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Abdullah (name)

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Abdullah or Abdallah is the primary transliteration of the Arabic given name, عبد الله, built from the Arabic words Abd and Allah (Allah itself composed of Al- and Ilah). [1]

137 relations: 'Abd Allah ibn Rawahah, Abd (Arabic), Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr, Abd-Allah ibn Ubayy, Abdala Faye, Abdalá Bucaram, Abdalla Ahmed, Abdalla El-Masri, Abdallah al-Adil, Abdallah Djaballah, Abdallah El-Yafi, Abdallah Mirza, Abdallah Somekh, Abdelilah Saber, Abdellah Béhar, Abdellah Blinda, Abdellah Liegeon, Abdellah Ouzghar, Abdiel, Abdollah Jassbi, Abdollah Mojtabavi, Abdollah Movahed, Abdollah Nouri, Abdollah Ramezanzadeh, Abdollah Shahbazi, Abdul, Abdul Alhazred, Abdulah Gegić, Abdulah Muhasilović, Abdulah Sidran, Abdulai Bell-Baggie, Abdulai Conteh, Abdulai Seidu, Abdullah, Abdullah (Chagatai Khanate), Abdullah Abbas Nadwi, Abdullah Abdul Kadir, Abdullah Abdullah, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Abdullah al-Amiri, Abdullah al-Harari, Abdullah Atalar, Abdullah Avcı, Abdullah Aydoğdu, Abdullah Çatlı, Abdullah Öcalan, Abdullah Öztürk, Abdullah İçel, Abdullah Baybaşin, Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani, ..., Abdullah bin Khalid Al Thani, Abdullah bin Khalifa Al Thani, Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Thani, Abdullah bin Saud, Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abdullah Bughra, Abdullah Cevdet, Abdullah Demirbaş, Abdullah Durak, Abdullah el-Tell, Abdullah Elyasa Süme, Abdullah Ercan, Abdullah Gül, Abdullah Halman, Abdullah I of Jordan, Abdullah ibn Abdul-Muttalib, Abdullah ibn Masud, Abdullah ibn Muhammad al-Umawi, Abdullah ibn Saba', Abdullah ibn Salam, Abdullah II of Jordan, Abdullah Khadr, Abdullah Kobayashi, Abdullah Malallah, Abdullah Mando, Abdullah Nakaš, Abdullah Oğuz, Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah the Butcher, Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, Abdullahi, Abu Bakr, Abu Makhlad Abdallah, Adel Abdullah, Adyghe language, Ahmad Abdalla, Alberto Abdala, Ali Abdalla, Ali al-Abdallah, Allah, Ameer Abdullah, Amelia Peabody series, Arab Jews, Arabic definite article, Arabic name, Asha Ahmed Abdalla, Avdo Palić, Bilal Abdullah, Carlos Abdala, Christian, Dasa, Edílson Abdala Júnior, Edgardo Abdala, Emir, Faye Glenn Abdellah, First East Turkestan Republic, God in Islam, History of the Jews in Iraq, Husain Abdullah, Ilah, Islam, Khalid Abdalla, List of Arabic theophoric names, List of The Adventures of Tintin characters, Majed Abdullah, Medina, Middle East, Mohamed Abdullah (footballer), Muhammad, Muslim, Nacer Abdellah, Nadhem Abdullah, Obadiah, Ovadia Yosef, Pablo Andrés Abdala Kovasevic, Rabbi, Rahim Abdullah, Romanization of Arabic, Russian language, Salem Abdullah, Servant of God, Sheikh Abdullah, Talmud, Tewfik Abdullah, Turkish name, Vowel, Washington Abdala. Expand index (87 more) »

'Abd Allah ibn Rawahah

'Abdullah ibn Rawahah ibn Tha'labah (عبدالله ابن رواحة) was one of the companions of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.

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Abd (Arabic)

ʿAbd (عبد) is an Arabic word meaning one who is subordinated as a slave or a servant, and it means also to worship.

