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Index Construction

Construction is the process of constructing a building or infrastructure. [1]

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An accountant is a practitioner of accounting or accountancy, which is the measurement, disclosure or provision of assurance about financial information that helps managers, investors, tax authorities and others make decisions about allocating resource(s).

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Agile construction

Agile Construction is a way of doing business adapted to construction jobsites and overall project delivery, born from agile manufacturing and project management, mostly used in manufacturing production, automotive and software developing teams.

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An apprenticeship is a system of training a new generation of practitioners of a trade or profession with on-the-job training and often some accompanying study (classroom work and reading).

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An architect is a person who plans, designs, and reviews the construction of buildings.

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Architects Registration Board

The Architects Registration Board (ARB) is the statutory body for the registration of architects in the United Kingdom.

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Architectural engineering

Architectural engineering, also known as building engineering, is the application of engineering principles and technology to building design and construction.

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An artisan (from artisan, artigiano) is a skilled craft worker who makes or creates things by hand that may be functional or strictly decorative, for example furniture, decorative arts, sculptures, clothing, jewellery, food items, household items and tools or even mechanisms such as the handmade clockwork movement of a watchmaker.

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Bachelor's degree

A bachelor's degree (from Middle Latin baccalaureus) or baccalaureate (from Modern Latin baccalaureatus) is an undergraduate academic degree awarded by colleges and universities upon completion of a course of study lasting three to seven years (depending on institution and academic discipline).

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A bathroom is a room in the home for personal hygiene activities, generally containing a sink (basin) and either a bathtub, a shower, or both.

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Bill of quantities

A bill of (BOQ) is a document used in tendering in the construction industry / supplies in which materials, parts, and labor (and their costs) are itemized.

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A bricklayer, which is related to but different from a mason, is a craftsman who lays bricks to construct brickwork.

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Bronze Age

The Bronze Age is a historical period characterized by the use of bronze, and in some areas proto-writing, and other early features of urban civilization.

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A budget is a financial plan for a defined period of time, usually a year.It may also include planned sales volumes and revenues, resource quantities, costs and expenses, assets, liabilities and cash flows.

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A building, or edifice, is a structure with a roof and walls standing more or less permanently in one place, such as a house or factory.

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Building code

A building code (also building control or building regulations) is a set of rules that specify the standards for constructed objects such as buildings and nonbuilding structures.

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Building estimator

A building estimator or cost estimator is an individual that quantifies the materials, labor, and equipment needed to complete a construction project.

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Building insulation

Building insulation is any object in a building used as insulation for any purpose.

New!!: Construction and Building insulation · See more »

Building material

Building material is any material which is used for construction purposes.

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Building services engineering

Building services engineering is a professional engineering discipline that strives to achieve a safe and comfortable indoor environment whilst minimizing the environmental impact of a building.

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A bulldozer is a crawler (continuous tracked tractor) equipped with a substantial metal plate (known as a blade) used to push large quantities of soil, sand, rubble, or other such material during construction or conversion work and typically equipped at the rear with a claw-like device (known as a ripper) to loosen densely compacted materials.

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Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is a unit of the United States Department of Labor.

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A career is an individual's metaphorical "journey" through learning, work and other aspects of life.

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Carpentry is a skilled trade in which the primary work performed is the cutting, shaping and installation of building materials during the construction of buildings, ships, timber bridges, concrete formwork, etc.

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A carpet is a textile floor covering typically consisting of an upper layer of pile attached to a backing.

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Cash flow

A cash flow describes a real or virtual movement of money.

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Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers

The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE; pronounced 'sib-see') is an international professional engineering association based in London that represents building services engineers.

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A city is a large human settlement.

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Civil engineer

A civil engineer is a person who practices civil engineering – the application of planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating infrastructures while protecting the public and environmental health, as well as improving existing infrastructures that have been neglected.

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Civil engineering

Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewerage systems, pipelines, and railways.

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Civil estimator

A Civil Estimator is a construction professional who bids on civil projects that have gone to tender.

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Classical architecture

Classical architecture usually denotes architecture which is more or less consciously derived from the principles of Greek and Roman architecture of classical antiquity, or sometimes even more specifically, from the works of Vitruvius.

