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A CD ripper, CD grabber, or CD extractor is software that convert tracks on a Compact Disc to standard computer sound files, such as WAV, MP3, or Ogg Vorbis. [1]

58 relations: Advanced Audio Coding, All Media Network, AMG LASSO, Amiga, Asunder, Audiograbber, Berkeley Software Distribution, C2 error, Cache (computing), CD-Text, CDDB, CDex, Cdparanoia, Cdrtools, Codec, Compact disc, Compact Disc Digital Audio, Computer file, Digital audio, Exact Audio Copy, FLAC, Foobar2000, Fre:ac, Freedb, Gracenote, Grip (software), Hard disk recorder, ID3, ITunes, Jargon File, Jitter, JRiver Media Center, K3b, Linux, Lossless compression, Lossy compression, Media player (software), MediaMonkey, Metadata, Microsoft Windows, MP3, MusicBrainz, Musicmatch Jukebox, Optical disc drive, OS X, Portable media player, Pulse-code modulation, Ripit, Ripping, Software, ..., Sound Juicer, Standard streams, VLC media player, Vorbis, WAV, Winamp, Windows Media Audio, Windows Media Player. Expand index (8 more) »

Advanced Audio Coding

Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) is an audio coding standard for lossy digital audio compression.

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All Media Network

All Media Network (formerly All Media Guide (AMG) and AllRovi), is an American company that owns and maintains AllMusic, AllGame, AllMovie, SideReel, and Celebified.

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AMG LASSO is a media recognition service launched by the All Media Guide in 2004.

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The Amiga is a family of personal computers sold by Commodore in the 1980s and 1990s.

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Asunder (derived from the expression "to rip asunder") is a GTK+-based CD-ripping program that works on Linux.

New!!: CD ripper and Asunder · See more »


Audiograbber is a proprietary freeware CD audio extractor/converter program for Microsoft Windows.

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Berkeley Software Distribution

Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) is a Unix operating system derivative developed and distributed by the Computer Systems Research Group (CSRG) of the University of California, Berkeley, from 1977 to 1995.

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C2 error

A C2 error is a read error of a compact disc.

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Cache (computing)

In computing, a cache (or in AuE) is a component that stores data so future requests for that data can be served faster; the data stored in a cache might be the results of an earlier computation, or a duplicate of data stored elsewhere.

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CD-Text is an extension of the Red Book Compact Disc specifications standard for audio CDs.

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CDDB, short for Compact Disc Database, is a database for software applications to look up audio CD (compact disc) information over the Internet.

New!!: CD ripper and CDDB · See more »


CDex is a free software for Digital Audio Extraction from Audio CD (a so called CD ripper) and audio format conversion for Microsoft Windows.

New!!: CD ripper and CDex · See more »


cdparanoia is a compact disc ripper for *nix and BeOS, developed by Xiph.org.

New!!: CD ripper and Cdparanoia · See more »


cdrtools (formerly known as cdrecord) is a collection of independent projects of free software/open source computer programs, created by Jörg Schilling and others.

New!!: CD ripper and Cdrtools · See more »


A codec is a device or computer program capable of encoding or decoding a digital data stream or signal.

New!!: CD ripper and Codec · See more »

Compact disc

Compact disc (CD) is a digital optical disc data storage format.

New!!: CD ripper and Compact disc · See more »

Compact Disc Digital Audio

Compact Disc Digital Audio (CDDA or CD-DA) is the standard format for audio compact discs.

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Computer file

A computer file is a resource for storing information, which is available to a computer program and is usually based on some kind of durable storage.

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Digital audio

Digital audio is technology that can be used to record, store, generate, manipulate, and reproduce sound using audio signals encoded in digital form.

New!!: CD ripper and Digital audio · See more »

Exact Audio Copy

Exact Audio Copy (EAC) is a CD ripping program for Microsoft Windows.

New!!: CD ripper and Exact Audio Copy · See more »


FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is an audio coding format for lossless compression of digital audio, and is also the name of the reference codec implementation.

New!!: CD ripper and FLAC · See more »


foobar2000 is a freeware audio player for Windows developed by Piotr Pawlowski, a former freelance contractor for Nullsoft.

New!!: CD ripper and Foobar2000 · See more »


fre:ac (formerly BonkEnc) is a free audio converter and CD extractor for Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X and FreeBSD, distributed under the GNU General Public License.

New!!: CD ripper and Fre:ac · See more »


freedb is a database of compact disc track listings, where all the content is under the GNU General Public License.

New!!: CD ripper and Freedb · See more »


Gracenote, formerly CDDB (Compact Disc Data Base), is a company that maintains and licenses an Internet-accessible database containing information about the contents of audio compact discs and vinyl records.

New!!: CD ripper and Gracenote · See more »

Grip (software)

Grip is a free Compact Disc player and CD ripper within the GNOME project.

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Hard disk recorder

A hard disk recorder is a type of direct-to-disk recording system that uses a high-capacity hard disk to record digital audio or digital video.

