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A cartoonist (also comic strip creator) is a visual artist who specializes in drawing cartoons. [1]

137 relations: Abstraction (art), Acrylic paint, Adhesive, Adhesive tape, Advertising, Alternative media, Animation, Animator, Archie Comics, Benjamin Franklin, Bill Watterson, Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, Blue Sky Studios, Book, Brian Bolland, Bristol board, Brush, Buddha (manga), Caricature, Carl Barks, Cartoon, Charles Addams, Charles M. Schulz, Chon Day, Cliff Sterrett, Clyde Lamb, Collier's, Colorist, Comic book, Comic strip, Computer animation, Dave Breger, DC Comics, Digital media, Dip pen, Drawing board, DreamWorks Animation, Editorial cartoon, Editorial cartoonist, Eldon Dedini, Eraser, Feature film, Female comics creators, Fountain pen, Frank King (cartoonist), Fred Neher, Freelancer, Gag cartoon, George Lichty, Glossary of comics terminology, ..., Gouache, Graphic design, Graphic novel, Greeting card, Gus Arriola, Hank Ketcham, Harvey Award, Hergé, Illustration, India ink, Ink, Inker, Internet, Irving Phillips, Irwin Caplan, J. R. Williams, Jack Cole (artist), Jack Elrod, James Gillray, Jeff Smith (cartoonist), Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, John Norment, King Features Syndicate, Knife, Letterer, Light therapy, Lightbox, Ligne claire, List of cartoonists, List of newspaper comic strips, Magazine, Mangaka, Mark Trail, Marker pen, Marvel Comics, Mobile comic, Model sheet, Mort Walker, Newspaper, Ohio State University, Osamu Tezuka, Penciller, Pixar, Playboy, Plot (narrative), Poster, Poster paint, Print syndication, Pulp magazine, Realism (arts), Roger Price (comedian), Roy Raymonde, Ruler, Satire, Scalpel, Script breakdown, Self-publishing, Sequential art, Set square, Shirt, Spirit (comics), Storyboard, Studio, Sunday comics, Superman, T-square, Technical pen, The Adventures of Tintin, The Someday Funnies, Thomas Nast, Thomas Rowlandson, Tints and shades, Triangulation, Understanding Comics, United Media, Universal Press Syndicate, User guide, Video game packaging, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Watercolor painting, Webcomic, Will Eisner, William Hogarth, Winsor & Newton, Writer, 20th century. Expand index (87 more) »

Abstraction (art)

Typically, abstraction is used in the arts as a synonym for abstract art in general.

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Acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is a fast-drying paint made of pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion.

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An adhesive, also known as glue, cement, mucilage, or paste, is any substance applied to one surface, or both surfaces, of two separate items that binds them together and resists their separation.

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Adhesive tape

Adhesive tape refers to any one of a variety of combinations of backing materials coated with an adhesive.

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Advertising is an audio or visual form of marketing communication that employs an openly sponsored, non-personal message to promote or sell a product, service or idea.

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Alternative media

Alternative media are media that differ from established or dominant types of media in terms of their content, production, or distribution.

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Animation is a dynamic medium in which images or objects are manipulated to appear as moving images.

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An animator is an artist who creates multiple images, known as frames, which give an illusion of movement called animation when displayed in rapid sequence.

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Archie Comics

Archie Comic Publications, Inc. is an American comic book publisher headquartered in Pelham, New York.

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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin (April 17, 1790) was an American polymath and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

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Bill Watterson

William Boyd "Bill" Watterson II (born July 5, 1958) is an American cartoonist and the author of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, which was syndicated from 1985 to 1995.

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Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum

The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum is a research library of American cartoons and comic art affiliated with the Ohio State University library system in Columbus, Ohio.

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Blue Sky Studios

Blue Sky Studios is an American computer animation film studio based in Greenwich, Connecticut that has been owned by 20th Century Fox since 1997.

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A book is a series of pages assembled for easy portability and reading, as well as the composition contained in it.

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Brian Bolland

Brian Bolland (born 26 March 1951)Salisbury, Mark, Artists on Comic Art (Titan Books, 2000), p. 11 is a British comics artist.