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Collaboration occurs when two or more people or organizations work together--> to realize or achieve a goal.

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Concrete, usually Portland cement concrete, is a composite material composed of fine and coarse aggregate bonded together with a fluid cement (cement paste) that hardens over time—most frequently a lime-based cement binder, such as Portland cement, but sometimes with other hydraulic cements, such as a calcium aluminate cement.

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Construction 3D printing

Construction 3D Printing (c3Dp) or 3D Construction Printing (3DCP) refers to various technologies that use 3D printing as a core method to fabricate buildings or construction components.

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Construction bidding

Construction bidding is the process of submitting a proposal (tender) to undertake, or manage the undertaking of a construction project.

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Construction delay

Construction delays in residential and light construction are often the result of miscommunication between contractors, subcontractors, and property owners.

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Construction engineering

Construction Engineering is a professional discipline that deals with the designing, planning, construction, and management of infrastructures such as roads, tunnels, bridges, airports, railroads, facilities, buildings, dams, utilities and other projects.

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Construction management

Construction Project Management (CM) is a professional service that uses specialized, project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from its beginning to its end.

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Construction site safety

Construction work is a hazardous land-based job.

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Construction surveying

Construction surveying or building surveying (otherwise known as "staking", "stake-out", "lay-out", "setting-out" or "BS") is to stake out reference points and markers that will guide the construction of new structures such as roads or buildings.

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Construction waste

Construction waste consists of unwanted material produced directly or incidentally by the construction or industries.

New!!: Construction and Construction waste · See more »

Construction worker

A construction worker is a tradesperson, laborer, or professional employed in the physical construction of the built environment and its infrastructure.

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A consultant (from consultare "to deliberate") is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing (and public relations), finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.

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A contract is a promise or set of promises that are legally enforceable and, if violated, allow the injured party access to legal remedies.

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A contractor is a person or company that performs work on a contract basis.

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Cost engineering

Cost engineering is "the engineering practice devoted to the management of project cost, involving such activities as estimating, cost control, cost forecasting, investment appraisal and risk analysis." "Cost Engineers budget, plan and monitor investment projects.

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A craft or trade is a pastime or a profession that requires particular skills and knowledge of skilled work.

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Crane (machine)

A crane is a type of machine, generally equipped with a hoist rope, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves, that can be used both to lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally.

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Cross-laminated timber

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a wood panel product made from glueing layers of solid-sawn lumber together.

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Department of transportation

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is the most common name for a government agency in North America devoted to transportation.

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Design engineer

A design engineer is a person who may be involved in any of various engineering disciplines including civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, textiles, aerospace, nuclear, manufacturing, systems, and structural /building/architectural.

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Developed country

A developed country, industrialized country, more developed country, or "more economically developed country" (MEDC), is a sovereign state that has a highly developed economy and advanced technological infrastructure relative to other less industrialized nations.

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Drawing is a form of visual art in which a person uses various drawing instruments to mark paper or another two-dimensional medium.

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Drywall (also known as plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum panel, sheet rock, or gypsum board) is a panel made of calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum), with or without additives, typically extruded between thick sheets of facer and backer paper, utilized in the construction of interior walls and ceilings.

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Earthworks (engineering)

Earthworks are engineering works created through the processing of parts of the earth's surface involving quantities of soil or unformed rock.

New!!: Construction and Earthworks (engineering) · See more »

Economies of scale

In microeconomics, economies of scale are the cost advantages that enterprises obtain due to their scale of operation (typically measured by amount of output produced), with cost per unit of output decreasing with increasing scale.

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Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering is a professional engineering discipline that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

New!!: Construction and Electrical engineering · See more »


An electrician is a tradesman specializing in electrical wiring of buildings, stationary machines, and related equipment.

New!!: Construction and Electrician · See more »

Electricity generation

Electricity generation is the process of generating electric power from sources of primary energy.

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Engineers, as practitioners of engineering, are people who invent, design, analyze, build, and test machines, systems, structures and materials to fulfill objectives and requirements while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety, and cost.

