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Acoustic quieting

Index Acoustic quieting

Acoustic quieting is the process of making machinery quieter by damping vibrations to prevent them from reaching the observer. [1]

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Acoustic signature

Acoustic signature is used to describe a combination of acoustic emissions of sound emitters, such as those of ships and submarines.

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Acoustic transmission

Acoustic transmission is the transmission of sounds through and between materials, including air, wall, and musical instruments.

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Active noise control

Active noise control (ANC), also known as noise cancellation, or active noise reduction (ANR), is a method for reducing unwanted sound by the addition of a second sound specifically designed to cancel the first.

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Active vibration control

Active vibration control is the active application of force in an equal and opposite fashion to the forces imposed by external vibration.

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An airport is an aerodrome with extended facilities, mostly for commercial air transport.

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Ambient noise level

In atmospheric sounding and noise pollution, ambient noise level (sometimes called background noise level, reference sound level, or room noise level) is the background sound pressure level at a given location, normally specified as a reference level to study a new intrusive sound source.

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The amplitude of a periodic variable is a measure of its change over a single period (such as time or spatial period).

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Anechoic chamber

An anechoic chamber (an-echoic meaning "non-reflective, non-echoing, echo-free") is a room designed to completely absorb reflections of either sound or electromagnetic waves.

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Anechoic tile

Anechoic tiles are rubber or synthetic polymer tiles containing thousands of tiny voids, applied to the outer hulls of military ships and submarines, as well as anechoic chambers.

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Architectural acoustics

Architectural acoustics (also known as room acoustics and building acoustics) is the science and engineering of achieving a good sound within a building and is a branch of acoustical engineering.

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Bass trap

Bass traps are acoustic energy absorbers which are designed to damp low frequency sound energy with the goal of attaining a flatter low frequency (LF) room response by reducing LF resonances in rooms.

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Bearing (mechanical)

A bearing is a machine element that constrains relative motion to only the desired motion, and reduces friction between moving parts.

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Bell Labs

Nokia Bell Labs (formerly named AT&T Bell Laboratories, Bell Telephone Laboratories and Bell Labs) is an American research and scientific development company, owned by Finnish company Nokia.

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Building insulation materials

Building insulation materials are the building materials which form the thermal envelope of a building or otherwise reduce heat transfer.

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A car (or automobile) is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transportation.

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Carl F. Eyring

Carl Ferdinand Eyring (August 30, 1889–January 3, 1951) was an acoustic physicist.

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Cavitation is the formation of vapour cavities in a liquid, small liquid-free zones ("bubbles" or "voids"), that are the consequence of forces acting upon the liquid.

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A computer is a device that can be instructed to carry out sequences of arithmetic or logical operations automatically via computer programming.

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Degaussing is the process of decreasing or eliminating a remnant magnetic field.

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Degrees of freedom (mechanics)

In physics, the degree of freedom (DOF) of a mechanical system is the number of independent parameters that define its configuration.

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Disk storage

Disk storage (also sometimes called drive storage) is a general category of storage mechanisms where data is recorded by various electronic, magnetic, optical, or mechanical changes to a surface layer of one or more rotating disks.

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Dropped ceiling

A dropped ceiling is a secondary ceiling, hung below the main (structural) ceiling.

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Ear protection

Ear protection refers to devices used to protect the ear, either externally from elements such as cold, intrusion by water and other environmental conditions, debris, or specifically from noise.

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An earplug is a device that is meant to be inserted in the ear canal to protect the user's ears from loud noises or the intrusion of water, foreign bodies, dust or excessive wind.

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Golf club

A golf club is a club used to hit a golf ball in a game of golf.

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Hard disk drive

A hard disk drive (HDD), hard disk, hard drive or fixed disk is an electromechanical data storage device that uses magnetic storage to store and retrieve digital information using one or more rigid rapidly rotating disks (platters) coated with magnetic material.

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A helicopter is a type of rotorcraft in which lift and thrust are supplied by rotors.

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Helicopter noise reduction

Helicopter noise reduction is a topic of research into designing helicopters which can be operated more quietly, reducing the public-relations problems with night-flying or expanding an airport.

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Hermetic seal

A hermetic seal is any type of sealing that makes a given object airtight (excludes the passage of air, oxygen, or other gases).

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Hydraulics (from Greek: Υδραυλική) is a technology and applied science using engineering, chemistry, and other sciences involving the mechanical properties and use of liquids.

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Hydroacoustics is the study and application of sound in water.

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Implosion (mechanical process)

Implosion is a process in which objects are destroyed by collapsing (or being squeezed in) on themselves.

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Jet engine

A jet engine is a type of reaction engine discharging a fast-moving jet that generates thrust by jet propulsion.

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Longitudinal wave

Longitudinal waves are waves in which the displacement of the medium is in the same direction as, or the opposite direction to, the direction of propagation of the wave.

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A loudspeaker (or loud-speaker or speaker) is an electroacoustic transducer; which converts an electrical audio signal into a corresponding sound.

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Mechanical resonance

Mechanical resonance is the tendency of a mechanical system to respond at greater amplitude when the frequency of its oscillations matches the system's natural frequency of vibration (its resonance frequency or resonant frequency) than it does at other frequencies.

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A muffler (silencer in many non-US English speaking countries) is a device for decreasing the amount of noise emitted by the exhaust of an internal combustion engine.

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Noise (electronics)

In electronics, noise is an unwanted disturbance in an electrical signal.

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Noise pollution

Sound pollution, also known as environmental noise or noise pollution, is the propagation of noise with harmful impact on the activity of human or animal life.

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Noise reduction

Noise reduction is the process of removing noise from a signal.

