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Dishonored 2

Index Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 is an action-adventure stealth video game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. [1]

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Action-adventure game

The action-adventure video game genre includes video games that combine core elements from the action and adventure genres.

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Adam Christopher

Adam Christopher McGechan (born 2 February 1978 in Auckland, New Zealand), who writes under the name Adam Christopher, is a New Zealand novelist.

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Africa is the world's second largest and second most-populous continent (behind Asia in both categories).

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Agustín Casasola

Agustín Víctor Casasola (1874–1928), others cite: (July 28, 1874 – March 30, 1938) was a Mexican photographer and partial founder of the Mexican Association of Press Photographers.

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Anthropology is the study of humans and human behaviour and societies in the past and present.

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AOL (formerly a company known as AOL Inc., originally known as America Online, and stylized as Aol.) is a web portal and online service provider based in New York.

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April Stewart

April Stewart (born February 8, 1968) is an American voice actress.

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An architect is a person who plans, designs, and reviews the construction of buildings.

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Arkane Studios

Arkane Studios SASU is a French video game developer based in Lyon, France.

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Art Ludique

Art Ludique – The Museum is a 1,200m² museum in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, France, housed in Les Docks, cité de la mode et du design and inaugurated on 16 November 2013.

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Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau is an international style of art, architecture and applied art, especially the decorative arts, that was most popular between 1890 and 1910.

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Artificial intelligence in video games

In video games, artificial intelligence is used to generate responsive, adaptive or intelligent behaviors primarily in non-player characters (NPCs), similar to human-like intelligence.

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Austin Grossman

Austin Seth Grossman (born June 26, 1969) is an American author and video game designer.

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Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands.

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Bauer Media Group

Bauer Media Group is a European-based media company, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany that manages a portfolio of more than 600 magazines, over 400 digital products and 50 radio and TV stations around the world.

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Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda Softworks LLC is an American video game publisher based in Rockville, Maryland.

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A blade is the portion of a tool, weapon, or machine with an edge that is designed to puncture, chop, slice or scrape surfaces or materials.

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British Academy Games Awards

The British Academy Games Awards are an annual British awards ceremony honoring "outstanding creative achievement" in the video game industry.

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British Academy of Film and Television Arts

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) is an independent charity that supports, develops and promotes the art forms of the moving image – film, television and game in the United Kingdom.

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CBS Interactive

CBS Interactive Inc. (formerly CBS Digital Media Group) is an American media company and is a division of the CBS Corporation.

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GfK Chart-Track is a market research company that monitors music, videos and software sales in the United Kingdom and Ireland and was formed in 1996.

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Clockwork refers to the inner workings of either mechanical machines clocks (where it is also called a movement) or other mechanisms that works similarly, with a complex series of gears.

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Corvo Attano

Corvo Attano is a fictional character of Arkane Studios' Dishonored universe.

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Crash (computing)

In computing, a crash (or system crash) occurs when a computer program, such as a software application or an operating system, stops functioning properly and exits.

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CraveOnline Media, LLC is a male lifestyle website based in Los Angeles with sales offices in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco.

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A crossbow is a type of ranged weapon based on the bow and consisting of a horizontal bow-like assembly mounted on a frame which is handheld in a similar fashion to the stock of a gun.

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Cuba, officially the Republic of Cuba, is a country comprising the island of Cuba as well as Isla de la Juventud and several minor archipelagos.

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Daniel Licht

Daniel James Licht (March 13, 1957 – August 2, 2017) was an American soundtrack composer and musician, best known for writing the score of Showtime TV drama series Dexter.

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Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics is an American comic book and manga publisher.

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Defy Media

Alloy LLC. d/b/a Defy Media, formerly known as Alloy Digital and Break Media, is an American digital media company that produces original online content for the 12–34 age group.

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Denuvo Anti-Tamper, or Denuvo, is an anti-tamper technology and digital rights management (DRM) scheme developed by the Austrian company Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH, a company formed through the management buyout (MBO) of Sony DADC DigitalWorks.

