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Chess middlegame

Index Chess middlegame

The middlegame in chess refers to the portion of the game in between the opening and the endgame. [1]

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Aron Nimzowitsch

Aron Nimzowitsch (Ārons Nimcovičs, Аро́н Иса́евич Нимцо́вич, Aron Isayevich Nimtsovich; born Aron Niemzowitsch; 7 November 1886 – 16 March 1935) was a Russian-born, Danish leading chess grandmaster and influential chess writer.

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Artur Yusupov

Artur Mayakovich Yusupov (Арту́р Маякович Юсу́пов; Artur Majakowitsch Jussupow; born February 13, 1960 in Moscow, Soviet Union) is a Russian chess grandmaster and a chess writer.

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Castling is a move in the game of chess involving a player's king and either of the player's original rooks.

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Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard, a checkered gameboard with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid.

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Chess endgame

In chess and chess-like games, the endgame (or end game or ending) is the stage of the game when few pieces are left on the board.

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Chess opening

A chess opening or simply an opening refers to the initial moves of a chess game.

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Chess piece relative value

In chess, the chess piece relative value system conventionally assigns a point value to each piece when assessing its relative strength in potential exchanges.

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Chess strategy

Chess strategy is the aspect of chess playing concerned with evaluation of chess positions and setting of goals and long-term plans for future play.

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Chess tactic

In chess, a tactic refers to a sequence of moves that limits the opponent's options and may result in tangible gain.

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Chess theory

The game of chess is commonly divided into three phases: the opening, middlegame, and endgame.

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Dan Heisman

Dan Heisman (born July 8, 1950) is a United States Chess Federation National Master, author and instructor.

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Exchange (chess)

In the tactics and strategy in the board game of chess, an exchange (exchanging) or trade (trading) of chess pieces is series of closely related moves, typically sequential, in which the two players capture each other's pieces.

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Glossary of chess

This page explains commonly used terms in chess in alphabetical order.

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Jeremy Silman

Jeremy Silman (born August 28, 1954) is an American International Master of chess and writer.

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John L. Watson

John Leonard Watson (born 1951) is a chess International Master and author.

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Jonathan Tisdall

Jonathan D. Tisdall (born August 26, 1958 in Buffalo, New York) is a grandmaster of chess (title awarded 1993) and works as a freelance journalist.

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Joseph Henry Blackburne

Joseph Henry Blackburne (10 December 1841 – 1 September 1924), nicknamed "The Black Death", dominated British chess during the latter part of the 19th century.

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King (chess)

In chess, the king (♔,♚) is the most important piece.

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Luděk Pachman

Luděk Pachman (German: Ludek Pachmann, May 11, 1924 in Bělá pod Bezdězem, today Czech Republic – March 6, 2003 in Passau, Germany) was a Czechoslovak-German chess grandmaster, chess writer, and political activist.

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Mark Dvoretsky

Mark Izrailovich Dvoretsky (Марк Израилевич Дворецкий; December 9, 1947 – September 26, 2016) was a Russian chess trainer, writer, and International Master.

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Max Euwe

Machgielis "Max" Euwe, PhD (May 20, 1901 – November 26, 1981) was a Dutch chess Grandmaster, mathematician, author, and chess administrator.

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Open file

An open file in chess is a with no pawns of either color on it.

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Outpost (chess)

An outpost is a square on the fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh which is protected by a pawn and which cannot be attacked by an opponent's pawn.

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Passed pawn

In chess, a passed pawn is a pawn with no opposing pawns to prevent it from advancing to the eighth; i.e. there are no opposing pawns in front of it on either the same or adjacent files.

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Pawn (chess)

The pawn (♙,♟) is the most numerous piece in the game of chess, and in most circumstances, also the weakest.

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Pawn structure

In chess, the pawn structure (sometimes known as the pawn skeleton) is the configuration of pawns on the chessboard.

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Promotion (chess)

Promotion is a chess rule that requires a pawn that reaches its eighth to be immediately replaced by the player's choice of a queen, knight, rook, or bishop of the same.

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Queen (chess)

The queen (♕,♛) is the most powerful piece in the game of chess, able to move any number of squares vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

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Reuben Fine

Reuben Fine (October 11, 1914 – March 26, 1993) was an American chess grandmaster, psychologist, university professor, and author of many books on both chess and psychology.

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Rook (chess)

A rook (♖,♜) is a piece in the strategy board game of chess.

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Siegbert Tarrasch

Siegbert Tarrasch (5 March 1862 – 17 February 1934) was one of the strongest chess players and most influential chess teachers of the late 19th and early 20th century.

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World Chess Championship

The World Chess Championship (sometimes abbreviated as WCC) is played to determine the World Champion in chess.

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Wrocław (Breslau; Vratislav; Vratislavia) is the largest city in western Poland.

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Yuri Averbakh

Yuri Lvovich Averbakh (Ю́рий Льво́вич Аверба́х; born February 8, 1922) is a Soviet and Russian chess player and author.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chess_middlegame

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