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9 is a 2005 computer animated short film created by Shane Acker as a student project at the UCLA Animation Workshop. [1]

53 relations: Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, Academy Awards, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Amulet, Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games, Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, Armature (sculpture), Autodesk Maya, Brothers Quay, Cartoon Brew, Christopher Plummer, Compositing, Computer animation, Crispin Glover, Detritus, Elijah Wood, Feature film, Film festival, Focus Features, Fred Tatasciore, Indianapolis International Film Festival, Jennifer Connelly, John C. Reilly, Lighting, List of animated feature films, List of science fiction films, Martin Landau, Newsarama, Pixar, Pixel, Rag doll, Render farm, Rendering (computer graphics), Rhythm and Hues Studios, Scrap, Sentience, Shane Acker, Short film, SIGGRAPH, Spirit, Stop motion, Student Academy Awards, Sundance Film Festival, Tar, The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation, Tim Burton, Timur Bekmambetov, ..., University of California, Los Angeles, 35 mm film, 9 (2009 animated film). Expand index (3 more) »

Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film

The Academy Award for Animated Short Film is an award which has been given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as part of the Academy Awards every year since the 5th Academy Awards, covering the year 1931-32, to the present.

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Academy Awards

The Academy Awards or The Oscars is an annual American awards ceremony honoring cinematic achievements in the film industry.

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Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (also known as the Television Academy) is a professional honorary organization dedicated to the advancement of the television industry in the United States.

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Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing application developed by Adobe Systems and used in the post-production process of filmmaking and television production.

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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Systems for Windows and OS X. Photoshop was created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll.

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Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline-based video editing software application.

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An amulet is an object whose most important characteristic is the power ascribed to it to protect its owner from danger or harm.

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Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games

The Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games takes place every year in Middlesbrough in the North East of England.

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Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction

Apocalyptic fiction is a subgenre of science fiction and horror fiction that is concerned with the end of human civilization.

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Armature (sculpture)

In sculpture, an armature is a framework around which the sculpture is built.

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Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya, commonly shortened to Maya, is a 3D computer graphics software that runs on Windows, OS X and Linux, originally developed by Alias Systems Corporation (formerly Alias|Wavefront) and currently owned and developed by Autodesk, Inc. It is used to create interactive 3D applications, including video games, animated film, TV series, or visual effects.

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Brothers Quay

Stephen and Timothy Quay (born June 17, 1947) are American identical twin brothers better known as the Brothers Quay or Quay Brothers.

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Cartoon Brew

Cartoon Brew is an animation news website created by Amid Amidi and Jerry Beck.

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Christopher Plummer

Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer (born December 13, 1929) is a Canadian theatre, film and television actor.

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Compositing is the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene.

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Computer animation

Computer animation, or CGI animation, is the process used for generating animated images by using computer graphics.

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Crispin Glover

Crispin Hellion Glover (born April 20, 1964) is an American actor, director, screenwriter, recording artist, publisher, and author.

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In biology, detritus is dead particulate organic material (as opposed to dissolved organic material).

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Elijah Wood

Elijah Jordan Wood (born January 28, 1981) is an American actor, film producer and DJ.

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Feature film

A feature film is a film (also called a movie or motion picture) with a running time long enough to be considered the principal or sole film to fill a program.

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Film festival

A film festival is an organized, extended presentation of films in one or more cinemas or screening venues, usually in a single city or region.

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Focus Features

Focus Features (formerly USA Films, Universal Focus, Good Machine, October Films, and Gramercy Pictures) is the art house films division of NBCUniversal, and acts as both a producer and distributor for its own films and a distributor for foreign films.

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Fred Tatasciore

Frederick "Fred" Tatasciore is an American voice actor and stand-up comedian,.

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Indianapolis International Film Festival

Founded in 2004, the Indianapolis International Film Festival seeks to create a shared experience by championing films that entertain, challenge and expand perspectives in Indianapolis and beyond.

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Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Lynn Connelly (born December 12, 1970) is an American film actress who began her career as a child model.

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John C. Reilly

| image.

