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Data buffer

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In computer science, a data buffer (or just buffer) is a region of a physical memory storage used to temporarily store data while it is being moved from one place to another. [1]

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Abstraction layer

In computing, an abstraction layer or abstraction level is a way of hiding the implementation details of a particular set of functionality, allowing the separation of concerns to facilitate interoperability and platform independence.

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Binary number

In mathematics and digital electronics, a binary number is a number expressed in the base-2 numeral system or binary numeral system, which uses only two symbols: typically 0 (zero) and 1 (one).

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Border Gateway Protocol

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is a standardized exterior gateway protocol designed to exchange routing and reachability information among autonomous systems (AS) on the Internet.

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Bucket (computing)

In computing, the term bucket can have several meanings.

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Buffer overflow

In information security and programming, a buffer overflow, or buffer overrun, is an anomaly where a program, while writing data to a buffer, overruns the buffer's boundary and overwrites adjacent memory locations.

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Buffer underrun

In computing, buffer underrun or buffer underflow is a state occurring when a buffer used to communicate between two devices or processes is fed with data at a lower speed than the data is being read from it.

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Carrier wave

In telecommunications, a carrier wave, carrier signal, or just carrier, is a waveform (usually sinusoidal) that is modulated (modified) with an input signal for the purpose of conveying information.

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Circular buffer

A circular buffer, circular queue, cyclic buffer or ring buffer is a data structure that uses a single, fixed-size buffer as if it were connected end-to-end.

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COM (hardware interface)

COM (Communication port) is the original, yet still common, name of the serial port interface on IBM PC-compatible computers.

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Computer data storage

Computer data storage, often called storage or memory, is a technology consisting of computer components and recording media that are used to retain digital data.

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Computer hardware

Computer hardware includes the physical parts or components of a computer, such as the central processing unit, monitor, keyboard, computer data storage, graphic card, sound card and motherboard.

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Computer network

A computer network, or data network, is a digital telecommunications network which allows nodes to share resources.

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Computer science

Computer science deals with the theoretical foundations of information and computation, together with practical techniques for the implementation and application of these foundations.

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CONFIG.SYS is the primary configuration file for the DOS and OS/2 operating systems.

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Data is a set of values of qualitative or quantitative variables.

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Data storage

Data storage is the recording (storing) of information (data) in a storage medium.

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Data stream

In connection-oriented communication, a data stream is a sequence of digitally encoded coherent signals (packets of data or data packets) used to transmit or receive information that is in the process of being transmitted.

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Digital data

Digital data, in information theory and information systems, is the discrete, discontinuous representation of information or works.

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Disk buffer

In computer storage, disk buffer (often ambiguously called disk cache or cache buffer) is the embedded memory in a hard disk drive (HDD) acting as a buffer between the rest of the computer and the physical hard disk platter that is used for storage.

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DOS is a family of disk operating systems.

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errno.h is a header file in the standard library of the C programming language.

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FIFO (computing and electronics)

FIFO is an acronym for first in, first out, a method for organizing and manipulating a data buffer, where the oldest (first) entry, or 'head' of the queue, is processed first.

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A framebuffer (frame buffer, or sometimes framestore) is a portion of RAM containing a bitmap that drives a video display.

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Hard disk drive

A hard disk drive (HDD), hard disk, hard drive or fixed disk is an electromechanical data storage device that uses magnetic storage to store and retrieve digital information using one or more rigid rapidly rotating disks (platters) coated with magnetic material.

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Input device

In computing, an input device is a piece of computer hardware equipment used to provide data and control signals to an information processing system such as a computer or information appliance.

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In computing, input/output or I/O (or, informally, io or IO) is the communication between an information processing system, such as a computer, and the outside world, possibly a human or another information processing system.

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, also known as MISSINGNO. or MissingNO, short for Missing Number, is an unofficial Pokémon species found in the video games ''Pokémon Red'' and ''Blue''.

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A modem (modulator–demodulator) is a network hardware device that modulates one or more carrier wave signals to encode digital information for transmission and demodulates signals to decode the transmitted information.

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Multiple buffering

In computer science, multiple buffering is the use of more than one buffer to hold a block of data, so that a "reader" will see a complete (though perhaps old) version of the data, rather than a partially updated version of the data being created by a "writer".

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Online video platform

An online video platform (OVP), provided by a video hosting service, enables users to upload, convert, store and play back video content on the Internet, often via a structured, large-scale system that can generate revenue.

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Optical buffer

In telecommunications, an optical buffer is a device that is capable of temporarily storing light.

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Pokémon Red and Blue

Pokémon Red Version and Blue Version are role-playing video games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy.

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The Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) is a family of standards specified by the IEEE Computer Society for maintaining compatibility between operating systems.

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Process (computing)

In computing, a process is an instance of a computer program that is being executed.

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Queue (abstract data type)

In computer science, a queue is a particular kind of abstract data type or collection in which the entities in the collection are kept in order and the principal (or only) operations on the collection are the addition of entities to the rear terminal position, known as enqueue, and removal of entities from the front terminal position, known as dequeue.

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Queue area

Queue areas are places in which people queue (first-come, first-served) for goods or services.

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Random-access memory

Random-access memory (RAM) is a form of computer data storage that stores data and machine code currently being used.

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Roller coaster

A roller coaster is a type of amusement ride that employs a form of elevated railroad track designed with tight turns, steep slopes, and sometimes inversions.

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SEAC (computer)

SEAC (Standards Eastern Automatic Computer or Standards Electronic Automatic Computer) was a first-generation electronic computer, built in 1950 by the U.S. National Bureau of Standards (NBS) and was initially called the National Bureau of Standards Interim Computer, because it was a small-scale computer designed to be built quickly and put into operation while the NBS waited for more powerful computers to be completed (the DYSEAC).

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Signaling (telecommunications)

In telecommunication, signaling has the following meanings.

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Computer software, or simply software, is a generic term that refers to a collection of data or computer instructions that tell the computer how to work, in contrast to the physical hardware from which the system is built, that actually performs the work.

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In computing, spooling is a specialized form of multi-programming for the purpose of copying data between different devices.

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Stencil buffer

A stencil buffer is an extra data buffer, in addition to the color buffer and depth buffer, found on modern graphics hardware.

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Streaming media

Streaming media is multimedia that is constantly received by and presented to an end-user while being delivered by a provider.

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In computer programming, a subroutine is a sequence of program instructions that performs a specific task, packaged as a unit.

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Synchronization is the coordination of events to operate a system in unison.

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Time of occurrence

In forensic investigation, the time of occurrence of an event (such as time of death, time of incident) is one of the most important things to determine accurately as soon as possible.

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Universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter

A universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter (UART) is a computer hardware device for asynchronous serial communication in which the data format and transmission speeds are configurable.

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Variable-length buffer

In telecommunication, a variable length buffer is a buffer into which data may be entered at one rate and removed at another rate without changing the data sequence.

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Write buffer

A write buffer is a type of data buffer used in certain CPU cache architectures like Intel's x86 and AMD64.

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In computer graphics, z-buffering, also known as depth buffering, is the management of image depth coordinates in 3D graphics, usually done in hardware, sometimes in software.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_buffer

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