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Blunt trauma

Index Blunt trauma

Blunt trauma, blunt injury, non-penetrating trauma or blunt force trauma is physical trauma to a body part, either by impact, injury or physical attack. [1]

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The abdomen (less formally called the belly, stomach, tummy or midriff) constitutes the part of the body between the thorax (chest) and pelvis, in humans and in other vertebrates.

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Abdominal thrusts

Abdominal thrusts (also called the Heimlich maneuver or Heimlich manoeuvre) is a first aid procedure used to treat upper airway obstructions (or choking) by foreign objects.

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Abrasion (medical)

An abrasion is a wound caused by superficial damage to the skin, no deeper than the epidermis.

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Advanced trauma life support

Advanced trauma life support (ATLS) is a training program for medical providers in the management of acute trauma cases, developed by the American College of Surgeons.

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Blunt kidney trauma

The kidney is injured in approximately 10% of all significant blunt abdominal trauma.

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Blunt splenic trauma

Blunt splenic trauma occurs when a significant impact to the spleen from some outside source (i.e. automobile accident) damages or ruptures the spleen.

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Blunt trauma personal protective equipment

Blunt trauma personal protective equipment (PPE) protects the wearer against injuries caused by blunt impacts.

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Bone fracture

A bone fracture (sometimes abbreviated FRX or Fx, Fx, or #) is a medical condition in which there is a partial or complete break in the continuity of the bone.

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A contusion, commonly known as a bruise, is a type of hematoma of tissue in which capillaries and sometimes venules are damaged by trauma, allowing blood to seep, hemorrhage, or extravasate into the surrounding interstitial tissues.

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CRC Press

The CRC Press, LLC is a publishing group based in the United States that specializes in producing technical books.

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A dashboard (also called dash, instrument panel (IP), or fascia) is a control panel located directly ahead of a vehicle's driver, displaying instrumentation and controls for the vehicle's operation.

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Diagnostic peritoneal lavage

Diagnostic peritoneal lavage (DPL) or diagnostic peritoneal aspiration (DPA) is a surgical diagnostic procedure to determine if there is free floating fluid (most often blood) in the abdominal cavity.

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Focused assessment with sonography for trauma

Focused assessment with sonography for trauma (commonly abbreviated as FAST) is a rapid bedside ultrasound examination performed by surgeons, emergency physicians and certain paramedics as a screening test for blood around the heart (pericardial effusion) or abdominal organs (hemoperitoneum) after trauma.

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Gastrointestinal tract

The gastrointestinal tract (digestive tract, digestional tract, GI tract, GIT, gut, or alimentary canal) is an organ system within humans and other animals which takes in food, digests it to extract and absorb energy and nutrients, and expels the remaining waste as feces.

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Human head

In human anatomy, the head is the upper portion of the human body.

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Infectious mononucleosis

Infectious mononucleosis (IM, mono), also known as glandular fever, is an infection usually caused by the Epstein–Barr virus (EBV).

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Injury, also known as physical trauma, is damage to the body caused by external force.

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The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs present in left and right sides of the body in vertebrates.

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Laparoscopy is an operation performed in the abdomen or pelvis through small incisions (usually 0.5–1.5 cm) with the aid of a camera.

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A laparotomy is a surgical procedure involving a large incision through the abdominal wall to gain access into the abdominal cavity.

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The liver, an organ only found in vertebrates, detoxifies various metabolites, synthesizes proteins, and produces biochemicals necessary for digestion.

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The mesentery is a continuous set of tissues that attaches the intestines to the abdominal wall in humans and is formed by the double fold of peritoneum.

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The neck is the part of the body, on many vertebrates, that separates the head from the torso.

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Penetrating trauma

Penetrating trauma is an injury that occurs when an object pierces the skin and enters a tissue of the body, creating an open wound.

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Renal artery

The renal arteries normally arise off the left interior side of the abdominal aorta, immediately below the superior mesenteric artery, and supply the kidneys with blood.

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Round ligament of liver

The round ligament of the liver (or ligamentum teres, or ligamentum teres hepatis) is a degenerative string of tissue that exists in the free edge of the falciform ligament of the liver.

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SAMPLE history

SAMPLE history is an mnemonic acronym to remember key questions for a person's medical assessment.

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The spleen is an organ found in virtually all vertebrates.

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Steering wheel

A steering wheel (also called a driving wheel or a hand wheel) is a type of steering control in vehicles and vessels (ships and boats).

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Surgery (from the χειρουργική cheirourgikē (composed of χείρ, "hand", and ἔργον, "work"), via chirurgiae, meaning "hand work") is a medical specialty that uses operative manual and instrumental techniques on a patient to investigate or treat a pathological condition such as a disease or injury, to help improve bodily function or appearance or to repair unwanted ruptured areas.

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The thorax or chest (from the Greek θώραξ thorax "breastplate, cuirass, corslet" via thorax) is a part of the anatomy of humans and various other animals located between the neck and the abdomen.

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Volume expander

A volume expander is a type of intravenous therapy that has the function of providing volume for the circulatory system.

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A wound is a type of injury which happens relatively quickly in which skin is torn, cut, or punctured (an open wound), or where blunt force trauma causes a contusion (a closed wound).

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blunt_trauma

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