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Cromwell tank

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The Cromwell tank, officially Tank, Cruiser, Mk VIII, Cromwell (A27M), was one of the series of cruiser tanks fielded by Britain in the Second World War. [1]

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An A-frame is a basic structure designed to bear a load in a lightweight economical manner.

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Aldershot is a town in the Rushmoor district of Hampshire, England.

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Allies of World War II

The Allies of World War II, called the United Nations from the 1 January 1942 declaration, were the countries that together opposed the Axis powers during the Second World War (1939–1945).

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Armor-piercing shell

An armor-piercing shell, AP for short, is a type of ammunition designed to penetrate armor.

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Armour-piercing discarding sabot

Armour-piercing discarding sabot (APDS) is a type of kinetic energy projectile fired from a rifled-barrel gun to attack armoured targets.

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Armoured recovery vehicle

An armoured recovery vehicle (ARV) is typically a powerful tank or armoured personnel carrier (APC) chassis modified for use during combat for towing or repair of battle-damaged, stuck, and/or inoperable armoured fighting vehicles, such as tanks and armoured personnel carriers (APCs).

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Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands.

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Battle of Overloon

The Battle of Overloon was a battle fought in the Second World War battle between Allied forces and the German Army which took place in and around the village of Overloon in the south-east of the Netherlands between 30 September and 18 October 1944.

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Battle of Villers-Bocage

The Battle of Villers-Bocage took place during the Second World War on 13 June 1944, one week after the Normandy Landings by the Western Allies that began the conquest of German-occupied France.

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Belper is a town and civil parish in the local government district of Amber Valley in Derbyshire, England, located about north of Derby on the River Derwent.

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Besa machine gun

The Besa machine gun was a British version of the Czechoslovak ZB-53 air-cooled, belt-fed machine gun, which in the Czechoslovak army was marked as the TK vz.

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Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Company

The Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Company (BRC&W) was a railway locomotive and carriage builder, founded in Birmingham, England and, for most of its existence, located at nearby Smethwick, with the factory divided by the boundary between the two places.

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British Army

The British Army is the principal land warfare force of the United Kingdom, a part of British Armed Forces.

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Cambridgeshire (abbreviated Cambs.), is an East Anglian county in England, bordering Lincolnshire to the north, Norfolk to the north-east, Suffolk to the east, Essex and Hertfordshire to the south, and Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire to the west.

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Carro Armato P 40

The P 26/40 was an Italian World War II heavy tank.

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Cavalier tank

The Tank, Cruiser, Mk VII Cavalier (A24) was an interim design of British cruiser tank during the Second World War.

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Centurion (tank)

The Centurion was the primary British main battle tank of the post-Second World War period.

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Charioteer (tank)

The Charioteer Tank, or FV4101 Tank, Medium Gun, Charioteer was a post-war British armoured fighting vehicle.

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Christie suspension

The Christie suspension is a suspension system developed by American engineer J. Walter Christie for his tank designs.

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Churchill tank

The Tank, Infantry, Mk IV (A22) Churchill was a British heavy infantry tank used in the Second World War, best known for its heavy armour, large longitudinal chassis with all-around tracks with multiple bogies, its ability to climb steep slopes, and its use as the basis of many specialist vehicles.

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Clitheroe is a town and civil parish in the Borough of Ribble Valley, approximately northwest of Manchester, in Lancashire, England.

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Cold War

The Cold War was a state of geopolitical tension after World War II between powers in the Eastern Bloc (the Soviet Union and its satellite states) and powers in the Western Bloc (the United States, its NATO allies and others).

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Comet (tank)

The Comet tank or Tank, Cruiser, Comet I (A34) was a British cruiser tank that first saw use near the end of the Second World War.

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Cruiser Mk VIII Challenger

The Tank, Cruiser, Challenger (A30) was a British tank of World War II.

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Cruiser tank

The cruiser tank (also called cavalry tank or fast tank) was a British tank concept of the interwar period for tanks designed to function as modernised armoured and mechanised cavalry.