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Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr

`Abd Allah al-Zubayr or ibn Zubayr (عبد الله بن الزبير ‘Abdallāh ibn az-Zubayr; 624–692) was an Arab sahabi whose father was Zubayr ibn al-Awwam, and whose mother was Asma bint Abi Bakr, daughter of the first Caliph Abu Bakr.

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Abd-Allah ibn Ubayy

Abd-Allah ibn Ubayy (عبد الله بن أبي بن سلول, died 631), also called ibn Salul in reference to his mother, was a chief of the Arab tribe Banu Khazraj and one of the leading men of Medina (then known as Yathrib).

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Abdala Faye

Abdala Faye is a Senegalese mixed media artist, and member of the Serer noble Faye family.

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Abdalá Bucaram

Abdalá Jaime Bucaram Ortiz (born February 4, 1952) is an Ecuadorian politician and lawyer who was President of Ecuador from August 10, 1996, to February 6, 1997.

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Abdalla Ahmed

Abdalla Ahmed Bekhit (أحمد عبدالله) (born October 10, 1983) is an Egyptian indoor volleyball player.

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Abdalla El-Masri

Abdalla Hani El Masri عبدالله هاني المصري(born 1962, Beirut) is a Lebanese-Russian composer, now resident in Kuwait, of mostly orchestral and chamber works that have been performed in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

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Abdallah al-Adil

Abu Muhammad ʿAbdallah 'al-ʿAdil' (عبد الله ʿAbd Allāh; d. October 4, 1227) was an Almohad Caliph of Morocco, a former governor in al-Andalus who challenged and secured the murder of his predecessor, Abd al-Wahid I. His 1224 coup ushered in a period of instability that lasted well beyond his own death in 1227.

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Abdallah Djaballah

Saad Abdallah Djaballah (سعد عبدالله جابالله, born 2 May 1956, in Skikda) is an Algerian politician and leader of the Movement for National Reform (Ḥarakat al-Iṣlāḥ al-Waṭaniyy, also known as the MRN and El-Islah), an Islamist political party that he led in a breakout from the Islamic Renaissance Party (al-Nahda), which he had created but lost control over.

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Abdallah El-Yafi

Abdallah El-Yafi (عبد الله اليافي - also transliterated as Abdallah Yafi, Abdallah Bey Aref el-Yafi and other variants; 7 September 1901 – 4 November 1986) was the Prime Minister of Lebanon serving 7 times between 1938 and 1969.

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Abdallah Mirza

‘Abdallah Mirza (also spelled ‘Abdullah Mirza) (after 1410 – June 1451) was a short-lived ruler of the Timurid Empire, which encompassed the territory shared by present-day Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, along with substantial areas of India, Mesopotamia and Caucasus.

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Abdallah Somekh

Hakham Abdallah (Ovadia) Somekh (1813–September 13, 1889) was a rosh yeshiva and posek of Iraqi Jewry.

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Abdelilah Saber

Abdelilah Saber (عبد الإله صابر; born 21 April 1974) is a Moroccan retired footballer who played as a right back.

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Abdellah Béhar

Abdellah Béhar (born 5 July 1963 in Souk Arba du Gharb) is a retired Moroccan-born French runner who specializes in the 5000 metres and cross-country running.

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Abdellah Blinda

Abdellah El-Ajri, "Blinda" (عبد الله بليندة; September 25, 1951 – March 17, 2010) was a Moroccan football player and manager and a handball player.

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Abdellah Liegeon

Abdellah Medjadi Liegeon (born 13 December 1957 in Oran, Algeria) is a former football player.

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Abdellah Ouzghar

Abdellah Ouzghar is a joint citizen of Canada and Morocco, who was arrested in Canada shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks, on suspicion of ties to terrorist organizations.

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Abdiel (Hebrew עֲבְדִּיאֵל "Servant of God") is a biblical name which has been used as the name for a number of fictional characters and as a given name for several notable people.

