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Avex Group

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Avex Inc. is an entertainment conglomerate led by founder Max Matsuura and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. [1]

145 relations: A-Nation, AAA (band), Acronym, After School (band), Ai Otsuka, AKB48, AKS (company), Amazon Music, Ami Suzuki, Anna Tsuchiya, Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo, Aozora Records, Armada Music, Avex Group, Avex Taiwan, Avex Trax, Ayaka, Ayumi Hamasaki, Börse München, BEC-TERO, Beijing, Bertelsmann Music Group, BoA, CAM Entertainment, China, China Record Corporation, Classical music, Commmons, Communication, Conflict of interest, Contemode, Copy Control, Corporate resolution, D-topia Entertainment, Daimaou Kosaka, Danger Crue Records, Digital distribution, Disney Music Group, Do As Infinity, DVD, Dwango (company), Entertainment, Eurobeat, Every Little Thing (band), Film, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Free-Will, Girl Next Door (band), Globe (band), GMT Records, ..., Hiro Mizushima, Hitomi (singer), Hitomi Yaida, Hollywood Records, Hong Kong, HY (band), I Scream Records, Idol Street, Information, International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, IPTV, Island Records, Izumi Garden Tower, J Storm, J-pop, Japanese idol, Japanese yen, Joe Weider, Johnny & Associates, JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment, Kabushiki gaisha, Kannivalism, Kim Hyung-jun, Koda Kumi, Kontor Records, Kowloon, Kowloon Bay, KT Corporation, Level-5 (company), Lisa Ono, List of artists under the Avex Group, List of record labels, Love (Ai Otsuka), Macau, Machida, Tokyo, Marty Friedman, Max Matsuura, Minato, Tokyo, Mizuno Corporation, Monoral, Music industry, Namie Amuro, Nihon University, Nippon Life, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, NTT DoCoMo, Ocean Butterflies, P-Vine Records, Philippines, Pledis Entertainment, Public company, Record label, Rhythm Zone, Roppongi, Ryuichi Sakamoto, S2S Pte. Ltd., Sales promotion, Seven & I Holdings Co., Shu-I, SM Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment Japan, South Korea, Special administrative regions of China, SS501, Sumitomo Life, Taiwan, Taku Takahashi, Taro Hakase, Tatsumi Yoda, Thailand, The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ticker symbol, Tokyo, Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Toy's Factory, Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong, TRF (band), TVXQ, U-KISS, Ultra Music Festival, Universal Music Group, Universal Records (Philippines), Vamps (band), Vandit, Velfarre, Verbal (rapper), Visual kei, Walt Disney Records, Workweek and weekend, Yamaha Corporation, Yejeon Media, YG Entertainment, Zepp, 2NE1. Expand index (95 more) »


A-Nation (stylized as a-nation) is the name of an annual series of summer concerts that are held in various cities in Japan.

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AAA (band)

, a backronym for Attack All Around, are a 6-member Japanese pop group signed to the label Avex Trax which debuted in September 2005.

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An acronym is a word or name formed as an abbreviation from the initial components in a phrase or a word, usually individual letters (as in NATO or laser) and sometimes syllables (as in Benelux).

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After School (band)

After School (Hangul: 애프터스쿨) is a South Korean girl group formed by Pledis Entertainment with an admissions and graduation concept.

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Ai Otsuka

is a Japanese singer-songwriter from Suminoe-ku, Osaka, Japan.

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AKB48 (pronounced A.K.B. Forty-Eight) are a Japanese idol girl group named after the Akihabara (Akiba for short) area in Tokyo, where the group's theater is located.

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AKS (company)

is a Japanese talent agency, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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Amazon Music

Amazon Music (previously Amazon MP3) is a music streaming platform and online music store operated by Amazon.com.

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Ami Suzuki

is a Japanese recording artist, DJ and actress from Zama, Kanagawa, Japan.

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Anna Tsuchiya

is a Japanese-American singer, actress, and semi-retired model of Polish descent.

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Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo

is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of Tokyo, located in the northwest portion of Minato Ward.

