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Constant strain triangle element

Index Constant strain triangle element

In numerical mathematics, the constant strain triangle element, also known as the CST element or T3 element, is a type of element used in finite element analysis which is used to provide an approximate solution in a 2D domain to the exact solution of a given differential equation. [1]

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Barycentric coordinate system

In geometry, the barycentric coordinate system is a coordinate system in which the location of a point of a simplex (a triangle, tetrahedron, etc.) is specified as the center of mass, or barycenter, of usually unequal masses placed at its vertices.

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Constant function

In mathematics, a constant function is a function whose (output) value is the same for every input value.

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Differential equation

A differential equation is a mathematical equation that relates some function with its derivatives.

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Finite element method

The finite element method (FEM), is a numerical method for solving problems of engineering and mathematical physics.

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Infinitesimal strain theory

In continuum mechanics, the infinitesimal strain theory is a mathematical approach to the description of the deformation of a solid body in which the displacements of the material particles are assumed to be much smaller (indeed, infinitesimally smaller) than any relevant dimension of the body; so that its geometry and the constitutive properties of the material (such as density and stiffness) at each point of space can be assumed to be unchanged by the deformation.

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Numerical analysis

Numerical analysis is the study of algorithms that use numerical approximation (as opposed to general symbolic manipulations) for the problems of mathematical analysis (as distinguished from discrete mathematics).

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Partial derivative

In mathematics, a partial derivative of a function of several variables is its derivative with respect to one of those variables, with the others held constant (as opposed to the total derivative, in which all variables are allowed to vary).

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Plane stress

In continuum mechanics, a material is said to be under plane stress if the stress vector is zero across a particular surface.

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CST element, T3 element.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constant_strain_triangle_element

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