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Delivery (commerce)

Index Delivery (commerce)

Delivery is the process of transporting goods from a source location to a predefined destination. [1]

73 relations: Airline, Armored car (valuables), Battery electric vehicle, Bicycle, Broadcasting, Bus, Car, Cargo, Cargo aircraft, Cargo ship, Casual courier, Clothes dryer, Computer network, Concrete mixer, Conversion van, Courier, Cutaway van chassis, Distribution (marketing), Dog sled, Dump truck, E-commerce, Edmonton, Electrical grid, Factory, Farm, Fast food, Final good, Fishing vessel, Freight transport, General aviation, Harper Valley PTA, Heating oil, Horse-drawn vehicle, Icebox, Iceman (occupation), Internet, Jeannie C. Riley, Laundry, Logistics, Mail, Mail order, Medical imaging, Merchant vessel, Milk, Milkman, Milkman joke, Motorcycle, Multi-stop truck, Natural gas, Oil tanker, ..., Online food ordering, Outlet store, Pack animal, Package delivery, Packstation, Passenger, Pickup truck, Pipeline transport, Pizza delivery, Point of sale, Radionuclide, Rail transport, Relocation service, Retail, Road, Semi-trailer, Snowmobile, Supermarket, Trailer (vehicle), Train, Van, Warehouse, Washing machine. Expand index (23 more) »


An airline is a company that provides air transport services for traveling passengers and freight.

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Armored car (valuables)

An armored car (or armored cash transport car, security van) is an armored van or truck, used in transporting valuables, such as large quantities of money (especially for banks or retail companies).

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Battery electric vehicle

A battery electric vehicle (BEV), or all-electric vehicle is a type of electric vehicle (EV) that uses chemical energy stored in rechargeable battery packs.

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A bicycle, also called a cycle or bike, is a human-powered, pedal-driven, single-track vehicle, having two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other.

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Broadcasting is the distribution of audio or video content to a dispersed audience via any electronic mass communications medium, but typically one using the electromagnetic spectrum (radio waves), in a one-to-many model.

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A bus (archaically also omnibus, multibus, motorbus, autobus) is a road vehicle designed to carry many passengers.

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A car (or automobile) is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transportation.

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In economics, cargo or freight are goods or produce being conveyed – generally for commercial gain – by water, air or land.

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Cargo aircraft

A cargo aircraft (also known as freight aircraft, freighter, airlifter or cargo jet) is a fixed-wing aircraft that is designed or converted for the carriage of cargo rather than passengers.

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Cargo ship

A cargo ship or freighter ship is any sort of ship or vessel that carries cargo, goods, and materials from one port to another.

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Casual courier

A casual courier is an everyday traveler who informally delivers packages for shippers.

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Clothes dryer

A clothes dryer, tumble dryer, drying machine or dryer is a powered household appliance that is used to remove moisture from a load of clothing, bedding and other textiles, usually shortly after they are washed in a washing machine.

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Computer network

A computer network, or data network, is a digital telecommunications network which allows nodes to share resources.

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Concrete mixer

A concrete mixer (often colloquially called a cement mixer) is a device that homogeneously combines cement, aggregate such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete.

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Conversion van

A conversion van is a full-sized cargo van that is sent to third-party companies to be outfitted with various luxuries for road trips and camping.

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A courier is a company that delivers messages, packages, and mail.

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Cutaway van chassis

Cutaway van chassis are used by second stage manufacturers for a wide range of completed motor vehicles.

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Distribution (marketing)

Distribution (or place) is one of the four elements of the marketing mix.

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Dog sled

A dog sled or dog sleigh is a sled pulled by one or more sled dogs used to travel over ice and through snow.

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Dump truck

A dump truck (known in the UK as a dumper/tipper truck) is a truck used for transporting loose material (such as sand, gravel, or demolition waste) for construction.

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E-commerce is the activity of buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet.

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Edmonton (Cree: Amiskwaciy Waskahikan; Blackfoot: Omahkoyis) is the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta.

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Electrical grid

An electrical grid is an interconnected network for delivering electricity from producers to consumers.

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A factory or manufacturing plant is an industrial site, usually consisting of buildings and machinery, or more commonly a complex having several buildings, where workers manufacture goods or operate machines processing one product into another.

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A farm is an area of land that is devoted primarily to agricultural processes with the primary objective of producing food and other crops; it is the basic facility in food production.

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Fast food

Fast food is a mass-produced food that is typically prepared and served quicker than traditional foods.

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Final good

In economics, any commodity which is produced and subsequently consumed by the consumer, to satisfy his current wants or needs, is a consumer good or final good.

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Fishing vessel

A fishing vessel is a boat or ship used to catch fish in the sea, or on a lake or river.

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Freight transport

Freight transport is the physical process of transporting commodities and merchandise goods and cargo.

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General aviation

General aviation (GA) is all civil aviation operations other than scheduled air services and non-scheduled air transport operations for remuneration or hire.