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Engineering Council

The Engineering Council (formerly Engineering Council UK) is Britain's regulatory authority for registration of Chartered and Incorporated engineers and technicians, holding a register of these and providing advice to students, engineers, employers and academic institutions on the standards for registration and procedures for registration.

New!!: Construction and Engineering Council · See more »

Engineering News-Record

Engineering News-Record (widely known as ENR) is an American weekly magazine that provides news, analysis, data and opinion for the construction industry worldwide.

New!!: Construction and Engineering News-Record · See more »

Engineering technologist

An engineering technologist is a professional trained in certain aspects of development and implementation of a respective area of technology.

New!!: Construction and Engineering technologist · See more »

Environmental impact assessment

Environmental assessment (EA) is the assessment of the environmental consequences (positive and negative) of a plan, policy, program, or actual projects prior to the decision to move forward with the proposed action.

New!!: Construction and Environmental impact assessment · See more »


In statistics, an estimator is a rule for calculating an estimate of a given quantity based on observed data: thus the rule (the estimator), the quantity of interest (the estimand) and its result (the estimate) are distinguished.

New!!: Construction and Estimator · See more »

European Union

The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of EUnum member states that are located primarily in Europe.

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Excavators (hydraulic) are heavy construction equipment consisting of a boom, dipper (or stick), bucket and cab on a rotating platform known as the "house".

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A factory or manufacturing plant is an industrial site, usually consisting of buildings and machinery, or more commonly a complex having several buildings, where workers manufacture goods or operate machines processing one product into another.

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Falling (accident)

Falling is the second leading cause of accidental death worldwide and is a major cause of personal injury, especially for the elderly.

New!!: Construction and Falling (accident) · See more »

Fast-track construction

Fast-track building construction is construction industry jargon for a project delivery strategy to start construction before the design is complete.

New!!: Construction and Fast-track construction · See more »

Fire protection

Fire protection is the study and practice of mitigating the unwanted effects of potentially destructive fires.

New!!: Construction and Fire protection · See more »

Fire protection engineering

Fire engineering is the application of science and engineering principles to protect people, property, and their environments from the harmful and destructive effects of fire and smoke.

New!!: Construction and Fire protection engineering · See more »

Fire safety

Fire safety is the set of practices intended to reduce the destruction caused by fire.

New!!: Construction and Fire safety · See more »

Flat roof

A flat roof is a roof which is almost level in contrast to the many types of sloped roofs.

New!!: Construction and Flat roof · See more »


A floor is the bottom surface of a room or vehicle or even possibly the surface on which people dance, commonly referred to as a 'dance floor'.

New!!: Construction and Floor · See more »

Floor plan

In architecture and building engineering, a floor plan is a drawing to scale, showing a view from above, of the relationships between rooms, spaces, traffic patterns, and other physical features at one level of a structure.

New!!: Construction and Floor plan · See more »

Foundation (engineering)

A foundation (or, more commonly, base) is the element of an architectural structure which connects it to the ground, and transfers loads from the structure to the ground.

New!!: Construction and Foundation (engineering) · See more »

Framing (construction)

Framing, in construction, is the fitting together of pieces to give a structure support and shape.

New!!: Construction and Framing (construction) · See more »


In law, fraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right.

New!!: Construction and Fraud · See more »

Further education

Further education (often abbreviated FE) in the United Kingdom and Ireland is education in addition to that received at secondary school, that is distinct from the higher education (HE) offered in universities and other academic institutions.

New!!: Construction and Further education · See more »

Gross domestic product

Gross domestic product (GDP) is a monetary measure of the market value of all final goods and services produced in a period (quarterly or yearly) of time.

New!!: Construction and Gross domestic product · See more »


A guild is an association of artisans or merchants who oversee the practice of their craft/trade in a particular area.

New!!: Construction and Guild · See more »

Havelock City

Havelock City is a large mixed-use real-estate project in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

New!!: Construction and Havelock City · See more »

Hearing loss

Hearing loss, also known as hearing impairment, is a partial or total inability to hear.

