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M155 M155 ML55 M156
M157 M158 M15A2
M15m M16 M16 (disambiguation)
M16 (New York City bus franchise) M16 (New York City bus) M16 (rifle)
M16 (rocket) M16 22 M16 4.5 inch Rocket
M16 assault rifle M16 BB gun M16 carbine
M16 gun M16 Half-track M16 LMG
M16 MGMC M16 mine M16 motorway
M16 Motorway M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage M16 rifle
M16 Rifle M16 rifle series M16 rifles
M16 variants M16 vs AK-47 M16 vs AK47
M16 vs. AK-47 M16 vs. AK47 M16/43
M16/43 tank M16/AK-47 comparison M160
M162 M163 M163 VADS
M163 Vulcan M163 Vulcan Air Defense System M163A2
M164 M165 M166
M167 M167 (disambiguation) M167 (SNP)
M167 VADS M167 Vulcan M167-VADS
M168 M168 (disambiguation) M169
M16A1 M16A1 rifle M16A2
M16A2 (disambiguation) M16A2 LMG M16A2 rifle
M16A2/A4 M16A3 M16A4
M16C M16K M17
M17 (disambiguation) M17 (New York City bus franchise) M17 (rocket)
M17 agar M17 gas mask M17 Gasmask
M17 gasmask M17 Half track M17 Half-track
M17 Half-Track M17 highway (Ukraine) M17 Medium
M17 motorway M17 motorway (Ireland) M17 Motorway (Ireland)
M17 mount trailer M17 pistol M17 Pistol
M17 rifle M17 rifle grenade M17 road (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
M17 road (Ireland) M17 Whizbang M170
M171 M1717 M172
M173 M174 M175
M1752 Musket M176 M177
M178 M178' M179
M17n M17s M18
M18 (disambiguation) M18 (New York City bus) M18 57mm recoilless rifle
M18 Claymore M18 Claymore anti-personnel mine M18 Claymore mine
M18 FADAC M18 GMC M18 grenade Smoke Hand Grenade
M18 Gun Motor Carriage M18 Hellcat M18 highway
M18 highway (Russia) M18 highway (Ukraine) M18 motorway
M18 motorway (disambiguation) M18 motorway (England) M18 motorway (Great Britain)
M18 motorway (Ireland) M18 motorway (Russia) M18 motorways
M18 pistol M18 Recoilless Rifle M18 recoilless rifle
M18 road M18 road (Bosnia and Herzegovina) M18 roads
M18 smoke grenade M18 tank destroyer M180
M180 (disambiguation) M180 engine M180 motorway
M180 motorway (Great Britain) M181 M181 motorway
M181 motorway (Great Britain) M1819 Hall rifle M1825 forage cap
M183 M184 M1840 Cavalry saber
M1841 Mississippi rifle M1841 Mississippi Rifle M1841 mountain howitzer
M1841 Mountain Howitzer M1847 Musketoon M185
M1851 M18575 M1858 uniform
M1858 Uniform M186 M1860 Cutlass
M1867 Russian Krnka M1867 Swiss Peabody M1867 Werndl-Holub
M1867 Werndl–Holub M1868 Spanish Peabody M1869 Swiss Vetterli
M1870 Belgian Comblain M1870 Gasser M1870 Italian Vetterli
M1870/87 Italian Vetterli-Vitali M1872 Mylonas M1875 mountain gun
M1875 Mountain Gun M1879 Reichsrevolver M188
M1885 Remington Lee M1885 Remington-Lee M1885 Remington–Lee
M1887 M1888 M189
M1890 M1890MI mortar M1891
M1891/30 M1892 M1892 (disambiguation)
M1894 210mm Belgian mortar M1895 M1895 Colt-Browning
M1895 Colt-Browning machine gun M1895 Colt–Browning machine gun M1895 Lee Navy
M1895 Nagant M1895 Navy Lee M1895 Steyr-Mannlicher
M1895/30 M1896 Compact Mauser M1896 Kavallerie Karabiner
M1897 M1897 75 mm field gun M1897 Trench Gun
M1898 Pistol Carbine M1899 M18A1
M18A1 claymore M18A1 Claymore M18A1 Claymore Antipersonnel Mine
M18A1 claymore mine M18A1 Claymore mine M19
M19 (disambiguation) M19 automatic grenade launcher M19 Gun Motor Carriage
M19 highway (Ukraine) M19 Maschinengranatwerfer M19 mine
M19 mortar M19 Mortar M19 motorway (Hungary)
M19 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage M19 road (Port Elizabeth) M19 snow trailer
M19 Tank Transporter M190 Honest John M1900
M1900 (disambiguation) M1901 M1902
M1902 field gun M1903 M1903 (disambiguation)
M1903 rifle M1903 Springfield M1903 Springfield Rifle
M1903 Springfield rifle M1904 M1905
M1905 (disambiguation) M1905 bayonet M1905 Bayonet
M1905E1 M1906 M1907
M1907 (disambiguation) M1908 M1908 mortar
M1909 M1909 Benet-Mercie M1909 revolver
M191 M1910 M1910 (disambiguation)
M1911 M1911 A1 M1911 Colt pistol
M1911 pistol M1911 pistol (3D printed solid concepts replica) M1911A
M1911A1 M1912 Mauser Export Model M1913
M1913 Cavalry Saber M1914 M1915
M1915 (disambiguation) M1916 M1916 (disambiguation)
M1916 Austrian Contract M1916 Prussian "Red 9" M1916 Prussian Red 9
M1917 M1917 (disambiguation) M1917 (revolver)
M1917 bayonet M1917 Bayonet M1917 Browning machine gun
M1917 Enfield M1917 Enfield Rifle M1917 Enfield rifle
M1917 Helmet M1917 light tank M1917 machine gun
M1917 revolver M1917 rifle M1917 rifle (American Enfield)
M1917 rifle (Enfield) M1917 Tank M1917 tank
M1917 Trench Gun M1918 M1918 (disambiguation)
M1918 155mm GPF M1918 240 mm howitzer M1918 240 mm Howitzer
M1918 BAR M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle M1918 Browning automatic rifle
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