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ID3 is a metadata container most often used in conjunction with the MP3 audio file format.

New!!: CD ripper and ID3 · See more »


iTunes is a media player, media library, online radio broadcaster, and mobile device management application developed by Apple Inc.

New!!: CD ripper and ITunes · See more »

Jargon File

The Jargon File is a glossary and usage dictionary of computer programmer slang.

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Jitter is the deviation from true periodicity of a presumed periodic signal in electronics and telecommunications, often in relation to a reference clock source.

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JRiver Media Center

JRiver Media Center is a multimedia application that allows the user to play and organize various types of media on a computer running Windows or Mac OS X. JRiver Media Center is a "jukebox"-style media player, like iTunes, which usually uses most of the screen to display a potentially very large library of files.

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K3b (from KDE Burn Baby Burn) is a CD and DVD authoring application by KDE for Unix-like computer operating systems.

New!!: CD ripper and K3b · See more »


Linux (pronounced or, less frequently) is a Unix-like and mostly POSIX-compliant computer operating system (OS) assembled under the model of free and open-source software development and distribution.

New!!: CD ripper and Linux · See more »

Lossless compression

Lossless compression is a class of data compression algorithms that allows the original data to be perfectly reconstructed from the compressed data.

New!!: CD ripper and Lossless compression · See more »

Lossy compression

In information technology, lossy compression is the class of data encoding methods that uses inexact approximations (or partial data discarding) to represent the content.

New!!: CD ripper and Lossy compression · See more »

Media player (software)

A media player is a computer program for playing multimedia files.

New!!: CD ripper and Media player (software) · See more »


MediaMonkey (sometimes noted as MMW) is a digital media player and media library application developed by Ventis Media Inc., for organizing and playing audio on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

New!!: CD ripper and MediaMonkey · See more »


Metadata is "data about data".

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Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows (or simply Windows) is a metafamily of graphical operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft.

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MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III, more commonly referred to as MP3, is an audio coding format for digital audio which uses a form of lossy data compression.

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MusicBrainz is a project that aims to create an open content music database.

New!!: CD ripper and MusicBrainz · See more »

Musicmatch Jukebox

Y!Music Musicmatch Jukebox, a remake of the original Musicmatch Jukebox made by Musicmatch, Inc., was an audio player that managed a digital audio library.

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Optical disc drive

In computing, an optical disc drive (ODD) is a disk drive that uses laser light or electromagnetic waves within or near the visible light spectrum as part of the process of reading or writing data to or from optical discs.

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OS X (pronounced; originally Mac OS X) is a series of Unix-based graphical interface operating systems (OS) developed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is designed to run on Macintosh computers, having been pre-installed on all Macs since 2002.

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Portable media player

A portable media player (PMP) or digital audio player (DAP) is a portable consumer electronics device capable of storing and playing digital media such as audio, images, and video files.

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Pulse-code modulation

Pulse-code modulation (PCM) is a method used to digitally represent sampled analog signals.

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ripit is a Linux command-line CD ripper originally developed by Simon Quinn, not to be confused with RipIt, a DVD Ripper for Mac OS.

New!!: CD ripper and Ripit · See more »


Ripping is the process of copying audio or video content to a hard disk, typically from removable media such as compact disc (CD) or DVD, although the word refers to all forms of media.

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Computer software or simply software is any set of machine-readable instructions that directs a computer's processor to perform specific operations.

New!!: CD ripper and Software · See more »

Sound Juicer

Sound Juicer is an GTK+-based graphical front-end to (or GUI for) the cdparanoia CD ripping library.

New!!: CD ripper and Sound Juicer · See more »

Standard streams

In computer programming, standard streams are preconnected input and output communication channels between a computer program and its environment when it begins execution.

New!!: CD ripper and Standard streams · See more »

VLC media player

VLC media player (commonly known as VLC) is a portable, free and open-source, cross-platform media player and streaming media server written by the VideoLAN project.

New!!: CD ripper and VLC media player · See more »


Vorbis is a free and open-source software project headed by the Xiph.Org Foundation (formerly Xiphophorus company).

New!!: CD ripper and Vorbis · See more »


Waveform Audio File Format (WAVE, or more commonly known as WAV due to its filename extension) (rarely, Audio for Windows) is a Microsoft and IBM audio file format standard for storing an audio bitstream on PCs.

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Winamp is a media player for Windows, Android, and OS X developed by Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev by their company Nullsoft, which they later sold to AOL, who sold it to Radionomy in January 2014.

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Windows Media Audio

Windows Media Audio (WMA) is an audio data compression technology developed by Microsoft.

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Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player (abbreviated WMP) is a media player and media library application developed by Microsoft that is used for playing audio, video and viewing images on personal computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system, as well as on Pocket PC and Windows Mobile–based devices.

New!!: CD ripper and Windows Media Player · See more »

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CD_ripper

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