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Bristol board

Bristol board (also referred to as Bristol paper or Super white paper) is an uncoated, machine-finished paperboard.

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A brush is a common tool with bristles, wire or other filaments.

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Buddha (manga)

is a manga drawn by Osamu Tezuka and is Tezuka's unique interpretation of the life of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

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A caricature is a rendered image showing the features of its subject in a simplified or exaggerated way through sketching, pencil strokes, or through other artistic drawings.

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Carl Barks

Carl Barks (March 27, 1901 – August 25, 2000) was an American cartoonist, author, and painter.

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A cartoon is a type of illustration, possibly animated, typically in a non-realistic or semi-realistic style.

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Charles Addams

Charles Samuel Addams (January 7, 1912 – September 29, 1988) was an American cartoonist known for his darkly humorous and macabre characters.

New!!: Cartoonist and Charles Addams · See more »

Charles M. Schulz

Charles Monroe Schulz (November 26, 1922 – February 12, 2000), nicknamed Sparky, was an American cartoonist best known for the comic strip Peanuts (which featured the characters Charlie Brown and Snoopy, among others).

New!!: Cartoonist and Charles M. Schulz · See more »

Chon Day

Chauncey Addison Day, better known as Chon Day, (April 6, 1907 – 2000) was an American cartoonist whose cartoons appeared in The New Yorker and other magazines.

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Cliff Sterrett

Clifford Sterrett (December 12, 1883 – December 28, 1964) was an American cartoonist best known as the creator of the comic strip Polly and Her Pals.

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Clyde Lamb

Clyde William Lamb (March 11, 1913 - July 8, 1966) was an artist and cartoonist whose gag cartoons, signed Clyde Lamb, were published in leading magazines of the 1940s and 1950s.

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Collier's was an American magazine, founded in 1888 by Peter Fenelon Collier.

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In comics, a colorist is responsible for adding color to black-and-white line art.

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Comic book

A comic book or comicbook, also called comic magazine or simply comic, is a publication that consists of comic art in the form of sequential juxtaposed panels that represent individual scenes.

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Comic strip

A comic strip is a sequence of drawings arranged in interrelated panels to display brief humor or form a narrative, often serialized, with text in balloons and captions.

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Computer animation

Computer animation is the process used for generating animated images.

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Dave Breger

Irving David Breger (April 15, 1908 – January 16, 1970) was an American cartoonist who created the syndicated Mister Breger (1945–1970), a gag panel series and Sunday comic strip known earlier as Private Breger and G.I. Joe.

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DC Comics

DC Comics, Inc. is an American comic book publisher.

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Digital media

Digital media are any media that are encoded in machine-readable formats.

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Dip pen

A dip pen or nib pen usually consists of a metal nib with capillary channels like those of fountain-pen nibs, mounted in a handle or holder, often made of wood.

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Drawing board

A drawing board (also drawing table, drafting table or architect's table) is, in its antique form, a kind of multipurpose desk which can be used for any kind of drawing, writing or impromptu sketching on a large sheet of paper or for reading a large format book or other oversized document or for drafting precise technical illustrations (such as engineering drawings or architectural drawings).

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DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Animation, LLC (more commonly known as DreamWorks Animation and DreamWorks Animation SKG, or simply DreamWorks) is an American animation studio that is a subsidiary of Universal Pictures.

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Editorial cartoon

An editorial cartoon, also known as a political cartoon, is a drawing containing a commentary expressing the artist's opinion.

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Editorial cartoonist

An editorial cartoonist, also known as a political cartoonist, is an artist who draws editorial cartoons that contain some level of political or social commentary.

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Eldon Dedini

Eldon Dedini (June 29, 1921 – January 12, 2006) was an American cartoonist whose work appeared in Esquire, The New Yorker, Playboy and elsewhere.

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An eraser, (also called a rubber outside the United States, from the material first used) is an article of stationery that is used for removing writing from paper or skin.

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Feature film

A feature film is a film (also called a motion picture or movie) with a running time long enough to be considered the principal or sole film to fill a program.

