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Aircraft pilot

Index Aircraft pilot

An aircraft pilot or aviator is a person who controls the flight of an aircraft by operating its directional flight controls. [1]

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Aéro-Club de France

The Aéro-Club de France was founded as the Aéro-Club on 20 October 1898 as a society 'to encourage aerial locomotion' by Ernest Archdeacon, Léon Serpollet, Henri de la Valette, Jules Verne and his wife, André Michelin, Albert de Dion, Alberto Santos-Dumont, Henry Deutsch de la Meurthe, and Henry de La Vaulx.

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Aero Club of America

The Aero Club of America was a social club formed in 1905 by Charles Jasper Glidden and Augustus Post, among others, to promote aviation in America.

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Aeronautics Act

The Aeronautics Act R.S. 1985, c. A-2 (Loi sur l’aéronautique) is the legislation that governs civil aviation in Canada.

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Africa is the world's second largest and second most-populous continent (behind Asia in both categories).

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Air cargo

Air cargo is any property carried or to be carried in an aircraft.

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An aircraft is a machine that is able to fly by gaining support from the air.

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Aircraft flight control system

A conventional fixed-wing aircraft flight control system consists of flight control surfaces, the respective cockpit controls, connecting linkages, and the necessary operating mechanisms to control an aircraft's direction in flight.

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Aircraft maintenance technician

Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT), refers to a licensed qualification for carrying out aircraft maintenance.

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Aircrew, also called flight crew, are personnel who operate an aircraft while in flight.

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An airline is a company that provides air transport services for traveling passengers and freight.

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Airline pilot uniforms

Airline pilot uniforms, the modern design which most people recognize as the attire worn by pilots operating large passenger aircraft, were introduced in the early 1930s by Pan American World Airways at the beginning of the Clipper era.

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Airline Transport Pilot Licence

The Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL), or in the United States of America, an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate is the highest level of aircraft pilot certificate.

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An airliner is a type of aircraft for transporting passengers and air cargo.

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American Airlines

American Airlines, Inc. (AA) is a major United States airline headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI, also machine intelligence, MI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence (NI) displayed by humans and other animals.

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An astronaut or cosmonaut is a person trained by a human spaceflight program to command, pilot, or serve as a crew member of a spacecraft.

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Automation is the technology by which a process or procedure is performed without human assistance.

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In development or moral, political, and bioethical philosophy, autonomy is the capacity to make an informed, un-coerced decision.

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Aviation, or air transport, refers to the activities surrounding mechanical flight and the aircraft industry.

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Aviation insurance

Aviation insurance is insurance coverage geared specifically to the operation of aircraft and the risks involved in aviation.

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Aviation safety

Aviation safety means the state of an aviation system or organization in which risks associated with aviation activities, related to, or in direct support of the operation of aircraft, are reduced and controlled to an acceptable level.

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Aviator badge

An aviator badge is an insignia used in most of the world's militaries to designate those who have received training and qualification in military aviation.

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The Boeing Company is an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets, satellites, and missiles worldwide.

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Bombardier Global Express

The Bombardier Global Express is a large cabin, ultra long range business jet manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Business jet

A business jet, private jet, or bizjet, or simply B.J., is a jet aircraft designed for transporting small groups of people.

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CAE Inc.

CAE Inc. (formerly Canadian Aviation Electronics) is a Canadian manufacturer of simulation technologies, modelling technologies and training services to airlines, aircraft manufacturers, healthcare specialists, and defense customers.

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Canadian Aviation Regulations

The Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) are the rules that govern civil aviation in Canada.

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Canadian Human Rights Act

The Canadian Human Rights Act is a statute passed by the Parliament of Canada in 1977 with the express goal of extending the law to ensure equal opportunity to individuals who may be victims of discriminatory practices based on a set of prohibited grounds such as sex, sexual orientation, race, marital status, gender identity or expression, creed, age, colour, disability, political or religious belief.

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Capacity utilization

Capacity utilization or capacity utilisation is the extent to which an enterprise or a nation uses its installed productive capacity.

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Combat (French for fight) is a purposeful violent conflict meant to weaken, establish dominance over, or kill the opposition, or to drive the opposition away from a location where it is not wanted or needed.

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Commercial aviation

Commercial aviation is the part of civil aviation (both general aviation and scheduled airline services) that involves operating aircraft for hire to transport passengers or multiple loads of cargo.

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Commercial pilot license

A commercial pilot license (CPL), is a type of pilot licence that permits the holder to act as a pilot of an aircraft and be paid for his/her work.

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Consumer behaviour

Consumer behaviour is the study of individuals, groups, or organizations and all the activities associated with the purchase, use and disposal of goods and services, including the consumer's emotional, mental and behavioural responses that precede or follow these activities.

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Continental Motors, Inc.

Continental Motors, Inc. is an aircraft engine manufacturer located at the Brookley Aeroplex in Mobile, Alabama, United States.

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Determinism is the philosophical theory that all events, including moral choices, are completely determined by previously existing causes.

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Diamond Aircraft Industries

Diamond Aircraft Industries is a Chinese-owned manufacturer of general aviation aircraft and motor gliders, based in Austria.

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Fighter pilot

A fighter pilot is a military aviator trained to engage in air-to-air combat while in the cockpit of a fighter aircraft.

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Flight attendant

Flight attendants or cabin crew (also known as stewards/stewardesses, air hosts/hostesses, cabin attendants) are members of an aircrew employed by airlines primarily to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers aboard commercial flights, on select business jet aircraft, and on some military aircraft.

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Flight engineer

A flight engineer (FE), also sometimes called an air engineer, is the member of an aircraft's flight crew who monitors and operates its complex aircraft systems.

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Flight training

Flight training is a course of study used when learning to pilot an aircraft.

