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Qalaafo Qalaaltı Qalaalti
Qalaat Abu Qobeis Qalaat al Muizz Qalaat al-Jandal
Qalaat al-Madiq Qalaat al-Madiq Nahiyah Qalaat al-Madiq Subdistrict
Qalaat al-Marqab Qalaat Barzuya Qalaat Beni Hammad
Qalaat Bustra Qalaat et Tannoûr Qalaat et Tannour
Qalaat Faqra Qalaat Jaabr Qalaat Jabaar
Qalaat Mirza Qalaat Namrud Qalaat Salah ed-Din
Qalaat Tannoûr Qalaat Tannour Qalaça
Qalağan Qalağayın Qalaşıxı
Qalabin Qalabin, Mistan Qalabotjha
Qalaboyun Qalaca Qalacıq
Qalacıq, Ismailli Qalacıq, Jabrayil Qalacıq, Qusar
Qalacha Qalachi Qalachi-ye Olya
Qalachi-ye Sofla Qalaciq Qalaciq, Ismailli
Qalaciq, Jabrayil Qalaciq, Qusar Qaladahna
Qaladarasi Qaladehne Qaladeresi
Qaladəhnə Qaladərəsi Qaladiz
Qaladiza Qaladuz Qaladze
Qalagah Qalagah, Davachi Qalagah, Ismailli
Qalagan Qalagay Qalagayin
Qalagh Qalah Juq Qalah Khaneh
Qalah Nau Qalah Qalat Qalai Janghi
Qalai Janghi Castle Qalai Jangi prison riot Qalai Naeem
Qalai-Jangi prison incident Qalaibaland Qalaichi
Qalaidasht Qalailabiob Qalaj
Qalajeh Qalajeh-ye Sofla Qalaji
Qalajqiyeh Qalak Qalakand
Qalakend Qalakənd Qalal
Qalal (disambiguation) Qalal, Azerbaijan Qalalan
Qalali Qalalu Khan Qalam
Qalam (Bagram captive) Qalam (Bagram detainee) Qalam (disambiguation)
Qalam Ab Qalam Collegiate Academy Qalam institute of higher education
Qalam Rosas Qalam, Iran Qalam-e-Mowla
Qalamabad Qalaman Qalaman-e Abdollah
Qalaman-e Mashhadi Choragh Qalamdan Qalamdan, Rostam
Qalamdan-e Bala Qalamdan-e Vosta Qalameh Khach
Qalameh Qach Qalami Qalamkan
Qalamkari Qalamkari Textile Qalamlu
Qalamoun Qalamoun Mountains Qalamoun offensive (2015)
Qalamoun offensive (July 2017) Qalamoun offensive (July-August 2017) Qalamoun offensive (July–August 2017)
Qalamoun offensive (June 2014-present) Qalamoun offensive (June 2014–present) Qalamoun offensive (June-August 2014)
Qalamoun offensive (June–August 2014) Qalamoun offensive (May 2015) Qalamoun offensive (May-June 2015)
Qalamoun offensive (May–June 2015) Qalamoun Shield Forces Qalamu
Qalamun Mountains Qalamzani Qalan
Qalancheh Qaland Qaland (disambiguation)
Qaland-e Olya Qaland-e Sofla Qaland-e Vosta
Qalandar Qalandar (caste) Qalandar (clan)
Qalandar (disambiguation) Qalandar (Hazara tribe) Qalandar (tribe)
Qalandar Ayesh Qalandar Baba Auliya Qalandar Bakhsh Jurat
Qalandar District Qalandar Kashteh Qalandar Khan Lodhi
Qalandar Mahalleh Qalandar Momand Qalandar momand
Qalandar Shahbaz University of Modern Sciences Qalandar Tappeh Qalandar, Ahar
Qalandar, Delfan Qalandar, Iran Qalandar, Iran (disambiguation)
Qalandar, Kuhdasht Qalandar, Kurdistan Qalandar, Marand
Qalandar-e Laki Qalandar-e Olya Qalandar-e Sofla
Qalandarabad Qalandarabad (disambiguation) Qalandarabad District
Qalandarabad Rural District Qalandarabad, Kerman Qalandarabad, Rashtkhvar
Qalandarabad, Roshtkhar Qalandarabad-e Bala Qalandarabad-e Pa'in
Qalandarabad-e Pain Qalandaran Qalandari
Qalandari, East Azerbaijan Qalandari, Hajjiabad Qalandari, Iran
Qalandari, Iran (disambiguation) Qalandari, Khuzestan Qalandari, Rudan
Qalandari, Yazd Qalandariya Qalandariyah
Qalandariyeh Qalandariyya Qalandars
Qalander Qalander Ba Ba Auliya Qalander Baba Auliya
Qalandia Qalandia Airport Qalandiriyya
Qalandiya Qalandiya International Qalandiya International (QI)
Qalandiyah Qalangeh Qalanian
Qalanj Lanmesh Qalanjeh Qalanou
Qalansawa Qalansawe Qalansiyah
Qalansue Qalansuwa Qalantar
Qalaouay Qalaouiyeh Qalaq Qurta
Qalaqan Qalaqand Qalaqburta
Qalarmen Qalashem Qalasixi
Qalat Qalat (Baloch tribe) Qalat (disambiguation)
Qalat (District) Qalat (fortress) Qalat (Pakistan)
Qalat (princely state) Qalat (tribe) Qalat (Zabul Province)
Qalat (Zabul) Qalat Airport Qalat Al Bahrain
Qalat as Sanam Qalat Atkhul Qalat Bishah
Qalat Bustra Qalat daqqa Qalat District
Qalat district Qalat Es Salihiye Qalat Ghestan
Qalat Gujat Qalat Ibn Salama Qalat Kat
Qalat Saleh Qalat Salih Qalat Seman
Qalat Shmamis Qalat Shmemis Qalat Sikar Air Base
Qalat Sukar Qalat Sukkar Qalat Tarashka
Qalat, Afghanistan Qalat, Bahmai Qalat, Bavanat
Qalat, Charam Qalat, Jahrom Qalat, Larestan
Qalat, Mahabad Qalat, Naqadeh Qalat, Piranshahr
Qalat, Qazvin Qalat, Qir and Karzin Qalat, Shiraz
Qalat, Zabul Qalat, Zabul Province Qalat, Zanjan
Qalat-e Bala Qalat-e Bar Aftab Qalat-e Godar Boneh
Qalat-e Khvar Qalat-e Markazi-ye Hamidabad Qalat-e Nilu
Qalat-e Pa'in Qalat-e Pain Qalat-e Rostam
Qalat-e Senan Qalat-i-Ghilzai Qalat-i-Mirza Jan
Qalat-I-Nasir railway station Qalatak Qalatak, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari
Qalatak, Fars Qalatak, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Qalatan
Qalatan, Mohammadyar Qalatan, Naqadeh Qalateh Khudadad
Qalateh Muhammad Khan Qalateh Rash Qalateh Rashkeh
Qalateh-ye Khan Qalateh-ye Rashkeh Qalatessalihiye
Qalateyn Qalatga Darband Qalati Ghilji
Qalatian Qalatiyah Qalatkhvar
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