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Harper Valley PTA

"Harper Valley PTA" is a country song written by Tom T. Hall and was a major international hit single for country singer Jeannie C. Riley in 1968.

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Heating oil

Heating oil is a low viscosity, liquid petroleum product used as a fuel oil for furnaces or boilers in buildings.

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Horse-drawn vehicle

A horse-drawn vehicle is a mechanized piece of equipment pulled by one horse or by a team of horses.

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An icebox (also called a cold closet) is a compact non-mechanical refrigerator which was a common early-twentieth century kitchen appliance before the development of safe powered refrigeration devices.

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Iceman (occupation)

An iceman is someone who sells or delivers ice from a wagon, cart, or motor-truck.

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The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link devices worldwide.

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Jeannie C. Riley

Jeannie C. Riley (born Jeanne Carolyn Stephenson; October 19, 1945) is an American country music and gospel singer.

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Laundry refers to the washing of clothing and other textiles.

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Logistics is generally the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation.

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The mail or post is a system for physically transporting postcards, letters, and parcels.

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Mail order

Mail order is the buying of goods or services by mail delivery.

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Medical imaging

Medical imaging is the technique and process of creating visual representations of the interior of a body for clinical analysis and medical intervention, as well as visual representation of the function of some organs or tissues (physiology).

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Merchant vessel

A merchant vessel, trading vessel or merchantman is a boat or ship that transports cargo or carries passengers for hire.

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Milk is a white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals.

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A milkman is a delivery person who delivers milk, often directly to customers' houses, in bottles or cartons.

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Milkman joke

In English-speaking culture, a milkman joke is a class of joke exploiting fear of adultery and mistaken paternity.

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A motorcycle, often called a bike, motorbike, or cycle, is a two-> or three-wheeled motor vehicle.

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Multi-stop truck

Multi-stop trucks (also known as walk-in delivery or step vans) are a type of light-duty and medium-duty truck created for local deliveries to residences and businesses.

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Natural gas

Natural gas is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas mixture consisting primarily of methane, but commonly including varying amounts of other higher alkanes, and sometimes a small percentage of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, or helium.

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Oil tanker

An oil tanker, also known as a petroleum tanker, is a ship designed for the bulk transport of oil or its products.

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Online food ordering

Online food ordering is a process of food delivery or takeout from a local restaurant or food cooperative through a web page or app.

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Outlet store

An outlet store, factory outlet or factory shop is a brick and mortar or online store in which manufacturers sell their stock directly to the public, cutting out the middle-men.

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Pack animal

A pack animal or beast of burden is an individual or type of working animal used by humans as means of transporting materials by attaching them so their weight bears on the animal's back, in contrast to draft animals which pull loads but do not carry them.

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Package delivery

Package delivery or parcel delivery is the delivery of shipping containers, parcels, or high value mail as single shipments.

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Packstation is a service run by DHL Parcel Germany, a business unit of Deutsche Post's Mail division, in Germany and elsewhere (e.g. in Italy).

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A passenger (also abbreviated as pax) is a person who travels in a vehicle but bears little or no responsibility for the tasks required for that vehicle to arrive at its destination or otherwise operate the vehicle.

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Pickup truck

A pickup truck is a light-duty truck having an enclosed cab and an open cargo area with low sides and tailgate.

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Pipeline transport

Pipeline transport is the transportation of goods or material through a pipe.

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Pizza delivery

Pizza delivery is a service in which a pizzeria or pizza chain delivers a pizza to a customer.

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Point of sale

The point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed.

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A radionuclide (radioactive nuclide, radioisotope or radioactive isotope) is an atom that has excess nuclear energy, making it unstable.

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Rail transport

Rail transport is a means of transferring of passengers and goods on wheeled vehicles running on rails, also known as tracks.

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Relocation service

Relocation services, employee relocation or workforce mobility include a range of internal business processes to transfer employees, their families, and/or entire departments of a business to a new location.

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Retail is the process of selling consumer goods or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit.

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A road is a thoroughfare, route, or way on land between two places that has been paved or otherwise improved to allow travel by foot or some form of conveyance, including a motor vehicle, cart, bicycle, or horse.

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A semi-trailer is a trailer without a front axle.

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A snowmobile, also known as a motor sled, motor sledge, or snowmachine, is a motorized vehicle designed for winter travel and recreation on snow.

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A supermarket is a self-service shop offering a wide variety of food and household products, organized into aisles.

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Trailer (vehicle)

A trailer is an unpowered vehicle towed by a powered vehicle.

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A train is a form of transport consisting of a series of connected vehicles that generally runs along a rail track to transport cargo or passengers.

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A van is a type of road vehicle used for transporting goods or people.

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A warehouse is a commercial building for storage of goods.

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Washing machine

A washing machine (laundry machine, clothes washer, or washer) is a device used to wash laundry.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delivery_(commerce)

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