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A2 holin family

Index A2 holin family

The Putative Archaeal 2 TMS Holin (A2-Hol) Family consists of a few putative holins from Thaumarchaeota ranging in size from about 130 to 165 amino acyl residues (aas) and exhibiting 2 transmembrane segments (TMSs). [1]

7 relations: Archaea, Glycosyltransferase, Holin, Homology (biology), Lysin, Thaumarchaeota, Transporter Classification Database.


Archaea (or or) constitute a domain of single-celled microorganisms.

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Glycosyltransferases (GTFs, Gtfs) are enzymes (EC 2.4) that establish natural glycosidic linkages.

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Holins are a diverse group of small proteins produced by dsDNA bacteriophages in order to trigger and control the degradation of the host's cell wall at the end of the lytic cycle.

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Homology (biology)

In biology, homology is the existence of shared ancestry between a pair of structures, or genes, in different taxa.

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Lysins, also known as endolysins or murein hydrolases, are hydrolytic enzymes produced by bacteriophages in order to cleave the host's cell wall during the final stage of the lytic cycle.

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The Thaumarchaeota or Thaumarchaea (from the miracle) are a phylum of the Archaea proposed in 2008 after the genome of Cenarchaeum symbiosum was sequenced and found to differ significantly from other members of the hyperthermophilic phylum Crenarchaeota.

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Transporter Classification Database

The Transporter Classification Database (or TCDB) is an International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB)-approved classification system for membrane transport proteins, including ion channels.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A2_holin_family

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