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Crusader tank

The Tank, Cruiser, Mk VI or A15 Crusader was one of the primary British cruiser tanks during the early part of the Second World War.

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David Brown Ltd.

David Brown Engineering Limited is an English engineering company, principally engaged in the manufacture of gears and gearboxes.

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Derby is a city and unitary authority area in Derbyshire, England.

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Dorset (archaically: Dorsetshire) is a county in South West England on the English Channel coast.

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Electric resistance welding

Electric resistance welding (ERW) refers to a group of welding processes such as spot and seam welding that produce coalescence of faying surfaces where heat to form the weld is generated by the electrical resistance of material combined with the time and the force used to hold the materials together during welding.

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English Civil War

The English Civil War (1642–1651) was a series of armed conflicts and political machinations between Parliamentarians ("Roundheads") and Royalists ("Cavaliers") over, principally, the manner of England's governance.

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English Electric

The English Electric Company Limited was a British industrial manufacturer formed after the armistice of World War I at the end of 1918.

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Ernest Hives, 1st Baron Hives

Ernest Walter Hives, 1st Baron Hives (21 April 1886 – 24 April 1965), was the one-time head of the Rolls-Royce Aero Engine division and chairman of Rolls-Royce Ltd.

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Excelsior tank

The Tank, Heavy Assault, A33 (Excelsior) was a British experimental heavy tank based on the Cromwell (A27) design developed in the Second World War.

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Explosive material

An explosive material, also called an explosive, is a reactive substance that contains a great amount of potential energy that can produce an explosion if released suddenly, usually accompanied by the production of light, heat, sound, and pressure.

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Frank Whittle

Air Commodore Sir Frank Whittle (1 June 1907 – 9 August 1996) was a British Royal Air Force air officer.

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Gasoline (American English), or petrol (British English), is a transparent, petroleum-derived liquid that is used primarily as a fuel in spark-ignited internal combustion engines.

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A glacis in military engineering is an artificial slope as part of a medieval castle or in early modern fortresses.

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Greek Civil War

Τhe Greek Civil War (ο Eμφύλιος, o Emfýlios, "the Civil War") was fought in Greece from 1946 to 1949 between the Greek government army—backed by the United Kingdom and the United States—and the Democratic Army of Greece (DSE)—the military branch of the Greek Communist Party (KKE).

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Grizzly I cruiser

The Grizzly I was a Canadian-built M4A1 Sherman tank with some modifications and was fitted with Canadian Dry Pin (CDP) tracks, which did not require rubber, a scarce wartime material.

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Guards Armoured Division

The Guards Armoured Division was an armoured division of the British Army during the Second World War.

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Harland and Wolff

Harland & Wolff Heavy Industries is a heavy industrial company, specialising in ship repair, conversion, and offshore construction, located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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Hellenic Army

The Hellenic Army (Ελληνικός Στρατός, Ellinikós Stratós, sometimes abbreviated as ΕΣ), formed in 1828, is the land force of Greece (with Hellenic being a synonym for Greek).

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Hermanville-sur-Mer is a commune in the Calvados department in the Normandy region in northwestern France.

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Hobart's Funnies

Hobart's Funnies were a number of unusually modified tanks operated during the Second World War by the 79th Armoured Division of the British Army or by specialists from the Royal Engineers.

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Horsepower (hp) is a unit of measurement of power (the rate at which work is done).

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Imperial War Museum Duxford

Imperial War Museum Duxford is a branch of the Imperial War Museum near Duxford in Cambridgeshire, England.

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Infantry tank

The infantry tank was a concept developed by the United Kingdom and France in the years leading up to World War II.

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Invasion of Normandy

The Western Allies of World War II launched the largest amphibious invasion in history when they assaulted Normandy, located on the northern coast of France, on 6 June 1944.

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Israel Defense Forces

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF; צְבָא הַהֲגָנָה לְיִשְׂרָאֵל, lit. "The Army of Defense for Israel"; جيش الدفاع الإسرائيلي), commonly known in Israel by the Hebrew acronym Tzahal, are the military forces of the State of Israel.

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John Fowler & Co.