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Female comics creators

Although traditionally female comics artists have long been a minority in the industry, they have made notable impact since its very beginning, and more and more female artists gain recognition, along with the maturing of the medium.

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Fountain pen

A fountain pen is a nib pen that, unlike its predecessor, the dip pen, contains an internal reservoir of liquid ink.

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Frank King (cartoonist)

Frank Oscar King (April 9, 1883 – June 24, 1969) was an American cartoonist best known for his comic strip Gasoline Alley.

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Fred Neher

Fred Neher (1903–September 26, 2001) was an American cartoonist best known for his syndicated gag panel, Life’s Like That, which offered a humorous look at human nature, with a focus on American society and family life, for more than five decades.

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A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.

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Gag cartoon

A gag cartoon (a.k.a. panel cartoon or gag panel) is most often a single-panel cartoon, usually including a caption beneath the drawing.

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George Lichty

George Lichty (May 16, 1905 – July 18, 1983) was an American cartoonist, creator of the daily and Sunday cartoon series Grin and Bear It.

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Glossary of comics terminology

developed specialized terminology.

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Gouache, body color, opaque watercolor, or gouache, is one type of watermedia, paint consisting of Natural pigment, water, a binding agent (usually gum arabic or dextrin), and sometimes additional inert material.

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Graphic design

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography and illustration.

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Graphic novel

A graphic novel is a book made up of comics content.

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Greeting card

A greeting card is an illustrated piece of card or high quality paper featuring an expression of friendship or other sentiment.

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Gus Arriola

Gustavo "Gus" Arriola (July 17, 1917 – February 2, 2008) was a Mexican-American comic strip cartoonist and animator, primarily known for the comic strip Gordo, which ran from 1941 through 1985.

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Hank Ketcham

Henry King Ketcham (March 14, 1920 – June 1, 2001), better known as Hank Ketcham, was an American cartoonist who created the Dennis the Menace comic strip, writing and drawing it from 1951 to 1994, when he retired from drawing the daily cartoon and took up painting full-time in his home studio.

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Harvey Award

The Harvey Awards are given for achievement in comic books.

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Georges Prosper Remi (22 May 1907 – 3 March 1983), known by the pen name Hergé, was a Belgian cartoonist.

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An illustration is a decoration, interpretation or visual explanation of a text, concept or process, designed for integration in published media, such as posters, flyers, magazines, books, teaching materials, animations, video games and films.

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India ink

India ink (British English: Indian Ink; also Chinese ink) is a simple black or colored ink once widely used for writing and printing and now more commonly used for drawing and outlining, especially when inking comic books and comic strips.

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Ink is a liquid or paste that contains pigments or dyes and is used to color a surface to produce an image, text, or design.

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The inker (sometimes credited as the finisher or embellisher or tracer) is one of the two line artists in traditional comic book production.

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The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link devices worldwide.

New!!: Cartoonist and Internet · See more »

Irving Phillips

Irving Walter Phillips (November 29, 1904 – October 28, 2000) was a noted American cartoonist, playwright, television scriptwriter, author, illustrator and educator.

New!!: Cartoonist and Irving Phillips · See more »

Irwin Caplan

Irwin Caplan (May 24, 1919 – February 22, 2007), nicknamed Cap, was an American illustrator, painter, designer and cartoonist, best known as the creator of The Saturday Evening Post cartoon series, Famous Last Words, which led to newspaper syndication of the feature in 1956.

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J. R. Williams

James Robert Williams (March 30, 1888, Nova Scotia, Canada – June 17, 1957) was a cartoonist who signed his work J. R. Williams.

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Jack Cole (artist)

Jack Ralph Cole (December 14, 1914 – August 13, 1958) was an American cartoonist best known for creating the comedic superhero Plastic Man, and his cartoons for Playboy magazine.

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Jack Elrod

Jack Elrod (March 19, 1924 – February 16, 2016) was an American cartoonist best known for the comic strip Mark Trail.

New!!: Cartoonist and Jack Elrod · See more »

James Gillray

James Gillray (13 August 1756 or 1757 – 1 June 1815) was a British caricaturist and printmaker famous for his etched political and social satires, mainly published between 1792 and 1810.

