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Acalyptratae is a subsection of Schizophora, commonly referred to as the acalyptrate muscoids (or simply acalyptrates). [1]

76 relations: Acartophthalmidae, Agromyzidae, Animal, Anthomyzidae, Arthropod, Asteiidae, Aulacigastridae, Australimyzidae, Brachycera, Braulidae, Calypter, Camillidae, Canacidae, Carnidae, Carnoidea, Celyphidae, Chamaemyiidae, Chloropidae, Chyromyidae, Clusiidae, Coelopidae, Conopidae, Cryptochetidae, Ctenostylidae, Curtonotidae, Cypselosomatidae, Diastatidae, Diopsoidea, Drosophilidae, Dryomyzidae, Ephydridae, Ephydroidea, Fly, Gobryidae, Heleomyzidae, Helosciomyzidae, Hematophagy, Heterocheila, Insect, Justin Pierre Marie Macquart, Lauxaniidae, Lauxanioidea, Lonchaeidae, Megamerinidae, Micropezidae, Milichiidae, Neriidae, Nerioidea, Nothybidae, Odiniidae, ..., Opomyzidae, Opomyzoidea, Pallopteridae, Periscelididae, Phoridae, Piophilidae, Platystomatidae, Psilidae, Pyrgotidae, Richardiidae, Ropalomeridae, Scathophagidae, Schizophora, Sciomyzidae, Sciomyzoidea, Sepsidae, Sphaeroceridae, Sphaeroceroidea, Stalk-eyed fly, Strongylophthalmyiidae, Syringogaster, Tanypezidae, Tephritidae, Tephritoidea, Tethininae, Ulidiidae. Expand index (26 more) »


Acartophthalmidae is a family of very small (1-2.5 mm), dark flies with pubescent arista, found in the order Diptera.

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The family Agromyzidae is commonly referred to as the leaf-miner flies, for the feeding habits of their larvae, most of which are leaf miners on various plants.

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Animals are multicellular, eukaryotic organisms of the kingdom Animalia (also called Metazoa).

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Anthomyzidae are small, slender, yellow to black flies with narrow and elongate wings, which may have distinct markings.

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An arthropod (from Greek arthro-, joint + podos, foot) is an invertebrate animal having an exoskeleton (external skeleton), a segmented body, and jointed appendages.

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Asteiidae is a small but widespread family of acalyptrate flies or Diptera.

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Aulacigastridae is a very small family of flies known as sap flies.

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Australimyzidae is a family of flies (Diptera).

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The Brachycera are a suborder of the order Diptera.

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Braulidae, or bee lice, is a family of flies (Diptera) with eight species in two genera, Braula and Megabraula.

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A calypter is either of two posterior lobes of the posterior margin of the forewing of flies between the extreme posterior wing base and the alula, which covers the halteres.

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Camillidae is a family of flies, or Diptera.

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Canacidae, incorrectly Canaceidae, or beach flies, surf or surge flies, is a family of Diptera.There are 113 species in 12 genera.

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Carnidae also known as Bird flies or Filth flies is a family of flies (Diptera).

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Carnoidea are a superfamily of Acalyptratae flies.

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Celyphidae, commonly known as beetle flies or beetle-backed flies, are a family of flies (Order Diptera).

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Chamaemyiidae is a small family of acalyptrate flies with less than 200 species described worldwide.

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The Chloropidae are a family of flies commonly known as frit flies or grass flies.

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Chyromyidae are small to very small cyclorrhaphous, acalypterate flies (Diptera) currently classified within the Heleomyzoidea by most authors.

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Clusiidae or "druid flies" is a family of small (~ 3.5 mm), thin, yellow to black acalyptrate flies with a characteristic antenna (The second segment of the antennae has a triangular projection over the third segment when viewed from the outside) and with the wing usually partially infuscated.

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Coelopidae or kelp flies are a family of Acalyptratae Diptera, they are sometimes also called seaweed flies, though both terms are used for a number of seashore Diptera.

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The Conopidae, usually known as the thick-headed flies, are a family of flies within the Brachycera suborder of Diptera.

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The Cryptochetidae are a small family of tiny flies (generally 2 to 4 mm long).

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The enigmatic fly family Ctenostylidae is a small group of very rare flies formerly included in the family Pyrgotidae (as the subfamily "Lochmostyliinae"); the principal reason for their inclusion in the Pyrgotidae was the absence of ocelli, a feature originally thought to be a unique defining feature ("autapomorphy") of the Pyrgotidae.

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Curtotonidae or Quasimodo flies is a small family of small grey to dark brown humpbacked flies (Diptera) with a worldwide distribution but with very few species in the Nearctic, Australasian/Oceanian and Palaearctic regions.

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Cypselosomatidae is a family of true flies (Diptera) closely related to the Micropezidae.

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Diastatidae are a type of flies, and are in the family Diptera.

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The Diopsoidea is a small but diverse cosmopolitan superfamily of acalyptrate muscoids, especially prevalent in the tropics.

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Drosophilidae is a diverse, cosmopolitan family of flies, which includes fruit flies.

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Dryomyzidae is a small family of flies ranging from 4-18mm long, with prominent bristles, and yellow to brown or rust-yellow coloring.The wings are very large.The subcosta is complete and well separated from vein 1.Larvae feed on decaying organic matter; carrion, dung, and fungi.