John Fowler & Co Engineers of Leathley Road, Hunslet, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England produced traction engines and ploughing implements and equipment, as well as railway equipment.

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Kangaroo (armoured personnel carrier)

A Kangaroo was a Second World War Commonwealth or British armoured personnel carrier (APC), created by converting a tank chassis.

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Korean War

The Korean War (in South Korean, "Korean War"; in North Korean, "Fatherland: Liberation War"; 25 June 1950 – 27 July 1953) was a war between North Korea (with the support of China and the Soviet Union) and South Korea (with the principal support of the United States).

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Kubinka Tank Museum

The Kubinka Tank Museum is a large military museum in Kubinka, Odintsovsky District, Moscow Oblast, Russia where tanks, armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) and their relevant information are displayed and showcased.

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The Lend-Lease policy, formally titled An Act to Promote the Defense of the United States, was an American program to defeat Germany, Japan and Italy by distributing food, oil, and materiel between 1941 and August 1945.

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Leyland Motors

Leyland Motors Limited was a British vehicle manufacturer of lorries, buses and trolleybuses.

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Liberty L-12

The Liberty L-12 was an American 27-litre (1,649 cubic inch) water-cooled 45° V-12 aircraft engine of designed for a high power-to-weight ratio and ease of mass production.

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M4 Sherman

The M4 Sherman, officially Medium Tank, M4, was the most widely used medium tank by the United States and Western Allies in World War II.

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M47 Patton

The M47 Patton was an American main battle tank, a development of the M46 Patton mounting an updated turret, and was in turn further developed as the M48 Patton.

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Main battle tank

A main battle tank (MBT), also known as a battle tank or universal tank, is a tank that fills the armor-protected direct fire and maneuver role of many modern armies.

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Metro Cammell

The Metropolitan Cammell Carriage and Wagon Company (MCCW) was an English manufacturer of railway carriages and wagons, based in Saltley and subsequently Washwood Heath in Birmingham.

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Morris Motors

Morris Motors Limited was a British privately owned motor vehicle manufacturing company formed in 1919 to take over the assets of William Morris's WRM Motors Limited and continue production of the same vehicles.

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Muzeum Broni Pancernej Centrum Szkolenia Wojsk Lądowych

Muzeum Broni Pancernej Centrum Szkolenia Wojsk Lądowych im.

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Norfolk is a county in East Anglia in England.

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Normandy landings

The Normandy landings were the landing operations on Tuesday, 6 June 1944 of the Allied invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II.

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Nuffield Mechanizations and Aero

Nuffield Mechanizations and Aero Limited, also known as Mechanizations and Aero Ltd and Nuffield Mechanizations Ltd was Lord Nuffield's (W R Morris's) personal enterprise developing improved methods for mechanisation and mobility of the British Army and the ground section of The Royal Air Force.

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Octane rating

An octane rating, or octane number, is a standard measure of the performance of an engine or aviation fuel.

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Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell (25 April 15993 September 1658) was an English military and political leader.

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Operation Overlord

Operation Overlord was the codename for the Battle of Normandy, the Allied operation that launched the successful invasion of German-occupied Western Europe during World War II.

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Ordnance QF 17-pounder

The Ordnance Quick-Firing 17-pounder (or just 17-pdr)The British military often used the gun's projectile weight to denote different guns of the same calibre.

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Ordnance QF 20-pounder

The Ordnance QF 20 pounder (known as 20 pounder, 20 pdr or simply 20-pr) was a British 84 mm (3.307 inch) tank gun.

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Ordnance QF 6-pounder

The Ordnance Quick-Firing 6-pounder 7 cwt, or just 6 pounder,British forces traditionally denoted smaller ordnance by the weight of its standard projectile, in this case approximately.

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Ordnance QF 75 mm

The Ordnance QF 75 mm, abbreviated to OQF 75 mm, was a British tank-gun of the Second World War.

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Ordnance QF 95 mm howitzer

The Ordnance QF 95-mm howitzer was a British howitzer built in two versions during the Second World War.

