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55th Coke's Rifles 55th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force) 55th Composite Aviation Division
55th Congress 55th Corps (German Empire) 55th Delaware General Assembly
55th Directors Guild of America Awards 55th Division 55th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
55th Division (People's Republic of China) 55th Division (disambiguation) 55th Electronic Combat Group
55th Emmy Awards nominees 55th FAMAS AWARDS (2006) 55th FAMAS Awards
55th FAMAS Awards (2006) 55th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery 55th Fighter Group
55th Fighter Squadron 55th Fighter Wing 55th Fighter Wing (Air National Guard)
55th Filmfare Awards 55th Filmfare Awards South 55th Foot
55th General Assembly of Nova Scotia 55th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island 55th Golden Globe Awards
55th Golden Globe Awards nominees 55th Grammy Awards 55th Grey Cup
55th Guards Rifle Division 55th Guksu 55th Heavy Brigade Combat Team
55th Heavy Brigade Combat Team (United States) 55th ID 55th Idea Filmfare Awards
55th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment 55th Independent Helicopter Regiment 55th Indian Brigade
55th Indian Infantry Brigade 55th Indiana Infantry Regiment 55th Infantry Brigade
55th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom) 55th Infantry Brigade (United States) 55th Infantry Division
55th Infantry Division (France) 55th Infantry Division (Poland) 55th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)
55th Infantry Division (United States) 55th Infantry Division (disambiguation) 55th Infantry Division Savona
55th Infantry Regiment (United States) 55th Japan Record Award 55th Japan Record Awards
55th Kansai Ki-in 1st Place 55th Legislature of the National Congress 55th Light Anti-Aircraft/Searchlight Regiment, Royal Artillery
55th Logie Awards 55th Logies Awards 55th Maintenance Battalion
55th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade 55th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade (United States) 55th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
55th Medical Group 55th Medical Group (United States) 55th Miss World Pageant
55th Mixed Aviation Division 55th Mobile Command and Control Squadron 55th Motorized Infantry Brigade (People's Republic of China)
55th National Film Awards 55th National Hockey League All Star Game 55th National Hockey League All-Star Game
55th New Brunswick Legislative Assembly 55th New Brunswick Legislature 55th New York State Legislature
55th New York Volunteer Infantry 55th Nova Scotia general election 55th Nova Scotia general election (disambiguation)
55th Ohio Infantry 55th Oklahoma Legislature 55th Operations Group
55th Parachute Division 55th Paratroopers Brigade 55th Parliament of the UK
55th Parliament of the United Kingdom 55th Pennsylvania Infantry 55th Primetime Emmy Awards
55th Prince Edward Island general election 55th Pursuit Group 55th Pursuit Squadron
55th Reconnaissance Group 55th Reconnaissance Squadron 55th Reconnaissance Squadron (Very Long Range, Weather)
55th Regiment Infantry U.S. Colored Troops 55th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Mounted Infantry 55th Regiment Mounted Infantry
55th Regiment of Foot 55th Regiment of Foot (disambiguation) 55th Rescue Squadron
55th Rifle Division 55th Rifle Division (Soviet Union) 55th Scripps National Spelling Bee
55th Space Weather Squadron 55th Special Operations Squadron 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Group
55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing 55th Street 55th Street (BMT West End Line)
55th Street (Chicago) 55th Street (IND Second Avenue Line) 55th Street (Manhattan)
