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Bow (ship)

Index Bow (ship)

The bow is the forward part of the hull of a ship or boat, the point that is usually most forward when the vessel is underway. [1]

23 relations: Aft, Boat, Boat building, Bow (rowing), Bulbous bow, Deck (ship), Drag (physics), Figurehead (object), Hull (watercraft), Inverted bow, Middle Dutch, Naval architecture, Naval ram, Old Norse, Port and starboard, Prow, Sea Witch (container ship), Ship, Shipbuilding, SS Esso Brussels, Stem (ship), Stern, Superstructure.


Aft, in naval terminology, is an adjective or adverb meaning, towards the stern (rear) of the ship, when the frame of reference is within the ship, headed at the fore.

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A boat is a watercraft of a large range of type and size.

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Boat building

Boat building, one of the oldest branches of engineering, is concerned with constructing the hulls of boats and, for sailboats, the masts, spars and rigging.

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Bow (rowing)

In rowing, the "bow" or sometimes "bows" of a boat is the forward part of the hull, the point that is most forward when the vessel is underway.

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Bulbous bow

A bulbous bow is a protruding bulb at the bow (or front) of a ship just below the waterline.

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Deck (ship)

A deck is a permanent covering over a compartment or a hull of a ship.

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Drag (physics)

In fluid dynamics, drag (sometimes called air resistance, a type of friction, or fluid resistance, another type of friction or fluid friction) is a force acting opposite to the relative motion of any object moving with respect to a surrounding fluid.

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Figurehead (object)

A figurehead is a carved wooden decoration found at the prow of ships, generally of a design related to the name or role of a ship.

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Hull (watercraft)

The hull is the watertight body of a ship or boat.

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Inverted bow

In ship design, an inverted bow (occasionally also referred to as reverse bow) is a ship's or large boat's bow whose farthest forward point is not at the top.

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Middle Dutch

Middle Dutch is a collective name for a number of closely related West Germanic dialects (whose ancestor was Old Dutch) spoken and written between 1150 and 1500.

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Naval architecture

Naval architecture, or naval engineering, along with automotive engineering and aerospace engineering, is an engineering discipline branch of vehicle engineering, incorporating elements of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering as applied to the engineering design process, shipbuilding, maintenance, and operation of marine vessels and structures.

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Naval ram

A ram was a weapon carried by varied types of ships, dating back to antiquity.

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Old Norse

Old Norse was a North Germanic language that was spoken by inhabitants of Scandinavia and inhabitants of their overseas settlements from about the 9th to the 13th century.

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Port and starboard

Port and starboard are nautical and aeronautical terms for left and right, respectively.

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The prow is the forward-most part of a ship's bow that cuts through the water.

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Sea Witch (container ship)

Sea Witch was a MARAD Type C5-S-73b container ship built at the Bath Iron Works shipyard for American Export-Isbrandtsen Lines.

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A ship is a large watercraft that travels the world's oceans and other sufficiently deep waterways, carrying passengers or goods, or in support of specialized missions, such as defense, research and fishing.

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Shipbuilding is the construction of ships and other floating vessels.

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SS Esso Brussels

Esso Brussels was a commercial oil tanker built for the Esso Oil company in 1959.

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Stem (ship)

The stem is the most forward part of a boat or ship's bow and is an extension of the keel itself.

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The stern is the back or aft-most part of a ship or boat, technically defined as the area built up over the sternpost, extending upwards from the counter rail to the taffrail.

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A superstructure is an upward extension of an existing structure above a baseline.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bow_(ship)

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