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Jeff Smith (cartoonist)

Jeff Smith (born February 27, 1960) is an American cartoonist.

New!!: Cartoonist and Jeff Smith (cartoonist) · See more »

Jerry Siegel

Jerome Siegel (October 17, 1914 – January 28, 1996),Roger Stern.

New!!: Cartoonist and Jerry Siegel · See more »

Joe Shuster

Joseph "Joe" Shuster (July 10, 1914 – July 30, 1992) was a Canadian-American comic book artist best known for co-creating the DC Comics character Superman, with writer Jerry Siegel, in Action Comics #1 (cover-dated June 1938).

New!!: Cartoonist and Joe Shuster · See more »

John Norment

John Murray Norment (1911–1988) was an American illustrator, gag cartoonist, magazine editor, artist, and photographer.

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King Features Syndicate

King Features Syndicate, Inc. is a print syndication company owned by Hearst Communications that distributes about 150 comic strips, newspaper columns, editorial cartoons, puzzles, and games to nearly 5,000 newspapers worldwide.

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A knife (plural knives) is a tool with a cutting edge or blade, hand-held or otherwise, with most having a handle.

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A letterer is a member of a team of comic book creators responsible for drawing the comic book's text.

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Light therapy

Light therapy—or phototherapy, classically referred to as heliotherapy—consists of exposure to daylight or to specific wavelengths of light using polychromatic polarised light, lasers, light-emitting diodes, fluorescent lamps, dichroic lamps or very bright, full-spectrum light.

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A lightbox is a translucent surface illuminated from behind, used for situations where a shape laid upon the surface needs to be seen with high contrast.

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Ligne claire

Ligne claire (French for "clear line") is a style of drawing pioneered by Hergé, the Belgian creator of The Adventures of Tintin.

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List of cartoonists

This is a list of cartoonists, visual artists who specialize in drawing cartoons.

New!!: Cartoonist and List of cartoonists · See more »

List of newspaper comic strips

The following is a list of comic strips.

New!!: Cartoonist and List of newspaper comic strips · See more »


A magazine is a publication, usually a periodical publication, which is printed or electronically published (sometimes referred to as an online magazine).

New!!: Cartoonist and Magazine · See more »


is the Japanese word for manga artist.

New!!: Cartoonist and Mangaka · See more »

Mark Trail

Mark Trail is a newspaper comic strip created by the American cartoonist Ed Dodd.

New!!: Cartoonist and Mark Trail · See more »

Marker pen

A marker pen, fineliner, marking pen, felt-tip marker, felt-tip pen, flow marker, texta (in Australia), sketch pen (in India) or koki (in South Africa), is a pen which has its own ink-source and a tip made of porous, pressed fibers such as felt.

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Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is the common name and primary imprint of Marvel Worldwide Inc., formerly Marvel Publishing, Inc. and Marvel Comics Group, a publisher of American comic books and related media.

New!!: Cartoonist and Marvel Comics · See more »

Mobile comic

A mobile comic is a digital comic or cartoon strip that can be purchased, downloaded, read and sometimes edited or shared with friends via mobile phones.

New!!: Cartoonist and Mobile comic · See more »

Model sheet

In animation, a model sheet, also known as a character board, character sheet, character study or simply a study, is a document used to help standardize the appearance, poses, and gestures of an animated character.

New!!: Cartoonist and Model sheet · See more »

Mort Walker

Addison Morton Walker (September 3, 1923 – January 27, 2018) was an American comic strip writer, best known for creating the newspaper comic strips Beetle Bailey in 1950 and Hi and Lois in 1954.

New!!: Cartoonist and Mort Walker · See more »


A newspaper is a periodical publication containing written information about current events.

New!!: Cartoonist and Newspaper · See more »

Ohio State University

The Ohio State University, commonly referred to as Ohio State or OSU, is a large, primarily residential, public university in Columbus, Ohio.

New!!: Cartoonist and Ohio State University · See more »

Osamu Tezuka

was a Japanese manga artist, cartoonist, animator, and film producer.

