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Adjutant is a military appointment given to an officer who assists the commanding officer with unit administration. [1]

46 relations: Adjutant general, Adjutant General's Corps, Adjutant's Call, Air National Guard, Army National Guard, Bangladesh Army, Battalion, Battle of Goose Green, British Army, British Indian Army, Canadian Army, Captain (armed forces), Commanding officer, Commonwealth of Nations, Corps, Field officer, Finland, First lieutenant, Foot guards, Gallen-Kallela, Garrison, Havildar, Human resources, Indian Army, Jemadar, Karl von Wohlgemuth, Latin, Lilius, List of Finnish noble families, Major, Non-commissioned officer, Officer (armed forces), Pakistan Army, Parachute Regiment (United Kingdom), Regent, Regiment, Royal Canadian Air Force, Sergeant, Sergeant major, Squadron (army), Staff (military), Staff sergeant, Subedar, Trooping the Colour, United States Army, Warrant officer.

Adjutant general

An adjutant general is a military chief administrative officer.

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Adjutant General's Corps

The Adjutant General's Corps is a corps in the British Army responsible for many of its general administrative services.

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Adjutant's Call

Adjutant's Call is a bugle call indicating that the adjutant is about to form the guard, battalion, or regiment.

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Air National Guard

The Air National Guard (ANG), also known as the Air Guard, is a federal military reserve force as well as the militia air force of each U.S. state, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the territories of Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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Army National Guard

The Army National Guard (ARNG), in conjunction with the Air National Guard, is a militia force and a federal military reserve force of the United States.

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Bangladesh Army

The Bangladesh Army (BA, বাংলাদেশ সেনাবাহিনী, Bangladesh Senabahini) is the land forces branch and the largest of the three defence service of the Bangladesh Armed Forces.

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A battalion is a military unit.

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Battle of Goose Green

The Battle of Goose Green (28–29 May 1982) was an engagement between British and Argentine forces during the Falklands War.

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British Army

The British Army is the principal land warfare force of the United Kingdom, a part of British Armed Forces.

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British Indian Army

The Indian Army (IA), often known since 1947 (but rarely during its existence) as the British Indian Army to distinguish it from the current Indian Army, was the principal military of the British Indian Empire before its decommissioning in 1947.

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Canadian Army

The Canadian Army (French: Armée canadienne) is the command responsible for the operational readiness of the conventional ground forces of the Canadian Armed Forces.

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Captain (armed forces)

The army rank of captain (from the French capitaine) is a commissioned officer rank historically corresponding to the command of a company of soldiers.

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Commanding officer

The commanding officer (CO) or, if the incumbent is a general officer, commanding general (CG), is the officer in command of a military unit.

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Commonwealth of Nations

The Commonwealth of Nations, often known as simply the Commonwealth, is an intergovernmental organisation of 53 member states that are mostly former territories of the British Empire.

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Corps (plural corps; via French, from the Latin corpus "body") is a term used for several different kinds of organisation.

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Field officer

A field officer, field-grade officer, or senior officer is an army, Marine, or air force commissioned officer senior in rank to a company officer but junior to a general officer.

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Finland (Suomi; Finland), officially the Republic of Finland is a country in Northern Europe bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, and Gulf of Finland, between Norway to the north, Sweden to the northwest, and Russia to the east.

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First lieutenant

First lieutenant is a commissioned officer military rank in many armed forces and, in some forces, an appointment.

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Foot guards

In some militaries, foot guards are senior infantry regiments.

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Gallen-Kallela may refer to.

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Garrison (various spellings) (from the French garnison, itself from the verb garnir, "to equip") is the collective term for a body of troops stationed in a particular location, originally to guard it, but now often simply using it as a home base.

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A havildar or havaldar (हविलदार (Devanagari) (Perso-Arabic)) is a rank in the Indian and Pakistani armies, equivalent to a sergeant.

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Human resources

Human resources are the people who make up the workforce of an organization, business sector, or economy.

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Indian Army

The Indian Army is the land-based branch and the largest component of the Indian Armed Forces.

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Jemadar or jamadar is a title used for various military and other official in the Indian subcontinent.

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Karl von Wohlgemuth

Karl von Wohlgemuth (15 September 1917 – 29 August 1983) was a general in the Austrian Armed Forces.

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Latin (Latin: lingua latīna) is a classical language belonging to the Italic branch of the Indo-European languages.

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Lilius is a surname.

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List of Finnish noble families

The following is the list of Finnish noble families, that have been introduced to the Finnish House of Nobility.

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Major is a military rank of commissioned officer status, with corresponding ranks existing in many military forces throughout the world.

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Non-commissioned officer

A non-commissioned officer (NCO) is a military officer who has not earned a commission.

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Officer (armed forces)

An officer is a member of an armed force or uniformed service who holds a position of authority.

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Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army (پاک فوج Pak Fauj (IPA: pɑk fɒ~ɔd͡ʒ); Reporting name: PA) is the land-based force of the Pakistan Armed Forces.

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Parachute Regiment (United Kingdom)

The Parachute Regiment, colloquially known as the Paras, is an elite airborne infantry regiment of the British Army.

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A regent (from the Latin regens: ruling, governing) is a person appointed to govern a state because the monarch is a minor, is absent or is incapacitated.

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A regiment is a military unit.

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Royal Canadian Air Force

The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF; Aviation royale canadienne, ARC) is the air force of Canada.

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Sergeant (abbreviated to Sgt and capitalized when used as a named person's title) is a rank in many uniformed organizations, principally military and policing forces.

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Sergeant major

Sergeant major is a senior non-commissioned rank or appointment in many militaries around the world.

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Squadron (army)

A squadron was historically a cavalry subunit, a company sized military formation.

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Staff (military)

A military staff (often referred to as general staff, army staff, navy staff, or air staff within the individual services) is a group of officers, enlisted and civilian personnel that are responsible for the administrative, operational and logistical needs of its unit.

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Staff sergeant

Staff sergeant is a rank of non-commissioned officer used in the armed forces of several countries.

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Subedar (صوبیدار) is a historical rank in the Indian Army and Pakistan Army, ranking below British commissioned officers and above non-commissioned officers.

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Trooping the Colour

Trooping the Colour is a ceremony performed by regiments of the British and Commonwealth armies.

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United States Army

The United States Army (USA) is the land warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces.

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Warrant officer

A warrant officer (WO) is an officer in a military organisation who is designated an officer by a warrant, as distinguished from a commissioned officer who is designated an officer by a commission, and a non-commissioned officer who is designated an officer, often by virtue of seniority.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adjutant

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