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Abdollah Jassbi

Abdollah Jafarali Jassbi (born 25 November 1944) is an Iranian academic and politician who was president of Azad University from the establishment of the university in 1982 until his resignation in 2012.

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Abdollah Mojtabavi

Seyed Abdollah Mojtabavi (سید عبدالله مجتبوی, January 4, 1925 – January 13, 2012) was an Iranian welterweight freestyle wrestler.

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Abdollah Movahed

Abdollah Movahed Ardabili (عبدالله موحد اردبیلی, born March 20, 1940) is a retired Iranian lightweight freestyle wrestler.

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Abdollah Nouri

Abdollah Noori (عبدالله نوری) is an Iranian cleric and reformist politician.

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Abdollah Ramezanzadeh

Abdollah Ramezanzadeh (عبدالله رمضان‌زاده), is an Iranian academic, writer and politician.

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Abdollah Shahbazi

Abdollah Shahbazi (عبدالله شهبازی; born 1955 in Shiraz, Iran) is an Iranian historian.

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Abdul (also transliterated as Abdal, Abdel, Abdil, Abdol, Abdool, or Abdoul, عبد ال) is the most frequent transliteration of the combination of the Arabic word Abd (عبد, meaning "Servant") and the definite prefix al / el (ال, meaning "the").

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Abdul Alhazred

Abdul Alhazred is a fictional character created by American horror writer H. P. Lovecraft.

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Abdulah Gegić

Abdulah Gegić (born 19 March 1924 in Novi Pazar, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes – died 21 June 2008 in Novi Sad, Serbia) was a Yugoslav football coach of Bosniak ethnicity who also had Turkish citizenship.

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Abdulah Muhasilović

Abdulah Muhasilović (1898 – unknown) was a Bosnian army chaplain best known for his involvement in the 13th Waffen-SS Division "Handschar".

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Abdulah Sidran

Abdulah Sidran (born 9 September 1944), often referred to by his hypocoristic nickname Avdo, is a Bosnian writer and poet who is known for his screenplays.

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Abdulai Bell-Baggie

Abdulai Hindolo Bell-Baggie (born 28 April 1992) is a Sierra Leonean professional footballer who plays as a winger for Southern League Premier Division club Weymouth.

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Abdulai Conteh

Dr Abdulai Osman Conteh (born 5 August 1945) is a lawyer and politician from Sierra Leone.

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Abdulai Seidu

Abdulai Seidu (born 8 September 1992 in Ghana) is a Ghanaian football player currently playing for Ghana Telecom Premier League side Berekum Arsenal.

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Abdullah (عبد الله) is an Arabic male given name which means "Servant of God”.

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Abdullah (Chagatai Khanate)

Abdullah (died c. 1359) was the leader of the Qara'unas (1358–1359) and the ruler of the Chagatai ulus (1358).

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Abdullah Abbas Nadwi

Abdullah Abbas Nadwi (d. January 1, 2006) was an Islamic scholar.

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Abdullah Abdul Kadir

Abdullah bin Abdul al Kadir (1796–1854) (Arabic: عبد الله بن عبد القادر) also known as Munshi Abdullah, was a Malayan writer of Indian origin.

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Abdullah Abdullah

Abdullah Abdullah (Dari/Pashto: عبدالله عبدالله, born September 5, 1960) is an Afghan politician, serving as Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan since September 2014.

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Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Tun Dato' Seri Haji Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi (Jawi: عبد الله بن حاج احمد بداوي; born 26 November 1939) is a Malaysian politician who served as Prime Minister of Malaysia from 2003 to 2009.

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Abdullah al-Amiri

Abdullah al-Amiri was a judge in the trial of Iraqi former president Saddam Hussein who was replaced after allegations of bias.

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Abdullah al-Harari

Abdullah ibn Muhammad ibn Yusuf Al-Harariyy (عبد الله بن محمَّد بن يوسف بن عبد الله بن جامع الشَّيبي العبدري الهرري) (1906 – September 2, 2008) was a Harari muhaddith and scholar of Islamic jurisprudence.