New!!: Construction and Hearing loss · See more »

Higher education

Higher education (also called post-secondary education, third-level or tertiary education) is an optional final stage of formal learning that occurs after completion of secondary education.

New!!: Construction and Higher education · See more »


A house is a building that functions as a home.

New!!: Construction and House · See more »

Housing estate

A housing estate (or sometimes housing complex) is a group of homes and other buildings built together as a single development.

New!!: Construction and Housing estate · See more »


A hut is a primitive dwelling, which may be constructed of various local materials.

New!!: Construction and Hut · See more »


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort.

New!!: Construction and HVAC · See more »


An -beam, also known as H-beam (for universal column, UC), w-beam (for "wide flange"), universal beam (UB), rolled steel joist (RSJ), or double-T (especially in Polish, Bulgarian, Spanish, Italian and German), is a beam with an or H-shaped cross-section.

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Index of construction articles

This page is a list of construction topics.

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Industry is the production of goods or related services within an economy.

New!!: Construction and Industry · See more »


Infrastructure is the fundamental facilities and systems serving a country, city, or other area, including the services and facilities necessary for its economy to function.

New!!: Construction and Infrastructure · See more »

Institution of Civil Engineers

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) is an independent professional association for civil engineers and a charitable body in the United Kingdom.

New!!: Construction and Institution of Civil Engineers · See more »

Institution of Structural Engineers

The Institution of Structural Engineers is a professional body for structural engineering based in the United Kingdom.

New!!: Construction and Institution of Structural Engineers · See more »

International Style (architecture)

The International Style is the name of a major architectural style that developed in the 1920s and 1930s and strongly related to Modernism and Modern architecture.

New!!: Construction and International Style (architecture) · See more »


An ironworker is the American term for a tradesman who works in the ironworking industry.

New!!: Construction and Ironworker · See more »

John Wiley & Sons

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., also referred to as Wiley, is a global publishing company that specializes in academic publishing.

New!!: Construction and John Wiley & Sons · See more »


A joist is a horizontal structural member used in framing to span an open space, often between beams that subsequently transfer loads to vertical members.

New!!: Construction and Joist · See more »


A lawsuit (or suit in law) is "a vernacular term for a suit, action, or cause instituted or depending between two private persons in the courts of law." A lawsuit is any proceeding by a party or parties against another in a court of law.

New!!: Construction and Lawsuit · See more »

List of construction trades

The following is a list of trades in construction.

New!!: Construction and List of construction trades · See more »


Lumber (American English; used only in North America) or timber (used in the rest of the English speaking world) is a type of wood that has been processed into beams and planks, a stage in the process of wood production.

New!!: Construction and Lumber · See more »

Mains electricity

Mains electricity (as it is known in the UK; US terms include grid power, wall power, and domestic power) is the general-purpose alternating-current (AC) electric power supply.

New!!: Construction and Mains electricity · See more »

Major appliance

A major appliance, or domestic appliance, is a large machine in home appliance used for routine housekeeping tasks such as cooking, washing laundry, or food preservation.

New!!: Construction and Major appliance · See more »

Malum in se

Malum in se (plural mala in se) is a Latin phrase meaning wrong or evil in itself.

New!!: Construction and Malum in se · See more »

Malum prohibitum

Malum prohibitum (plural mala prohibita, literal translation: "wrong prohibited") is a Latin phrase used in law to refer to conduct that constitutes an unlawful act only by virtue of statute, as opposed to conduct that is evil in and of itself, or malum in se. Conduct that is so clearly violative of society's standards for allowable conduct that it is illegal under English common law is usually regarded as malum in se.

New!!: Construction and Malum prohibitum · See more »


Manufacturing is the production of merchandise for use or sale using labour and machines, tools, chemical and biological processing, or formulation.

New!!: Construction and Manufacturing · See more »

Masonry veneer

Masonry veneer walls consist of a single non-structural external layer of masonry, typically made of brick, stone or manufactured stone.

New!!: Construction and Masonry veneer · See more »

Mass production

Mass production, also known as flow production or continuous production, is the production of large amounts of standardized products, including and especially on assembly lines.