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Aozora Records

is a Japanese record company owned by.

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Armada Music

Armada Music is a Dutch record label that specializes in releasing electronic music.

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Avex Group

Avex Inc. is an entertainment conglomerate led by founder Max Matsuura and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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Avex Taiwan

Avex Taiwan Inc (formerly 艾迴唱片公司 or 艾迴股份有限公司) is an entertainment and record label based in Taiwan.

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Avex Trax

is a record label owned by Japanese entertainment conglomerate Avex Group.

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, known mononymously as Ayaka, is a female Japanese singer, songwriter and record producer formerly signed to Warner Music Japan.

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Ayumi Hamasaki

is a Japanese recording artist, record producer, actress, model, spokesperson and entrepreneur.

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Börse München

The Börse München is a stock exchange based in Munich, Germany.

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BEC-TERO Entertainment Public Co.

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Beijing, formerly romanized as Peking, is the capital of the People's Republic of China, the world's second most populous city proper, and most populous capital city.

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Bertelsmann Music Group

Bertelsmann Music Group (abbreviated as BMG) was a division of German media company Bertelsmann before its completion of sale of the majority of its assets to Japan's Sony Corporation of America on 1 October 2008.

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Kwon Bo-ah (권보아, born November 5, 1986), known professionally as BoA, is a South Korean singer, dancer, composer and actress active in South Korea and Japan.

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CAM Entertainment

is a Japanese record label founded by Cyber Agent, the company behind ameba.

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China, officially the People's Republic of China (PRC), is a unitary one-party sovereign state in East Asia and the world's most populous country, with a population of around /1e9 round 3 billion.

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China Record Corporation

China Record Corporation (CRC) is the Chinese government's oldest and largest record company.

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Classical music

Classical music is art music produced or rooted in the traditions of Western culture, including both liturgical (religious) and secular music.

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Commmons is a Japanese record label founded by Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto.

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Communication (from Latin commūnicāre, meaning "to share") is the act of conveying intended meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs and semiotic rules.

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Conflict of interest

A conflict of interest (COI) is a situation in which a person or organization is involved in multiple interests, financial or otherwise, and serving one interest could involve working against another.

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Contemode, stylized in all lower case, was a Japanese record label founded by Yasutaka Nakata in 2003.

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Copy Control

Copy Control was the generic name of a copy prevention system, used from 2001 until 2006 on several digital audio disc releases by EMI Group and Sony BMG Music Entertainment in several regions (Europe, Canada, United States, and Australia).

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Corporate resolution

A corporate resolution is a corporate action, sometimes in the form of a legal document, that will be voted on or has been voted on at a meeting of the board of directors for a corporation.

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D-topia Entertainment

D-topia Entertainment (previously known as DTJ or D-Topia Japan) is a Japanese record label produced by Terukado Ōnishi, officially established in public prior to December 14, 2007.

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Daimaou Kosaka

, better known by his stage names and, is a Japanese comedian.

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Danger Crue Records

Danger Crue Records is a Japanese visual kei independent record label located in Tokyo, Japan.

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Digital distribution

Digital distribution (also referred to as content delivery, online distribution, or electronic software distribution (ESD), among others) is the delivery or distribution of media content such as audio, video, software and video games.

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Disney Music Group

Disney Music Group (DMG) is the music recording arm of Walt Disney Studios, a division of The Walt Disney Company.

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Do As Infinity

Do As Infinity is a Japanese pop and rock band that formed in 1999 with three members: vocalist Tomiko Van, guitarist Ryo Owatari, and guitarist and composer Dai Nagao.

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DVD (an abbreviation of "digital video disc" or "digital versatile disc") is a digital optical disc storage format invented and developed by Philips and Sony in 1995.