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Ephydridae (shore fly, sometimes brine fly) is a family of insects in the order Diptera.

New!!: Acalyptratae and Ephydridae · See more »


Ephydroidea is a superfamily of flies.

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True flies are insects of the order Diptera (from the Greek di.

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Gobryidae is a family of five species in the genus Gobrya.

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The Heleomyzidae are a small family of true flies in the insect order Diptera.

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Helosciomyzidae is a very small family of flies.

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Hematophagy (sometimes spelled haematophagy or hematophagia) is the practice of certain animals of feeding on blood (from the Greek words αἷμα haima "blood" and φάγειν phagein "to eat").

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Heterocheila is a genus of acalyptrate true flies (Diptera).

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Insects (from Latin insectum, a calque of Greek ἔντομον, "cut into sections") are a class of invertebrates within the arthropod phylum that have a chitinous exoskeleton, a three-part body (head, thorax and abdomen), three pairs of jointed legs, compound eyes and one pair of antennae.

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Justin Pierre Marie Macquart

Justin Pierre Marie Macquart (1776 – 25 November 1855) was a French entomologist specialising in the study of Diptera.

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The Lauxaniidae are a family of acalyptrate flies.

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Lauxanioidea is a superfamily of flies that includes the two large families, the Lauxaniidae and Chamaemyiidae, and the small family Celyphidae.

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Lonchaeidae is a family of acalyptrate flies commonly known as lance flies.

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Megamerinidae is a family of flies (Diptera) with about 11 species in the genera Protexara Yang Megamerina Rondani, and Texara Walker.

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The Micropezidae are a moderate-sized family of acalyptrate muscoid flies in the insect order Diptera, comprising about 500 species in about 50 genera and 5 subfamilies worldwide, (except New Zealand and Macquarie Island).

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Milichiidae are a family of flies.

New!!: Acalyptratae and Milichiidae · See more »


Neriidae is a family of true flies (Diptera) closely related to the Micropezidae.

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Nerioidea is a superfamily of Acalyptratae flies.

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The family Nothybidae contains only the genus Nothybus, a group of colorful and elongate flies.

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Odiniidae is a small family of flies.

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Opomyzidae is a family of acalyptrate Diptera.

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Opomyzoidea is a superfamily of flies.

New!!: Acalyptratae and Opomyzoidea · See more »


Pallopteridae, or flutter-wing flies (or trembling-wing, or waving-wing flies, because of the striking vibration of the wings in many species) is a family of Diptera.

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Periscelididae is a family of flies.

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The Phoridae are a family of small, hump-backed flies resembling fruit flies.

New!!: Acalyptratae and Phoridae · See more »


Piophilidae are a family of "true flies", which is to say that they are in the order Diptera.

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Platystomatidae (Signal flies) is a distinctive family of flies (Diptera).

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Psilidae is family of two-winged flies.

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Pyrgotidae is an unusual family of flies (Diptera), one of only two families of Cyclorrhapha that lack ocelli.

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Richardiidae is a family of Diptera in the superfamily Tephritoidea.

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Ropalomeridae is a family of acalyptrate flies.

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The Scathophagidae is a small family of Muscoidea which are often known as "Dung-flies" although this name is not appropriate except for a few species of the genus Scathophaga which do indeed pass their larval stages in animal dung.

New!!: Acalyptratae and Scathophagidae · See more »


Schizophora is a section of true flies containing 78 families, which are collectively referred to as muscoids, althoughtechnicallythe term "muscoid" should be limited to flies in the superfamily Muscoidea; this is an example of informal, historical usage persisting in the vernacular.

New!!: Acalyptratae and Schizophora · See more »


The family Sciomyzidae belongs to the typical flies (Brachycera) of the order Diptera.

New!!: Acalyptratae and Sciomyzidae · See more »


Sciomyzoidea is a superfamily of Acalyptratae flies.

New!!: Acalyptratae and Sciomyzoidea · See more »


Sepsidae are a family of flies, commonly called the black scavenger flies or ensign flies.

New!!: Acalyptratae and Sepsidae · See more »


Sphaeroceridae are a family of true flies in the order Diptera, often called small dung flies, lesser dung flies or lesser corpse flies due to their saprophagous habits.

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Sphaeroceroidea is a superfamily of flies.

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Stalk-eyed fly

Stalk-eyed flies are insects of the fly family Diopsidae.

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Strongylophthalmyiidae is a small family of about 45 species of slender, long-legged flies.

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Syringogaster is a genus of small (4 to 6mm) ant-mimicking flies with a petiolate abdomen, a long prothorax, a swollen and spiny hind femur, and reduced head size and large eyes.

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The Tanypezidae are also known as the “stretched-foot flies”, and is a small family of Acalyptrate Diptera (Schizophora, Brachycera).

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Tephritidae is one of two fly families referred to as "fruit flies", the other family being Drosophilidae.

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The Tephritoidea are a superfamily of flies.

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Tethininae, formally the family Tethinidae is a paraphyletic group of tiny drab-coloured or grey Acalyptratae flies.

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Ulidiidae (formerly Otitidae) is a large and diverse cosmopolitan family of flies (Diptera), and, as in related families, most species are herbivorous or saprophagous.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acalyptratae

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