55th Street (Second Avenue Subway) 55th Street (Washington, D.C.) 55th Street (disambiguation)
55th Street Cinema 55th Street Playhouse 55th Support Battalion
55th Sustainment Brigade 55th Sustainment Brigade (United States) 55th Tactical Fighter Squadron
55th Tennessee Infantry Regiment 55th Texas Legislature 55th Tony Awards
55th Troop Carrier Squadron 55th U. S. Congress 55th U.S. Congress
55th U.S. Regiment Colored Troops 55th UK General Election 55th US Congress
55th Uddeholm Swedish Rally 55th United Kingdom Parliament 55th United Kingdom general election
55th United States Colored Infantry Regiment 55th United States Congress 55th Utah State Legislature
55th Vanier Cup 55th Venice International Film Festival 55th Virginia
55th Virginia Infantry 55th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron 55th Wing
55th World Science Fiction Convention 55th and Baltimore station 55th cabinet of Turkey
55th century 55th century BC 55th government of Turkey
55th meridian 55th meridian east 55th meridian west
55th parallel 55th parallel (disambiguation) 55th parallel north
55th parallel south 55th parliament of the UK 55th parliament of the United Kingdom
55th pope 55th subharmonic 55th-56th-57th Street (Metra station)
55th-56th-57th Street (Metra) 55th-56th-57th Street station 55th-56th-57th Street station (Illinois)
55th-56th-57th Street station (Metra) 55th-56th-57th Street station (NICTD) 55th-56th-57th Street station (South Shore Line)
55th/53rd Battalion (Australia) 55th–56th–57th Street (Metra station) 55th–56th–57th Street (Metra)
55th–56th–57th Street station 55th–56th–57th Street station (Illinois) 55th–56th–57th Street station (Metra)
55th–56th–57th Street station (NICTD) 55th–56th–57th Street station (South Shore Line) 55° N
55° northern latitude 55–82 Cornwall Gardens 56
56 (New Jersey bus) 56 (Northumbrian) Anti-Aircraft Brigade 56 (Olpherts) Battery Royal Artillery
56 (R) Squadron 56 (RIPTA) 56 (Reserve) Squadron
56 (disambiguation) 56 (game) 56 (number)
56 (year) 56 AD 56 Andromedae
56 Anti-Aircraft Brigade RA 56 Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA 56 Aquarii
56 Aquilae 56 Arietis 56 Artillery Lane
56 Aurigae 56 BC 56 BCE
56 Bars (Intro) 56 Brompton Square 56 Brook Green
56 CE 56 Ceti 56 Corps (German Empire)
56 Cygni 56 Dean Street 56 Division (Sri Lanka)
56 ES 56 Group 56 Group Wales
56 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA 56 Henry 56 Hope Rd
56 Hope Road 56 Infantry Division Casale 56 Kbps modem
56 Leonard Street 56 Melete 56 Nights
56 Old Church Street 56 Orionis 56 Pegasi
56 Persei 56 Pine Street 56 Pro
56 Sagittarii 56 Serpentis 56 Spring Gardens, Manchester
56 Sqn 56 Squadron 56 Squadron (disambiguation)
56 U.S. 62 56 Up 56 Up (2012)
56 Ursae Majoris 56 bit color 56 bit colour
56 game hit streak 56 game hitting streak 56 hope road
56 kb/s line 56 kbit/s 56 kbit/s line
56 kbit/s modem 56 kbps 56 kilobits per second
56 nationalities 56 pound weight 56, Allée de la Robertsau
56, Arkansas 56,000 bps modem 56-56 Spencer
56-58 Queen's Gate Terrace 56-bit color 56-bit colour
56-bit encryption 56-day cycle 56-game hit streak
56-game hitting streak 56-pound weight throw 56.com
560 560 (number) 560 (year)
560 AD 560 AM 560 BC
560 BCE 560 CE 560 Delila
560 Mission Street 560 SEL 560 U.S. 1
560 U.S. 126 560 U.S. 183 560 U.S. 305
560 U.S. 370 560 U.S. 474 560 U.S. 48
560 U.S. 631 560 U.S. 674 560 U.S. 702
560 U.S. 746 560 Yates Street 560 in poetry
5600 5600 BC 5600 W Old Bingham Hwy
5600 W Old Bingham Hwy (UTA station) 5600 W. Old Bingham Hwy 5600 West (UTA station)
5600 West BRT 5600 West MAX 5600 West Old Bingham Highway
5600 West Old Bingham Highway (UTA station) 5600 West Old Bingham Hwy (UTA station) 56000 Mesopotamia
560067 5603 Rausudake 56041 Luciendumont
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