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Noise-canceling microphone

A noise-canceling microphone is a microphone that is designed to filter ambient noise from the desired sound, which is especially useful in noisy environments.

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Noise-cancelling headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones are headphones that reduce unwanted ambient sounds using active noise control.

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The ocarina is an ancient wind musical instrument—a type of vessel flute.

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Omnipresence or ubiquity is the property of being present everywhere.

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A patent is a set of exclusive rights granted by a sovereign state or intergovernmental organization to an inventor or assignee for a limited period of time in exchange for detailed public disclosure of an invention.

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Phase (waves)

Phase is the position of a point in time (an instant) on a waveform cycle.

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Pink noise

Pink noise or noise is a signal or process with a frequency spectrum such that the power spectral density (energy or power per frequency interval) is inversely proportional to the frequency of the signal.

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Pipe organ

The pipe organ is a musical instrument that produces sound by driving pressurized air (called wind) through organ pipes selected via a keyboard.

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Plumbing is any system that conveys fluids for a wide range of applications.

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A propeller is a type of fan that transmits power by converting rotational motion into thrust.

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Recording studio

A recording studio is a specialized facility for sound recording, mixing, and audio production of instrumental or vocal musical performances, spoken words, and other sounds.

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Refraction is the change in direction of wave propagation due to a change in its transmission medium.

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In physics, resonance is a phenomenon in which a vibrating system or external force drives another system to oscillate with greater amplitude at specific frequencies.

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Seismic retrofit

Seismic retrofitting is the modification of existing structures to make them more resistant to seismic activity, ground motion, or soil failure due to earthquakes.

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Seismic wave

Seismic waves are waves of energy that travel through the Earth's layers, and are a result of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, magma movement, large landslides and large man-made explosions that give out low-frequency acoustic energy.

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Shock absorber

A shock absorber (in reality, a shock "damper") is a mechanical or hydraulic device designed to absorb and damp shock impulses.

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Shooting range

A shooting range or firing range or archery range or pistol range or rifle range or shooting gallery or shooting ground is a specialized facility designed for archery or firearms practice.

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SOFAR channel

Sound speed as a function of depth at a position north of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean derived from the 2005 World Ocean Atlas. The SOFAR channel axis is at ca. 750-m depth The SOFAR channel (short for Sound Fixing and Ranging channel), or deep sound channel (DSC), is a horizontal layer of water in the ocean at which depth the speed of sound is at its minimum.

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Sonar (originally an acronym for SOund Navigation And Ranging) is a technique that uses sound propagation (usually underwater, as in submarine navigation) to navigate, communicate with or detect objects on or under the surface of the water, such as other vessels.

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In physics, sound is a vibration that typically propagates as an audible wave of pressure, through a transmission medium such as a gas, liquid or solid.

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Sound masking

Sound masking is the addition of sound created by special digital generators and distributed by normally unseen speakers through an area to reduce distractions or provide confidentiality where needed.

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Sound power

Sound power or acoustic power is the rate at which sound energy is emitted, reflected, transmitted or received, per unit time.

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Sound speed gradient

In acoustics, the sound speed gradient is the rate of change of the speed of sound with distance, for example with depth in the ocean, or height in the Earth's atmosphere.

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Sound trap

A sound trap is a special acoustical treatment of Heating Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) ductwork designed to reduce transmission of noise through the ductwork, either from equipment into occupied spaces in a building, or between occupied spaces.

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Soundproofing is any means of reducing the sound pressure with respect to a specified sound source and receptor.

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Speed of sound

The speed of sound is the distance travelled per unit time by a sound wave as it propagates through an elastic medium.

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Stall (fluid mechanics)

In fluid dynamics, a stall is a reduction in the lift coefficient generated by a foil as angle of attack increases.

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Stealth technology

Stealth technology also termed low observable technology (LO technology) is a sub-discipline of military tactics and passive electronic countermeasures, which cover a range of techniques used with personnel, aircraft, ships, submarines, missiles and satellites to make them less visible (ideally invisible) to radar, infrared, sonar and other detection methods.

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Stress (mechanics)

In continuum mechanics, stress is a physical quantity that expresses the internal forces that neighboring particles of a continuous material exert on each other, while strain is the measure of the deformation of the material.

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A submarine (or simply sub) is a watercraft capable of independent operation underwater.

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Underwater acoustics

Underwater acoustics is the study of the propagation of sound in water and the interaction of the mechanical waves that constitute sound with the water and its boundaries.

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Vacuum is space devoid of matter.

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A valve is a device that regulates, directs or controls the flow of a fluid (gases, liquids, fluidized solids, or slurries) by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passageways.

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Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon whereby oscillations occur about an equilibrium point.

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Vibration isolation

Vibration isolation is the process of isolating an object, such as a piece of equipment, from the source of vibrations.

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Volkswagen, shortened to VW, is a German automaker founded on 28 May 1937 by the German Labour Front under Adolf Hitler and headquartered in Wolfsburg.

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Wallace Clement Sabine

Wallace Clement Sabine (June 13, 1868 – January 10, 1919) was an American physicist who founded the field of architectural acoustics.

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Water hammer

Water hammer (or, more generally, fluid hammer, also called hydraulic shock) is a pressure surge or wave caused when a fluid, usually a liquid but sometimes also a gas, in motion is forced to stop or change direction suddenly, a momentum change.

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Wave interference

In physics, interference is a phenomenon in which two waves superpose to form a resultant wave of greater, lower, or the same amplitude.

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Western Digital

Western Digital Corporation (abbreviated WDC, commonly shortened to Western Digital or WD) is an American computer data storage company and one of the largest computer hard disk drive manufacturers in the world, along with its main competitor Seagate Technology.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acoustic_quieting

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