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Comics artist

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A comics artist (also comic book artist, graphic novel artist, or comic book illustrator) is a person working within the comics medium on comic strips, comic books, or graphic novels. [1]

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Alan Moore

Alan Moore (born 18 November 1953) is an English writer known primarily for his work in comic books including Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The Ballad of Halo Jones and From Hell.

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A cartoonist (also comic strip creator) is a visual artist who specializes in drawing cartoons.

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Cerebus the Aardvark

Cerebus (also Cerebus the Aardvark) is a comic book series created by Canadian cartoonist Dave Sim, which ran from December 1977 until March 2004.

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In comics, a colorist is responsible for adding color to black-and-white line art.

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Comic book

A comic book or comicbook, also called comic magazine or simply comic, is a publication that consists of comic art in the form of sequential juxtaposed panels that represent individual scenes.

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Comic strip

A comic strip is a sequence of drawings arranged in interrelated panels to display brief humor or form a narrative, often serialized, with text in balloons and captions.

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a medium used to express ideas by images, often combined with text or other visual information.

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Daily comic strip

A daily strip is a newspaper comic strip format, appearing on weekdays, Monday through Saturday, as contrasted with a Sunday strip, which typically only appears on Sundays.

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Dave Sim

Dave Sim (born 17 May 1956) is a Canadian cartoonist and publisher, best known for his comic book Cerebus, his artistic experimentation, his advocacy of self-publishing and creator's rights, and his controversial political, philosophical and religious beliefs.

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Eddie Campbell

Eddie Campbell (born 10 August 1955) is a Scottish comics artist and cartoonist who now lives in Australia.

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Ferd Johnson

Ferdinand Johnson (December 18, 1905 – October 14, 1996), usually cited as Ferd Johnson, was an American cartoonist, best known for his 68-year stint on the Moon Mullins comic strip.

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Frank Willard

Frank Henry Willard (September 21, 1893, Anna, Illinois–January 11, 1958, Los Angeles, California), was a cartoonist best known for his syndicated newspaper comic strip Moon Mullins which ran from 1923 to 1991, working alongside assistant Ferd Johnson.

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From Hell

From Hell is a graphic novel by writer Alan Moore and artist Eddie Campbell, originally published in serial form from 1989 to 1998 and collected in 1999.

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Gerhard (cartoonist)

Gerhard is the professional name of a Canadian artist known for the elaborately detailed background illustrations in the comics series Cerebus the Aardvark.

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Glossary of comics terminology

developed specialized terminology.

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Graphic novel

A graphic novel is a book made up of comics content.

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The inker (sometimes credited as the finisher or embellisher or tracer) is one of the two line artists in traditional comic book production.

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John Byrne (comics)

John Lindley Byrne (born July 6, 1950) is an American comics artist and writer. Since the mid-1970s, Byrne has worked on many major superheroes. Byrne's better-known work has been on Marvel Comics' X-Men and Fantastic Four and the 1986 relaunch of DC Comics' Superman franchise, the first issue of which featured comics' first variant cover. Coming into the comics profession as penciller, inker, letterer and writer on his earliest work, Byrne began co-plotting the X-Men comics during his tenure on them, and launched his writing career in earnest with Fantastic Four (where he also served as penciler and inker). During the 1990s he produced a number of creator-owned works, including Next Men and Danger Unlimited. He scripted the first issues of Mike Mignola's Hellboy series and produced a number of Star Trek comics for IDW Publishing. In 2015, Byrne and his X-Men collaborator Chris Claremont were entered into the Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame. He is the co-creator of such Marvel characters as Kitty Pryde, Emma Frost, Sabretooth, Shadow King, Scott Lang (Ant-Man), Bishop, Omega Red and Rachel Summers.

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A letterer is a member of a team of comic book creators responsible for drawing the comic book's text.

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is the Japanese word for manga artist.

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Moon Mullins

Moon Mullins is an American comic strip which had a run as both a daily and Sunday feature from June 19, 1923 to June 2, 1991.

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A penciller (or penciler) is a collaboration artist who works in creation of comic books, graphic novels, and similar visual art forms, with focus on primary pencil illustrations, hence the term "penciller".

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Script (comics)

A script is a document describing the narrative and dialogue of a comic book in detail.

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Script breakdown

A script breakdown is an intermediate step in the production of a play, film, comic book, or any other work that is originally planned using a script.

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Stan Sakai

is a Japanese-American cartoonist and comic book creator.

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Sunday comics

The Sunday comics or Sunday strip is the comic strip section carried in most western newspapers, almost always in color.

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Usagi Yojimbo

is a comic book series created by Stan Sakai.

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Walt Simonson

Walter "Walt" Simonson (born September 2, 1946) is an American comic book writer and artist, best known for a run on Marvel Comics' Thor from 1983 to 1987, during which he created the character Beta Ray Bill.

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