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BlackBerry PlayBook

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The BlackBerry PlayBook is a mini tablet computer developed by BlackBerry and made by Quanta Computer, an original design manufacturer (ODM), September 27, 2010, Reuters It was first released for sale on April 19, 2011, in Canada and the United States. [1]

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An accelerometer is a device that measures proper acceleration.

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Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR (formerly Adobe Integrated Runtime) is a cross-platform runtime system developed by Adobe Systems for building desktop applications and mobile applications, programmed using Adobe Animate, ActionScript and optionally Apache Flex.

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Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is a deprecated multimedia software platform used for production of animations, rich Internet applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, mobile games and embedded web browser video players.

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Adobe MAX

The Adobe MAX is an annual event held by Adobe Systems in North America, Europe and Japan.

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Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems Incorporated, commonly known as Adobe, is an American multinational computer software company.

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Android (operating system)

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 4.0–4.0.4 "Ice Cream Sandwich" is the ninth version of the Android mobile operating system developed by Google.

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Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

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ARM Cortex-A9

The ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore is a 32-bit processor core licensed by ARM Holdings implementing the ARMv7-A architecture.

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Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio of a geometric shape is the ratio of its sizes in different dimensions.

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BlackBerry is a line of smartphones, tablets, and services originally designed and marketed by Canadian company BlackBerry Limited (formerly known as Research In Motion, or RIM).

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BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 is a proprietary mobile operating system for the BlackBerry line of smartphones, both developed by BlackBerry Limited (formerly Research In Motion).

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BlackBerry Limited

BlackBerry Limited is a Canadian multinational company specializing in enterprise software and the Internet of things.

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BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger, also known as BBM, is a proprietary Internet-based instant messenger and videotelephony application included on BlackBerry devices that allows messaging and voice calls between BlackBerry, iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile users.

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BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry OS is a proprietary mobile operating system developed by BlackBerry Limited for its BlackBerry line of smartphone handheld devices.

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BlackBerry Tablet OS

BlackBerry Tablet OS is an operating system from BlackBerry Ltd based on the QNX Neutrino real-time operating system designed to run Adobe AIR and BlackBerry WebWorks applications, currently available for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet computer.

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BlackBerry World

BlackBerry World (previously BlackBerry App World) is an application distribution service and application by BlackBerry Limited for a majority of BlackBerry devices.

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BlackBerry Z10

The BlackBerry Z10 is a high-end LTE touchscreen-based smartphone developed by BlackBerry, previously known as RIM. The BlackBerry Z10 is the first of two new BlackBerry phones presented at the BlackBerry 10 event on January 30, 2013. The BlackBerry Z10 was followed by the Z30.

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Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short-wavelength UHF radio waves in the ISM band from 2.4 to 2.485GHz) from fixed and mobile devices, and building personal area networks (PANs).

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Calendaring software

Calendaring software is software that minimally provides users with an electronic version of a calendar.

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A capacitor is a passive two-terminal electrical component that stores potential energy in an electric field.

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CNET (stylized as c|net) is an American media website that publishes reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts and videos on technology and consumer electronics globally.

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Contract manufacturer

A contract manufacturer ("CM") is a manufacturer that contracts with a firm for components or products.

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Evolved High Speed Packet Access

Evolved High Speed Packet Access, or HSPA+, or HSPA(Plus), or HSPAP is a technical standard for wireless, broadband telecommunication.

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FIPS 140-2

The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2, (FIPS PUB 140-2), is a U.S. government computer security standard used to approve cryptographic modules.

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Flash memory

Flash memory is an electronic (solid-state) non-volatile computer storage medium that can be electrically erased and reprogrammed.

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The gigabyte is a multiple of the unit byte for digital information.

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Global Positioning System

The Global Positioning System (GPS), originally Navstar GPS, is a satellite-based radionavigation system owned by the United States government and operated by the United States Air Force.

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Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google LLC.

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Graphics display resolution

The graphics display resolution is the width and height dimension of an electronic visual display device, such as a computer monitor, in pixels.

