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Dyn'Aéro R180

Index Dyn'Aéro R180

The Dyn'Aéro R180 is a France amateur-built aircraft that was designed and produced by Dyn'Aéro of Darois. [1]

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Aerobatics (a portmanteau of aerial-acrobatics) is the practice of flying maneuvers involving aircraft attitudes that are not used in normal flight.

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An aileron (French for "little wing" or "fin") is a hinged flight control surface usually forming part of the trailing edge of each wing of a fixed-wing aircraft.

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Aircraft engine

An aircraft engine is the component of the propulsion system for an aircraft that generates mechanical power.

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Aircraft fairing

An aircraft fairing is a structure whose primary function is to produce a smooth outline and reduce drag.

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Bubble canopy

A bubble canopy is a canopy made without bracing, which attempts to provide 360° vision to the pilot.

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Carbon fiber reinforced polymer

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer, carbon fiber reinforced plastic or carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRP, CRP, CFRTP or often simply carbon fiber, carbon composite or even carbon), is an extremely strong and light fiber-reinforced plastic which contains carbon fibers.

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Conventional landing gear

Conventional landing gear, or tailwheel-type landing gear, is an aircraft undercarriage consisting of two main wheels forward of the center of gravity and a small wheel or skid to support the tail.

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Darois is a commune in the Côte-d'Or department in eastern France.

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Dyn'Aéro was a light aircraft manufacturing company based in Pau, France.

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The euro (sign: €; code: EUR) is the official currency of the European Union.

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Flap (aeronautics)

Flaps are a type of high-lift device used to increase the lift of an aircraft wing at a given airspeed.

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Four-stroke engine

A four-stroke (also four-cycle) engine is an internal combustion (IC) engine in which the piston completes four separate strokes while turning the crankshaft.

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France, officially the French Republic (République française), is a sovereign state whose territory consists of metropolitan France in Western Europe, as well as several overseas regions and territories.

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Homebuilt aircraft

Homebuilt aircraft, also known as amateur-built aircraft or kit planes, are constructed by persons for whom this is not a professional activity.

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List of aerobatic aircraft

An aerobatic aircraft is an aerodyne (a heavier-than-air aircraft) used in aerobatics, both for flight exhibitions and aerobatic competitions.

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Lycoming O-360

The Lycoming O-360 is a family of four-cylinder, direct-drive, horizontally opposed, air-cooled, piston aircraft engines.

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Military education and training

Military education and training is a process which intends to establish and improve the capabilities of military personnel in their respective roles.

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A monoplane is a fixed-wing aircraft with a single main wing plane, in contrast to a biplane or other multiplane, each of which has multiple planes.

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Mudry CAP 10

The Mudry CAP 10 is a two-seat training aerobatic aircraft first built in 1970 and still in production in 2007.

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Pound sterling

The pound sterling (symbol: £; ISO code: GBP), commonly known as the pound and less commonly referred to as Sterling, is the official currency of the United Kingdom, Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, the British Antarctic Territory, and Tristan da Cunha.

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A tailplane, also known as a horizontal stabiliser, is a small lifting surface located on the tail (empennage) behind the main lifting surfaces of a fixed-wing aircraft as well as other non-fixed-wing aircraft such as helicopters and gyroplanes.

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Tandem, or in tandem, is an arrangement in which a team of machines, animals or people are lined up one behind another, all facing in the same direction.

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Tractor configuration

An aircraft constructed with a tractor configuration has the engine mounted with the airscrew in front of it so that the aircraft is "pulled" through the air, as opposed to the pusher configuration, in which the airscrew is behind and propels the aircraft forward.

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Tricycle landing gear

Tricycle gear is a type of aircraft undercarriage, or landing gear, arranged in a tricycle fashion.

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United States dollar

The United States dollar (sign: $; code: USD; also abbreviated US$ and referred to as the dollar, U.S. dollar, or American dollar) is the official currency of the United States and its insular territories per the United States Constitution since 1792.

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Wingtip device

Wingtip devices are intended to improve the efficiency of fixed-wing aircraft by reducing drag.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyn'Aéro_R180

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