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7K or 7-K may refer to. [1]

15 relations: Gnome-Rhône 7K, K7, LTV A-7 Corsair II, Progress 7K-TG, Soyuz 7K-L1, Soyuz 7K-L1 No.4L, Soyuz 7K-L1 No.5L, Soyuz 7K-LOK, Soyuz 7K-OK, Soyuz 7K-OKS, Soyuz 7K-T, Soyuz 7K-TM, Toyota K engine, 7000 (number), 7th millennium.

Gnome-Rhône 7K

The Gnome-Rhône 7K Titan Major was a seven-cylinder 370 hp (270 kW) air-cooled radial engine, that started life as an enlarged Gnome-Rhône 5K with two extra cylinders.

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K7, K07 or K-7 may refer to.

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LTV A-7 Corsair II

The LTV A-7 Corsair II is an American carrier-capable subsonic light attack aircraft manufactured by Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV) to replace the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk.

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Progress 7K-TG

Progress 7K-TG (Прогресс 7К-ТГ, GRAU index 11F615A15), was a Soviet unmanned spacecraft used to resupply space stations in low Earth orbit.

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Soyuz 7K-L1

The Soyuz 7K-L1 "Zond" spacecraft was designed to launch men from the Earth to circle the Moon without going into lunar orbit in the context of the Soviet manned moon-flyby program in the Moon race.

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Soyuz 7K-L1 No.4L

Soyuz 7K-L1 No.4L, sometimes identified by NASA as Zond 1967A, was a Soviet spacecraft which was launched in 1967 as part of the Zond programme.

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Soyuz 7K-L1 No.5L

Soyuz 7K-L1 No.5L, sometimes identified by NASA as Zond 1967B, was a Soviet spacecraft which was launched in 1967 as part of the Zond programme.

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Soyuz 7K-LOK

The Soyuz 7K-LOK, or simply LOK (translit meaning "Lunar Orbital Craft") was a Soviet manned spacecraft designed to launch men from Earth to orbit the Moon, developed in parallel to the 7K-L1.

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Soyuz 7K-OK

Soyuz 7K-OK was the first generation of Soyuz spacecraft in use from 1967 to 1971.

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Soyuz 7K-OKS

Soyuz 7K-OKS (also known as Soyuz 7KT-OK) is a version of the Soyuz spacecraft and was the first spacecraft designed for space station flights.

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Soyuz 7K-T

The second generation of the Soyuz spacecraft, the Soyuz Ferry or Soyuz 7K-T, comprised Soyuz 12 through Soyuz 40 (1973-1981).

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Soyuz 7K-TM

The 1975 Apollo–Soyuz Test Project version of the Soyuz spacecraft (Soyuz 7K-TM) served as a technological bridge to the third generation Soyuz-T (T - транспортный, Transportnyi meaning transport) spacecraft (1976–1986).

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Toyota K engine

The Toyota K series was a straight-4 engine produced from 1966 through 2007.

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7000 (number)

7000 (seven thousand) is the natural number following 6999 and preceding 7001.

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7th millennium

The seventh millennium of the Gregorian calendar will begin on January 1, 6001, and end on December 31, 7000.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7K

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