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Dwango (company)

DWANGO Co., Ltd. is a telecommunications and media company based in Japan, headed by Nobuo Kawakami. The company is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Kadokawa Dwango Corporation. The company was spun off from a U.S.-based service offering online multiplayer for video games, DWANGO, which was shut down in 1998. Dwango's majority shareholders until its merger with Kadokawa Corporation included Kawakami himself, Kadokawa Corporation, and Avex Group. Dwango's subsidiaries include Niwango, which runs the popular Japanese video sharing site Nico Nico Douga. The company also is the 100% owner of the game developer Spike Chunsoft. In November 2013, it was confirmed Nintendo purchased 612,200 or 1.5% shares of the company at the request of Nobuo Kawakami. On May 14, 2014, it was announced that Dwango and Kadokawa Corporation would merge on October 1, 2014, and form the new holding company Kadokawa Dwango Corporation. Both Kadokawa and Dwango became subsidiaries of the new company.

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Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight.

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Eurobeat is either a form of the British dance-pop variant of Eurodisco, or Hi-NRG-driven Italo disco music.

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Every Little Thing (band)

Every Little Thing (also known as ELT) is a pop/soft rock duo from Japan who debuted in August 1996 with the release of their first single called "Feel My Heart".

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A film, also called a movie, motion picture, moving pícture, theatrical film, or photoplay, is a series of still images that, when shown on a screen, create the illusion of moving images.

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Frankfurt Stock Exchange

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse, FWB) is the world's 10th largest stock exchange by market capitalization.

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is a Japanese independent record label founded in 1986 by Color vocalist Hiroshi "Dynamite Tommy" Tomioka, with branches predominantly in Japan and the United States, as well as previously in Europe.

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Girl Next Door (band)

Girl Next Door was a Japanese pop musical trio that debuted in 2008 on the Avex Trax label.

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Globe (band)

is a dance-oriented Japanese pop band, formed in 1995 by producer and songwriter Tetsuya Komuro.

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GMT Records

GMT Records is an imprint or sub-label of Aozora Records.

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Hiro Mizushima

is a Japanese actor, producer, writer, and creative director.

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Hitomi (singer)

is a Japanese singer-songwriter.

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Hitomi Yaida

is a Japanese pop/folk rock singer-songwriter and guitarist.

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Hollywood Records

Hollywood Records, Inc. is an American record label of the Disney Music Group.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong (Chinese: 香港), officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is an autonomous territory of China on the eastern side of the Pearl River estuary in East Asia.

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HY (band)

HY is a Japanese rock band formed in 2000 by five high school friends from Okinawa.

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I Scream Records

I Scream Records is a label founded by Laurens Kusters in 1994 in Brussels, Belgium.

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Idol Street

Idol Street (stylized as iDOL Street) is a Japanese record label and music project specializing in idols.

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Information is any entity or form that provides the answer to a question of some kind or resolves uncertainty.

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International Federation of the Phonographic Industry

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) is the organisation that represents the interests of the recording industry worldwide.

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Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

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Island Records

Island Records is a British-Jamaican record label that operates as a division of Universal Music Group (UMG).

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Izumi Garden Tower

The is a 216 m (roughly 708 ft) high-rise building in the Roppongi district of Tokyo.

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J Storm

is a Japanese music and film company owned by Johnny & Associates.

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J-pop (often stylized as J-POP; ジェイポップ jeipoppu; an abbreviation for Japanese pop), natively also known simply as, is a musical genre that entered the musical mainstream of Japan in the 1990s.

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Japanese idol

In Japanese pop culture is a term typically used to refer to young manufactured stars/starlets marketed to be admired for their cuteness.

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Japanese yen

The is the official currency of Japan.

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Joe Weider

Joseph Weider (November 29, 1919 – March 23, 2013) was a Canadian bodybuilder and entrepreneur who co-founded the International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB) alongside his brother Ben Weider.

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Johnny & Associates

is a Japanese talent agency, formed by Johnny Kitagawa in 1962, which trains and promotes groups of male entertainers known as.

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JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment

, formerly and, is a subsidiary of JVC Kenwood that produces and distributes music, movies and other entertainment products such as anime and television shows in Japan.

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Kabushiki gaisha

A or kabushiki kaisha, commonly abbreviated KK, is a type of defined under the Companies Act of Japan.

