64) is a fighting video game developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 home video game console.

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Superperfect number

In mathematics, a superperfect number is a positive integer n that satisfies where σ is the divisor summatory function.

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The Beatles

The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960.

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Tower of Hanoi

The Tower of Hanoi (also called the Tower of Brahma or Lucas' Tower and sometimes pluralized) is a mathematical game or puzzle.

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USS Constellation (CV-64)

USS Constellation (CV-64), a supercarrier, was the third ship of the United States Navy to be named in honor of the "new constellation of stars" on the flag of the United States.

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Video game

A video game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device such as a TV screen or computer monitor.

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Video game console

A video game console is an electronic, digital or computer device that outputs a video signal or visual image to display a video game that one or more people can play.

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When I'm Sixty-Four

"When I'm Sixty-Four" is a song by the Beatles, written by Paul McCartney (credited to Lennon–McCartney) and released in 1967 on their album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

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2 (two) is a number, numeral, and glyph.

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4 (four) is a number, numeral, and glyph.

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63 (number)

63 (sixty-three) is a natural number following 62 and preceding 64.

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64 (magazine)

64 was a Russian chess magazine and draughts publication, published in Moscow.

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64-bit computing

In computer architecture, 64-bit computing is the use of processors that have datapath widths, integer size, and memory address widths of 64 bits (eight octets).

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65 (number)

65 (sixty-five) is the natural number following 64 and preceding 66.

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8 (eight) is the natural number following 7 and preceding 9.

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8-bit is also a generation of microcomputers in which 8-bit microprocessors were the norm.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/64_(number)

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