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Overloon War Museum

The Overloon War Museum (Dutch: Oorlogsmuseum Overloon) is located in Overloon, Netherlands.

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Panzer IV

The Panzerkampfwagen IV (PzKpfw IV), commonly known as the Panzer IV, was a German medium tank developed in the late 1930s and used extensively during the Second World War.

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Portuguese Army

The Portuguese Army (Exército Português) is the land component of the Armed Forces of Portugal and is also its largest branch.

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Power Jets W.2

The Power Jets W.2 was a British turbojet engine designed by Frank Whittle and Power Jets (Research and Development) Ltd.

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Rhino tank

"Rhino tank" (initially called "Rhinoceros") was the American nickname for Allied tanks fitted with "tusks", or hedgerow cutting devices, during World War II.

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Rolls-Royce Limited

Rolls-Royce was a British luxury car and later an aero engine manufacturing business established in 1904 by the partnership of Charles Rolls and Henry Royce.

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Rolls-Royce Merlin

The Rolls-Royce Merlin is a British liquid-cooled V-12 piston aero engine of 27-litres (1,650 cu in) capacity.

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Rolls-Royce Meteor

The Rolls-Royce Meteor and later the Rover Meteor was a British tank engine developed in the Second World War.

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Rover Company

The Rover Company Limited was a British car manufacturing company that operated from its base in Solihull in Warwickshire.

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Royal Armoured Corps

The Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) provides the armour capability of the British Army, with vehicles such as the Challenger 2 Tank and the Scimitar Reconnaissance Vehicle.

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Royal Marines

The Corps of Royal Marines (RM) is the amphibious light infantry of the Royal Navy.

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Royal Marines Armoured Support Group

The current Royal Marines Armoured Support Group (RMASG) is an element of the Royal Marines that operates the Viking BvS 10 All Terrain Vehicle.

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Ruston-Bucyrus Ltd was an engineering company established in 1930 and jointly owned by Ruston and Hornsby based in Lincoln, England and Bucyrus-Erie based in Bucyrus, Ohio, the latter of which had operational controlThe Amazing Story of Excavators:Volume 1.

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Sentinel tank

The AC1 Sentinel was a cruiser tank designed in Australia in World War II in response to the war in Europe, and to the threat of Japan expanding the war to the Pacific or even a feared Japanese invasion of Australia.

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Sherman Firefly

The Sherman Firefly was a tank used by the United Kingdom and some Commonwealth and Allied armoured formations in the Second World War.

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Smoke grenade

Smoke grenades used at demonstrations in Paris, 2008 British L83A1 Smoke Grenade manufactured in May 2008. This grenade has already been used. A smoke grenade is a canister-type grenade used as a signaling device, target or landing zone marking device, or as a screening device for unit movements.

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The Solent is the strait that separates the Isle of Wight from the mainland of England.

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Spencer Wilks

Spencer Bernau Wilks (1891-1971) was a British manager and administrator in the motor manufacturing industry.

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A sprocket or sprocket-wheel is a profiled wheel with teeth, or cogs, that mesh with a chain, track or other perforated or indented material.

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Staff (military)

A military staff (often referred to as general staff, army staff, navy staff, or air staff within the individual services) is a group of officers, enlisted and civilian personnel that are responsible for the administrative, operational and logistical needs of its unit.

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Stridsvagn m/42

Stridsvagn m/42 (Strv m/42) was a Swedish medium tank in service in the World War II period.

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The T-34 is a Soviet medium tank that had a profound and lasting effect on the field of tank design.

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T20 Medium Tank

The Medium Tank T20 was part of a series of medium tanks designed by the United States during the Second World War, to be the successor to the Medium Tank M4 "Sherman", and culminated in the M26 Pershing.

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The Tank Museum

The Tank Museum (previously The Bovington Tank Museum) is a collection of armoured fighting vehicles at Bovington Camp in Dorset, South West England.

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The Wheatcroft Collection

The Wheatcroft Collection in the United Kingdom is a large and important collection of historical softskin and armoured military vehicles.