New!!: Construction and Mass production · See more »

Master's degree

A master's degree (from Latin magister) is an academic degree awarded by universities or colleges upon completion of a course of study demonstrating mastery or a high-order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice.

New!!: Construction and Master's degree · See more »

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is an American worldwide management consulting firm.

New!!: Construction and McKinsey & Company · See more »

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is the discipline that applies engineering, physics, engineering mathematics, and materials science principles to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems.

New!!: Construction and Mechanical engineering · See more »


A megaproject is an extremely large-scale investment project.

New!!: Construction and Megaproject · See more »

Middle Ages

In the history of Europe, the Middle Ages (or Medieval Period) lasted from the 5th to the 15th century.

New!!: Construction and Middle Ages · See more »

Middle East

The Middle Easttranslit-std; translit; Orta Şərq; Central Kurdish: ڕۆژھەڵاتی ناوین, Rojhelatî Nawîn; Moyen-Orient; translit; translit; translit; Rojhilata Navîn; translit; Bariga Dhexe; Orta Doğu; translit is a transcontinental region centered on Western Asia, Turkey (both Asian and European), and Egypt (which is mostly in North Africa).

New!!: Construction and Middle East · See more »

Modern architecture

Modern architecture or modernist architecture is a term applied to a group of styles of architecture which emerged in the first half of the 20th century and became dominant after World War II.

New!!: Construction and Modern architecture · See more »

Mortgage bank

Mortgage bank is a bank that specializes in originating and/or servicing mortgage loans.

New!!: Construction and Mortgage bank · See more »


A municipality is usually a single urban or administrative division having corporate status and powers of self-government or jurisdiction as granted by national and state laws to which it is subordinate.

New!!: Construction and Municipality · See more »

Musculoskeletal injury

Musculoskeletal injury (MI, not to be confused with myocardial infarction) refers to damage of muscular or skeletal systems, which is usually due to a strenuous activity.

New!!: Construction and Musculoskeletal injury · See more »

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is the United States federal agency responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for the prevention of work-related injury and illness.

New!!: Construction and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health · See more »

National Occupational Research Agenda

The National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) is a partnership program developed by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

New!!: Construction and National Occupational Research Agenda · See more »

Natural gas

Natural gas is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas mixture consisting primarily of methane, but commonly including varying amounts of other higher alkanes, and sometimes a small percentage of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, or helium.

New!!: Construction and Natural gas · See more »

New Classical architecture

New Classical architecture is a contemporary movement in architecture that continues the practice of classical and traditional architecture.

New!!: Construction and New Classical architecture · See more »

New Urbanism

New Urbanism is an urban design movement which promotes environmentally friendly habits by creating walkable neighborhoods containing a wide range of housing and job types.

New!!: Construction and New Urbanism · See more »

North America

North America is a continent entirely within the Northern Hemisphere and almost all within the Western Hemisphere; it is also considered by some to be a northern subcontinent of the Americas.

New!!: Construction and North America · See more »

North American Industry Classification System

The North American Industry Classification System or NAICS (pronounced "nakes") is used by business and government to classify business establishments according to type of economic activity (process of production) in Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America.

New!!: Construction and North American Industry Classification System · See more »


Within the context of building construction and building codes, "occupancy" refers to the use, or intended use, of a building, or portion of a building, for the shelter or support of persons, animals or property.

New!!: Construction and Occupancy · See more »

Oriented strand board

Oriented strand board (OSB), also known as flakeboard, sterling board and aspenite in British English, is a type of engineered wood similar to particle board, formed by adding adhesives and then compressing layers of wood strands (flakes) in specific orientations.

New!!: Construction and Oriented strand board · See more »

Outline of construction

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to construction: Construction – process of building or assembling infrastructure.

New!!: Construction and Outline of construction · See more »

Performative architecture

Performative Architecture is architecture using digital technologies to challenge the way the built environment is designed.

New!!: Construction and Performative architecture · See more »

Petroleum industry

The petroleum industry, also known as the oil industry or the oil patch, includes the global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting (often by oil tankers and pipelines), and marketing of petroleum products.

New!!: Construction and Petroleum industry · See more »


PlanGrid is construction productivity software.