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Abdullah Atalar

Abdullah Atalar (born April 11, 1954, aged 62) is a Turkish scientist and academic.

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Abdullah Avcı

Abdullah Mucib Avcı (born 31 July 1963) (born 5 April 1965) is a former Turkish footballer, who played as a striker and Turkish football manager and current manager of İstanbul Başakşehir.

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Abdullah Aydoğdu

Abdullah Aydoğdu (born September 27, 1991, in Ankara, Turkey) is a Turkish national goalball player of class B3 and Paralympian.

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Abdullah Çatlı

Abdullah Çatlı (1 June 1956 – 3 November 1996) was a convicted Turkish secret government agent, and contract killer for the Counter-Guerrilla.

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Abdullah Öcalan

Abdullah Öcalan (born about 1947), also known as Apo (short for both Abdullah and "uncle" in Kurdish), is a Kurdish nationalist leader and one of the founding members of the militant Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

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Abdullah Öztürk

Abdullah Öztürk (born October 1, 1989) is a Turkish para table tennis player of class 4 and Paralympian.

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Abdullah İçel

Abdullah İçel (also known as Abdoullah Icel in Belgium) (born January 12, 1982) is a Turkish-Belgian futsal player.

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Abdullah Baybaşin

In 2004 Abdullah Baybaşin was accused of being drug dealer in London.

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Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani

Abdullah bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani (عبد الله بن جاسم بن محمد آل ثاني "Abdullah bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani"), also known as Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani or Sheikh Abdullah bin Qassim Al Thani, was the Emir of Qatar.

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Abdullah bin Khalid Al Thani

Abdullah bin Khalid (عبد الله بن خالد آل ثاني) was the former minister of interior of Qatar.

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Abdullah bin Khalifa Al Thani

Abdullah bin Khalifa Al Thani (عبد الله بن خليفة آل ثاني) (born 1958, Doha) was Prime Minister of Qatar from 29 October 1996 to 3 April 2007.

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Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Thani

Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Ali bin Abdullah Al Thani is a member of Al Thani royal family of Qatar, who lived in the UAE (the country of his mother).

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Abdullah bin Saud

Abdullah bin Saud (عبد الله بن سعود) (died 1818) ruled the First Saudi State from 1814 to 1818.

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Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (عبد الله بن زايد بن سلطان ال نهيان; born 30 April 1972) is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates.

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Abdullah Bughra

Abdullah Bughra (died 1934) (ئابدۇللا بۇغرا), عبد الله بغرا, was a Uighur Emir of the First East Turkestan Republic.

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Abdullah Cevdet

Abdullah Cevdet (عبدالله جودت‎; Abdullah Cevdet Karlıdağ; 9 September 1869 – 29 November 1932) was an Ottoman-born Turkish intellectual and physician of ethnic Kurdish origin.

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Abdullah Demirbaş

Abdullah Demirbaş (born 1966, Diyarbakir, Turkey) was the former mayor of the municipality of Sur in the city of Diyarbakir, Southeast Turkey, of the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP).

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Abdullah Durak

Abdullah Durak (born 1 April 1987 in Niğde, Turkey) is a Turkish professional footballer.

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Abdullah el-Tell

Abdullah Yousef el-Tell (عبدالله التل, 17 July 1918–1973) served in the Transjordanian Arab Legion during the 1948 war in Palestine rising from the rank of company commander to become Military Governor of the Old City of Jerusalem.

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Abdullah Elyasa Süme

Abdullah Elyasa Süme (born 13 August 1983) is a retired Turkish footballer.

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Abdullah Ercan

Abdullah Ercan (born 8 December 1971 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a retired Turkish international footballer.

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Abdullah Gül

Abdullah Gül (born 29 October 1950) is a Turkish politician who served as the 11th President of Turkey, in office from 2007 to 2014.

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Abdullah Halman

Abdullah Halman (born 15 August 1987), is a Turkish footballer who plays as a striker for Kastamonuspor.

