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Blackburn Firebrand

Index Blackburn Firebrand

The Blackburn Firebrand was a British single-engine strike fighter for the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy designed during World War II by Blackburn Aircraft. [1]

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An aileron (French for "little wing" or "fin") is a hinged flight control surface usually forming part of the trailing edge of each wing of a fixed-wing aircraft.

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Air combat manoeuvring

Air combat manoeuvring (also known as ACM or dogfighting) is the tactical art of moving, turning and/or situating one's fighter aircraft in order to attain a position from which an attack can be made on another aircraft.

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Air International

AIR International is a British aviation magazine covering current defence aerospace and civil aviation topics.

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Air-Britain, traditionally sub-titled "The International Association of Aviation Enthusiasts", is a non-profit aviation society founded in July 1948.

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Aircraft carrier

An aircraft carrier is a warship that serves as a seagoing airbase, equipped with a full-length flight deck and facilities for carrying, arming, deploying, and recovering aircraft.

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Blackburn Aircraft

Blackburn Aircraft Limited was a British aircraft manufacturer that concentrated mainly on naval and maritime aircraft during the first part of the 20th century.

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Blackburn Firecrest

The Blackburn B-48 Firecrest, given the SBAC designation YA.1, was a single-engine naval strike fighter built by Blackburn Aircraft for service with the British Fleet Air Arm during World War II.

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Boeing XF8B

The Boeing XF8B (Model 400) was a single-engine aircraft developed by Boeing during World War II to provide the United States Navy a long-range shipboard fighter aircraft.

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A bomb is an explosive weapon that uses the exothermic reaction of an explosive material to provide an extremely sudden and violent release of energy.

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Bristol Centaurus

The Centaurus was the final development of the Bristol Engine Company's series of sleeve valve radial aircraft engines.

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Captain (Royal Navy)

Captain (Capt) is a senior officer rank of the Royal Navy.

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A carburetor (American English) or carburettor (British English; see spelling differences) is a device that mixes air and fuel for internal combustion engines in the proper ratio for combustion.

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Cartridge (firearms)

A cartridge is a type of firearm ammunition packaging a projectile (bullet, shots or slug), a propellant substance (usually either smokeless powder or black powder) and an ignition device (primer) within a metallic, paper or plastic case that is precisely made to fit within the barrel chamber of a breechloading gun, for the practical purpose of convenient transportation and handling during shooting.

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A cockpit or flight deck is the area, usually near the front of an aircraft or spacecraft, from which a pilot controls the aircraft.

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Commander (Royal Navy)

Commander (often abbreviated Cdr) is a senior officer rank of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom.

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Conventional landing gear

Conventional landing gear, or tailwheel-type landing gear, is an aircraft undercarriage consisting of two main wheels forward of the center of gravity and a small wheel or skid to support the tail.

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A cowling is the covering of a vehicle's engine, most often found on automobiles and aircraft.

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Curtiss XBTC

The Curtiss XBTC was an experimental single-seat, single-engine torpedo bomber aircraft developed during World War II.

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Dennis Cambell

Rear Admiral Dennis Royle Farquharson Cambell, (13 November 1907 – 6 April 2000), was a flag officer of the British Royal Navy, who invented the angled flight deck.

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Dihedral (aeronautics)

Dihedral angle is the upward angle from horizontal of the wings or tailplane of a fixed-wing aircraft.

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Dive bomber

A dive bomber is a bomber aircraft that dives directly at its targets in order to provide greater accuracy for the bomb it drops.

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Douglas A-1 Skyraider

The Douglas A-1 Skyraider (formerly AD) is an American single-seat attack aircraft that saw service between the late 1940s and early 1980s.

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Douglas XTB2D Skypirate

The Douglas TB2D Skypirate (also known as the Devastator II) was a torpedo bomber intended for service with the United States Navy's ''Midway''- and ''Essex''-class aircraft carriers; it was too large for earlier decks.

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Drop tank

In aviation, a drop tank (external tank, wing tank, or belly tank) is used to describe auxiliary fuel tanks externally carried by aircraft.

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Emergency landing

An emergency landing is a prioritised landing made by an aircraft in response to an emergency containing an imminent or ongoing threat to the safety and operation of the aircraft or involving a sudden need for a passenger or crew on board to be on land, such as a medical emergency.

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The empennage, also known as the tail or tail assembly, is a structure at the rear of an aircraft that provides stability during flight, in a way similar to the feathers on an arrow.

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Eric Brown (pilot)

Captain Eric Melrose "Winkle" Brown, CBE, DSC, AFC, Hon FRAeS, RN (21 January 1919 – 21 February 2016) was a British Royal Navy officer and test pilot who flew 487 types of aircraft, more than anyone else in history.

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Fairey Spearfish

The Fairey Spearfish was a British carrier-based, single-engined, torpedo bomber/dive bomber that was ordered from Fairey Aviation for the Fleet Air Arm during World War II.

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Fighter aircraft

A fighter aircraft is a military aircraft designed primarily for air-to-air combat against other aircraft, as opposed to bombers and attack aircraft, whose main mission is to attack ground targets.

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Flap (aeronautics)

Flaps are a type of high-lift device used to increase the lift of an aircraft wing at a given airspeed.

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Fleet Air Arm

The Fleet Air Arm (FAA) is the branch of the British Royal Navy responsible for the operation of naval aircraft.

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Flight dynamics (fixed-wing aircraft)

Flight dynamics is the science of air vehicle orientation and control in three dimensions.

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Flight International

Flight International (or simply Flight) is a weekly magazine focused on aerospace, published in the United Kingdom.

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A floatplane (float plane or pontoon plane) is a type of seaplane, with one or more slender pontoons (known as "floats") mounted under the fuselage to provide buoyancy.