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Destructoid is an independent website, that was founded as a video game-focused blog in March 2006 by Yanier Gonzalez.

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Deus Ex (video game)

Deus Ex is a 2000 action role-playing video game developed by Ion Storm and published by Eidos Interactive.

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A disease is any condition which results in the disorder of a structure or function in an organism that is not due to any external injury.

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Dishonored is a 2012 stealth action-adventure video game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.

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Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is an action-adventure stealth video game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.

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Display resolution

The display resolution or display modes of a digital television, computer monitor or display device is the number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed.

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Downloadable content

Downloadable content (DLC) is additional content created for a released video game.

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Dust storm

A dust storm is a meteorological phenomenon common in arid and semi-arid regions.

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Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 (E3 2015) was the 21st Electronic Entertainment Expo held.

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Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 (E3 2016) was the 22nd Electronic Entertainment Expo, during which several hardware manufacturers and software developers and publishers from the video game industry presented new and upcoming products to the attendees, primarily retailers and members of the video game press.

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Electronic Gaming Monthly

Electronic Gaming Monthly (often abbreviated to EGM) is a monthly American video game magazine.

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Emily Kaldwin

Emily Kaldwin is a fictional character of the Dishonored series.

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Engadget is a multilingual technology blog network with daily coverage of gadgets and consumer electronics.

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Erica Luttrell

Erica Shukrani Luttrell (born March 20, 1982) is a Canadian actress of American and Tanzanian parentage.

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Erin Cottrell

Erin Cottrell (born August 24, 1975) is an American actress who has appeared in the role of Missie LaHaye in five of the eight films in the Love Comes Softly series.

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Ersatz good

An ersatz good is a substitute good, especially one that is considered inferior to the good it replaces.

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Eurogamer is a website focused on video game journalism, reviews, and other features.

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First-person (gaming)

In video games, the first person refers to a graphical perspective rendered from the viewpoint of the player's character.

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Frame rate

Frame rate (expressed in or fps) is the frequency (rate) at which consecutive images called frames appear on a display.

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Future plc

Future plc is a British media company founded in 1985.

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Gamasutra is a website founded in 1997 that focuses on all aspects of video game development.

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Game Critics Awards

The Game Critics Awards are a set of annual awards held after the E3 video game conference since 1998.

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Game Developers Choice Awards

The Game Developers Choice Awards are awards annually presented at the Game Developers Conference for outstanding game developers and games.

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Game Developers Conference

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is the largest annual gathering of professional video game developers, focusing on learning, inspiration, and networking.

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Game Informer

Game Informer (GI) is an American monthly video game magazine featuring articles, news, strategy, and reviews of video games and associated consoles.

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Game mechanics

Game mechanics are constructs of rules or methods designed for interaction with the game state, thus providing gameplay.

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Game Revolution

Game Revolution (formerly Game-Revolution) or GR is a gaming website created in 1996.

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Gameplanet is a video gaming website that provides news, reviews, previews, videos, and other information.

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Gamereactor is an international online network covering video games on consoles, PC and mobile.

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GamesMaster (magazine)

GamesMaster is a monthly multi-format computer and video game magazine published by Future plc in the United Kingdom.

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GameSpot is a video gaming website that provides news, reviews, previews, downloads, and other information on video games.

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GamesRadar+ is an entertainment website dedicated to video game-related news, previews and reviews, that is owned by Future Publishing (a subsidiary of Future plc).

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GameStop Corp. (known simply as GameStop) is an American video game, consumer electronics, and wireless services retailer.

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Gaslamp fantasy

Gaslamp fantasy (also known as gaslight fantasy or gaslight romance) is a subgenre of both fantasy and historical fiction.

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Glossary of video game terms

This is a glossary of video game terms which lists the general terms as commonly used in Wikipedia articles related to video games and its industry.

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Golden Joystick Awards

The Golden Joystick Awards, also known as the People's Gaming Awards, is a video game award ceremony; it awards the best video games of the year, as voted for originally by the British general public, but can now be voted on by anyone online.

