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Bare-knuckle boxing

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Bare-knuckle boxing (also known as bare-knuckle, prizefighting, fist fight or fisticuffs) is the original form of boxing, closely related to ancient combat sports. [1]

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Ancient Greek boxing

Ancient Greek boxing (πυγμαχία pygmachia, "fist fighting") dates back to at least the 8th century BCE (Homer's Iliad), and was practiced in a variety of social contexts in different Greek city-states.

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Bell's Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer

Bell's Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer, also published as Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Chronicle, was a weekly English language newspaper published in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia between 1845 and 1872.

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Bellator MMA

Bellator MMA is an American mixed martial arts promotion based in Santa Monica, California that is owned and operated as a subsidiary of Viacom.

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Ben Caunt

Ben Caunt (22 March 1815 – 10 September 1861) was a 19th-century English bare-knuckle boxer who became the "heavyweight" boxing champion known as the "Torkard Giant" and "Big Ben".

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Bob Fitzsimmons

Robert James Fitzsimmons (26 May 1863 – 22 October 1917) was a British professional boxer who made boxing history as the sport's first three-division world champion.

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Bobby Gunn

Bobby Gunn (born December 25, 1973) is a Canadian professional boxer and undefeated bareknuckle boxer.

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Boxing is a combat sport in which two people, usually wearing protective gloves, throw punches at each other for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring.

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Boxing glove

Boxing gloves are cushioned gloves that fighters wear on their hands during boxing matches and practices.

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Combat sport

A combat sport, or fighting sport, is a competitive contact sport that usually involves one-on-one combat.

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Daniel Mendoza

Daniel Mendoza (5 July 1764 – 3 September 1836) (often known as Dan Mendoza) was an English prizefighter, who was boxing champion of England in 1792–1795.

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Elizabeth Wilkinson

Elizabeth Wilkinson (alternatively referred to Elizabeth Stokes) was an English bare-knuckle boxing champion from Clerkenwell, considered by many to be the first female boxer.

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ESPN (originally an acronym for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) is a U.S.-based global cable and satellite sports television channel owned by ESPN Inc., a joint venture owned by The Walt Disney Company (80%) and Hearst Communications (20%).

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Goran Reljić

Goran Reljić (born March 20, 1984) is a Croatian mixed martial artist.

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Hen Pearce

Henry "Hen" Pearce (born 7 May 1777 in Bristol; died 30 April 1809 at St. Martin's Lane, London) was an English bare-knuckle prizefighter who fought under the London Prize Ring rules and was the recognised English Champion from 1804 until his retirement due to ill health in 1807.

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Irish Americans

Irish Americans (Gael-Mheiriceánaigh) are an ethnic group comprising Americans who have full or partial ancestry from Ireland, especially those who identify with that ancestry, along with their cultural characteristics.

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Jack Broughton

John "Jack" Broughton (c. 1703 or 5 July 1704 – 8 January 1789) was an English bare-knuckle boxer.

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Jake Kilrain

Jake Kilrain (February 9, 1859 – December 22, 1937) was the popular name of John Joseph Killion, a famous American bare-knuckle fighter and glove boxer of the 1880s.

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James Belcher

James Belcher, also known as Jem Belcher (15 April 1781 – 30 July 1811) was an English bare-knuckle prize-fighter and Champion of All England 1800-1805.

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James Burke (boxer)

James "Deaf" Burke (8 December 1809 – 8 January 1845), was one of England's earliest boxing champions.

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James Figg

James Figg (1684 – 7 December 1734) was an English bare-knuckle boxer.

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Jem Mace

James "Jem" Mace (8 April 1831 – 30 November 1910) was an English boxing champion.

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Jem Ward

Jem Ward (26 December 1800 – 3 April 1884) was an English bare-knuckle boxer.

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John Gully

John Gully (21 August 1783 – 9 March 1863) was an English prize-fighter, horse racer and politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1832 to 1837.

