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Bass violin

Index Bass violin

Bass violin is the modern term for various 16th- and 17th-century bass instruments of the violin (i.e. "viola da braccio") family. [1]

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Andrea Amati

Andrea Amati was a luthier, from Cremona, Italy.

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Antonio Stradivari

Antonio Stradivari; (1644 – December 18, 1737) was an Italian luthier and a crafter of string instruments such as violins, cellos, guitars, violas and harps.

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Bass (sound)

Bass describes tones of low (also called "deep") frequency, pitch and range from 16-256 Hz (C0 to middle C4) and bass instruments that produce tones in the low-pitched range C2-C4.

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Bologna (Bulåggna; Bononia) is the capital and largest city of the Emilia-Romagna Region in Northern Italy.

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The cello (plural cellos or celli) or violoncello is a string instrument.

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Claudio Monteverdi

Claudio Giovanni Antonio Monteverdi (15 May 1567 (baptized) – 29 November 1643) was an Italian composer, string player and choirmaster.

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Double bass

The double bass, or simply the bass (and numerous other names), is the largest and lowest-pitched bowed string instrument in the modern symphony orchestra.

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Gaudenzio Ferrari

Gaudenzio Ferrari (c. 1471 – January 11, 1546) was a Northern Italian painter and sculptor of the Renaissance.

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Giovanni Gabrieli

Giovanni Gabrieli (c. 1554/1557 – 12 August 1612) was an Italian composer and organist.

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A hypocorism (Oxford English Dictionary, online edition: "hypocorism". Retrieved 24 June 2008.) is a diminutive form of a name.

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Jan Brueghel the Elder

Jan Brueghel the Elder (also Breughel;; 1568 – 13 January 1625) was a Flemish painter and draughtsman.

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Michael Praetorius

Michael Praetorius (probably 15 February 1571 – 15 February 1621) was a German composer, organist, and music theorist.

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Philibert Jambe de Fer

Philibert Jambe de Fer (fl. 1548–1564) was a French Renaissance composer of religious music.

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Sound hole

A sound hole is an opening in the body of a stringed musical instrument, usually the upper sound board.

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String (music)

A string is the vibrating element that produces sound in string instruments such as the guitar, harp, piano (piano wire), and members of the violin family.

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Tenor violin

A tenor violin (or tenor viola) is an instrument with a range between those of the cello and the viola.

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The viol, viola da gamba, or (informally) gamba, is any one of a family of bowed, fretted and stringed instruments with hollow wooden bodies and pegboxes where the tension on the strings can be increased or decreased to adjust the pitch of each of the strings.

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The viola is a string instrument that is bowed or played with varying techniques.

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Violin family

The violin family of musical instruments was developed in Italy in the 16th century.

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Violin octet

The violin octet is a family of stringed instruments developed in the 20th century primarily under the direction of the American luthier Carleen Hutchins.

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The term violone (literally "large viol" in Italian, "-one" being the augmentative suffix) can refer to several distinct large, bowed musical instruments which belong to either the viol or violin family.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bass_violin

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