New!!: Cartoonist and Osamu Tezuka · See more »


A penciller (or penciler) is a collaboration artist who works in creation of comic books, graphic novels, and similar visual art forms, with focus on primary pencil illustrations, hence the term "penciller".

New!!: Cartoonist and Penciller · See more »


Pixar Animation Studios, commonly referred to as Pixar, is an American computer animation movie studio based in Emeryville, California that is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, owned by The Walt Disney Company.

New!!: Cartoonist and Pixar · See more »


Playboy is an American men's lifestyle and entertainment magazine.

New!!: Cartoonist and Playboy · See more »

Plot (narrative)

Plot refers to the sequence of events inside a story which affect other events through the principle of cause and effect.

New!!: Cartoonist and Plot (narrative) · See more »


A poster is any piece of printed paper designed to be attached to a wall or vertical surface.

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Poster paint

Poster paint is a distemper paint that usually uses a type of gum-water or glue size as its binder.

New!!: Cartoonist and Poster paint · See more »

Print syndication

Print syndication distributes news articles, columns, comic strips and other features to newspapers, magazines and websites.

New!!: Cartoonist and Print syndication · See more »

Pulp magazine

Pulp magazines (often referred to as "the pulps") were inexpensive fiction magazines that were published from 1896 to the 1950s.

New!!: Cartoonist and Pulp magazine · See more »

Realism (arts)

Realism, sometimes called naturalism, in the arts is generally the attempt to represent subject matter truthfully, without artificiality and avoiding artistic conventions, or implausible, exotic, and supernatural elements.

New!!: Cartoonist and Realism (arts) · See more »

Roger Price (comedian)

Roger Price (March 6, 1918 – October 31, 1990) was an American humorist, author and publisher, who created Droodles in the 1950s, followed by his collaborations with Leonard Stern on the Mad Libs series.

New!!: Cartoonist and Roger Price (comedian) · See more »

Roy Raymonde

Roy Raymonde (1929–2009) was a British editorial cartoonist best known for his work in Playboy, Punch and The Sunday Telegraph.

New!!: Cartoonist and Roy Raymonde · See more »


A ruler, sometimes called a rule or line gauge, is a device with equally spaced markings along its length, used in geometry, technical drawing, engineering and building to measure distances or to rule straight lines.

New!!: Cartoonist and Ruler · See more »


Satire is a genre of literature, and sometimes graphic and performing arts, in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, corporations, government, or society itself into improvement.

New!!: Cartoonist and Satire · See more »


A scalpel, or lancet, is a small and extremely sharp bladed instrument used for surgery, anatomical dissection, podiatry and various arts and crafts (called a hobby knife).

New!!: Cartoonist and Scalpel · See more »

Script breakdown

A script breakdown is an intermediate step in the production of a play, film, comic book, or any other work that is originally planned using a script.

New!!: Cartoonist and Script breakdown · See more »


Self-publishing is the publication of any book, album, or other media by its author without the involvement of an established publisher.

New!!: Cartoonist and Self-publishing · See more »

Sequential art

In comics studies, sequential art is a term proposed by comics artist Will EisnerWill Eisner, Comics and Sequential Art, Poorhouse Press, 1990 (1st ed.: 1985), p. 5.

New!!: Cartoonist and Sequential art · See more »

Set square

A set square or triangle (American English) is an object used in engineering and technical drawing, with the aim of providing a straightedge at a right angle or other particular planar angle to a baseline.

New!!: Cartoonist and Set square · See more »


A shirt is a cloth garment for the upper body (from the neck to the waist).

New!!: Cartoonist and Shirt · See more »

Spirit (comics)

The Spirit is a fictional masked crimefighter created by cartoonist Will Eisner.

New!!: Cartoonist and Spirit (comics) · See more »


A storyboard is a graphic organizer in the form of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequence.

New!!: Cartoonist and Storyboard · See more »


A studio is an artist or worker's workroom.

New!!: Cartoonist and Studio · See more »

Sunday comics

The Sunday comics or Sunday strip is the comic strip section carried in most western newspapers, almost always in color.