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Kannivalism (stylized kannivalism) was a Japanese visual kei rock band originally formed in 2001,Cure magazine, Volume 30, March, released Jan 1 206, pg 38 signed to Free-Will and distributed by Avex Trax.

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Kim Hyung-jun

Kim Hyung-jun (born August 3, 1987).

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Koda Kumi

, known professionally as, is a Japanese singer from Kyoto, known for her urban and R&B songs.

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Kontor Records

Kontor Records is a record label based in Hamburg, Germany.

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Kowloon is an urban area in Hong Kong comprising the Kowloon Peninsula and New Kowloon.

New!!: Avex Group and Kowloon · See more »

Kowloon Bay

Kowloon Bay is a bay and a town in Hong Kong.

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KT Corporation

KT Corporation (Hangul: 케이티 주식회사), formerly Korea Telecom, is South Korea's largest telephone company.

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Level-5 (company)

Level-5 Inc. is a Japanese video game developer and publisher based in Fukuoka, who are best known for their Professor Layton, Inazuma Eleven, Ni no Kuni, and Yo-kai Watch franchises.

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Lisa Ono

Lisa Ono (小野リサ, Ono Risa, born July 29, 1962) is a popular Japanese-Brazilian bossa nova singer.

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List of artists under the Avex Group

This is a list of artists currently or formerly signed under the Avex Group and its sub-labels in Japan and in other Asian countries.

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List of record labels

For lists of record labels, see.

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Love (Ai Otsuka)

(stylized as LOVE) is a fictional female bunny character and singer created by Japanese singer Ai Otsuka.

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Macau, officially the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is an autonomous territory on the western side of the Pearl River estuary in East Asia.

New!!: Avex Group and Macau · See more »

Machida, Tokyo

is a city located in the western portion of Tokyo Metropolis, Japan.

New!!: Avex Group and Machida, Tokyo · See more »

Marty Friedman

Martin Adam "Marty" Friedman (born December 8, 1962) is an American guitarist, known for his tenure as the lead guitarist for heavy metal band Megadeth which spanned nearly the full decade of the 1990s.

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Max Matsuura

, better known by his stage name, is a Japanese talent manager, record producer, songwriter, record executive and radio personality.

New!!: Avex Group and Max Matsuura · See more »

Minato, Tokyo

is a special ward in Tokyo, Japan.

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Mizuno Corporation

() is a Japanese sports equipment and sportswear company, founded in Osaka in 1906 by Rihachi Mizuno.

New!!: Avex Group and Mizuno Corporation · See more »


Monoral is a Japanese alternative rock band signed to Sony Music Japan.

New!!: Avex Group and Monoral · See more »

Music industry

The music industry consists of the companies and individuals that earn money by creating new songs and pieces and selling live concerts and shows, audio and video recordings, compositions and sheet music, and the organizations and associations that aid and represent music creators.

New!!: Avex Group and Music industry · See more »

Namie Amuro

is a Japanese recording artist, dancer, model, actress and entrepreneur.

New!!: Avex Group and Namie Amuro · See more »

Nihon University

, abbreviated as, is a private research university in Japan.

New!!: Avex Group and Nihon University · See more »

Nippon Life

, also known as or is the largest Japanese life insurance company by revenue.

New!!: Avex Group and Nippon Life · See more »

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone

, commonly known as NTT, is a Japanese telecommunications company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

New!!: Avex Group and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone · See more »


is the predominant mobile phone operator in Japan.

New!!: Avex Group and NTT DoCoMo · See more »

Ocean Butterflies

Ocean Butterflies International is an independent Asian music and entertainment company specializing in Chinese-Pop (C-pop).

New!!: Avex Group and Ocean Butterflies · See more »

P-Vine Records

P-Vine Records is an independent record label, started by Blues Interactions, a firm in Tokyo, Japan established in 1975 by Yasufumi Higurashi and Akira Kochi.

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The Philippines (Pilipinas or Filipinas), officially the Republic of the Philippines (Republika ng Pilipinas), is a unitary sovereign and archipelagic country in Southeast Asia.

New!!: Avex Group and Philippines · See more »

Pledis Entertainment

Pledis Entertainment is a South Korean entertainment company founded in 2007 by Han Sung-soo.