New!!: Construction and PlanGrid · See more »


A plumber is a tradesperson who specializes in installing and maintaining systems used for potable (drinking) water, sewage and drainage in plumbing systems.

New!!: Construction and Plumber · See more »


Plumbing is any system that conveys fluids for a wide range of applications.

New!!: Construction and Plumbing · See more »


Plywood is a sheet material manufactured from thin layers or "plies" of wood veneer that are glued together with adjacent layers having their wood grain rotated up to 90 degrees to one another.

New!!: Construction and Plywood · See more »

Postgraduate education

Postgraduate education, or graduate education in North America, involves learning and studying for academic or professional degrees, academic or professional certificates, academic or professional diplomas, or other qualifications for which a first or bachelor's degree generally is required, and it is normally considered to be part of higher education.

New!!: Construction and Postgraduate education · See more »

Private finance initiative

The private finance initiative (PFI) is a way of creating "public–private partnerships" (PPPs) where private firms are contracted to complete and manage public projects.

New!!: Construction and Private finance initiative · See more »

Private sector

The private sector is the part of the economy, sometimes referred to as the citizen sector, which is run by private individuals or groups, usually as a means of enterprise for profit, and is not controlled by the State.

New!!: Construction and Private sector · See more »


Procore Technologies is a construction project management software company founded in 2003, with headquarters in Carpinteria, CA.

New!!: Construction and Procore · See more »


Productivity describes various measures of the efficiency of production.

New!!: Construction and Productivity · See more »


A profession is a vocation founded upon specialized educational training, the purpose of which is to supply disinterested objective counsel and service to others, for a direct and definite compensation, wholly apart from expectation of other business gain.

New!!: Construction and Profession · See more »


Contemporary business and science treat as a project any undertaking, carried out individually or collaboratively and possibly involving research or design, that is carefully planned (usually by a project team) to achieve a particular aim.

New!!: Construction and Project · See more »

Project manager

A project manager is a professional in the field of project management.

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Quantity surveyor

A quantity surveyor (QS) is a construction industry professional with expert knowledge on construction costs and contracts.

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Real estate development

Real estate development, or property development, is a business process, encompassing activities that range from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land and the sale of developed land or parcels to others.

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Real property

In English common law, real property, real estate, realty, or immovable property is land which is the property of some person and all structures (also called improvements or fixtures) integrated with or affixed to the land, including crops, buildings, machinery, wells, dams, ponds, mines, canals, and roads, among other things.

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Refining (also perhaps called by the mathematical term affining) is the process of purification of a (1) substance or a (2) form.

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Regulation and licensure in engineering

Regulation and licensure in engineering is established by various jurisdictions of the world to encourage public welfare, safety, well-being and other interests of the general public, and to define the licensure process through which an engineer becomes authorized to practice engineering and/or provide engineering professional services to the public.

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Request for tender

A request for tenders (RFT) is a formal, structured invitation to suppliers to submit a bid to supply products or services.

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In accounting, revenue is the income that a business has from its normal business activities, usually from the sale of goods and services to customers.

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Roof shingle

Roof shingles are a roof covering consisting of individual overlapping elements.

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Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is a professional body that accredits professionals within the land, property, construction, and infrastructure sectors worldwide.

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Scheduling (production processes)

Scheduling is the process of arranging, controlling and optimizing work and workloads in a production process or manufacturing process.

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Secondary education

Secondary education covers two phases on the International Standard Classification of Education scale.

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Siding or wall cladding is the protective material attached to the exterior side of a wall of a house or other building.

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Site survey

Site surveys are inspections of an area where work is proposed, to gather information for a design or an estimate to complete the initial tasks required for an outdoor activity.

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Slavery is any system in which principles of property law are applied to people, allowing individuals to own, buy and sell other individuals, as a de jure form of property.

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Smart growth

Smart growth is an urban planning and transportation theory that concentrates growth in compact walkable urban centers to avoid sprawl.

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Spackling paste

In the United States, spackling paste is a putty used to fill holes, small cracks, and other minor surface defects in wood, drywall, and plaster.

