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Dmitry Donskoy

Index Dmitry Donskoy

Saint Dmitry Ivanovich Donskoy (Дми́трий Ива́нович Донско́й, also known as Dimitrii or Demetrius), or Dmitry of the Don, sometimes referred to simply as Dmitry (12 October 1350 in Moscow – 19 May 1389 in Moscow), son of Ivan II the Fair of Moscow (1326–1359), reigned as the Prince of Moscow from 1359 and Grand Prince of Vladimir from 1363 to his death. [1]

53 relations: Adolphe Yvon, Alexandra Velyaminova, Alexius, Metropolitan of Kiev, Algirdas, Anton Rubinstein, Battle of Kulikovo, Battle of the Vozha River, Boyar, Cathedral of the Archangel, Dmitrov, Dmitry Donskoy (opera), Dmitry of Suzdal, Don River (Russia), Eudoxia of Moscow, Galich, Russia, Golden Horde, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Grand Duchy of Moscow, Ivan II of Moscow, Khan (title), Kholm, Kholmsky District, Novgorod Oblast, Lengvenis, List of heirs to the Russian throne, List of Russian consorts, List of Russian rulers, Lithuanian–Muscovite War (1368–72), Mamai, May 19 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics), Mikhail II of Tver, Mongols, Moscow, Moscow Kremlin, Mozhaysk, Narimantas, Nizhny Novgorod, Opera, Patrikas, Principality of Ryazan, Pskov Republic, Rostov, Rulers of Russia family tree, Rurik dynasty, Russian ship Dmitri Donskoi, Siege of Moscow (1382), Starodub, Tatars, Tokhtamysh, Treaty of Lyubutsk, Vasily I of Moscow, Vasily II of Moscow, ..., Vladimir, Russia, Yury of Zvenigorod, Zvenigorod. Expand index (3 more) »

Adolphe Yvon

Adolphe Yvon (1817–1893) was a French painter known for his paintings of the Napoleonic Wars.

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Alexandra Velyaminova

Alexandra Vasilyevna Velyaminova (Александра Ивановна in Russian) (died 26 December 1364) was a Grand Princess consort of Muscovy; she was married to Grand Prince Ivan II of Moscow.

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Alexius, Metropolitan of Kiev

Saint Alexius (Алексей or Aleksij in Russian) (before 1296–1378) was Metropolitan of Kiev and all Russia (from 1354), and presided over the Moscow government during Dmitrii Donskoi's minority.

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Algirdas (Альгерд, Ольгерд, Olgierd; – May 1377) was a ruler of medieval Lithuania.

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Anton Rubinstein

Anton Grigorevich Rubinstein (r) was a Russian pianist, composer and conductor who became a pivotal figure in Russian culture when he founded the Saint Petersburg Conservatory.

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Battle of Kulikovo

The Battle of Kulikovo (Мамаево побоище, Донское побоище, Куликовская битва, битва на Куликовом поле) was fought between the armies of the Golden Horde under the command of Mamai, and various Russian principalities under the united command of Prince Dmitry of Moscow.

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Battle of the Vozha River

Battle of the Vozha River (Russian Битва на реке Воже) was a battle fought between the Grand Duchy of Moscow and the Golden Horde on 11 August 1378.

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A boyar was a member of the highest rank of the feudal Bulgarian, Kievan, Moscovian, Wallachian and Moldavian and later, Romanian aristocracies, second only to the ruling princes (in Bulgaria, tsars), from the 10th century to the 17th century.

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Cathedral of the Archangel

The Cathedral of the Archangel (Архангельский собор, or Arkhangelsky sobor) is a Russian Orthodox church dedicated to the Archangel Michael.

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Dmitrov (p) is a town and the administrative center of Dmitrovsky District in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located to the north of Moscow on the Yakhroma River and the Moscow Canal.

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Dmitry Donskoy (opera)

Dmitry Donskoy (Дмитрий Донской), also known as The Battle of Kulikovo (Куликовская битва) was the first opera written by Anton Rubinstein.