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Gordon Rennie

Gordon Rennie is a Scottish comics writer, responsible for White Trash: Moronic Inferno, as well as several comic strips for 2000 AD and novels for Warhammer Fantasy.

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No description.

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A grenade is a small weapon typically thrown by hand.

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Guardian Media Group

Guardian Media Group plc (GMG) is a British mass media company owning various media operations including The Guardian and The Observer.

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Harvey Smith (game designer)

Harvey Smith (born 1966) is an American video game designer and writer, currently working at Arkane Studios.

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Id Tech 5

id Tech 5 is a proprietary game engine released by id Software.

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Id Tech 6

id Tech 6 is a multiplatform game engine developed by id Software.

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IGN (formerly Imagine Games Network) is an American video game and entertainment media company operated by IGN Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of Ziff Davis wholly owned by j2 Global.

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Immersive sim

An immersive sim (simulation) is a video game genre that emphasizes player choice.

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India (IAST), also called the Republic of India (IAST), is a country in South Asia.

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Industrial design

Industrial design is a process of design applied to products that are to be manufactured through techniques of mass production.

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International Business Times

The International Business Times is an American online news publication that publishes seven national editions and four languages.

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Italy (Italia), officially the Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana), is a sovereign state in Europe.

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Jamie Hector

Jamie Hector (born October 7, 1975) is an American actor of Haitian descent who is known for his portrayal of drug kingpin Marlo Stanfield on the HBO drama series The Wire and as Detective Jerry Edgar in the drama series Bosch.

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Jessica Straus

Jessica Straus is an American voice actress who works in animation, video games and anime.

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John Gegenhuber

John Gegenhuber is an American actor and voice actor.

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Kill Screen

Kill Screen (stylized as KILL SCREEN) was a print and online magazine founded in 2009 by Jamin Warren and Chris Dahlen and owned by Kill Screen Media, Inc.

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Kotaku is a video game website and blog that was originally launched in 2004 as part of the Gawker Media network.

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Land mine

A land mine is an explosive device concealed under or on the ground and designed to destroy or disable enemy targets, ranging from combatants to vehicles and tanks, as they pass over or near it.

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Level design

Level design, environment design, or game mapping is a discipline of game development involving creation of video game levels—locales, stages, or missions.

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Lyon (Liyon), is the third-largest city and second-largest urban area of France.

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Magic (supernatural)

Magic is a category in Western culture into which have been placed various beliefs and practices considered separate from both religion and science.

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Malibu, California

Malibu is a beach city in western Los Angeles County, California, situated about west of Downtown Los Angeles.

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Melendy Britt

Melendy Britt (born October 31, 1943) is an American actress active in television and voice acting since the 1970s.

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Metacritic is a website that aggregates reviews of media products: music albums, video games, films, TV shows, and formerly, books.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Metacritic · See more »

Metro (British newspaper)

Metro is the United Kingdom's highest circulation newspaper, published in tabloid format by DMG Media.

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Metro (magazine)

Metro is a glossy monthly lifestyle magazine published in New Zealand.

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Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is a group of several graphical operating system families, all of which are developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Microsoft Windows · See more »

National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers

National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers (NAVGTR) is a non-profit organization that promotes and recognizes the interactive entertainment industry.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers · See more »

New Game Plus

A New Game Plus (or New Game+, often abbreviated as NG+) is an unlockable video game mode available in some video games that allows the player to start a new game after they finish it at least once, where certain features in NG+ not normally available in a first playthrough are added, and where certain aspects of the finished game affect the newly started game, such as keeping in the new game items or experience gained in the first playthrough.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and New Game Plus · See more »

NewBay Media

NewBay Media, LLC is a magazine and website publisher founded in 2006 and headquartered in New York City.