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Specification (technical standard)

A specification often refers to a set of documented requirements to be satisfied by a material, design, product, or service.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka (Sinhala: ශ්‍රී ලංකා; Tamil: இலங்கை Ilaṅkai), officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is an island country in South Asia, located in the Indian Ocean to the southwest of the Bay of Bengal and to the southeast of the Arabian Sea.

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Standard Industrial Classification

The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) is a system for classifying industries by a four-digit code.

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Structural engineer

Structural engineers analyze, design, plan, and research structural components and structural systems to achieve design goals and ensure the safety and comfort of users or occupants.

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Structural robustness

Robustness is the ability of a structure to withstand events like fire, explosions, impact or the consequences of human error, without being damaged to an extent disproportionate to the original cause - as defined in EN 1991-1-7 of the Accidental Actions Eurocode.

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A Supervisor, when the meaning sought is similar to foreman, foreperson, overseer, cell coach, manager, facilitator, monitor, or area coordinator, is the job title of a low level management position that is primarily based on authority over a worker or charge of a workplace.

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Sustainable architecture

Sustainable architecture is architecture that seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space and the ecosystem at large.

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Telecommunication is the transmission of signs, signals, messages, words, writings, images and sounds or information of any nature by wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems.

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A tile is a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material such as ceramic, stone, metal, or even glass, generally used for covering roofs, floors, walls, showers, or other objects such as tabletops.

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Trade union

A trade union or trades union, also called a labour union (Canada) or labor union (US), is an organization of workers who have come together to achieve many common goals; such as protecting the integrity of its trade, improving safety standards, and attaining better wages, benefits (such as vacation, health care, and retirement), and working conditions through the increased bargaining power wielded by the creation of a monopoly of the workers.

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A tradesman, tradesperson, tradie or skilled tradesman refers to a worker who specializes in a particular occupation that requires work experience, on-the-job training, and often formal vocational education, but often not a bachelor's degree.

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Trump International Hotel and Tower (Chicago)

The Trump International Hotel and Tower, is a skyscraper condo-hotel in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

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Umarell, is the modern rivisitation of a Bolognese dialect word (umarèl), term popular in Bologna referring specifically to men of retirement age who pass the time watching construction sites, especially roadworks – stereotypically with hands clasped behind their back and offering unwanted advice.

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Unemployment is the situation of actively looking for employment but not being currently employed.

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain,Usage is mixed with some organisations, including the and preferring to use Britain as shorthand for Great Britain is a sovereign country in western Europe.

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United States

The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S.) or America, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions.

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United States Census Bureau

The United States Census Bureau (USCB; officially the Bureau of the Census, as defined in Title) is a principal agency of the U.S. Federal Statistical System, responsible for producing data about the American people and economy.

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United States dollar

The United States dollar (sign: $; code: USD; also abbreviated US$ and referred to as the dollar, U.S. dollar, or American dollar) is the official currency of the United States and its insular territories per the United States Constitution since 1792.

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Urban sprawl

Urban sprawl or suburban sprawl describes the expansion of human populations away from central urban areas into low-density, monofunctional and usually car-dependent communities, in a process called suburbanization.

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Vernacular architecture

Vernacular architecture is an architectural style that is designed based on local needs, availability of construction materials and reflecting local traditions.

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Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is plastic exterior siding for a house, used for decoration and weatherproofing, imitating wood clapboard, board and batten or shakes, and used instead of other materials such as aluminum or fiber cement siding.

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A vocation is an occupation to which a person is specially drawn or for which they are suited, trained, or qualified.

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Waterproofing is the process of making an object or structure waterproof or water-resistant so that it remains relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions.

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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and air.

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Wood is a porous and fibrous structural tissue found in the stems and roots of trees and other woody plants.

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Wood flooring

Wood flooring is any product manufactured from timber that is designed for use as flooring, either structural or aesthetic.

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Zoning is the process of dividing land in a municipality into zones (e.g. residential, industrial) in which certain land uses are permitted or prohibited.

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3D printing

3D printing is any of various processes in which material is joined or solidified under computer control to create a three-dimensional object, with material being added together (such as liquid molecules or powder grains being fused together).

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