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Abdullah I of Jordan

Abdullah I bin al-Hussein, King of Jordan (عبد الله الأول بن الحسين, Abd Allāh ibn al-Husayn, February 1882 – 20 July 1951), born in Mecca, Hejaz, Ottoman Empire, was the second of three sons of Hussein bin Ali, Sharif and Emir of Mecca and his first wife Abdiyya bint Abdullah (d. 1886).

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Abdullah ibn Abdul-Muttalib

Abdullah ibn Abdul-Muttalib (عبدالله بن عبد المطلب) (c.546–570) was the father of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

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Abdullah ibn Masud

ʿAbdallāh ibn Masʿūd (عبدالله بن مسعود; c.594-c.653) was a companion of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.

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Abdullah ibn Muhammad al-Umawi

Abdullah ibn Muhammad (عبد الله بن محمد ‘Abd Allāh ibn Muḥammad; January 11, 844 – October 15, 912) of the Umayyad dynasty was the seventh Emir of Córdoba, reigning from 888 to 912 in Al-Andalus (Islamic Iberia).

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Abdullah ibn Saba'

Abdullah ibn Sabaʾ al-Ḥimyarī (or ibn Sabāʾ, also sometimes called ibn al-Sawdāʾ, ibn Wahb, or ibn Ḥarb) was a dubious 7th-century figure in Islamic history who is often associated with a group of followers called the Sabaʾiyya (سبئية).

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Abdullah ibn Salam

Abdullah ibn Salam (عبدالله بن سلام God's servant, the Son of Peace), born Al-Husayn ibn Salam, was a companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and was a rabbi before converting to Islam.

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Abdullah II of Jordan

Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein (عبد الله الثاني بن الحسين., ʿAbdullāh ath-thānī ibn Al-Ḥusayn, born 30 January 1962) has been King of Jordan since 1999.

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Abdullah Khadr

Abdullah Ahmed Khadr (in Arabic عبدالله أحمد خضر) (born April 30, 1981) is a Canadian citizen who is the oldest son of the late Ahmed Khadr, alleged to be a terrorist and al-Qaeda member.

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Abdullah Kobayashi

(born July 22, 1976), is a Japanese professional wrestler best known by his stage name after Abdullah the Butcher, who was his trainer.

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Abdullah Malallah

Abdullah Malallah (born 5 July 1983) is an Emarati footballer.

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Abdullah Mando

Abdullah Mando (عبد الله مندو) (born 9 October 1971) is a former Syrian footballer who played for Syria national football team.

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Abdullah Nakaš

Abdulah Nakaš (November 27, 1944 – November 27, 2005) was a Bosnian surgeon.

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Abdullah Oğuz

Abdullah Oguz (born 17 June 1958 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a Turkish film director and producer.

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Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (عبدالله بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود,, Najdi Arabic pronunciation:; 1 August 1924 – 23 January 2015) was King of Saudi Arabia and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques from 2005 to his death in 2015.

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Abdullah the Butcher

Lawrence Robert Shreve (born January 11, 1941), better known by the ring name Abdullah the Butcher, is a semi-retired Canadian professional wrestler.

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Abdullah Yusuf Azzam

Abdullah Yusuf Azzam (عبد الله يوسف عزام, ‘Abdu’llāh Yūsuf ‘Azzām; 194124 November 1989) also known as Father of Global Jihad was a Palestinian Sunni Islamic scholar and theologian and founding member of Al-Qaeda.

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Abdullahi (also spelled Abdollahi and Abdillahi) is a male given name.

