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R72 R72 (Eastern Cape) R72 (South Africa)
R72 road R72 road (South Africa) R720 (South Africa)
R720 road (South Africa) R721 (South Africa) R721 road (South Africa)
R722 R722 (South Africa) R722 road (South Africa)
R723 (South Africa) R723 road (South Africa) R724 (South Africa)
R724 road R724 road (Ireland) R724 road (South Africa)
R725 (South Africa) R725 road R725 road (Ireland)
R725 road (South Africa) R726 (South Africa) R726 road
R726 road (Ireland) R726 road (South Africa) R727 (South Africa)
R727 road R727 road (Ireland) R727 road (South Africa)
R729 road R729 road (Ireland) R73
R73 (Free State) R73 (South Africa) R73 (disambiguation)
R73 road R73 road (South Africa) R730 (South Africa)
R730 road R730 road (Ireland) R730 road (South Africa)
R731 road R731 road (Ireland) R74
R74 (KwaZulu-Natal) R74 (South Africa) R74 road
R74 road (South Africa) R741 road R741 road (Ireland)
R742 road R742 road (Ireland) R744
R747 road R747 road (Ireland) R75
R75 (Eastern Cape) R75 (South Africa) R75 road
R75 road (South Africa) R75/5 R750 road
R750 road (Ireland) R752 road R752 road (Ireland)
R755 road R755 road (Ireland) R756 road
R756 road (Ireland) R759 road R759 road (Ireland)
R76 R76 (Free State) R76 (South Africa)
R76 (disambiguation) R76 road R76 road (South Africa)
R761 road R761 road (Ireland) R762 road
R762 road (Ireland) R763 road (Ireland) R764 road
R764 road (Ireland) R765 road R765 road (Ireland)
R766 road (Ireland) R767 road (Ireland) R76713
R768 road (Ireland) R769 road (Ireland) R77
R772 road R772 road (Ireland) R773 road (Ireland)
R774 road R774 road (Ireland) R78
R788 R79 R7: May cause fire
R7A (New York City Subway car) R7O R7O Constellation
R8 (Belgium) R8 (Rihanna Album) R8 (Rihanna album)
R8 (Rodalies de Catalunya) R8 (SEPTA) R8 (album)
R8 (character set) R8 (disambiguation) R8 Basket
R8 Basket Krakow R8 Basket Kraków R8 Chestnut Hill West
R8 Fox Chase R8 Games R8 expressway (Slovakia)
R8 road (Belgium) R80 R80 (Gauteng)
R80 (South Africa) R80 (airship) R80 (disambiguation)
R80 road R80 road (South Africa) R80 series
R800 R800 (CPU) R8000
R801 road R801 road (Ireland) R802 road
R802 road (Ireland) R80286 R80286-10
R80286-10/C2H R80286-10/S R80286-12
R80286-12/C2H R80286-12/S R80286-16
R80286-16/S R80286-8 R80286-8/C2
R80286-8/C2H R80286-8/S R803 road
R803 road (Ireland) R804 road R804 road (Ireland)
R805 R805 road R805 road (Ireland)
R806 road R806 road (Ireland) R807 road
R807 road (Ireland) R808 road R808 road (Ireland)
R809 road R809 road (Ireland) R80XL
R80XL Giant Wheel R81 R81 (Limpopo)
R81 (South Africa) R81 (disambiguation) R81 road
R81 road (South Africa) R810 road R810 road (Ireland)
R811 road R811 road (Ireland) R812 road
R812 road (Ireland) R813 road R813 road (Ireland)
R814 road R814 road (Ireland) R815 road
R815 road (Ireland) R816 road R816 road (Ireland)
R817 road R817 road (Ireland) R818 road
R818 road (Ireland) R819 road R819 road (Ireland)
R82 R82 (Gauteng) R82 (South Africa)
R82 (disambiguation) R82 road R82 road (South Africa)
R820 road R820 road (Ireland) R821 road
R821 road (Ireland) R822 road R822 road (Ireland)
R824 road R824 road (Ireland) R825 road
R825 road (Ireland) R826 road R826 road (Ireland)
R827 road R827 road (Ireland) R828 road
R828 road (Ireland) R829 road R829 road (Ireland)
R83 R83 (NYCS car) R83 (New York City Subway car)
R83(New York City Subway car) R830 road R830 road (Ireland)
R838 road (Ireland) R84-7 Highway R847 Highway
R85 R86 R87
R870 R885 road (Ireland) R8: Contact with combustible material may cause fire
R8A R8A (NYCS car) R8A (New York City Subway car)
R8C R8C Tiny R8V
R9 R9 (Belgium) R9 (New York City Subway car)
R9 (character set) R9 (disambiguation) R9 270
R9 270X R9 280 R9 280X
R9 285 R9 290 R9 290X
R9 295X2 R9 380 R9 380X
R9 390 R9 390X R9 Fury
R9 Fury X R9 M470 R9 M470X
R9 M480 R9 M480X R9 M485X
R9 M490 R9 M490X R9 Nano
R9 road (Belgium) R9-Arms Submachinegun R9-Arms submachine gun
R90S R918 road (Ireland) R93
R940 road (Ireland) R97 R98
R985 R99 R99 (plane)
R99A R99A Erieye R9: Explosive when mixed with combustible material
R9k R: Racing R: Racing Evolution
R:30 Live In Frankfurt R:BASE R:BASE 2000
R:BASE System R:BASE Technologies R:Base
R:FOM R:Racing R:Racing Evolution
R;N R=2M R=T model
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