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A gyroscope (from Ancient Greek γῦρος gûros, "circle" and σκοπέω skopéō, "to look") is a device used for measuring or maintaining orientation and angular velocity.

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H.264/MPEG-4 AVC

H.264 or MPEG-4 Part 10, Advanced Video Coding (MPEG-4 AVC) is a block-oriented motion-compensation-based video compression standard.

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HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a proprietary audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed video data and compressed or uncompressed digital audio data from an HDMI-compliant source device, such as a display controller, to a compatible computer monitor, video projector, digital television, or digital audio device.

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High-definition video

High-definition video is video of higher resolution and quality than standard-definition.

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IEEE 802.11

IEEE 802.11 is a set of media access control (MAC) and physical layer (PHY) specifications for implementing wireless local area network (WLAN) computer communication in the 900 MHz and 2.4, 3.6, 5, and 60 GHz frequency bands.

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IEEE 802.11a-1999

IEEE 802.11a-1999 or 802.11a was an amendment to the IEEE 802.11 wireless local network specifications that defined requirements for an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) communication system.

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IEEE 802.11b-1999

IEEE 802.11b-1999 or 802.11b, is an amendment to the IEEE 802.11 wireless networking specification that extends throughput up to 11 Mbit/s using the same 2.4GHz band.

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IEEE 802.11g-2003

IEEE 802.11g-2003 or 802.11g is an amendment to the IEEE 802.11 specification that extended throughput to up to 54 Mbit/s using the same 2.4 GHz band as 802.11b.

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IEEE 802.11n-2009

IEEE 802.11n-2009, commonly shortened to 802.11n, is a wireless-networking standard that uses multiple antennas to increase data rates.

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Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) is the last version of the Internet Explorer web browser by Microsoft.

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InvenSense Inc. (NYSE: INVN) is the provider of the MotionTracking sensor system on chip (SoC) which functions as a gyroscope for consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, wearables, gaming devices, optical image stabilization, and remote controls for Smart TVs.

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iOS (formerly iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware.

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iOS 6 is the sixth major release of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc, being the successor to iOS 5.

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iOS 7 is the seventh major release of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc., being the successor to iOS 6.

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iPad is a line of tablet computers designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc., which run the iOS mobile operating system.

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Jim Balsillie

James Laurence Balsillie (born February 3, 1961) is a Canadian businessman, philanthropist and former co-CEO of the Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM, 'BlackBerry').

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Joseph Tsai

Joseph Chung-Hsin Tsai (born January 1964) is a Taiwanese-Canadian billionaire businessman.

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Kevin Lynch (computing)

Kevin M. Lynch is an American software developer.

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Kindle Fire

The Fire Tablet, formerly called the Kindle Fire, is a tablet computer developed by Amazon.com.

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A loudspeaker (or loud-speaker or speaker) is an electroacoustic transducer; which converts an electrical audio signal into a corresponding sound.

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LTE (telecommunication)

In telecommunication, Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is a standard for high-speed wireless communication for mobile devices and data terminals, based on the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA technologies.

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LTE frequency bands

From Tables 5.5-1 "E-UTRA Operating Bands" and 5.6.1-1 "E-UTRA Channel Bandwidth" of 3GPP TS 36.101, the following table lists the specified frequency bands of LTE and the channel bandwidths each band supports.

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A magnetometer is an instrument that measures magnetism—either the magnetization of a magnetic material like a ferromagnet, or the direction, strength, or relative change of a magnetic field at a particular location.

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A microphone, colloquially nicknamed mic or mike, is a transducer that converts sound into an electrical signal.

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Microsoft Corporation (abbreviated as MS) is an American multinational technology company with headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

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Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is a group of several graphical operating system families, all of which are developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft.

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Mike Lazaridis

Mihal "Mike" Lazaridis, OC, O.Ont, FRS (Μιχαήλ (Μιχάλης) Λαζαρίδης; born March 14, 1961) is a Greek-Canadian businessman, investor in quantum computing technologies, and founder of BlackBerry, which created and manufactures the BlackBerry wireless handheld device.

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Mobile app

A mobile app is a computer program designed to run on a mobile device such as a phone/tablet or watch.