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H engine

An H engine (or H-block) is an engine configuration in which the cylinders are aligned so that if viewed from the front, they appear to be in a vertical or horizontal letter H. An H engine can be viewed as two flat engines, one atop or beside the other.

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Hawker Typhoon

The Hawker Typhoon (Tiffy in RAF slang) is a British single-seat fighter-bomber, produced by Hawker Aircraft.

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Head-up display

A head-up display or heads-up display, also known as a HUD, is any transparent display that presents data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints.

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Hispano-Suiza HS.404

The HS.404 is an autocannon originally designed and produced by Hispano-Suiza in the mid-1930s.

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Lift (force)

A fluid flowing past the surface of a body exerts a force on it.

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List of Air Ministry specifications

This is a partial list of the British Air Ministry (AM) specifications for aircraft.

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List of aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm

This is a list of aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm (FAA).

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Maiden flight

The maiden flight of an aircraft is the first occasion on which an aircraft leaves the ground under its own power.

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Martin AM Mauler

The Martin AM Mauler (originally XBTM) was a single-seat shipboard attack aircraft built for the United States Navy.

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Mass production

Mass production, also known as flow production or continuous production, is the production of large amounts of standardized products, including and especially on assembly lines.

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Minister of Aircraft Production

The Minister of Aircraft Production was the British government position in charge of the Ministry of Aircraft Production, one of the specialised supply ministries set up by the British Government during World War II.

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A monoplane is a fixed-wing aircraft with a single main wing plane, in contrast to a biplane or other multiplane, each of which has multiple planes.

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Napier Sabre

The Napier Sabre was a British H-24-cylinder, liquid-cooled, sleeve valve, piston aero engine, designed by Major Frank Halford and built by D. Napier & Son during World War II.

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Norman Friedman

Norman Friedman, Ph.D., is an American author and naval analyst.

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Norwegian Campaign

The Norwegian Campaign (9 April to 10 June 1940) was fought in Norway between Norway, the Allies and Germany in World War II after the latter's invasion of the country.

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Radial engine

The radial engine is a reciprocating type internal combustion engine configuration in which the cylinders "radiate" outward from a central crankcase like the spokes of a wheel.

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Radiators are heat exchangers used to transfer thermal energy from one medium to another for the purpose of cooling and heating.

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Ray Sturtivant

Raymond Cecil Sturtivant ISO (26 July 1926 – 9 August 2008) was a British aviation historian and author.

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A rocket (from Italian rocchetto "bobbin") is a missile, spacecraft, aircraft or other vehicle that obtains thrust from a rocket engine.

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Royal Navy

The Royal Navy (RN) is the United Kingdom's naval warfare force.

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The RP-3 (from Rocket Projectile 3 inch) was a British rocket projectile used during and after the Second World War.

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A rudder is a primary control surface used to steer a ship, boat, submarine, hovercraft, aircraft, or other conveyance that moves through a fluid medium (generally air or water).

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The term semi-monocoque refers to a stressed shell structure that is similar to a true monocoque, but which derives at least some of its strength from conventional reinforcement.

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Spar (aeronautics)

In a fixed-wing aircraft, the spar is often the main structural member of the wing, running spanwise at right angles (or thereabouts depending on wing sweep) to the fuselage.

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Spin (aerodynamics)

A spin is a special category of stall resulting in autorotation about the vertical axis and a shallow, rotating, downward path.

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Stall (fluid mechanics)

In fluid dynamics, a stall is a reduction in the lift coefficient generated by a foil as angle of attack increases.

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Strike fighter

In current military parlance, a strike fighter is a multirole combat aircraft designed to operate primarily as an attack aircraft, while also incorporating certain performance characteristics of a fighter.

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A tailplane, also known as a horizontal stabiliser, is a small lifting surface located on the tail (empennage) behind the main lifting surfaces of a fixed-wing aircraft as well as other non-fixed-wing aircraft such as helicopters and gyroplanes.

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Test pilot

A test pilot is an aviator who flies new and modified aircraft in specific maneuvers, known as flight test techniques or FTTs, allowing the results to be measured and the design to be evaluated.

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A modern torpedo is a self-propelled weapon with an explosive warhead, launched above or below the water surface, propelled underwater towards a target, and designed to detonate either on contact with its target or in proximity to it.

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Torpedo bomber

A torpedo bomber is a military aircraft designed primarily to attack ships with aerial torpedoes.

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Torque, moment, or moment of force is rotational force.

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Trim tab

Trim tabs are small surfaces connected to the trailing edge of a larger control surface on a boat or aircraft, used to control the trim of the controls, i.e. to counteract hydro- or aerodynamic forces and stabilise the boat or aircraft in a particular desired attitude without the need for the operator to constantly apply a control force.

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Vertical stabilizer

The vertical stabilizers, vertical stabilisers, or fins, of aircraft, missiles or bombs are typically found on the aft end of the fuselage or body, and are intended to reduce aerodynamic side slip and provide direction stability.

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Westland Wyvern

The Westland Wyvern was a British single-seat carrier-based multi-role strike aircraft built by Westland Aircraft that served in the 1950s, seeing active service in the 1956 Suez Crisis.

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Wing root

The wing root is the part of the wing on a fixed-wing aircraft that is closest to the fuselage.

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708 Naval Air Squadron

708 Naval Air Squadron (708 NAS) was a Naval Air Squadron of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm.

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813 Naval Air Squadron

813 Naval Air Squadron was an aircraft squadron of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm during World War II and again post-war.

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827 Naval Air Squadron

827 Naval Air Squadron was an aircraft squadron of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm during the Second World War.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackburn_Firebrand

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