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Oppression can refer to an authoritarian regime controlling its citizens via state control of politics, the monetary system, media, and the military; denying people any meaningful human or civil rights; and terrorizing the populace through harsh, unjust punishment, and a hidden network of obsequious informants reporting to a vicious secret police force.

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PC Gamer

PC Gamer is a magazine founded in the United Kingdom in 1993 devoted to PC gaming and published monthly by Future plc.

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Pedro Pascal

José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal (born April 2, 1975), known professionally as Pedro Pascal, is a Chilean-American actor.

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A pistol is a type of handgun.

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PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is an eighth-generation home video game console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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Politics (from Politiká, meaning "affairs of the cities") is the process of making decisions that apply to members of a group.

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Polygon (website)

Polygon is an American video game website that publishes news, culture, reviews, and videos.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Polygon (website) · See more »

Prey (2017 video game)

Prey is a first-person shooter survival horror video game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Prey (2017 video game) · See more »


Propaganda is information that is not objective and is used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, often by presenting facts selectively to encourage a particular synthesis or perception, or using loaded language to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information that is presented.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Propaganda · See more »

Raphaël Colantonio

Raphaël Colantonio (born 1971) is a French video game designer, and was the founder and 18-year president of Arkane Studios.

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Richard Cansino

Richard Cansino (born August 10, 1953) is an American voice actor.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Richard Cansino · See more »

Robin Lord Taylor

Robin Lord Taylor (born June 4, 1978) is an American film and television actor and director, known for Accepted (2006), Another Earth (2011) and Would You Rather (2012).

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Robin Lord Taylor · See more »

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Rock, Paper, Shotgun (also known as RPS) is a UK-based blog operated by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Ltd and authored by Alec Meer, Jim Rossignol, Adam Smith, John Walker, and formerly also Kieron Gillen and Quintin Smith.

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Roger L. Jackson

Roger Labon Jackson (born July 13, 1958) is an American voice actor.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Roger L. Jackson · See more »

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is an American monthly magazine that focuses on popular culture.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Rolling Stone · See more »

Rosario Dawson

Rosario Isabel Dawson (born May 9, 1979) is an American actress, producer, singer, comic book writer, and political activist.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Rosario Dawson · See more »

Sam Rockwell

Sam Rockwell (born November 5, 1968) is an American actor.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Sam Rockwell · See more »

Sense of place

The term sense of place has been used in many different ways.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Sense of place · See more »


Shacknews, commonly referred to as "The Shack", is a website offering news, features, editorial content, and forums relating to computer games and console games.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Shacknews · See more »


Shorpy.com is a vintage photography blog.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Shorpy.com · See more »


Silver is a chemical element with symbol Ag (from the Latin argentum, derived from the Proto-Indo-European ''h₂erǵ'': "shiny" or "white") and atomic number 47.

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Single-player video game

A single-player video game is a video game where input from only one player is expected throughout the course of the gaming session.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Single-player video game · See more »

Software release life cycle

A software release life cycle is the sum of the stages of development and maturity for a piece of computer software: ranging from its initial development to its eventual release, and including updated versions of the released version to help improve software or fix software bugs still present in the software.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Software release life cycle · See more »

Southern Europe

Southern Europe is the southern region of the European continent.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Southern Europe · See more »


Spain (España), officially the Kingdom of Spain (Reino de España), is a sovereign state mostly located on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Spain · See more »

Stealth game

A stealth game is a type of video game in which the player primarily uses stealth to avoid or overcome antagonists.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Stealth game · See more »

Steam (software)

Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation, which offers digital rights management (DRM), multiplayer gaming, video streaming and social networking services.