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Thetford Forest

Thetford Forest is the largest lowland pine forest in Britain and is located in a region straddling the north of Suffolk and the south of Norfolk in England.

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Thunderbolt tank

Australian Cruiser III also known as Thunderbolt was a cruiser tank designed and built in Australia in World War II as the successor to the AC1 Sentinel. Like the Sentinel the AC3 featured a one piece cast hull and turret. The AC3 featured a much improved design over the AC1 with better armour protection, a more powerful engine, and most importantly increased firepower. The program was terminated in 1943 before any production vehicles were completed.

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Tiger I

The Tiger I is a German heavy tank of World War II deployed from 1942 in Africa and Europe, usually in independent heavy tank battalions.

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Type 3 Chi-Nu medium tank

("Imperial Year 2603 Medium tank Model 10") was a medium tank of the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II.

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain,Usage is mixed with some organisations, including the and preferring to use Britain as shorthand for Great Britain is a sovereign country in western Europe.

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Vauxhall Motors

Vauxhall Motors LimitedCompany No.

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Vehicle armour

Military vehicles are commonly armoured (or armored; see spelling differences) to withstand the impact of shrapnel, bullets, missiles or shells, protecting the personnel inside from enemy fire.

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Vickers Tank Periscope MK.IV

The Gundlach Periscope, usually known under its British designation as Vickers Tank Periscope MK.IV, was a revolutionary invention by Polish engineer Rudolf Gundlach, manufactured for Polish 7TP tanks since end of 1935 and patented in 1936 as Gundlach Peryskop obrotowy.

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A winch is a mechanical device that is used to pull in (wind up) or let out (wind out) or otherwise adjust the "tension" of a rope or wire rope (also called "cable" or "wire cable").

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World War I

World War I (often abbreviated as WWI or WW1), also known as the First World War, the Great War, or the War to End All Wars, was a global war originating in Europe that lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918.

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World War II

World War II (often abbreviated to WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945, although conflicts reflecting the ideological clash between what would become the Allied and Axis blocs began earlier.

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Yad La-Shiryon

Yad La-Shiryon (officially: The Armored Corps Memorial Site and Museum at Latrun; יד לשריון) is Israel's official memorial site for fallen soldiers from the armored corps, as well as one of the most diverse tank museums in the world.

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11th Armoured Division (United Kingdom)

The 11th Armoured Division, also known as The Black Bull, was an armoured division of the British Army which was created in March 1941 during the Second World War.

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1948 Arab–Israeli War

The 1948 Arab–Israeli War, or the First Arab–Israeli War, was fought between the State of Israel and a military coalition of Arab states over the control of Palestine, forming the second stage of the 1948 Palestine war.

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20 mm Polsten

The Polsten was a Polish development of the 20 mm Oerlikon gun.

New!!: Cromwell tank and 20 mm Polsten · See more »

40M Turán

The Turán was a Hungarian medium tank of World War II.

New!!: Cromwell tank and 40M Turán · See more »

6th Airborne Division (United Kingdom)

The 6th Airborne Division was an airborne infantry division of the British Army during the Second World War.

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75 mm Gun M2/M3/M6

The US 75 mm gun tank gun M2 and the later M3 were the standard American tank guns of World War II, used primarily on the two main American medium tanks of the war, the M3 Lee (M2 or M3 gun) and the M4 Sherman (M3 gun).

New!!: Cromwell tank and 75 mm Gun M2/M3/M6 · See more »

7th Armoured Division (United Kingdom)

The 7th Armoured Division was an armoured division of the British Army that saw distinguished active service during World War II, where its exploits in the Western Desert Campaign gained it the Desert Rats nickname.

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7th Royal Tank Regiment

The 7th Royal Tank Regiment (7th RTR) was an armoured regiment of the British Army from 1917 until disbandment in 1959.

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8th King's Royal Irish Hussars

The 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars was a cavalry regiment in the British Army, first raised in 1693.

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Centaur Command Tank, Centaur tank, Cromwell Tank, Cruiser Mk VIII Centaur, Cruiser Mk VIII Cromwell.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cromwell_tank

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