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Lighting or illumination is the deliberate use of light to achieve a practical or aesthetic effect.

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List of animated feature films

This list of animated feature films compiles animated feature films from around the world and is organized alphabetically under the year of release (the year the completed film was first released to the public).

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List of science fiction films

This is a list of science fiction films organized chronologically.

New!!: 9 (2005 film) and List of science fiction films · See more »

Martin Landau

Martin Landau (born June 20, 1928) is an American film and television actor.

New!!: 9 (2005 film) and Martin Landau · See more »


Newsarama is an American website that publishes news, interviews, and essays about the American comic book industry.

New!!: 9 (2005 film) and Newsarama · See more »


Pixar Animation Studios, or simply Pixar, is an American computer animation film studio based in Emeryville, California.

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In digital imaging, a pixel, pel, or picture element is a physical point in a raster image, or the smallest addressable element in an all points addressable display device; so it is the smallest controllable element of a picture represented on the screen.

New!!: 9 (2005 film) and Pixel · See more »

Rag doll

A rag doll is a children's toy.

New!!: 9 (2005 film) and Rag doll · See more »

Render farm

A render farm is a high performance computer system, e.g. a computer cluster, built to render computer-generated imagery (CGI), typically for film and television visual effects.

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Rendering (computer graphics)

Rendering is the process of generating an image from a 2D or 3D model (or models in what collectively could be called a scene file), by means of computer programs.

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Rhythm and Hues Studios

Rhythm & Hues Studios is a visual effects and animation company that received the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in 1995 for Babe, in 2008 for The Golden Compass, and in 2013 for Life of Pi.

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Scrap consists of recyclable materials left over from product manufacturing and consumption, such as parts of vehicles, building supplies, and surplus materials.

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Sentience is the ability to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively.

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Shane Acker

Shane Richard Acker (born 1971) is an American filmmaker known for creating 9, which is based on his 2005 Academy Award-nominated short film, 9.

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Short film

A short film is any film not long enough to be considered a feature film.

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SIGGRAPH (short for Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques) is the name of the annual conference on computer graphics (CG) convened by the ACM SIGGRAPH organization.

New!!: 9 (2005 film) and SIGGRAPH · See more »


The English word spirit (from Latin spiritus "breath") has many different meanings and connotations, most of them relating to a non-corporeal substance contrasted with the material body.

New!!: 9 (2005 film) and Spirit · See more »

Stop motion

Stop motion (also known as stop frame) is an animation technique that physically manipulates an object that appears to move on its own.

New!!: 9 (2005 film) and Stop motion · See more »

Student Academy Awards

The Student Academy Awards is the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' annual competition for college and university filmmakers.

New!!: 9 (2005 film) and Student Academy Awards · See more »

Sundance Film Festival

The Sundance Film Festival, a program of the Sundance Institute, is an American film festival that takes place annually in Utah.

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Tar is a black mixture of hydrocarbons and free carbon obtained from a wide variety of organic materials through destructive distillation.

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The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation

The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation is a 2005 animated short film.

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Tim Burton

Timothy Walter "Tim" BurtonTim Burton's middle name is cited as Walter by the Museum of Modern Art on its and covering Burton's career as an artist and filmmaker, though it is cited as William by other sources, such as the.

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Timur Bekmambetov

Timur Nuruakhitovich Bekmambetov (Тиму́р Нуруахи́тович Бекмамбе́тов; Темір Нұруаһитұлы Бекмамбетов; born June 25, 1961) is a Kazakh director, producer and screenwriter who has worked on films, music videos and commercials.

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University of California, Los Angeles

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is a public research university located in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, United States.

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35 mm film

35 mm film is the film gauge most commonly used for motion pictures and chemical still photography (see 135 film).

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9 (2009 animated film)

9 is a 2009 Russian-American 3D computer adult animated post-apocalyptic science fiction thriller film, which was directed by Shane Acker, written by Pamela Pettler with music by Deborah Lurie and produced by Jim Lemley, Dana Ginsburg, Tim Burton, and Timur Bekmambetov.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9_(2005_film)

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