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John L. Sullivan

John Lawrence Sullivan (October 15, 1858 – February 2, 1918), also known as the "Boston Strong Boy", was an Irish-American boxer recognized as the first heavyweight champion of gloved boxing, holding the title from February 7, 1882, to 1892.

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John Morrissey

John Morrissey (February 12, 1831 – May 1, 1878), also known as Old Smoke, was an Irish American bare-knuckle boxer and a professional gambler in New York City in the 1860s to 1878.

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Lethwei (လက်ဝှေ့; IPA) or Burmese bareknuckle boxing is a full contact combat sport from Myanmar that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques.

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List of bare-knuckle boxers

List of bare-knuckle boxers is an aggregate of articles pertaining to boxers that fought either all or part of their careers as bare-knuckle boxers.

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List of bare-knuckle lightweight champions

List of bare-knuckle lightweight champions is a chronological from England and the United States.

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London Prize Ring Rules

The London Prize Ring Rules were a list of boxing rules promulgated in 1838 and revised in 1853.

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Mike Richman

Michael Richman (born June 23, 1985) is an American mixed martial artist currently competing in the Lightweight division of the Legacy Fighting Alliance.

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National Police Gazette

. The National Police Gazette, commonly referred to as simply the Police Gazette, was an American magazine founded in 1845.

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New Castle, Delaware

New Castle is a city in New Castle County, Delaware, six miles (10 km) south of Wilmington, situated on the Delaware River.

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Nonpareil Dempsey

John Edward Kelly (December 15, 1862 – November 1, 1895) was an Irish-born American boxer, better known as Nonpareil Jack Dempsey who was the first holder of the World Middleweight Championship.

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Russian boxing

Russian boxing (Russian - Кулачный бой Kulachniy Boy "fist fighting, pugilism") is the traditional bare-knuckle boxing of Russia.

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Shannon Ritch

Shannon Grey Ritch (born September 27, 1970) is an American professional mixed martial artist, boxer, professional wrestler, grappler, actor, golfer and kickboxer, known for being the former Gladiators Challenge Heavyweight Champion and KOTC Middleweight Champion also current RUF Interim Heavyweight Champion and IFC Middleweight Champion.

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Street fighting

Street fighting is hand-to-hand combat in public places, between individuals or groups of people.

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Strike (attack)

A strike is a directed physical attack with either a part of the human body or with an inanimate object (such as a weapon) intended to cause blunt trauma or penetrating trauma upon an opponent.

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The News Journal

The News Journal is the main newspaper for Wilmington, Delaware, and the surrounding area.

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Tom Cribb

Tom Cribb (8 July 1781 – 11 May 1848) was an English bare-knuckle boxer of the 19th century, so successful that he became world champion.

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Tom Hyer

Tom Hyer (January 1, 1819 – June 26, 1864) was an American bare-knuckle boxer.

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Tom Sayers

Tom Sayers (15 or 25 May 1826 – 8 November 1865) was an English bare-knuckle prize fighter.

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Tom Sharkey

Thomas "Sailor Tom" Sharkey (January 1, 1871 – April 17, 1953) was a boxer who fought two fights with heavyweight champion James J. Jeffries.

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Tom Spring

Tom Spring (born Thomas Winter) (22 February 1795 – 20 August 1851) was an English bare-knuckle fighter.

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Ultimate Fighting Championship

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is an American mixed martial arts organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada, that is owned and operated by parent company William Morris Endeavor.

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William Perry (boxer)

William Perry (1819–1880), known as "The Tipton Slasher" after his native town of Tipton, was a British heavyweight prize fighter of the 19th century and champion of England for two periods between 1850–57.

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William Thompson (boxer)

William Abednego Thompson (18 October 1811 – 23 August 1880) was an English bare-knuckle boxer.

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Yankee Sullivan

Yankee Sullivan (born James Ambrose; c. March 10, 1811 – May 31, 1856), also known as Frank Murray and James Sullivan, was a bare-knuckle fighter and boxer.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bare-knuckle_boxing

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