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9th Army (RSFSR)

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The 9th Army was a field army of the Red Army during the Russian Civil War which existed from October 3, 1918 until June 22, 1921. [1]

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Alexander Beloborodov

Alexander Georgievich Beloborodov (Александр Георгиевич Белобородов; October 26, 1891February 10, 1938) was a Russian Bolshevik revolutionary, Soviet politician, and party figure.

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Alexander Yegorov (soldier)

Alexander Ilyich Yegorov or Egorov (Алекса́ндр Ильи́ч Его́ров, Alexandr Iljič Jegorov) (– February 23, 1939), was a Soviet military leader during the Russian Civil War, when he commanded the Red Army's Southern Front and played an important part in defeating the White forces in Ukraine.

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Anton Denikin

Anton Ivanovich Denikin (p; 8 August 1947) was a Russian Lieutenant General in the Imperial Russian Army (1916) and afterwards a leading general of the White movement in the Russian Civil War.

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Battle of the Donbass and Don (1919)

The Battle of the Donbass and Don (1919) was a military campaign of the Russian Civil War that lasted from January to May 1919, in which White forces repulsed attacks of the Red Army on the Don Host Oblast and occupied the Donbass region after heavy fighting.

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Borisoglebsk (Борисогле́бск) is a town in Voronezh Oblast, Russia, located on the left bank of the Vorona River near its confluence with the Khopyor.

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Caucasian Front (RSFSR)

The Caucasian Front was a front of the Red Army during the Russian Civil War which existed between January 16, 1920 and May 29, 1921, and was the continuation of the Southeastern Front.

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Democratic Republic of Georgia

The Democratic Republic of Georgia (DRG; საქართველოს დემოკრატიული რესპუბლიკა) existed from May 1918 to February 1921 and was the first modern establishment of a Republic of Georgia. The DRG was created after the collapse of the Russian Empire that began with the Russian Revolution of 1917. Its established borders were with the Kuban People's Republic and the Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus in the north, the Ottoman Empire and the First Republic of Armenia in the south, and the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in the southeast. It had a total land area of roughly 107,600 km2 (by comparison, the total area of today's Georgia is 69,700 km2), and a population of 2.5 million. The republic's capital was Tbilisi, and its state language was Georgian. Proclaimed on May 26, 1918, on the break-up of the Transcaucasian Federation, it was led by the Georgian Social Democratic Party (also known as the Georgian Menshevik Party). Facing permanent internal and external problems, the young state was unable to withstand invasion by the Russian SFSR Red Armies, and collapsed between February and March 1921 to become a Soviet republic.

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Don Army

The Don Army (Донская армия, Donskaya Armiya) was the military of the short lived Don Republic and a part of the White movement in the Russian Civil War.

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The Donbass (Донба́сс) or Donbas (Донба́с) is a historical, cultural, and economic region in eastern Ukraine and southwestern Russia.

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Grigori Sokolnikov

Grigori Yakovlevich Sokolnikov (born Girsh Yankelevich Brilliant; 1888–1939) was a Russian old Bolshevik revolutionary, economist, and Soviet politician.

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Ieronim Uborevich

Ieronim Petrovich Uborevich (Jeronimas Uborevičius; January 14, 1896 – June 12, 1937) was a Soviet military commander of the Red Army during the Russian Civil War.

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Ilya Garkavyi

Ilya Ivanovich Garkavyi (1888–1937) was a Soviet komkor (corps commander) and organizer of Red Guards detachments in Tiraspol.

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Khopyor River

Khopyor (also transliterated as Khoper) is a river in European Russia, the biggest left tributary of the Don River.

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Krasnodar (p) is a city and the administrative center of Krasnodar Krai, Russia, located on the Kuban River, approximately northeast of the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk.

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Matvei Vasilenko

Matvei Ivanovich Vasilenko (November 25, 1888 – July 1, 1937) was a Soviet komkor (corps commander).

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Mikhail Levandovsky

Mikhail Karlovich Levandovsky (May 15, 1890 – July 29, 1938, Левандовский, Михаил Карлович) was a Soviet Komandarm 2nd rank.

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North Caucasus Military District

The North Caucasus Military District was a military district of the Russian Armed Forces, which became in 2010 the Southern Military District and lately also included the Black Sea Fleet and Caspian Flotilla.

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Northern Caucasus Operation (1920)

The Northern Caucasus Operation was a campaign against the remnants of the White Army under Anton Denikin launched by the Red Army under Mikhail Tukhachevsky in early 1920.

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Novokhopyorsk (Новохопёрск) is a town and the administrative center of Novokhopyorsky District in Voronezh Oblast, Russia, located on the right bank of the Khopyor River, southeast of Voronezh, the administrative center of the oblast.

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Novorossiysk (p) is a city in Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

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Pyotr Krasnov

Pyotr Nikolayevich Krasnov (Пётр Николаевич Краснов; September 22 (September 10 old style), 1869 – January 17, 1947), sometimes referred to in English as Peter Krasnov, was a Don Cossack historian and officer, promoted to Lieutenant General of the Russian army when the revolution broke out in 1917, and one of the leaders of the counter-revolutionary White movement afterwards.

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Red Army

The Workers' and Peasants' Red Army (Рабоче-крестьянская Красная армия (РККА), Raboche-krest'yanskaya Krasnaya armiya (RKKA), frequently shortened in Russian to Красная aрмия (КА), Krasnaya armiya (KA), in English: Red Army, also in critical literature and folklore of that epoch – Red Horde, Army of Work) was the army and the air force of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, and, after 1922, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

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Russian Civil War

The Russian Civil War (Grazhdanskaya voyna v Rossiyi; November 1917 – October 1922) was a multi-party war in the former Russian Empire immediately after the Russian Revolutions of 1917, as many factions vied to determine Russia's political future.

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Southeastern Front (RSFSR)

The Southeastern Front was a front of the Red Army during the Russian Civil War which existed between 30 September 1919 and 16 January 1920.

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Southern Front (RSFSR)

The Southern Front was a front of the Red Army during the Russian Civil War, formed twice.

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Taman Peninsula

The Taman Peninsula (Тама́нский полуо́стров, Tamanskiy poluostrov) is a peninsula in the present-day Krasnodar Krai of Russia, which borders the Sea of Azov to the North, the Strait of Kerch to the West and the Black Sea to the South.

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Voronezh–Povorino Operation

The Voronezh–Povorino Operation, was a battle in January 1919 between the White and Red Armies during the Russian Civil War around the city of Voronezh and the railway station of Povorino.

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Vyoshenskaya Uprising

The Vyoshenskaya Uprising (or Upper Don rebellion) (March 11 - June 8, 1919) was an uprising of the Don Cossacks during the Russian Civil War led by Pavel Kudinov against the Bolsheviks, which had occupied the Upper Don district in January-March 1919.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9th_Army_(RSFSR)

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