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Abu Bakr

Abū Bakr aṣ-Ṣiddīq ‘Abdallāh bin Abī Quḥāfah (أبو بكر الصديق عبد الله بن أبي قحافة; 573 CE23 August 634 CE), popularly known as Abu Bakr (أبو بكر), was a senior companion (Sahabi) and—through his daughter Aisha—the father-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Abu Bakr became the first openly declared Muslim outside Muhammad's family.Muhammad Mustafa Al-A'zami (2003), The History of The Qur'anic Text: From Revelation to Compilation: A Comparative Study with the Old and New Testaments, p.26, 59. UK Islamic Academy.. Abu Bakr served as a trusted advisor to Muhammad. During Muhammad's lifetime, he was involved in several campaigns and treaties.Tabqat ibn al-Saad book of Maghazi, page no:62 He ruled over the Rashidun Caliphate from 632 to 634 CE when he became the first Muslim Caliph following Muhammad's death. As caliph, Abu Bakr succeeded to the political and administrative functions previously exercised by Muhammad. He was commonly known as The Truthful (الصديق). Abu Bakr's reign lasted for 2 years, 2 months, 2 weeks and 1 day ending with his death after an illness.

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Abu Makhlad Abdallah

Abu Makhlad Abdallah ibn Yahya al-Tabari was an Iranian statesman from Tabaristan, who served the Ziyarid ruler Mardavij (r. 930–935), and later the Buyid ruler of Iraq, Mu'izz al-Dawla (r. 945–967).

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Adel Abdullah

Adel Ahmed Abdullah (عادل أحمد عبدالله; born 12 January 1984), commonly known as Adel Abdullah, is a Syrian footballer who plays for Sur SC in Oman Professional League.

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Adyghe language

Adyghe (or; Adyghe: Адыгабзэ, Adygabzæ), also known as West Circassian (КӀахыбзэ, K’axybzæ), is one of the two official languages of the Republic of Adygea in the Russian Federation, the other being Russian. It is spoken by various tribes of the Adyghe people: Abzekh, Adamey, Bzhedug, Hatuqwai, Temirgoy, Mamkhegh, Natekuay, Shapsug, Zhaney and Yegerikuay, each with its own dialect. The language is referred to by its speakers as Adygebze or Adəgăbză, and alternatively transliterated in English as Adygean, Adygeyan or Adygei. The literary language is based on the Temirgoy dialect. There are apparently around 128,000 speakers of Adyghe in Russia, almost all of them native speakers. In total, some 300,000 speak it worldwide. The largest Adyghe-speaking community is in Turkey, spoken by the post Russian–Circassian War (circa 1763–1864) diaspora; in addition to that, the Adyghe language is spoken by the Cherkesogai in Krasnodar Krai. Adyghe belongs to the family of Northwest Caucasian languages. Kabardian (also known as East Circassian) is a very close relative, treated by some as a dialect of Adyghe or of an overarching Circassian language. Ubykh, Abkhaz and Abaza are somewhat more distantly related to Adyghe. The language was standardised after the October Revolution in 1917. Since 1936, the Cyrillic script has been used to write Adyghe. Before that, an Arabic-based alphabet was used together with the Latin.

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Ahmad Abdalla

Ahmad Abdalla El Sayed Abdelkader (أحمد عبد الله السيد.) (born on December 19, 1979, Cairo) is an Egyptian film director, editor and screenwriter.

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Alberto Abdala

Alberto Abdala (البرتو عبد االله) (1920–1986) Uruguayan attorney, politician, painter and Vice-President from 1967 to 1972.

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Ali Abdalla

Ali Abdallah Avelino (born 2 November 1982 in Mariti) is an Eritrean long-distance runner.

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Ali al-Abdallah

Ali al-Abdallah is a Syrian writer and human rights activist.

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Allah (translit) is the Arabic word for God in Abrahamic religions.

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Ameer Abdullah

Ameer Abdullah (born June 13, 1993) is an American football running back for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League (NFL).

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Amelia Peabody series

The Amelia Peabody series is a series of twenty historical mystery novels and one non-fiction companion volume written by Egyptologist Barbara Mertz (1927-2013) under the pen name Elizabeth Peters.

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Arab Jews

Arab Jews (اليهود العرب; יהודים ערבים) is a term referring to Jews living in the Arab World.

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Arabic definite article

(ال), also transliterated as el- as pronounced in varieties of Arabic, is the definite article in the Arabic language: a particle (ḥarf) whose function is to render the noun on which it is prefixed definite.

