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Devon Adams Devon Aidendale Devon Air
Devon Air Ambulance Devon Air Ambulance Trust Devon Air Radio
Devon Aire Devon Aire in the Hidden Diamond Caper Devon Alexander
Devon Alexander vs. Lucas Matthysse Devon Alexander vs. Marcos Maidana Devon Allen
Devon Allman Devon Allman's Honeytribe Devon allmans honeytribe
Devon Almetyevsk Devon and Cornwall Devon and Cornwall Bank
Devon and Cornwall Brigade Devon and cornwall constabulary Devon and Cornwall Constabulary
Devon and Cornwall County Division Devon and cornwall county division Devon and Cornwall Longwool
Devon and Cornwall Police Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Panel
Devon and Cornwall Police Authority Devon and Cornwall Rail Partnership Devon and cornwall rail partnership
Devon and Cornwall Railway Devon and Cornwall Railways Devon and Dorset Regiment
Devon and East Plymouth Devon and East Plymouth (European Parliament constituency) Devon and Exeter Football League
Devon and exeter football league Devon and Exeter Football League Premier Division Devon and Exeter Hospital
Devon and Exeter Institution Devon and Exeter League Devon and Exeter Police
Devon and Hilary Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service Devon and somerset fire and rescue service
Devon and Somerset Railway Devon and somerset railway Devon and Somerset Staghounds
Devon Anderson Devon Anthony Travis Devon Aoki
Devon Arthurs Devon Artillery Militia Devon Auki
Devon Avenue Devon Avenue (Chicago) Devon Avenue, Chicago
Devon Bailey Devon Banks Devon Barley
Devon Bat Group DeVon Bean Devon Bean
Devon Beitzel Devon Bell Devon Belle
Devon Bird Watching and Preservation Society Devon Birdwatching and Preservation Society Devon blue
Devon Bostick Devon Bridge Devon Bridge (Alberta)
Devon Bridge (disambiguation) Devon Brown Devon Brown (swimmer)
Devon Cajuste Devon Card Devon carpet
Devon Carter Devon cattle Devon cattle (disambiguation)
Devon CCC Devon Central (UK Parliament constituency) Devon Chafa
Devon Cider Company Devon Clifford Devon Closewool
Devon Clunis Devon Coast to Coast Cycle Route Devon colic
Devon Colic Devon Commission Devon Constabulary
Devon Conway Devon Corporation Devon council
Devon Council Devon Council election, 2009 Devon County
Devon County (disambiguation) Devon County Constabulary Devon County Council
Devon County Council election, 1977 Devon County Council election, 1997 Devon County Council election, 2009
Devon County Council election, 2013 Devon County Council election, 2017 Devon County Council elections
Devon County Cricket Club Devon County Football Association Devon County Football League
Devon County Hall Devon County League Devon County Show
Devon County War Memorial Devon County, Tasmania Devon cream
Devon Cricket League Devon culture Devon Cuthbert Thomas
Devon Deadly Devon Diggle Devon Ditty
Devon Domesday Book tenants-in-chief Devon Dudley Devon East
Devon East (UK Parliament constituency) Devon Energy Devon Energy Center
Devon Energy Center (Oklahoma City) Devon Energy Corp Devon Energy Corp.
Devon Energy Corporation Devon Energy Tower Devon Energy Tower (Houston)
Devon Energy Tower (Oklahoma City) Devon era Devon Ethier
Devon Expressway Devon FA Devon Falls
Devon Farm Devon fire Devon Fire Brigade
Devon Fisher Devon Flag Devon Football Association
DeVon Franklin Devon Franklin Devon Freewheelers
Devon Fuller Devon Gardens Elementary School Devon Gearhart
Devon General Devon General Hospital Devon Glenn
Devon Graves Devon Graye Devon graye
Devon Great Consols Devon Green Devon Grousis
Devon Grove Devon Gummersall Devon Halfnight LeFlufy
Devon Hall Devon Hamilton Devon Hamilton and Hilary Curtis
Devon Hamilton Winters DeVon Hardin Devon Hardin
Devon Harris Devon hedge Devon hedge bank
Devon hedgebank Devon heraldry Devon Heritage Centre
Devon Hester Devon Higgs Devon Hodges
Devon Horse Show Devon House Devon Hughes
Devon Hyde Devon Ice Cap Devon Intermediate
Devon Irons Devon Island Devon Island Formation
Devon J. Moore Devon Jamerson Devon Jersild
Devon John Landau Devon Jorsling Devon Joseph Werkheiser
Devon Ke Dev - Mahadev Devon Ke Dev – Mahadev Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev
Devon Kelly-Evans Devon Kennard Devon Kershaw
Devon L L Polaschek Devon Labour Briefing Devon Land District
Devon Land District, Tasmania Devon lane Devon Larratt
Devon League 1 Devon League 2 Devon Lehr
Devon local elections Devon Loch Devon Lock
Devon long house Devon Long-House Devon Longhouse
Devon longhouse Devon Longwool Devon Longwoolled
Devon Lowery Devon MacLeish Devon Makin
Devon Malcolm Devon Manchester Devon Mansions
Devon Martinus Devon Massey Devon Mathis
Devon May Seron Devon McDonald Devon McKenney
Devon McTavish Devon Meadows Devon Meadows Football Club
Devon Meadows, Victoria DeVon Michael Hardin Devon Middle School
Devon Mihesuah Devon miles Devon Miles
Devon Millington Devon Mitchell Devon Monk
Devon Moore Devon Moore (The 4400) Devon Morris
Devon Motor Works Devon Motorworks Devon Mountain
Devon Murray Devon Myles Brown Devon Nicholson
Devon nicholson Devon North (UK Parliament constituency) Devon Northern (UK Parliament constituency)
Devon O'Day Devon Odessa Devon Oktyabrskiy
Devon Oktyabrsky Devon Parish, (Mouramba County ) New South Wales Devon Park
Devon Park, Queensland Devon Park, South Australia Devon Park, Western Cape
Devon Partnership NHS Trust Devon Petersen Devon Pierce
Devon Pinto Devon Polaschek Devon Portal
Devon Prep Devon Preparatory School Devon Railroad Bridge
Devon Railway Centre Devon railway station Devon railway station, Victoria
Devon Record Office Devon record office Devon Record Offices
Devon red-legged robber fly Devon Redlands Devon Regiment
Devon Rex Devon rex Devon Rex cat
Devon RFU Intermediate Cup Devon RFU Junior Cup Devon RFU Senior Cup
Devon Ridge Estates, Alberta Devon Rifkin Devon Roberts
Devon ruby Devon Ruby cattle Devon ruby red cattle
Devon Rugby Football Union Devon Russell Devon Saal
Devon Sandoval Devon Sawa Devon Scope
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