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Multi-core processor

A multi-core processor is a single computing component with two or more independent processing units called cores, which read and execute program instructions.

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In computing, multi-touch is technology that enables a surface (a trackpad or touchscreen) to recognize the presence of more than one or more than two points of contact with the surface.

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Near-field communication

Near-field communication (NFC) is a set of communication protocols that enable two electronic devices, one of which is usually a portable device such as a smartphone, to establish communication by bringing them within 4 cm (1.6 in) of each other.

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The OMAP (Open Multimedia Applications Platform) family, developed by Texas Instruments, is a series of image/video processors.

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Opera Mobile

Opera Mobile is a mobile web browser for smartphones and PDAs developed by Opera Software AS.

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Original design manufacturer

An original design manufacturer (ODM) is a company that designs and manufactures a product, as specified, that is eventually rebranded by another firm for sale.

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In digital imaging, a pixel, pel, dots, or picture element is a physical point in a raster image, or the smallest addressable element in an all points addressable display device; so it is the smallest controllable element of a picture represented on the screen.

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Portable media player

A portable media player (PMP) or digital audio player (DAP) is a portable consumer electronics device capable of storing and playing digital media such as audio, images, and video files.

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PowerVR is a division of Imagination Technologies (formerly VideoLogic) that develops hardware and software for 2D and 3D rendering, and for video encoding, decoding, associated image processing and DirectX, OpenGL ES, OpenVG, and OpenCL acceleration.

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QNX is a commercial Unix-like real-time operating system, aimed primarily at the embedded systems market.

New!!: BlackBerry PlayBook and QNX · See more »

Quanta Computer

Quanta Computer Incorporated is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of notebook computers and other electronic hardware.

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Revaluation of fixed assets

In finance, a revaluation of fixed assets is an action that may be required to accurately describe the true value of the capital goods a business owns.

New!!: BlackBerry PlayBook and Revaluation of fixed assets · See more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is a 10.5-inch Android-based tablet computer produced and marketed by Samsung Electronics.

New!!: BlackBerry PlayBook and Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 · See more »

Tablet computer

A tablet computer, commonly shortened to tablet, is a portable personal computer, typically with a mobile operating system and LCD touchscreen display processing circuitry, and a rechargeable battery in a single thin, flat package.

New!!: BlackBerry PlayBook and Tablet computer · See more »

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) is an American technology company that designs and manufactures semiconductors and various integrated circuits, which it sells to electronics designers and manufacturers globally.

New!!: BlackBerry PlayBook and Texas Instruments · See more »

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is a U.S. business-focused, English-language international daily newspaper based in New York City.

New!!: BlackBerry PlayBook and The Wall Street Journal · See more »

Thorsten Heins

Thorsten Heins (born 29 December 1957) is a German-Canadian businessman and the former chief executive officer (CEO) of BlackBerry.

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A touchscreen is an input and output device normally layered on the top of an electronic visual display of an information processing system.

New!!: BlackBerry PlayBook and Touchscreen · See more »


The Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) is a third generation mobile cellular system for networks based on the GSM standard.

New!!: BlackBerry PlayBook and UMTS · See more »

UMTS frequency bands

The UMTS frequency bands are radio frequencies used by third generation (3G) wireless Universal Mobile Telecommunications System networks.

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USB (Physical)

This article provides information about the physical aspects of Universal Serial Bus, USB: connectors, cabling, and power.

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Walt Mossberg

Walter S. Mossberg (born March 27, 1947) is an American journalist.

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WebKit is a browser engine used in Apple's Safari browser and other products.

New!!: BlackBerry PlayBook and WebKit · See more »


Wi-Fi or WiFi is technology for radio wireless local area networking of devices based on the IEEE 802.11 standards.

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1080p (1920×1080 px; also known as '''Full HD''' or FHD and BT.709) is a set of HDTV high-definition video modes characterized by 1080 horizontal lines of vertical resolution; the p stands for progressive scan, i.e. non-interlaced.

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16:9 (1.7:1) (16:9.

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7digital Group Plc is a publicly listed digital music and radio services platform.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BlackBerry_PlayBook

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