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Cocos2d is an open source software framework. [1]

39 relations: Android (operating system), App Store (iOS), App Store (macOS), Apple Inc., Box2D, C (programming language), C++, Córdoba, Argentina, China, Chipmunk (software), Chukong Technologies, Computer font, FlatBuffers, Fork (software development), Game development tool, GitHub, Graphical user interface, Java (programming language), JavaScript, Los Cocos, Lua (programming language), MIT License, Mobile app, Mono (software), Objective-C, Open-source model, OpenAL, Particle system, Python (programming language), Ruby (programming language), Software framework, SpiderMonkey, Sprite (computer graphics), Starling Framework, Tile-based video game, Windows 7, Windows Phone 7, Windows XP, WYSIWYG.

Android (operating system)

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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App Store (iOS)

The App Store is a digital distribution platform, developed and maintained by Apple Inc., for mobile apps on its iOS operating system.

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App Store (macOS)

The App Store is a digital distribution platform for macOS apps, created by Apple Inc. The platform was announced on October 20, 2010, at Apple's "Back to the Mac" event.

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Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

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Box2D is a free open source 2-dimensional physics simulator engine written in C++ by Erin Catto and published under the zlib license.

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C (programming language)

C (as in the letter ''c'') is a general-purpose, imperative computer programming language, supporting structured programming, lexical variable scope and recursion, while a static type system prevents many unintended operations.

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C++ ("see plus plus") is a general-purpose programming language.

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Córdoba, Argentina

Córdoba is a city in the geographical center of Argentina, in the foothills of the Sierras Chicas on the Suquía River, about northwest of the Buenos Aires.

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China, officially the People's Republic of China (PRC), is a unitary one-party sovereign state in East Asia and the world's most populous country, with a population of around /1e9 round 3 billion.

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Chipmunk (software)

Chipmunk2D is a 2-dimensional real-time rigid body physics engine written by Scott Lembcke that is designed to be portable, lightweight, fast, and easy to use.

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Chukong Technologies

Chukong Technologies (also known as Chukong) is an international mobile entertainment platform company headquartered in Beijing.

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Computer font

A computer font (or font) is implemented as a digital data file containing a set of graphically related glyphs, characters, or symbols such as dingbats.

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In computer programming, FlatBuffers is a free software library implementing a serialization format similar to Protocol Buffers, Thrift, Apache Avro, SBE, and Cap'n Proto, primarily written by Wouter van Oortmerssen and open-sourced by Google.

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Fork (software development)

In software engineering, a project fork happens when developers take a copy of source code from one software package and start independent development on it, creating a distinct and separate piece of software.

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Game development tool

A game development tool is a specialized software application that assists or facilitates the making of a video game.

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GitHub Inc. is a web-based hosting service for version control using Git.

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Graphical user interface

The graphical user interface (GUI), is a type of user interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and visual indicators such as secondary notation, instead of text-based user interfaces, typed command labels or text navigation.

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Java (programming language)

Java is a general-purpose computer-programming language that is concurrent, class-based, object-oriented, and specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.

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JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is a high-level, interpreted programming language.

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Los Cocos

Los Cocos is a village 105 km northwest of Córdoba, Argentina.

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Lua (programming language)

Lua (from meaning moon) is a lightweight, multi-paradigm programming language designed primarily for embedded use in applications.

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MIT License

The MIT License is a permissive free software license originating at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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Mobile app

A mobile app is a computer program designed to run on a mobile device such as a phone/tablet or watch.

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Mono (software)

Mono is a free and open-source project led by Xamarin, a subsidiary of Microsoft (formerly by Novell and originally by Ximian), and the.NET Foundation, to create an Ecma standard-compliant,.NET Framework-compatible set of tools including, among others, a C# compiler and a Common Language Runtime.

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Objective-C is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that adds Smalltalk-style messaging to the C programming language.

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Open-source model

The open-source model is a decentralized software-development model that encourages open collaboration.

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OpenAL (Open Audio Library, Open but not as in open-source) is a cross-platform audio application programming interface (API).

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Particle system

A particle system is a technique in game physics, motion graphics, and computer graphics that uses a large number of very small sprites, 3D models, or other graphic objects to simulate certain kinds of "fuzzy" phenomena, which are otherwise very hard to reproduce with conventional rendering techniques - usually highly chaotic systems, natural phenomena, or processes caused by chemical reactions.

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Python (programming language)

Python is an interpreted high-level programming language for general-purpose programming.

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Ruby (programming language)

Ruby is a dynamic, interpreted, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language.

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Software framework

In computer programming, a software framework is an abstraction in which software providing generic functionality can be selectively changed by additional user-written code, thus providing application-specific software.

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SpiderMonkey is the code name for the first JavaScript engine, written by Brendan Eich at Netscape Communications, later released as open source and currently maintained by the Mozilla Foundation.

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Sprite (computer graphics)

In computer graphics, a sprite is a two-dimensional bitmap that is integrated into a larger scene.

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Starling Framework

Starling is an open source game framework used to create 2D games that run both on mobile and desktop platforms.

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Tile-based video game

A tile-based video game is a type of video or video game where the playing area consists of small square (or, much less often, rectangular, parallelogram, or hexagonal) graphic images referred to as tiles laid out in a grid.

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Windows 7

Windows 7 (codenamed Vienna, formerly Blackcomb) is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft.

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Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is the first release of the Windows Phone mobile client operating system, released worldwide on October 21, 2010, and in the United States on November 8, 2010.

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Windows XP

Windows XP (codenamed Whistler) is a personal computer operating system that was produced by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems.

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WYSIWYG is an acronym for "what you see is what you get".

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cocos2d

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