New!!: Cartoonist and Sunday comics · See more »


Superman is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

New!!: Cartoonist and Superman · See more »


A T-square is a technical drawing instrument used by draftsmen primarily as a guide for drawing horizontal lines on a drafting table.

New!!: Cartoonist and T-square · See more »

Technical pen

A technical pen is a specialized instrument used by an engineer, architect, or drafter to make lines of constant width for architectural, engineering, or technical drawings.

New!!: Cartoonist and Technical pen · See more »

The Adventures of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin (Les Aventures de Tintin) is a series of 24 comic albums created by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi, who wrote under the pen name Hergé.

New!!: Cartoonist and The Adventures of Tintin · See more »

The Someday Funnies

The Someday Funnies is an exceptionally large and varied book of comics which was published by Abrams on November 1, 2011.

New!!: Cartoonist and The Someday Funnies · See more »

Thomas Nast

Thomas Nast (September 27, 1840 – December 7, 1902) was a German-born American caricaturist and editorial cartoonist considered to be the "Father of the American Cartoon".

New!!: Cartoonist and Thomas Nast · See more »

Thomas Rowlandson

Thomas Rowlandson (13 July 1756 – 21 April 1827) was an English artist and caricaturist of the Georgian Era, noted for his political satire and social observation.

New!!: Cartoonist and Thomas Rowlandson · See more »

Tints and shades

In color theory, a tint is the mixture of a color with white, which increases lightness, while a shade with black, which reduces lightness.

New!!: Cartoonist and Tints and shades · See more »


In trigonometry and geometry, triangulation is the process of determining the location of a point by forming triangles to it from known points.

New!!: Cartoonist and Triangulation · See more »

Understanding Comics

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art is a 1993 non-fiction work of comics by American cartoonist Scott McCloud.

New!!: Cartoonist and Understanding Comics · See more »

United Media

United Media was a large editorial column and comic strip newspaper syndication service based in the United States, owned by the E. W. Scripps Company.

New!!: Cartoonist and United Media · See more »

Universal Press Syndicate

Universal Press Syndicate, a subsidiary of Andrews McMeel Universal, was an independent press syndicate.

New!!: Cartoonist and Universal Press Syndicate · See more »

User guide

A user guide or user's guide, also commonly known as a manual, is a technical communication document intended to give assistance to people using a particular system.

New!!: Cartoonist and User guide · See more »

Video game packaging

Video game packaging refers to the physical storage of the contents of a PC or console game, both for safekeeping and shop display.

New!!: Cartoonist and Video game packaging · See more »

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Walt Disney Animation Studios (WDAS), also referred to as Disney Animation, headquartered at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California, is an American animation studio that creates animated feature films, short films, and television specials for The Walt Disney Company.

New!!: Cartoonist and Walt Disney Animation Studios · See more »

Watercolor painting

Watercolor (American English) or watercolour (British English; see spelling differences), also aquarelle (French, diminutive of Latin aqua "water"), is a painting method in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-based solution.

New!!: Cartoonist and Watercolor painting · See more »


Webcomics (also known as online comics or Internet comics) are comics published on a website or mobile app.

New!!: Cartoonist and Webcomic · See more »

Will Eisner

William Erwin "Will" Eisner (March 6, 1917 – January 3, 2005) was an American cartoonist, writer, and entrepreneur.

New!!: Cartoonist and Will Eisner · See more »

William Hogarth

William Hogarth FRSA (10 November 1697 – 26 October 1764) was an English painter, printmaker, pictorial satirist, social critic, and editorial cartoonist.

New!!: Cartoonist and William Hogarth · See more »

Winsor & Newton

Winsor & Newton (W&N) is a company based in London, UK that manufactures a wide variety of fine art products, including: oils, alkyds, watercolours, acrylics, pastels, artists' brushes, canvases and papers.

New!!: Cartoonist and Winsor & Newton · See more »


A writer is a person who uses written words in various styles and techniques to communicate their ideas.

New!!: Cartoonist and Writer · See more »

20th century

The 20th century was a century that began on January 1, 1901 and ended on December 31, 2000.

New!!: Cartoonist and 20th century · See more »

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cartoonist

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