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Arabic name

Arabic names were historically based on a long naming system; most Arabs did not have given/middle/family names, but a full chain of names.

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Asha Ahmed Abdalla

Asha Ahmed Abdalla (Casha Axmed Cabdalla; عائشة أحمد عبد الله) is a Somali politician.

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Avdo Palić

Avdo Palić (4 April 1958 – 1995) was a Bosniak military officer during the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Bilal Abdullah

Bilal Talal Samad Abdullah (بلال عبد الله,; born 17 September 1980) was one of two terrorists behind the 2007 London car bombs plot and the 2007 Glasgow Airport attack.

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Carlos Abdala

Carlos Abdala (1930-1976) was a Uruguayan politician and diplomat.

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A Christian is a person who follows or adheres to Christianity, an Abrahamic, monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

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Dasa is a Sanskrit language term found in ancient Hindu texts, such as the Rigveda and Arthashastra.

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Edílson Abdala Júnior

Edílson Abdala Júnior or simply Edílson (born January 25, 1987 in Uberaba), is a Brazilian attacking midfielder of Palestinian descent.

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Edgardo Abdala

Edgardo Abdala (born July 1, 1978) is a Chilean-born Palestinian former professional footballer who last played for Fernández Vial. and the Palestinian national team.

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An emir (أمير), sometimes transliterated amir, amier, or ameer, is an aristocratic or noble and military title of high office used in a variety of places in the Arab countries, West African, and Afghanistan.

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Faye Glenn Abdellah

Faye Glenn Abdellah (March 13, 1919 – February 24, 2017) was an American pioneer in nursing research.

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First East Turkestan Republic

The First East Turkistan Republic (ETR), officially the Turkic Islamic Republic of East Turkistan (شەرقىي تۈركىستان ئىسلام جۇمھۇرىيىتى, Шәрқий Түркистан Ислам Җумхурийити), was a short-lived breakaway would-be Islamic republic founded in 1933.

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God in Islam

In Islam, God (Allāh, contraction of الْإِلٰه al-ilāh, lit. "the god") is indivisible, the God, the absolute one, the all-powerful and all-knowing ruler of the universe, and the creator of everything in existence within the universe.

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History of the Jews in Iraq

The history of the Jews in Iraq (יְהוּדִים בָּבְלִים,, Yehudim Bavlim, اليهود العراقيون), is documented from the time of the Babylonian captivity c. 586 BC.

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Husain Abdullah

Husain Ibn Muhammed Abdullah (born July 27, 1985) is a former American football free safety.

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(إله; plural: آلهة) is an Arabic term meaning "deity" or "god".

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IslamThere are ten pronunciations of Islam in English, differing in whether the first or second syllable has the stress, whether the s is or, and whether the a is pronounced, or (when the stress is on the first syllable) (Merriam Webster).

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Khalid Abdalla

Khalid Abdalla (خالد عبد الله, Khālid ‘Abd Allāh; born 26 October 1980) is a British Egyptian actor and activist.

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List of Arabic theophoric names

This is a list of Arabic theophoric names.

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List of The Adventures of Tintin characters

This is the list of fictional characters in The Adventures of Tintin, the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Hergé.

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Majed Abdullah

Majed Ahmed Abdullah (ماجد احمد عبد الله) (born January 11, 1959) is a former striker for Al Nassr FC and Saudi national team. He was one of the top international scorers in the world (115 goals). He won Asian Footballer of the Year three times in 1984, 1985, and 1986. He won the AFC Asian Cup twice in 1984 and 1988. He has been the league's top scorer 6 times and was nicknamed the "Arabian Jewel".

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Medina (المدينة المنورة,, "the radiant city"; or المدينة,, "the city"), also transliterated as Madīnah, is a city in the Hejaz region of the Arabian Peninsula and administrative headquarters of the Al-Madinah Region of Saudi Arabia.