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Dmitry of Suzdal

Dmitri Konstantinovich of Suzdal (Дми́трий Константи́нович Су́здальский) (1324 – 5 June 1383) ("the one-eyed" or "Odnook") was a powerful Prince of Suzdal and Nizhny Novgorod who dominated Russian politics during the minority of his son-in-law, Dmitri Donskoi.

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Don River (Russia)

The Don (p) is one of the major rivers of Russia and the 5th longest river in Europe.

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Eudoxia of Moscow

Eudoxia of Moscow (Евдокия Дмитриевна, Yevdokia Dmitriyevna),p with monastic name Euphrosyne (? – 1407), was a Grand Duchess of Muscovy and wife of Dmitry Donskoy.

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Galich, Russia

Galich (Га́лич) is a town in Kostroma Oblast, Russia, located on the southern bank of Lake Galichskoye.

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Golden Horde

The Golden Horde (Алтан Орд, Altan Ord; Золотая Орда, Zolotaya Orda; Алтын Урда, Altın Urda) was originally a Mongol and later Turkicized khanate established in the 13th century and originating as the northwestern sector of the Mongol Empire.

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Grand Duchy of Lithuania

The Grand Duchy of Lithuania was a European state that lasted from the 13th century up to 1795, when the territory was partitioned among the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia, and Austria.

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Grand Duchy of Moscow

The Grand Duchy or Grand Principality of Moscow (Великое Княжество Московское, Velikoye Knyazhestvo Moskovskoye), also known in English simply as Muscovy from the Moscovia, was a late medieval Russian principality centered on Moscow and the predecessor state of the early modern Tsardom of Russia.

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Ivan II of Moscow

Ivan II Ivanovich the Fair (Иван II Иванович Красный) (30 March 1326 – 13 November 1359) was the Grand Prince of Moscow and Grand Prince of Vladimir in 1353.

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Khan (title)

Khan خان/khan; is a title for a sovereign or a military ruler, used by Mongolians living to the north of China. Khan has equivalent meanings such as "commander", "leader", or "ruler", "king" and "chief". khans exist in South Asia, Middle East, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, East Africa and Turkey. The female alternatives are Khatun and Khanum. These titles or names are sometimes written as Khan/خان in Persian, Han, Kan, Hakan, Hanum, or Hatun (in Turkey) and as "xan", "xanım" (in Azerbaijan), and medieval Turkic tribes.

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Kholm, Kholmsky District, Novgorod Oblast

Kholm (Холм) is a town and the administrative center of Kholmsky District in Novgorod Oblast, Russia, located at the confluence of the Lovat and Kunya Rivers, north of Toropets, southwest of Staraya Russa, and south of Veliky Novgorod, the administrative center of the oblast.

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Lengvenis (Simeon Lingwen, born ca. 1360 – died after 1431; Лугвен-Сымон, Łuhvien; Лугвений, Лугвен, Лугвень, Lugven(y), Lingwen Semen Olgierdowicz) was one of the sons of Algirdas, Grand Duke of Lithuania, and the ruler of Great Novgorod Republic (1389–1392, 1406–1411).

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List of heirs to the Russian throne

This is a list of the individuals who were, at any given time, considered the next in line to inherit the throne of Russia or Grand Prince of Moscow.

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List of Russian consorts

The Russian consorts were the spouses of the Russian rulers.

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List of Russian rulers

This is a list of all reigning monarchs in the history of Russia.

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Lithuanian–Muscovite War (1368–72)

The Lithuanian–Muscovite War encompasses three raids by Algirdas, Grand Duke of Lithuania, to the Grand Duchy of Moscow in 1368, 1370, and 1372.

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Mamai (Мамай, Mamay, 1335 - 1380), of Kiyat descent, was a powerful military commander of the Golden Horde.

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May 19 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

May 18 - Eastern Orthodox Church calendar - May 20 All fixed commemorations below celebrated on June 1 by Orthodox Churches on the Old Calendar.

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Mikhail II of Tver

Mikhail Alexandrovich (Михаил Александрович) (1333 – August 26, 1399) was Grand Prince of Tver and briefly held the title of Grand Prince of Vladimir.

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The Mongols (ᠮᠣᠩᠭᠣᠯᠴᠤᠳ, Mongolchuud) are an East-Central Asian ethnic group native to Mongolia and China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

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Moscow (a) is the capital and most populous city of Russia, with 13.2 million residents within the city limits and 17.1 million within the urban area.