New!!: Avex Group and Pledis Entertainment · See more »

Public company

A public company, publicly traded company, publicly held company, publicly listed company, or public corporation is a corporation whose ownership is dispersed among the general public in many shares of stock which are freely traded on a stock exchange or in over the counter markets.

New!!: Avex Group and Public company · See more »

Record label

A record label, or record company, is a brand or trademark associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos.

New!!: Avex Group and Record label · See more »

Rhythm Zone

(RZN) is a record label in the Avex Records Group which releases all kinds of urban contemporary Japanese music.

New!!: Avex Group and Rhythm Zone · See more »


is a district of Minato, Tokyo, Japan, famous for the affluent Roppongi Hills development area and popular night club scene.

New!!: Avex Group and Roppongi · See more »

Ryuichi Sakamoto

() is a Japanese musician, singer, composer, record producer, activist, writer, actor and dancer, based in Tokyo and New York.

New!!: Avex Group and Ryuichi Sakamoto · See more »

S2S Pte. Ltd.

S2S Pte.

New!!: Avex Group and S2S Pte. Ltd. · See more »

Sales promotion

Sales promotion is one of the elements of the promotional mix.

New!!: Avex Group and Sales promotion · See more »

Seven & I Holdings Co.

is a Japanese diversified retail group headquartered in Nibancho, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan.

New!!: Avex Group and Seven & I Holdings Co. · See more »


Super Tribe (So Hot Union of was a South Korean five member boy band. They debuted on September 11, 2009 with their digital single “Bomb Bomb Bomb”. Before that they had been training for two years together. Their name SHU-I can translate into the Mandarin word shuai (帥) which means handsome. They were mainly active in Japan.

New!!: Avex Group and Shu-I · See more »

SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment is a South Korean entertainment company established in 1995 by Lee Soo-man.

New!!: Avex Group and SM Entertainment · See more »

Sony Music Entertainment Japan

, often abbreviated as SMEJ or simply SME, and also known as Sony Music Japan for short, is Sony's music arm in Japan.

New!!: Avex Group and Sony Music Entertainment Japan · See more »

South Korea

South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea (대한민국; Hanja: 大韓民國; Daehan Minguk,; lit. "The Great Country of the Han People"), is a country in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula and lying east to the Asian mainland.

New!!: Avex Group and South Korea · See more »

Special administrative regions of China

The special administrative regions (SAR) are one type of provincial-level administrative divisions of China directly under Central People's Government, which enjoys the highest degree of autonomy, and no or less interference by either Central Government or the Communist Party of China.

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SS501 is a South Korean boy band consisting of five members: Kim Hyun-joong, Heo Young-saeng, Kim Kyu-jong, Park Jung-min and Kim Hyung-jun.

New!!: Avex Group and SS501 · See more »

Sumitomo Life

is a mutual life insurance company in Japan, founded in 1907 and headquartered in Osaka.

New!!: Avex Group and Sumitomo Life · See more »


Taiwan, officially the Republic of China (ROC), is a state in East Asia.

New!!: Avex Group and Taiwan · See more »

Taku Takahashi

(born March 29, 1974, stylized as ☆Taku Takahashi) is a Japanese hip hop recording artist, DJ and record producer, who debuted in 1997 as a record producer of the hip hop group M-Flo.

New!!: Avex Group and Taku Takahashi · See more »

Taro Hakase

is a Japanese musician who specialises as a violinist and composer.

New!!: Avex Group and Taro Hakase · See more »

Tatsumi Yoda

is a Japanese businessperson.

New!!: Avex Group and Tatsumi Yoda · See more »


Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand and formerly known as Siam, is a unitary state at the center of the Southeast Asian Indochinese peninsula composed of 76 provinces.

New!!: Avex Group and Thailand · See more »

The Master Trust Bank of Japan

is a trust bank in Japan.

New!!: Avex Group and The Master Trust Bank of Japan · See more »

Ticker symbol

A ticker symbol or stock symbol is an abbreviation used to uniquely identify publicly traded shares of a particular stock on a particular stock market.