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General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon

The General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon is a single-engine supersonic multirole fighter aircraft originally developed by General Dynamics (now Lockheed Martin) for the United States Air Force (USAF).

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Glenn Curtiss

Glenn Hammond Curtiss (May 21, 1878 – July 23, 1930) was an American aviation and motorcycling pioneer, and a founder of the U.S. aircraft industry.

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Gulfstream G650

The Gulfstream G650 is a twin-engine business jet airplane produced by Gulfstream Aerospace.

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A helicopter is a type of rotorcraft in which lift and thrust are supplied by rotors.

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History of aviation

The history of aviation extends for more than two thousand years, from the earliest forms of aviation such as kites and attempts at tower jumping to supersonic and hypersonic flight by powered, heavier-than-air jets.

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Human spaceflight

Human spaceflight (also referred to as crewed spaceflight or manned spaceflight) is space travel with a crew or passengers aboard the spacecraft.

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IMSAFE is the Aeronautical Information Manual's recommended mnemonic for aircraft pilots to use to assess their fitness to fly.

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Instrument rating

Instrument rating qualifies a pilot to fly under instrument flight rules (IFR).

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Jet fuel

Jet fuel, aviation turbine fuel (ATF), or avtur, is a type of aviation fuel designed for use in aircraft powered by gas-turbine engines.

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Léon Delagrange

Ferdinand Léon Delagrange (13 March 1872 – 4 January 1910) was a pioneering French aviator and sculptor.

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Light-sport aircraft

A light-sport aircraft, also known as light sport aircraft or LSA, is a small aircraft that is simple to fly and that meets certain regulations set by a national aviation authority restricting weight and performance.

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List of aerospace engineers

This is a list of notable aerospace engineers, people who were trained in or practiced aerospace engineering.

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List of aviators

This is a list of notable aviators.

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List of Russian aviators

This list of Russian and Soviet aviators includes the noteworthy aviators of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation.

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Louis Blériot

Louis Charles Joseph Blériot (1 July 1872 – 1 August 1936) was a French aviator, inventor and engineer.

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Machine learning

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence in the field of computer science that often uses statistical techniques to give computers the ability to "learn" (i.e., progressively improve performance on a specific task) with data, without being explicitly programmed.

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Multi Crew Coordination

The Multi Crew Coordination or Multi Crew Co-operation (MCC) is an allowance, an additional training at the commercial pilot licence required in order to fly within a crew, that means in a multi-pilot aircraft with the aircrew consisting of at least two members.

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Nation state

A nation state (or nation-state), in the most specific sense, is a country where a distinct cultural or ethnic group (a "nation" or "people") inhabits a territory and have formed a state (often a sovereign state) that they predominantly govern.

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A navigator is the person on board a ship or aircraft responsible for its navigation.

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Pakistan (پاکِستان), officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (اِسلامی جمہوریہ پاکِستان), is a country in South Asia.

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Pilot fatigue

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) defines fatigue as "A physiological state of reduced mental or physical performance capability resulting from sleep loss or extended wakefulness, circadian phase, or workload." The phenomenon places great risk on the crew and passengers of an airplane because it significantly increases the chance of pilot error.

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Pilot in command

The pilot in command (PIC) of an aircraft is the person aboard the aircraft who is ultimately responsible for its operation and safety during flight.

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Pilot licensing in Canada

Pilot licensing in Canada is administered by Transport Canada under the Aeronautics Act and the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

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Private pilot licence

A private pilot licence (PPL) or, in the United States, a private pilot certificate, is a type of pilot licence that allows the holder to act as pilot in command of an aircraft privately (not for remuneration).

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Reuters is an international news agency headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

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Robert Esnault-Pelterie

Robert Albert Charles Esnault-Pelterie (November 8, 1881 – December 6, 1957) was a pioneering French aircraft designer and spaceflight theorist.

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Royal Aero Club

The Royal Aero Club (RAeC) is the national co-ordinating body for Air Sport in the United Kingdom.

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Seniority is the concept of a person or group of people taking precedence over another person or group because the former is either older than the latter or has occupied a particular position longer than the latter.

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Computer software, or simply software, is a generic term that refers to a collection of data or computer instructions that tell the computer how to work, in contrast to the physical hardware from which the system is built, that actually performs the work.

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A spacecraft is a vehicle or machine designed to fly in outer space.

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Survey (human research)

In research of human subjects, a survey is a list of questions aimed at extracting specific data from a particular group of people.

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TechCrunch is an American online publisher of technology industry news founded in 2005 by Archimedes Ventures whose partners were Michael Arrington and Keith Teare.

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Test pilot

A test pilot is an aviator who flies new and modified aircraft in specific maneuvers, known as flight test techniques or FTTs, allowing the results to be measured and the design to be evaluated.

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Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand and formerly known as Siam, is a unitary state at the center of the Southeast Asian Indochinese peninsula composed of 76 provinces.

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UBS Group AG is a Swiss multinational investment bank and financial services company founded and based in Switzerland.

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United States

The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S.) or America, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions.

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United States government role in civil aviation

The Air Commerce Act of 1926 created an Aeronautic Branch of the United States Department of Commerce.

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Unmanned aerial vehicle

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard.

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A weapon, arm or armament is any device used with intent to inflict damage or harm.

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Western Europe

Western Europe is the region comprising the western part of Europe.

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Women of Aviation Worldwide Week

Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week is an annual global observance that takes place during the week of March 8.

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Wright brothers

The Wright brothers, Orville (August 19, 1871 – January 30, 1948) and Wilbur (April 16, 1867 – May 30, 1912), were two American aviators, engineers, inventors, and aviation pioneers who are generally credited with inventing, building, and flying the world's first successful airplane.

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