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Barrel roll

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A barrel roll is an aerial maneuver in which an airplane makes a complete rotation on both its longitudinal and lateral axes, causing it to follow a helical path, approximately maintaining its original direction. [1]

42 relations: Aerobatic maneuver, Aerobatics, Aileron, Aileron roll, Air combat manoeuvring, Airplane, Alvin M. Johnston, Angle of attack, Avro, Avro Vulcan, Basic fighter maneuvers, Brian Walpole, Buffet, Concorde, Daniel J. Maloney, Dogfight, Elevator (aeronautics), Euler angles, Flight dynamics (fixed-wing aircraft), Fokker Dr.I, Fuselage, G-force, Gravity, Helix, International Aerobatic Club, International Air Transport Association, John Joseph Montgomery, Lake Washington, Lift (force), Luftstreitkräfte, Mach number, Orientation (geometry), Roland Falk, Roller coaster elements, Rotation, Rudder, Slip (aerodynamics), Slow roll (aeronautics), The Blue Max, Thrust-to-weight ratio, Turning radius, Zoom climb.

Aerobatic maneuver

Aerobatic maneuvers are flight paths putting aircraft in unusual attitudes, in air shows, dogfights or competition aerobatics.

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Aerobatics (a portmanteau of aerial-acrobatics) is the practice of flying maneuvers involving aircraft attitudes that are not used in normal flight.

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An aileron (French for "little wing" or "fin") is a hinged flight control surface usually forming part of the trailing edge of each wing of a fixed-wing aircraft.

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Aileron roll

The aileron roll is an aerobatic maneuver in which an aircraft does a full 360° revolution about its longitudinal axis.

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Air combat manoeuvring

Air combat manoeuvring (also known as ACM or dogfighting) is the tactical art of moving, turning and/or situating one's fighter aircraft in order to attain a position from which an attack can be made on another aircraft.

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An airplane or aeroplane (informally plane) is a powered, fixed-wing aircraft that is propelled forward by thrust from a jet engine, propeller or rocket engine.

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Alvin M. Johnston

Alvin Melvin "Tex" Johnston (August 18, 1914 – October 29, 1998) was an American jet-age test pilot for Bell Aircraft and the Boeing Company.

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Angle of attack

In fluid dynamics, angle of attack (AOA, or \alpha (Greek letter alpha)) is the angle between a reference line on a body (often the chord line of an airfoil) and the vector representing the relative motion between the body and the fluid through which it is moving.

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Avro was a British aircraft manufacturer.

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Avro Vulcan

The Avro Vulcan (later Hawker Siddeley Vulcan from July 1963) is a jet-powered tailless delta wing high-altitude strategic bomber, which was operated by the Royal Air Force (RAF) from 1956 until 1984.

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Basic fighter maneuvers

Basic fighter maneuvers (BFM) are tactical movements performed by fighter aircraft during air combat maneuvering (also called ACM, or dogfighting), in order to gain a positional advantage over the opponent.

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Brian Walpole

Captain Brian Walpole OBE, FRAeS is a pilot who was the General Manager with responsibility for Concorde with British Airways.

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A buffet (from sideboard) is a system of serving meals in which food is placed in a public area where the diners serve themselves.

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The Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde is a British-French turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner that was operated from 1976 until 2003.

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Daniel J. Maloney

Daniel John Maloney (circa 1879 – July 18, 1905) was an American pioneering aviator and test pilot who made the first high-altitude flights by man using a Montgomery glider in 1905.

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A dogfight, or dog fight, is an aerial battle between fighter aircraft, conducted at close range.

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Elevator (aeronautics)

Elevators are flight control surfaces, usually at the rear of an aircraft, which control the aircraft's pitch, and therefore the angle of attack and the lift of the wing.

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Euler angles

The Euler angles are three angles introduced by Leonhard Euler to describe the orientation of a rigid body with respect to a fixed coordinate system.

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Flight dynamics (fixed-wing aircraft)

Flight dynamics is the science of air vehicle orientation and control in three dimensions.

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Fokker Dr.I

The Fokker Dr.I (Dreidecker, "triplane" in German), often known simply as the Fokker Triplane, was a World War I fighter aircraft built by Fokker-Flugzeugwerke.

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The fuselage (from the French fuselé "spindle-shaped") is an aircraft's main body section.

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The gravitational force, or more commonly, g-force, is a measurement of the type of acceleration that causes a perception of weight.

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Gravity, or gravitation, is a natural phenomenon by which all things with mass or energy—including planets, stars, galaxies, and even light—are brought toward (or gravitate toward) one another.

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A helix, plural helixes or helices, is a type of smooth space curve, i.e. a curve in three-dimensional space.

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International Aerobatic Club

The International Aerobatic Club (IAC) is a division of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) and the National Aeronautics Association (NAA).

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International Air Transport Association

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a trade association of the world’s airlines.

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John Joseph Montgomery

John Joseph Montgomery (February 15, 1858 – October 31, 1911) was an American inventor, physicist, engineer, and professor at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California who is best known for his invention of controlled heavier-than-air flying machines.

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Lake Washington

Lake Washington is a large freshwater lake adjacent to the city of Seattle.

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Lift (force)

A fluid flowing past the surface of a body exerts a force on it.

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The Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte (German Air Force)—known before October 1916 as the Fliegertruppen des deutschen Kaiserreiches (Imperial German Flying Corps) or simply Die Fliegertruppe—was the World War I (1914–18) air arm of the German Army, of which it remained an integral part.

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Mach number

In fluid dynamics, the Mach number (M or Ma) is a dimensionless quantity representing the ratio of flow velocity past a boundary to the local speed of sound.

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Orientation (geometry)

In geometry the orientation, angular position, or attitude of an object such as a line, plane or rigid body is part of the description of how it is placed in the space it occupies.

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Roland Falk

Wing Commander Roland 'Roly' John Falk OBE AFC* (1915 - 1985) was a British test pilot noted for being at the controls on the maiden flight of the British V bomber, the Avro Vulcan.

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Roller coaster elements

Roller coaster elements are the individual parts of roller coaster design and operation, such as a track, hill, loop, or turn.

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A rotation is a circular movement of an object around a center (or point) of rotation.

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A rudder is a primary control surface used to steer a ship, boat, submarine, hovercraft, aircraft, or other conveyance that moves through a fluid medium (generally air or water).

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Slip (aerodynamics)

A slip is an aerodynamic state where an aircraft is moving somewhat sideways as well as forward relative to the oncoming airflow or relative wind.

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Slow roll (aeronautics)

A slow roll is a roll made by an airplane, in which the plane makes a complete rotation around its roll axis while keeping the aircraft flying a straight and level flightpath.

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The Blue Max

The Blue Max is a 1966 British war film in DeLuxe Color and filmed in CinemaScope, about a German fighter pilot on the Western Front during World War I. It was directed by John Guillermin, stars George Peppard, James Mason and Ursula Andress, and features Karl Michael Vogler and Jeremy Kemp.

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Thrust-to-weight ratio

Thrust-to-weight ratio is a dimensionless ratio of thrust to weight of a rocket, jet engine, propeller engine, or a vehicle propelled by such an engine that indicates the performance of the engine or vehicle.

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Turning radius

The turning radius or turning circle of a vehicle is the radius (or, depending on usage, diameter) of the smallest circular turn (i.e. U-turn) that the vehicle is capable of making.

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Zoom climb

A zoom climb is a climb where the rate of climb is greater than the maximum for a sustained climb, as determined from the thrust of the aircraft's engines.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barrel_roll

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