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Can may refer to. [1]

26 relations: Aluminum can, Beverage can, Buttocks, Campus network, CAN, Can (album), Can (band), Can (South Korean band), CAN bus, Canada, Canadian Aboriginal syllabics, Cane, Cannes, Canning, Content addressable network, English modal verbs, Headphones, Kahn, Kan, Oil can, PANDAS, River Can, Tin can, Toilet, Tomato can (sports idiom), Waste container.

Aluminum can

An aluminum can (British English: aluminium can), sometimes erroneously referred to as a "tin can", is a container for packaging made primarily of aluminum.

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Beverage can

A beverage can is a metal container designed to hold a fixed portion of liquid such as carbonated soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, teas, herbal teas, energy drinks, etc.

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The buttocks (singular: buttock) are two rounded portions of the anatomy, located on the posterior of the pelvic region of primates (including humans), and many other bipeds or quadrupeds, and comprise a layer of fat superimposed on the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius muscles.

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Campus network

A campus network, campus area network, corporate area network or CAN is a computer network made up of an interconnection of local area networks (LANs) within a limited geographical area.

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CAN may refer to.

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Can (album)

Can, also known as Inner Space (also, with additional tracks, as Legendary Can), is the eleventh studio album by experimental rock band Can, released in 1979.

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Can (band)

Can was a German experimental rock band formed in Cologne, West Germany, in 1968 by the core quartet of Holger Czukay (bass), Irmin Schmidt (keyboards), Michael Karoli (guitar), and Jaki Liebezeit (drums).

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Can (South Korean band)

Can (Korean: 캔 "can") is a South Korean male duo formed in 1998.

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CAN bus

A Controller Area Network (CAN bus) is a robust vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other in applications without a host computer.

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Canada is a country located in the northern part of North America.

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Canadian Aboriginal syllabics

Canadian Aboriginal syllabic writing, or simply syllabics, is a family of abugidas (writing systems based on consonant-vowel pairs) used to write a number of indigenous Canadian languages of the Algonquian, Inuit, and (formerly) Athabaskan language families.

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Cane are very tall perennial grasses, with flexible stalks, that grow in damp soils.

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Cannes (Canas) is a city located on the French Riviera.

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Canning is a method of preserving food in which the food contents are processed and sealed in an airtight container.

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Content addressable network

The Content Addressable Network (CAN) is a distributed, decentralized P2P infrastructure that provides hash table functionality on an Internet-like scale.

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English modal verbs

The modal verbs of English are a small class of auxiliary verbs used mostly to express modality (properties such as possibility, obligation, etc.). They can be distinguished from other verbs by their defectiveness (they do not have participle or infinitive forms) and by the fact that they do not take the ending -(e)s in the third-person singular.

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Headphones (or head-phones in the early days of telephony and radio) are a pair of small loudspeaker drivers worn on or around the head over a user's ears.

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Kahn is a surname of German origin.

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Kan or KAN may refer to.

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Oil can

An oil can (oilcan or oiler), Chas.

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Pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections (PANDAS) is a hypothesis that there exists a subset of children with rapid onset of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or tic disorders and these symptoms are caused by group A beta-hemolytic streptococcal (GABHS) infections.

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River Can

The River Can is a river in Essex, England.

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Tin can

A tin can, tin (especially in British English, Australian English and Canadian English), steel can, steel packaging or a can, is a container for the distribution or storage of goods, composed of thin metal.

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A toilet is a piece of hardware used for the collection or disposal of human urine and feces.

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Tomato can (sports idiom)

In boxing, kickboxing or mixed martial arts, "tomato can" or simply "tomato" or "can" is an idiom for a fighter with poor or diminished skills (at least when compared with the opponent they are placed against) who may be considered an easy opponent to defeat, or a "guaranteed win." Fights with "tomato cans" can be arranged to inflate the win total of a professional fighter.

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Waste container

A waste container is a container for temporarily storing waste, and is usually made out of metal or plastic.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Can

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