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Moscow Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin (p), usually referred to as the Kremlin, is a fortified complex at the heart of Moscow, overlooking the Moskva River to the south, Saint Basil's Cathedral and Red Square to the east, and the Alexander Garden to the west.

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MozhayskAlternative transliterations include Mozhaisk, Mozhajsk, Mozhaĭsk, and Možajsk.

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Narimantas or Narymunt (baptized Gleb, born in 1277 or just before 1300 (according to Wasilewski 1992) – 2 February 1348) was the second eldest son of Gediminas, Grand Duke of Lithuania.

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Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod (p), colloquially shortened to Nizhny, is a city in Russia and the administrative center (capital) of Volga Federal District and Nizhny Novgorod Oblast.

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Opera (English plural: operas; Italian plural: opere) is a form of theatre in which music has a leading role and the parts are taken by singers.

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Patrikas Narimantaitis (Russian: Патрикей Глебович; Finnish: Patrika Narimantinpoika) was a grandson (or great grandson) of Gediminas who exchanged his lands in and near Starodub in Siveria for the Korela and Oreshek fortresses in the Novgorod Republic.

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Principality of Ryazan

The Grand Duchy of Ryazan existed from 1078 when it was separated from the Chernigov Principality as the provincial Murom Principality.

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Pskov Republic

Pskov, known at various times as the Principality of Pskov (Псковское княжество, Pskovskoye knyazhestvo) or the Pskov Republic (Псковская Республика, Pskovskaya Respublika), was a medieval state on the south shore of Lake Pskov.

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Rostov (p) is a town in Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia, one of the oldest in the country and a tourist center of the Golden Ring.

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Rulers of Russia family tree

No description.

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Rurik dynasty

The Rurik dynasty, or Rurikids (Рю́риковичи, Ryúrikovichi; Рю́риковичі, Ryúrykovychi; Ру́рыкавічы, Rúrykavichi, literally "sons of Rurik"), was a dynasty founded by the Varangian prince Rurik, who established himself in Novgorod around the year AD 862.

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Russian ship Dmitri Donskoi

At least three ships of the Imperial Russian, Soviet or Russian Navy have been named Dmitri Donskoi after Dmitry Donskoy.

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Siege of Moscow (1382)

The Siege of Moscow in 1382 was a battle between Tokhtamysh, khan of the Golden Horde, and the Muscovite forces.

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Starodub (p, old oak) is a town in Bryansk Oblast, Russia, located on the Babinets River (the Dnieper basin), southwest of Bryansk.

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The Tatars (татарлар, татары) are a Turkic-speaking peoples living mainly in Russia and other Post-Soviet countries.

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Tokhtamysh (tat. Tuqtamış) The spelling of Tokhtamysh varies, but the most common spelling is Tokhtamysh.

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Treaty of Lyubutsk

Treaty of Lyubutsk was a peace treaty signed in summer of 1372 between Algirdas, Grand Duke of Lithuania, and Dmitri Donskoi, Prince of Moscow.

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Vasily I of Moscow

Vasily I Dmitriyevich (Василий I Дмитриевич; 30 December 137127 February 1425) was the Grand Prince of Moscow (r. 1389—1425), heir of Dmitry Donskoy (r. 1359—1389).

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Vasily II of Moscow

Vasily Vasiliyevich (Василий Васильевич; 10 March 141527 March 1462), known as Vasily II the Blind (Василий II Темный), was the Grand Prince of Moscow whose long reign (1425–1462) was plagued by the greatest civil war of Old Russian history.

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Vladimir, Russia

Vladimir (a) is a city and the administrative center of Vladimir Oblast, Russia, located on the Klyazma River, to the east of Moscow.

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Yury of Zvenigorod

Yury Dmitrievich (26 November 1374, Pereslavl-Zalessky — 5 June 1434), also known as George II of Moscow, Yury of Zvenigorod and Jurij Zwenihorodski, was the second son of Dmitri Donskoi.

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Zvenigorod (Звени́город) is an old town in Moscow Oblast, Russia.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dmitry_Donskoy

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