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Double articulation

Index Double articulation

Double articulation, or duality of patterning is a concept used in linguistics and semiotics. [1]

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André Martinet

André Martinet (Saint-Alban-des-Villards, 12 April 1908 – Châtenay-Malabry, 16 July 1999) was a French linguist, influential by his work on structural linguistics.

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Charles F. Hockett

Charles Francis Hockett (January 17, 1916 – November 3, 2000) was an American linguist who developed many influential ideas in American structuralist linguistics.

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Figurae (singular, figura) are the non-signifying constituents of signifiers (signs).

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The term generativity was coined by the psychoanalyst Erik Erikson in 1950 to denote "a concern for establishing and guiding the next generation." He first used the term while defining the Care stage in his theory of the stages of psychosocial development.

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Hockett's design features

In the 1960s, linguistic anthropologist Charles F. Hockett defined a set of features that characterize human language and set it apart from animal communication.

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Linguistics is the scientific study of language, and involves an analysis of language form, language meaning, and language in context.

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A morpheme is the smallest grammatical unit in a language.

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Morphology (linguistics)

In linguistics, morphology is the study of words, how they are formed, and their relationship to other words in the same language.

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Origin of language

The evolutionary emergence of language in the human species has been a subject of speculation for several centuries.

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Origin of speech

The origin of speech refers to the more general problem of the origin of language in the context of the physiological development of the human speech organs such as the tongue, lips and vocal organs used to produce phonological units in all human languages.

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A phoneme is one of the units of sound (or gesture in the case of sign languages, see chereme) that distinguish one word from another in a particular language.

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Productivity (linguistics)

In linguistics, productivity is the degree to which native speakers use a particular grammatical process, especially in word formation.

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Routledge is a British multinational publisher.

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Semantics (from σημαντικός sēmantikós, "significant") is the linguistic and philosophical study of meaning, in language, programming languages, formal logics, and semiotics.

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Semiotics (also called semiotic studies) is the study of meaning-making, the study of sign process (semiosis) and meaningful communication.

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Sign language

Sign languages (also known as signed languages) are languages that use manual communication to convey meaning.

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Sign system

A sign system is a key concept in semiotics and is used to refer to any system of signs and relations between signs.

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In linguistics, syntax is the set of rules, principles, and processes that govern the structure of sentences in a given language, usually including word order.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_articulation

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