New!!: Avex Group and Ticker symbol · See more »


, officially, is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan and has been the capital since 1869.

New!!: Avex Group and Tokyo · See more »

Tokyo Dome

is a stadium in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan.

New!!: Avex Group and Tokyo Dome · See more »

Tokyo Stock Exchange

The, which is called or TSE/TYO for short, is a stock exchange located in Tokyo, Japan.

New!!: Avex Group and Tokyo Stock Exchange · See more »

Toy's Factory

is a Japanese record label founded in the late 1980s as a subsidiary of the entertainment company VAP, based in Japan.

New!!: Avex Group and Toy's Factory · See more »

Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong

The transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China, referred to as "the Handover" internationally or "the Return" in Mainland China, took place on 1 July 1997.

New!!: Avex Group and Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong · See more »

TRF (band)

TRF (an abbreviation of Tetsuya Komuro Rave Factory) are a Japanese pop band.

New!!: Avex Group and TRF (band) · See more »


TVXQ (stylized as TVXQ!), an initialism for Tong Vfang Xien Qi, is a South Korean pop duo consisting of U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin.

New!!: Avex Group and TVXQ · See more »


U-KISS (유키스, ユーキス) is a South Korean boy band formed by NH Media in 2008.

New!!: Avex Group and U-KISS · See more »

Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival is an annual outdoor electronic music festival that takes place during March in the city of Miami, Florida.

New!!: Avex Group and Ultra Music Festival · See more »

Universal Music Group

Universal Music Group (also known in the United States as UMG Recordings, Inc. and abbreviated as UMG) is an American global music corporation that is a subsidiary of the French media conglomerate Vivendi.

New!!: Avex Group and Universal Music Group · See more »

Universal Records (Philippines)

Universal Records Philippines Inc. is a Filipino record label founded in 1977 as a part of Warner Music Group.

New!!: Avex Group and Universal Records (Philippines) · See more »

Vamps (band)

Vamps is a Japanese rock duo formed in 2008 by Hyde (vocalist, rhythm guitarist, lyricist and composer) and K.A.Z (lead guitarist, backing vocalist and composer).

New!!: Avex Group and Vamps (band) · See more »


Vandit Records is a German record label founded in 1999 by Paul van Dyk.

New!!: Avex Group and Vandit · See more »


was a disco located in the Roppongi district of Tokyo, Japan.

New!!: Avex Group and Velfarre · See more »

Verbal (rapper)

Verbal (born August 21, 1975) is a Japanese third generation Zainichi Korean hip hop recording artist, music video director and record producer who debuted in 1998 as a member of the Hip hop group m-flo.

New!!: Avex Group and Verbal (rapper) · See more »

Visual kei

is a movement among Japanese musicians, that is characterized by the use of varying levels of make-up, elaborate hair styles and flamboyant costumes, often, but not always, coupled with androgynous aesthetics, similar to Western glam rock.

New!!: Avex Group and Visual kei · See more »

Walt Disney Records

Walt Disney Records is an American record label of the Disney Music Group.

New!!: Avex Group and Walt Disney Records · See more »

Workweek and weekend

The workweek and weekend are those complementary parts of the week devoted to labour and rest, respectively.

New!!: Avex Group and Workweek and weekend · See more »

Yamaha Corporation

() is a Japanese multinational corporation and conglomerate with a very wide range of products and services, predominantly musical instruments, electronics and power sports equipment.

New!!: Avex Group and Yamaha Corporation · See more »

Yejeon Media

Yejeon Media & Entertainment also known as YJ Media or YJ Entertainment is a South Korean entertainment company/record label founded in 1996.

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YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment Inc. (Korean: YG 엔터테인먼트) is a South Korean entertainment company established in 1996 by Yang Hyun-suk.

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The Zepp music halls are a group of Japanese music halls covering every area of the country.

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2NE1 (투애니원) was a South Korean girl group composed of Bom, Dara, CL, and Minzy, formed by YG Entertainment in 2009.

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