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Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Steampunk · See more »

Subsurface scattering

Subsurface scattering (or SSS), also known as subsurface light transport (SSLT), is a mechanism of light transport in which light penetrates the surface of a translucent object, is scattered by interacting with the material, and exits the surface at a different point.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Subsurface scattering · See more »


A sword is a bladed weapon intended for slashing or thrusting that is longer than a knife or dagger.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Sword · See more »

T3 (magazine)

T3 magazine is a UK-based technology magazine, which specialises in gadgets, gizmos, and other technology.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and T3 (magazine) · See more »

Tamper resistance

Tamper resistance is resistance to tampering (intentional malfunction or sabotage) by either the normal users of a product, package, or system or others with physical access to it.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and Tamper resistance · See more »


TechRadar is an online publication focused on technology, with editorial teams in the US, UK, Australia and India.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and TechRadar · See more »

Terri Brosius

Terri Brosius (née Barous) is an American musician, voice actress and game designer, arguably best known in gaming circles as the voice of SHODAN in the System Shock series.

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The A.V. Club

The A.V. Club is an entertainment website featuring reviews, interviews, and other articles that examine films, music, television, books, games, and other elements of pop culture media.

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The Escapist (magazine)

The Escapist (typeset as the escapist) is an online magazine covering mostly video games as well as movies, comics, TV, and more.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and The Escapist (magazine) · See more »

The Game Awards 2016

The Game Awards 2016 ceremony took place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on December 1, 2016.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and The Game Awards 2016 · See more »

The Guardian

The Guardian is a British daily newspaper.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and The Guardian · See more »

The Market for Computer & Video Games

The Market for Computer & Video Games (short MCV, formerly The Market for Home Computing & Video Games) is a United Kingdom-based media brand which focuses on business aspects of the video game industry, including development, publishing, marketing and retail.

New!!: Dishonored 2 and The Market for Computer & Video Games · See more »

The Outsider (character)

The Outsider is a fictional supernatural being in Arkane Studios' Dishonored franchise, residing in an empty otherwordly dimension called the Void.

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Titan Books

Titan Publishing Group is an independently-owned British publishing company, established in 1981.

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TorrentFreak (abbreviated TF) is a blog dedicated to reporting the latest news and trends on the BitTorrent protocol and file sharing, as well as on copyright infringement and digital rights.

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Twitter is an online news and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as "tweets".

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UBM plc

UBM plc is a global business-to-business (B2B) events organiser headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

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Univision Communications

Univision Communications Inc. (UCI) is an American media company serving Hispanic and Latino Americans. The company dates back to the first Spanish language television network in the U.S., founded in the early 1960s as Spanish International Network (SIN). The founders of Univision were Rene Anselmo and Telesistema Mexicano founder Emilio Azcárraga Vidaurreta. UCI has evolved into a multimedia company with 16 broadcast, cable and digital networks; 61 television stations; and online and mobile apps, products and content creation facilities in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami. UCI’s headquarters is in Midtown Manhattan. Prior to 2007, the headquarters was in the Century City neighborhood of Los Angeles.

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Unreal Engine

The Unreal Engine is a game engine developed by Epic Games, first showcased in the 1998 first-person shooter game Unreal.

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VG247 (stylized as VG24/7) is a video game blog published in the United Kingdom, founded in February 2008 by industry veteran Patrick Garratt.

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Vice (magazine)

Vice is a Canadian-American print magazine focused on arts, culture, and news topics.

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Vice Media

Vice Media LLC is a North American digital media and broadcasting company.

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Video game

A video game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device such as a TV screen or computer monitor.

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Vincent D'Onofrio

Vincent Philip D'Onofrio (born June 30, 1959) is an American actor, producer, and singer.

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Visual Effects Society

The Visual Effects Society (VES) is the entertainment industry's only organization representing the full breadth of visual effects practitioners including artists, animators, technologists, model makers, educators, studio leaders, supervisors, PR/marketing specialists and producers in all areas of entertainment from film, television and commercials to music videos and games.

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Vox Media

Vox Media is an American digital media company founded on July 14, 2005 as SportsBlogs Inc.

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Wind turbine

A wind turbine is a device that converts the wind's kinetic energy into electrical energy.

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Xbox One

Xbox One is a line of eighth generation home video game consoles developed by Microsoft.

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Ziff Davis

Ziff Davis, LLC is an American publisher and Internet company.

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