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Middle East

The Middle Easttranslit-std; translit; Orta Şərq; Central Kurdish: ڕۆژھەڵاتی ناوین, Rojhelatî Nawîn; Moyen-Orient; translit; translit; translit; Rojhilata Navîn; translit; Bariga Dhexe; Orta Doğu; translit is a transcontinental region centered on Western Asia, Turkey (both Asian and European), and Egypt (which is mostly in North Africa).

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Mohamed Abdullah (footballer)

Mohamed Abdullah (محمد عبدالله) (born May 23, 1981) is an Egyptian footballer who currently plays for El-Entag El-Harby.

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MuhammadFull name: Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāšim (ابو القاسم محمد ابن عبد الله ابن عبد المطلب ابن هاشم, lit: Father of Qasim Muhammad son of Abd Allah son of Abdul-Muttalib son of Hashim) (مُحمّد;;Classical Arabic pronunciation Latinized as Mahometus c. 570 CE – 8 June 632 CE)Elizabeth Goldman (1995), p. 63, gives 8 June 632 CE, the dominant Islamic tradition.

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A Muslim (مُسلِم) is someone who follows or practices Islam, a monotheistic Abrahamic religion.

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Nacer Abdellah

Nacer Abdellah (born 3 March 1966 in Sidi Slimane) is a retired Moroccan football player.

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Nadhem Abdullah

Nadhem Abdullah was an 18-year-old unarmed Iraqi civilian who was allegedly assaulted and murdered by soldiers from the United Kingdom Parachute Regiment during the Occupation of Iraq in May 2003.

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Obadiah (pronounced, עובדיה ʿOvadyah or ʿOvadyahu, or in Modern Hebrew Ovadyah; "slave of God") is a Biblical theophorical name, meaning "servant of God" or "worshiper of Yahweh".

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Ovadia Yosef

Ovadia Yosef (עובדיה יוסף Ovadya Yosef,; September 24, 1920 – October 7, 2013) was an Iraqi-born Talmudic scholar, a posek, the Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel from 1973 to 1983, and the founder and long-time spiritual leader of Israel's ultra-Orthodox Shas party.

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Pablo Andrés Abdala Kovasevic

Pablo Andrés Abdala Kovasevic (born May 6, 1972 in Rosario, Argentina) is a Palestinian football midfielder.

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In Judaism, a rabbi is a teacher of Torah.

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Rahim Abdullah

Rahim Fahim Abdullah (born March 22, 1976) is a former American football player from Clemson University.

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Romanization of Arabic

The romanization of Arabic writes written and spoken Arabic in the Latin script in one of various systematic ways.

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Russian language

Russian (rússkiy yazýk) is an East Slavic language, which is official in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as being widely spoken throughout Eastern Europe, the Baltic states, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

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Salem Abdullah

Salem Abdullah Omar Salem Ba Abdullah (سالم عبد الله عمر سالم باعبد الله; born 5 July 1986) is an Emarati footballer who plays as a midfielder for Al Jazira.

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Servant of God

"Servant of God" is a term used for individuals by various religions for people believed to be pious in the faith's tradition.

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Sheikh Abdullah

Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah (5 December 1905 – 8 September 1982) was a Kashmiri politician who played a central role in the politics of Jammu and Kashmir, the northernmost Indian state.

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The Talmud (Hebrew: תַּלְמוּד talmūd "instruction, learning", from a root LMD "teach, study") is the central text of Rabbinic Judaism and the primary source of Jewish religious law and theology.

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Tewfik Abdullah

Tawfik Abdullah (Arabic: توفيق عبد الله) (born 23 June 1896 in Cairo, Egypt) was an Egyptian football player, and the second Egyptian to play in the English Football League.

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Turkish name

A Turkish name consists of an ad or an isim (given name; plural adlar and isimler) and a soyadı or soyisim (surname).

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A vowel is one of the two principal classes of speech sound, the other being a consonant.

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Washington Abdala

Manuel Juan Washington Abdala Remerciari, aka el Turco (born 8 September 1959 in Montevideo) is a Uruguayan lawyer and politician.

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